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RE: =AK= MQ Gameplay Feedback Thread

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5/7/2009 16:42:00   
Danny A

I used to play it more than any of the other games because of its playing style but because i play all of ae games i didntn spend a lot of time on it but this game is becoming too hard for me liek now i currently have practically no credits but thats because i dont have enough time to play. Also this new lagos storyline has been a letdown to ne i really dont wanna do the quests i finally explored 10 islands which took me and hour just to find out i shouldve killed the 20 pirates or something and the islands dont even save when you search them, im still gonna play but only to find out the connections between other games but to me lagos has been a real let down...

but thats only my opinion

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 51
5/7/2009 19:21:57   

#1 Why do you think MQ is good?
The strategy is much more advanced in comparison to AQ or DF as you cannot change your weaponry during the battle, meaning if you have a glaring weakness to either a status effect (like stun), then you are basically screwed. AQ revolves around long term planning and elemental set ups, as well as reducing damage. DF revolves around having the best combo in the class being used. MQ revolves around the best set of equipment to beat the snot out of anyone, which can either be through all sorts of status effects or high damage.

#2 Why do you think it's bad?
The storyline seems a little off, as we randomly go to planets, and they happen to be in trouble. And the shadowscythe have disappeared from causing anything. And I miss the J6 side storyline.

I dislike the small cap raises, making it far to easy for those who are close to it or already there. Then cap level mechas are released and for some of us, that cap mech is more important than getting anything else.

I also hate the nova gem prevalence in this game. The best of anything is nova gem, which is understandable, but combined with the small cap raises, nova gems feel incredibly common. Wouldn't it be better to have a nova gem shop, headed by Sys Cero or even Tek, which wasn't just the best mech of the week, but many different good mechs to choose from for different levels.

And I don't like the expensive nature of mechs in the lower levels. I understand mechs reaching a quarter million by level 25, as the credit earned each level is decent enough to get them, but at lower levels, the ratio is not nearly not good, and thus, the mechs being 100,000 by level ten is just too much. Maybe half that, but not more, that number should be reached by 15 or higher. Currently there's no real point to not leveling up, as only the higher level mechs are powerful, though the revivals are fixing that as we go along.

I also dislike the random encounter engine, as generally when you're fighting with a default mech, you can last up to two times against the AI, but after that, you're dead, the encounter rate is such that you can't get very far sometimes, and that's just annoying, for me at least.

#3 What makes you play MQ over other games?
To get to the cap since it's relatively easy to get to, or to get the newest mecha.

#4 What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Nothing to do other than get more mechs and advance the storyline.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 52
6/18/2009 3:15:28   

Why do you think MQ is good?
Because I like games with giant mechas that shoots stuff at other stuff and the other stuff shoot stuff at you :D.

Why do you think it's bad?
Slow storyline and sometimes slow, slow wars. (Now is an example D':)

What makes you play MQ over other games?
I have no idea. Pure addiction I guess XD

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Sometimes laggy. And sometimes I get bored of the repeatitive battle system.

Overall Rating: 11/10. Great job AE!

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MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 53
6/18/2009 5:12:26   

Why do you think MQ is good? the design , system and type of game

Why do you think it's bad? the slow storyline , which have nothing to do with the main story

What makes you play MQ over other games? clashing of giant robots for sure , also there isnt much F2P games like this

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games? easy to get money and level up(not when you are low level)

in general : mq is a gr8 game , might need some few tweeks here and there , but in total its GR8

TWF : actully you are mistaken , there is plenty : but this is the only one with a real good story , for EG: there is BOTS , EVE ONLINE , and the upcoming(and hated because it preivous chronicle) : mechscape (mechscape is still to come this year , it is the 2nd game of jagex , following the lovely but hated runescape)

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 54
6/18/2009 21:57:50   

1. Updates, and whooping giant gummy bears/robots.

2. The levels take to long. The level requirements should be more like AQ

3. I like RPGs

4. There are games I like that aren't RPGs


AQ MQ  Post #: 55
6/18/2009 22:24:17   

Why do you think MQ is good?
its quite easy, their is a relitivly larg ammount of non SC content and the mechs look awsome :D

Why do you think it's bad?
to many rares, non SC have 3 mech slots, not enough equipment choices for non SC

What makes you play MQ over other games?
DF requires a dragon amulet to even be slightly good or to make the game in anyway interesting
AQ needs gaurdian or it takes 3 hours to log in
AQW, ive reached the lvl cap so i have nothing to but collect rares

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
see "Why do you think it's bad?"

EDIT: @runer :D ive never met a person who hasnt played and loved runescape at one point in their lives ^^ (i have a lvl 85 lol)

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MQ  Post #: 56
6/18/2009 22:43:47   

Runescape? Blech! I once was addicted, but now I only log on when there's something exceedingly interesting for free players. In other words, about every month or so.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 57
6/18/2009 22:44:35   
Ash The Phantom

Well, MQ has it's upsides and downsides. But it has to be good if it made me pay over 60 dollars on it. ;D

Pros: It's a fun Sci-Fi flash game that doesn't require a lot of CPU to play, and it has giant robots and explosions! How can it be bad? The battle system on the mechs is fun and simple, yet it requires some strategy and brains to full operate. The storyline knows how to hook onto you and keep you on the line while it reels you in. It answers enough of questions, yet it still keeps some unanswered to keep you interested and wanting more. The main characters, for the most part, are 3 dimensional and rich with personality. And the art/graphics are VERY nice for a purely flash game. Top of the line, I must say. Finally, I cannot ignore the updates that happen TWICE a week. You cannot go wrong with a double update as the regular schedule.

Cons: Though I wish it wouldn't affect my views on the game, the fact that the game is still in major testing makes me lose interest for a bit. This is because of the lack of things to keep you occupied, especially at the maximum level. Speaking of level, the level cap is still very low, but that's expected in a game still in it's testing phases, and I expect it to get better soon. The battle system, however fun it is at first, becomes very repetitive after a long period of gameplay, and makes you want to quit after a bit of playing. The player combat system with beam weapons is very primitive and bare, lacking any strategy at all. There are still a notable amount of bugs in the system that have been left in game since it started, one that comes to mind, however unnoticeable, is the negative damage in the HP bars. I'll conclude this part with the mention of the storyline enemies, the Shadowscythe. Except for the large part of the storyline that they played in many a war, we still know nothing of them except they're bad and want to take over the universe. For the main enemies in the storyline so far, they're horribly boring characters, especially in the sense that there are no Shadowscythe NPC's other than Valoth, and he was only brought into play once or twice within the last few months. This is a large factor for me, I like seeing games with original bad guys that have some character to them, instead of the usual thoughtless drones-for-villains.

I'll give this game a 7.5/10. It's a good game for what it's worth, but I'd like the main villains of the game to be fleshed out more, instead of them being mindless world-conquering locusts.


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 58
6/19/2009 13:35:14   

Why it's good: lots of mechs with affects to win easily, starts for noobs really well

Why it's bad: runs slower if I'm playing music or doing something else in comparisan to AQ and DF,
SLOWDOWNS in certain level periods, like 8,9,14,21, etc
It is very dumb to switch around what works the most, but it gets really repetitive in comparisan to DF. In that, you can switch items during battle, and have a ton of different armors and effects for different gameplay...

I play DF much incredibly more than MQ, because I always have something to do that never gets old, replaying and such


Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
DF MQ  Post #: 59
6/19/2009 13:50:07   
kenta x

Good: mecha exploisions, gotta love that . Well it's the second best AE game (in my opinion), and by a little margin. It has mechas that looks cool and strong, and mechas that looks like..............ummm...............lets not talk about it . I have played since the start (not beta, but gamma), and will probably keep playing for a while.

The only downsid I faces is the lack of music. Off topic (maybe): It would be so cool if the AE team created some Sci- Fi music


AQ MQ  Post #: 60
6/19/2009 14:40:20   

Overall I think the game is good, just one minor thing I don't like, and DF shares this. Well, in AQ the XP and Gold ratio's are well balanced, not so in DF or MQ, in both you have either a higher an unproportionate ratio. In MQ you get so much more Credits compared to XP, while in DF you get so much more XP compared to Gold.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 61
6/19/2009 14:50:21   

Why do you think MQ is good?
Well it's a good plot. It's cool that you can battle in two kinds- in your mecha and with a light saber.
Why do you think it's bad?
The storyline is INCREDIBLY boring some times, verry little strategy in battles, too little number waepons whitch makes even less strategy to be able to take.
What makes you play MQ over other games?
Nothing- I don't :P. But I play on new releases just to catch up with the stolryline.
What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
DF MQ  Post #: 62
6/19/2009 14:59:10   

1. Why do you think MQ is good?
There's a lot of strategy that goes into MQ that AQ, DF and especially AQW lacks. That good chance for a massive amount of damage is also a great draw.

2. Why do you think it's bad?
The excess of Mechs weapons that are nova gem only, with no credit based counterpart. The excessive price of mechs at times.

3. What makes you play MQ over other games?
Farming towards that very easy level cap, getting a mech that costs loads of credits that goes rare the next day.

4. What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Nothing to get that's interesting.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 63
6/19/2009 15:53:10   

Why do you think MQ is good? I like the different styles of mechs, and that you can equip different parts to different mechs, also that each mech comes with set items, so you don't have to get all of your own items.
Why do you think it's bad? Alot of people point out the leveling, but I don't think that was bad. I would say the fact that the university is almost pointless.
What makes you play MQ over other games? Mechs, Houses having special mechs, starting items of different mechs aren't crap.
What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games? Well, now that I am high level as you can be, it has gotten kind of boring, and I just do releases. But the other thing is that MQ is very grinding.

MQ  Post #: 64
6/19/2009 18:01:38   

ya going to the rs thing that used to be my life but i barely play it now


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MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 65
6/19/2009 19:12:22   

1. Why do you think MQ is good?

*finishes polishing warbear*

The enemies!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 66
6/19/2009 20:16:24   
HK 47

MQ has its ups and downs.

On the upside, it's a refreshing breather from the other AE games. It's got good humor and fun combat.

However, the plot is pretty standard. But I bear no grudges for that. It works. However, I do have a grudge on the fact that the plot is deviating so much from what it originally was. We started off against aliens, and now we're fighting pirates?


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 67
6/19/2009 20:40:20   

My only gripe: three different meters for a single war. Shame on you AE, shame.
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 68
6/19/2009 20:42:18   

Actually the third meter is separate for the mini-war within the war.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 69
6/19/2009 21:43:10   

Why do you think MQ is good? because this game got me interesting in startegy type game
that you need some serious mecha and some kick punching weapons for some serious mangaholic strategy

Why do you think it's bad? uhmmmmm mechquest is bad in releases
they have always sometimes releasing new weapons and weapons and weapons and weapons
and weapons again and again im tired buying some kick punching weapons i want some mecha
and the story line is not too good its not like aqw with 13 lords of chaos
but you can also try 13 demon mecha in mechquest or 13 bunnzilla mecha

What makes you play MQ over other games? killer explosions ballistic guns rattling sound effects
rolling machine gun barbarosa taunt explosive battles killer weaponry
kick punching tactical mechas power purging arm face bashing uber mechaholic mechas
reeling on the back knock off clowns and many many more

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games? tiredness and boredness
and uberness and crticalhitness and disblerness and powerupness
MQ  Post #: 70
6/19/2009 21:48:03   

# Why do you think MQ is good?

Explosions. Shooting stuff. Mechs. The fact that mechs are customizable, and easily so, at lower levels.

The fact that a new player can play through everything that has gone before without missing out on much (rares, but that's ok)

# Why do you think it's bad?

Sometimes the mech designs veer too far into camp territory for my own personal tastes. That might be just me. *shrugs* For example, E-Series Shadowsythe mechs = awesome. But the Pine tree mechs were silly. (fun to fight I guess and ok during the holiday special, but I wouldn't want to own one and don't really want to see them in regular plot territory.

# What makes you play MQ over other games?

1. There's always something new coming up to look forward to.
2. You can take a break from the game, even for weeks, and then come back and catch up while only missing out on rares.

# What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?

I like the NPC character development in Dragon Fable. In Mech Quest it's barely there. Sys Zero being captured was the only thing that actually happened to an NPC that I can remember.

I don't like having to watch the war intro animation every time I sign back in to do some more waves.


I've thought of something else, sort of under the question # Why do you think it's bad?

MQ seems to not re-use its minigames as much as it could.

Those desert flats of Westion would have made a great setting for a driving minigame using the Van ( or some other vehicle)

Some re-use of the emergency helocopter might be cool too.

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DF MQ  Post #: 71
6/19/2009 21:48:58   

Why do you think MQ is good?

big boomz, the makers keep you updated on what they're doing, great story, the best battle system in all of AE's games, few other random reasons I can't be bothered to think of right now.

Why do you think it's bad?

sometimes lvl farming is boring, but I only rarely have to do that anyway.

What makes you play MQ over other games?

*points at why I think MQ is good* the other AE game's battle sytems are really bad... (AQW's isn't that bad, I play it pretty frequently) and in general it is a good game over a lot of other games I play

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?

what makes me decide if I'll play a game on any given day is mostly if I feel like it, and there you go :D

EDIT: oh yea! I play a few other games a lot that I like a bit more, but with my computer they lag so bad it is barely even worth playing them, making me play this more.
EDIT2: undal... there is a skip into button...
EDIT3: another thing I love about this game is that you can experiment with stuff and not really feel any reprecussions, like you can make off the wall builds and see if they work out good (oddly enough the few I've made recently have worked very well, one being a sugar crazed clown of ultimate nurfitude and the other a super EP drainer)

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 72
6/22/2009 12:10:34   

I love mechquest because of the sort of "epic" feel its combat has. Instead of purchasing a new suit of armor, I am purchasing a whole battle machine!

Hiowever, where battle has an epic quality, the story is missing it. I think that MQs story is a bit too cheesy, and the "jiob" storylines arent really all that great. Also, I think that the "epic" feel of going to teks mechs and getting a new mech youve been saving up for is lost now that there are so many obscure and themed mechs.


Go Runehawk! MQ FTW!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 73
6/24/2009 21:54:25   
da boss

When I first played this I thought it was awesome. I had to of spent of 500 dollars on it. (Big mistake) I barely even play anymore maybe once a month i Just check. I don't know why it just got really boring to me. I wish I never spent any money on it tho.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 74
6/24/2009 23:24:29   

Why do you think MQ is good?
All the Mechs and Weapons to choose from! Even all of those UBER Builds!
Why do you think it's bad?
Your kidding me for asking this question
What makes you play MQ over other games?
All of the Litterally Exploding Fun
What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 75
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