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RE: Armor/Weapon/Shield/Spell/Misc/Title Bugs

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2/4/2022 19:15:54   
Legendary Ash

That is not a bug to be pointed out, and others who have read the following know that it is the direct outcome of the issue addressed in Backlash GBI, the reflected damage scaled to an enemy's attack is modified by a player's expected output, which is more than what standard Power 1 mobs do.
AQ  Post #: 2001
2/4/2022 20:13:01   

So you're claiming the backlash damage being done is not a bug, and is by design?

So let's say the essence of carnage is sitting at (i dont remember the exact number) 58% backlash as harm, if a monster hits me for 100 damage...what *should be* the backlash output back to the monster then?
Post #: 2002
2/5/2022 8:21:33   

The paladin armor seems to be bugged. After turning a monster undead and using the paladin armament, the damage received is no longer reduced by your light resistance. Furthermore, dying while wearing the armor no longer resurrects you

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AQ  Post #: 2003
2/6/2022 2:12:49   

Your linked character's active title is not Paladin. Was your active title at the time Paladin? Defiance and Unwavering both requiring having Paladin as your active title to function.
Post #: 2004
2/6/2022 2:18:02   

@RobynJoanne I have multiple characters, the one I linked on my profile is not the one I played. The paladin character with an active Paladin title couldn't active the 2 skills mentioned above

Edit: Unwavering now works properly, though Defiance still won't resurrect my character (both guardian and adventurer)

< Message edited by LoreQuester -- 2/6/2022 5:17:34 >
AQ  Post #: 2005
2/6/2022 23:56:11   

I've tested, and Defiance definitely works. Unwavering also seems to work given the damage taken. Do you know the situation in which the two did not work for your character?
Post #: 2006
2/7/2022 4:30:09   

No, wait. I just read the description and realized that you need at least 10 charges for the skill to work. I was used to getting a free resurrection regardless of the number of charges, so this is new to me. Guess this means no more Defiance for my adventurers, then
AQ  Post #: 2007
2/12/2022 14:42:00   

Has this bug been reported before? No

Type of bug (Game crash/blackscreen, glitch, graphical error, typo, etc.): misc item effect error

Bug details: Hollow Dragon Amulet does not "restore a part of Wind damage" as is written in the description. It does increase my might by increasing my STR and DEX by 50, but it it does not restore restore a part of Wind damage. It does not say boost wind damage, and it also says 50% next to it when I have in in my inventory equipment slot, so I know it's supposed to restore 50% of wind damage to restore something, be it HP, MP, or SP, but non of them are restored.
Before bug occurred: I never really tried using this before I noticed this bug.

During Bug: The misc can be seen as it is equipped, and my status shows the boosted 50 DEX and STR.

After bug: Nothing else is wrong.

Item Bugged: Hollow Dragon Amulet
Other Equipment: Anything, ranging from Haunted Dragonlord Armor, Armor of Awe!!!, Werewolf form, etc, different shields, different wind weapons, etc.
Character page link: Rather, my character ID: 87645311

Did you log out and log back in? Yes
Did you clear cache? If I can do that nowadays, I am unaware how to
Did the bug happen again? Bug is consistent
Post #: 2008
2/12/2022 21:44:48   

This is not a bug. You just misunderstood what Hollow Dragon Amulet does. It heals you when you take Wind damage. It's essentially a standard Wind damage reduction pet, but it has extra synergy with Backlash effects since you get the full damage for Backlash but effectively only actually take half damage.
Post #: 2009
2/20/2022 4:12:06   

I don't know if this is a bug or not but my Powerful Ultra!!!Guardian Scythe always summons Ultra Guardian Dragon Jr for very small damage even against enemies many levels below my character. It's always double digit damage when my character is more than capable of dealing triple digits on the same enemy even on elements they're not weak to. I don't remember the last time I successfully summoned the Ultra Guardian Dragon. This has happened for months, if not a year, and I was wondering if this is an intentional nerf. if I just have bizarrely bad luck, or if some glitch is affecting my character.

I don't play everyday so if a nerf happened, I must've been uninformed of it.

Edit: It just happened again just now. My character is level 150. The Ultra Guardian Jr appeared and did little to no damage against a level 105 enemy. It's honestly a waste of a turn. https://files.catbox.moe/ngia7x.png

< Message edited by Super12345 -- 2/21/2022 19:48:12 >
AQ DF  Post #: 2010
2/25/2022 20:07:03   

Legion Massacre Spell [MP] is not working properly. I tried using the spell, but all it does is lift my sword up and freeze my game and doesn't do anything. I haven't tried out the other 5 variants yet.
AQ  Post #: 2011
4/1/2022 20:48:20   

Cannot create a mana shield with Gandolphin if an HP Barrier already exists.

If this is intended, perhaps change the naming convention in Gandolphin's text from mana shield to just shield or protection for clarity?

AQ  Post #: 2012
5/25/2022 13:36:39   
red vector

Bug: Zakiya's Spear skill has low success rate
Did you log out and log back in? Yes
Did the bug happen again? Yes

Bug Details: 6 battles in Frogzard Challenge, used Zakiya's Spear skill almost every turn.
Character lvl 150, stats are 0 STR, 250 DEX, 200 LUK, DEX was always boosted to 300 with Fujin misc, Fujin shield, or werewolf subrace armor.

Battle 1: Lvl 150 Rayzard, 275/250/225 STR/DEX/LUK. Used Skill 13 times, 5 successes
Battle 2: Lvl 150 Windzard, 275/250/225 STR/DEX/LUK. Used Skill 7 times, 2 successes
Battle 3: Lvl 150 Frogzard, 275/250/225 STR/DEX/LUK. Used Skill 5 times, 2 successes
Battle 4: Lvl 150 Tadzard, 275/250/225 STR/DEX/LUK. Used Skill 5 times, 0 successes
Battle 5: Lvl 150 Frogzard, 275/250/225 STR/DEX/LUK. Used Skill 6 times, 0 successes
Battle 6: Lvl 150 Windzard, 275/250/225 STR/DEX/LUK. Used Skill 8 times, 0 successes

44 total attempts, 9 total successes. Success rate is ~20%

Info subs for the spear say it's a clone of Zabura's Hammer. The hammer inflicts with STR, and I'd expect the spear to inflict with DEX, but either I have really bad luck, or the spear is inflicting with STR, which I have at 0.

< Message edited by red vector -- 5/25/2022 13:37:41 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 2013
6/11/2022 6:24:42   

"Turn continues after monster HP reaches 0"

I noticed this happen a few times in the past in different ways, like when werepyres would heal back half the damage even when reaching 0, or sometimes stay 0hp when frozen etc. I imagine they have since been resolved.

Just now I was using Brightslayer Dirk, the enemy missed twice, and it left their hp at 0 but the battle continued. Took a screenshot just in case.

I wonder what other things still cause this bug, at least it doesn't seem to last and they are defeated the following turn.

I apologize if this reply is in improper format, and if the bug is intentional or has been previously addressed.

< Message edited by HeyWhatsGoingOn -- 6/11/2022 6:32:41 >
Post #: 2014
9/26/2022 15:46:56   

Type of bug (Game crash/blackscreen, glitch, graphical error, typo, etc.):

Bug details: After using the Overwhelm skill of the Master Fighter armor, attacks with the armor deal greatly increased damage until the armor is changed. ((11/15/22: The armor also locks the damage range to Melee while the bug is in effect.))
Before bug occurred: The armor's attacks dealt normal damage and everything else worked fine.

After bug: After switching armors the damage increase reverts and everything works normally.

Item Bugged: Master Fighter Armor
Other Equipment: Bug repeated with varying shields, pets, weapons.
Screenshot link:
Character page link: Also under forum avatar.

Did you log out and log back in? Yes
Did you clear cache? Yes
Did the bug happen again? Yes
Browser Info: Used with the launcher; I also have the latest update to Firefox, if that still matters.

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AQ Epic  Post #: 2015
10/21/2022 1:08:53   
King Darxonic

When I attempt to buy an item to max out my item slot for said category, it says that my inventory is full despite obtaining an extra slot. This has been a bug for quite a while and its eating up Z-Tokens in the process...
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2016
11/4/2022 15:21:33   

With the new windswept status, Mandate spell(s) that should be scaling w/ heightened Earth resistance is working with choke, but not blind. Please fix . This would be totawy awesome sauce
Post #: 2017
11/14/2022 15:26:13   

Has this bug been reported before? Not that I could find.

Type of bug (Game crash/blackscreen, glitch, graphical error, typo, etc.): Glitch

Bug details: Zealot's Wrath in its melee form is seemingly incompatible with Sword Master Emblem. Using the misc triggers the "This emblem only works with swords!" prompt.
Before bug occurred: N/A

During Bug: (See above)

After bug: No change. The misc simply doesn't apply. No other effects follow.

Item Bugged: Zealot's Wrath
Other Equipment: Potentially Sword Master Emblem
Screenshot link: N/A
Character page link: Character ID: 17832176

Did you log out and log back in? Yes
Did you clear cache? N/A
Did the bug happen again? Yes
Browser Info: Using launcher
Post #: 2018
11/14/2022 22:11:25   

I can confirm the Zealot's Wrath problem too. It started around the time of this update.

I also noticed it's toggle changed to Melee-Magic-Ranged instead of Melee-Ranged-Magic.
AQ AQW  Post #: 2019
11/15/2022 9:14:55   
Lv 1000

The weapon-type issue should be fixed now.

< Message edited by Lv 1000 -- 11/15/2022 9:15:07 >
Post #: 2020
11/23/2022 20:47:57   

Type of bug: graphical error

Bug Details: whenever I equip the Engraced Blade of Elders while wearing the Eternal Champion's Spirit armor, the front leg part of the armor turns light grey with color-custom trim. I think it might be related to the color custom bit on the sword's handle, but I'm not sure; it's the only thing I have that has something like that right now and is the only thing affecting this armor.

Did you clear your cache? Yes.

Did the bug happen again? Yes. It is consistent.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 2021
12/15/2022 12:10:29   

Zardwarts wand isnt recognized by master archer armor (maybe the class one too) as a 100 proc
Post #: 2022
1/11/2023 5:18:56   

Venomjade Crown is currently giving Burn Potence instead of Poison Potence. Furthermore, clicking on the misc no longer applies a poison onto your foe and the sp spent would just be wasted
AQ  Post #: 2023
1/24/2023 17:56:42   

Landlubbin Treasure Crab

The blind attack, which is EARTH element, will not attempt blind if the monster's ICE element is < 0. It says "Ice monsters are immune to this attack"
Post #: 2024
1/25/2023 12:35:36   

The *ICE* 2023 calendar weapon *in magic mode* isn't scaling (based on elemental resistance) nor inflicting the proper blind (at least compared to info subs) The melee/ranged versions seem fine.


[Dark] Chrono Paladin

MC [Darkness] Ice Melee hammer+blunt / Magic hammer+blunt / Ranged hammer+maul+blunt+polearm -5 BTH lean too. ~Ia

Click the handle to switch between:
+7.5% damage if the monster is Blind.
The weapon deals -25% damage. At the end of your turn, the monster becomes Blind (-9.1*[resistance] BTH, 5 rounds). The monster can resist with a save at a +0 penalty (inflict with MainStat/LUK, resist with DEX/LUK).

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Post #: 2025
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