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RE: =AK= MQ Gameplay Feedback Thread

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5/12/2010 1:47:23   

I'm a bit more experienced now than I was with my previous answers...here goes...
Why do you think MQ is good?
MQ has very good art, and a great story even in comparison to AQ's(very confusing) story. I also like the gameplay, due to the numbers being organized well, it's alot easier for me to figure out what to do in any given situation.

# Why do you think it's bad?
Several things:First, it's VERY tough on new players, my friend played for a while but just quit because it got too boring. Some of this probably had to do with when about the time of the Kingadent fight, when everyone complained about slow levelling, MQ actually LOWERED the EXP and Credit giving of low levelled monsters.
There are also FAR too many rares, at level 15 for free players there are three mechs. THREE. The only reason my brothers play as much now is due to Ticklish Zorbor allowing them to level quicker. Also, the story's a bit confusing, especially on Westion and Lagos, you don't even get a map to help you find Crow's Nook! That part had me leave MQ for almost a month....I wasn't used to using the Q&A then...

Another thing is a lack of low levelled content, I can understand high levelled planets, but places like Gark and Lagos don't even have anything for people under level 20(If I remember correctly).
Lastly, MQ's War Bosses besides the Decimator are generally weak, the Jawseph is their only ShadowScythe new enemy who's a challenge, and it doesn't even make sense how the mighty ShadowScythe empire is easier to defeat than Vampires.

# What makes you play MQ over other games?
Sometimes, you just need some Scifi instead of medieval-ness...but seriously, I don't know, it's just recently overtaken DragonFable as my main game.

# What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Nothing, although when I got frustrated over Crow's Nook I did stop for a while, this really isn't any good thing to base it off of as I was being relatively whiny about the situation.

# These are some example questions to think about when posting. Here's the place to express your opinion about MQ in general.
Oops, I wasn't supposed to quote that...

One thing I would like to see is better Energy Sword fights that require more strategy...the Wraith's are the only hard enemies at the moment! Fortunately they're revamping it so who knows what will come of it...
DF MQ  Post #: 151
6/10/2010 22:24:12   

Why do you think MQ is good?
I love the artwork (drawing robots must be tough), how its plot developed, how its weekly release seems nice, and the bugfix mondays balance the game, and practically everything of it. The game has big numbers.
Why do you think it's bad?
LOTS OF PHARMING. and by that I mean you need to do it at high levels to get 1 decent mech at your level. ('cept for the viking holiday mech and the vampire mech, but they are now rare in pricing) why not make a nova-gem to credits system? like, players with alot of nova gem could sell a nova gem to tek's for like, 10k credits.

Oh, and the nerf to the socker series "cross hook" it is now degraded to a 50% bonus in damage (with a chance to miss on the 50%)
What makes you play MQ over other games?
Its simpler, 8 buttons of combat. front arm ,back arm, front shoulder, backshoulder, body, head, skip, and eject.
What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
lack of community INGAME, perhaps make a chatbox or sumthing...


regards, Uncle Dolan
MQ  Post #: 152
7/22/2010 8:54:58   
Deleted User
[Deleted by Admins]
  Post #: 153
11/7/2010 14:30:34   

MQ unfortunately still has equipment gaps. One thing I find interesting is that in the suggestion pages we have twice as many pages for mecha than equipment. I wonder if that's a telling sign of people's thought process with the game or not. I personally feel that customization is one of the best things about gameplay in MQ--when we have the options available.
DF MQ  Post #: 154
12/31/2010 23:29:59   

Alright. This year was crazy. Here's my year feedback/review on this year, 2010. Enjoy!

Well, I guess since I've got nothing better to do, I'll just make a comprehensive review of Mechquest.

Alright, how do we start this off.... Oh right, nowhere better to start off than the actual start of the year itself! Mechquest, is now 4 years old (2007,2008,2009,2010), and soon to be 5 in October 2011. Well, from the past years, we're once again seen the advent of past New year's celebrations of MQ. Nice to see that they decided to even release the 2008 rares. However, I myself was a little disappointed with the fact they did not change them, and the anniversary mecha was not anything anyone was hoping for, far under it's anticipated hype. However, they were still great for their levels. Overall, though they had some loose ends, they had a good start for the year.

Ah... The Annual competition of the G.E.A.R.S Games. This one, however was a bit different. Instead of letting people use their whole arsenal, instead, they were only allowed to use their GG's House Mechas. However, if you wanted to have a bit of saboteur, then you could use any of your mechas in order to steal a mascot. Though the team did very well in the respect of balance, they failed to add that kind of excitement, as the battles were long, and boring, and the penalties were un-desired, especially if you were in House RuneHawk. Though the 3 houses were neck to neck for the first 30%'s, Wolfblade somehow against all odds and Shadowsythe interference pulled a massive lead, and won for the 3rd time, in a row. Heavily dissatisfied MQ players freely shouted their anger at Wolfblade due to the fact that once again, Wolfbalde won with Sheer numbers, and using their numbers to win for the 3rd time. The aftermath wasn't pretty either, as Xaria was kidnapped by the Shadowsythe. Was not pretty at all. However, there were some positives to this. If you had Nova Gems, you could buy Corrupted House Mechas, which were REALLY powerful. All 3 of them were quite powerful. Also, as a plus, they re-released Betrayal into the mix, which I personally took advantage of to switch from MR, to RH. However, the very fact that Wolfbalde won for the 3rd time left us with a bad taste in our mouths to remember the 3rd Annual GEARS Games.

Next, I'll hit the Star Captain Monthly Mechas. I'll arrange this one in a list...

The Automorph, the first SCMM for 2010, was a good mecha, with Damage Boosts, and heavy damage weapons in the mix, though damage was a bit random. However, solid mecha in a package.

Next, the Physic Wing. Ah... We hit a Defensive SCMM, and this one has everlasting effects too! I myself used this mecha in hard boss battles. A Good mecha to offset the offensive minded SCMM's that preceded it, and a powerful force when looked at in a general perspective.

Next, we hit the Lucky Blademasters and the Bladestorms. These things were beasts. Frenzied specials with highly powerful stuff in all directions, with no weaknesses at all, causing it to be a very popular SCMM to use. However, a bug that made the Front arm extremely powerful by doing absurd damages was nerfed, causing people to shout at anger over the nerf. Overall, they were solid Mechas, and one that had great performance in a fight.

Next is the Morehawk. Great Body with an Automatic stun. Heck, it could've been a great stun mecha with the right stuff added to it. However, it's less than satisfactory arms were it's only downside. Other than that, the Morehawk was highly praised for it's hovering, and it's powerful body, and power increase Shoulders.

Now, we hit the AC-490. Like the Physic wing, it had perma-effects. However, it was discovered that it was only great for longer fights. Nevertheless, people found ways to make this mecha beast through minor customization. It was one of those mechas that "improves with age, just like wine" Solid SCMM like it's ancestors, and excellent for frustrating boss fights, provided you could stall enough to have the specials kick in.

Now, be warned here, unlike the earlier SCMM's, the ones that came after AC-490 were heavily un-specialized, which caused many people to look down on all the SCMM's, favoring the older ones of 2010....

The Master Blaster, Cosmic Talon, Steve Skysplitter, and even The Nemesis seemed to lack a focus and therefore were all looked down upon. Though the SCMM's of 2010 were great on the earlier part of the year, they began to loose a bit of Sheen in the 2nd half of the year. This proved to discover something within the community's values itself; We, when it comes to gifts, essentially love a more specialized gift that focused on 1 theme, rather than the Jack-of-all-Trades yet, Master-of-None. Hopefully, they'll attract more positive reviews in 2011. As for now, they were quoted and dubbed, "Utterly disappointing" by the MQ Community.

Next, I'll review myself over the Necryptos Saga. This planet can be started off with a lot of choices. MY word, will be frustrating. I for one did not have a very fun experience with this. The very fact that you needed to purchase an expensive mecha, was only the beginning of my frustrations. Though it was not required to use a V-Hunter from the earlier parts of the Saga, the later bosses proved it was more than needed to kill them using V-hunters, though, many of the people from the MQ Community found ways to beat the latter bosses without the heavily recommended mechas. However, The planet did do a fair job of providing more Non Rare content to the game, with several Non Rare equipment giving a run for their money to rares, such as the Flore DLX Back Shoulders, and the Lord Mechula Mechas. I'll begin to say positives too. The Scenery, as well as the animations can be praised a bit. The Backgrounds and missions were great to suit their territories they were in. The uniforms, in conjugation with the Lord Mechulas, were also a nice addition to the planet. However, there were some non rare equips from Necryptos that did not offset the negatives, and NSC's were especially angered with the fact that they had to use (Back then) 33% (1 out of only 3 their spaces) of their inventories just to get through the saga, resulting in a bad taste in our mouths, yet again.

Valentine's day - The love's in the Air! Well, at least, the enemies that are being blown to bits by Barddock Steele were. HE was to try to save Xaria from the Shadowsythe. Instead, he had fun with a Shadowsythe Killing spree. Anyways, the Valentine'd Day release was highly praised upon, as it saw the new release of a cool mini-game. It was even offered as a starship item for those who wanted to play repeatedly. Also, as a fun twist, we found out that General Mediera is in love with Barddock Steele. For one, minigames are always highly praised, and, it hinted future events as well. Also, the weapons were pretty created, and fit very well with the theme of the love season.

Ah... March Madness... Saint Patrick's Day War... Where can I start off? Oh yes, with the actual war itself. The War gave many pople a chance to farm. For a massive 200 clovers (Though, reduced later to only 70), which was extremely tedious, you could have gotten some EXTREMELY powerful weapons. The most infamous no doubt, was the Runehawk Cloverblade, which basically sapped EP until you had none left to drain. Also, class specific blades were a good thing too, as they were quite powerful. Yes, there was the credit cost, but that was just a minor setback for a most powerful special. Ones that non-literally, broke the game. Also, the addition of Luck boosting Mods, and Lucky versions of the Advanced House mechas, and Lucky Nubertrons proved to stand positively with the community. After all, who doesn't like the chance to abuse luck's many advantages? As an added bonus, we even got to Korin Torturing the Dragonoid, thanks to Wolfencreek.

Time to hit April! To start off, people were sad that the April Fool's Mecha was not happening that year. To make up for this however, Korin made versions... OF HIS OWN HEAD! They were very powerful, and for builds that ran out of energy, this was a good thing for them. Also, the team re-released the Easter Wars/Events of the past, allowing people to get the past rares that were so coveted. Also, to satisfy those Novelty rare collectors such as myself, they released an Egg for a Mecha, and a more powerful version of the 08' Bunzilla. Also, the promotional Choco Bunz Shoulder was a cool item to get, as it's specials were powerful. Also, the Rixty Zookas, which proved to be highly used, was a nice twist to the AE-wide Rixty Promotional offers that were going around. To top it off, they even released a version for Nova Gems for those who didn't have access to Rixties. Also, the War on Lagos was nice. The enemies were easily farmable thanks to the powerful Anti-ShS weapons and it furthered the storyline, which we all wanted. Also, Charfade finally made her appearance in game, though, coming a bit... short (lol). After that, the Earth Day shoulders were highly praised too, as the high Regeneration they offered was just TOO good to pass. It was a beast back then, and is still a beast today. Able to stop Enemy EP regen, AND giving them a DoT AND even giving you a regen bonus based on your level. A truly potent force to behold. And now, I've finished April. Now, time to go on to MAY!

Ah… I’d like to start May, with the first day. Maypril Fools. A Good mecha was released, with a STRONG front arm that let people do over 500 damage in a turn! It was nerfed, causing people to rethink their thoughts on the Maypril fools mecha. Also, the team released equipment that were powerful for their levels, and can still be used today on a frequent basis. Nonetheless, a solid mecha, and a solid release. Now, let’s go to the Dragonoid Saga, starting with Planet Yokai. Easily, I could say somethigns about this place – A solid reminder to it’s contemporary, AQW Yokai. Also, the enemies fit well to their themes, with even a spoof to Kung Foo Panda. (5 masters). The weapons there even filled in some equipment gaps, though, the persisting problem that Yokai could be played first, made people ANGRY. Let me tell ya why… You see, Planet Yokai didn’t let people play it until they met all the requirements, and for some reason, some couldn’t get access to the planet, so all pre-exquisites were removed in favor of accessibility. This further added to the problem of Storyline holes. However, the good thing was that content was at least filled in at levels, and that they even had generic (Not meant to be a frequent used mecha like a SCMM) mecha just for those who liked Generic stuff. So let’s talk about the planet itself. The Missions were pretty much repeats of themselves, and the enemies were pretty tough for those who desired for a challenge. However, the fact is, repetitiveness and seemingly endless waves of enemies proofed to take a strain on a player, forcing them to trudge hours to get to the boss for some. Well, that’s all there was to May. Let’s head on to June for a moment…

Ah… Time for June, and to talk about the art museum! Easily, this filled in a part of Soluna, as it finally filled in a part of the city. And for those with artistic talents, it allowed them to shine, and for an added bonus, standing in one certain area allowed people to “Kick” a box that made funny sounds when kicked. Although most of the Yokai Saga was covered in this month, I took the liberty of explaining my thoughts and analysis of Yokai in a previous section to help the flow of the analysis. So, this is the reason why this paragraph is so short, however, July is more than stuffed with things to say…

Well, July had a great start, with a powerful mecha, the Liberty Mecha. This mecha was and still is a massive DoT Beast (for both EP and HP), although, I shouldn’t have bought the NG version myself because it wasn’t really all that more powerful from its SC and NSC counterparts. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed the mecha, and it received a lot of paositive feedback, though, the fact that customization disabled specials kinda made people sad. None the less, great mecha. Now, another thing I’ll bring up is that the C-Mail improvements for the storyline. IT was a good thing to implement, as the storyline problem became more and more apparent as time went on, and the fact that any reform was appreciated. Now, the Yokai war was pretty special, as the war was mostly farmable (Except for those lolspam Yokai stick abusers), and the rewards at the end came out fairly strong, and the best part was, it was all Non Rare equips, and a lot of them too. Good to fill in equipment gaps as always. And finally, the Yokai saga was finish. And with a strong finish too. Now, time to move onto August.

Well, August was mostly a month of Promotions, ranging from the Ipad sweepstakes, and the Best Buy Upgrade card promotion. However, Friday the 13th proved to be a great event. The Jamesons were buffed (Uber and vengences were upgraded), the equips were re-released, and they even released a few extra new equips in the mix for their current year event. Also, a cool cutscene was released which was given high praise. Great release, and replays are always nice. Also, although the storyline was finished for Yokai, extra additions were made, such as the Hazuko Challenges and the Supreme Master Mechas. They were good at adding some extra dimensions to the planet Yokai. In fact, in the future, I think most players would like to see extra dimensions to planets, and within planets, extra elements to cities to help give the feel of the player being on another planet. After all, not many planets only have 1 city. It was generally a small month for MQ, but however, it was good enough. Now, time for September.

September was a lively month for 2010. First off, the Calendars were released for those who were major AE fans, and extra mecha slots were released. (Good thing for NSC’s, and rare hoarders such as myself.) Along with this, came a level cap raise, and higher level versions of various Non-Rare equips. Also, the traveling salesman’s stock proved to be really powerful. However, my mind about this month is a bit fuzzy, and the DN’s don’t say much about this month, so I’ll leave it at this for this month. The Extra Mecha Slots proved to be a great thing for those who were running out of space, and even more vital to NSC's. This was because before the update, they could only have 3 mecha spaces, which made people angry. However, They got a great gift of 10 more mecha slots, which they needed badly. Now they didn't have to throw away Rare Mechas to make room for other rares they would throw away too. The Cap raise was nice, though, a lot felt that they should have made more non rare equips before they raised the cap, as non rare content has always been low, and that equipment gaps served a problem as well. However, the cap was raised, and the content was filled with rares ( >.> )

Ah… October is one of the greatest months of MQ. MQ Aniversary, Moogloween, and a lot of other stuff that makes people kindle good memories (FOR THE WIN LOL). The Dropship got updated, which was extremely needed as it would help new players in game basics. Also, the Minigame was fun too (I would try to beat it, but I’m just too lazy.) Everything got updated, from weapons to tutorials. The Anniversary was not so well. The Nubertron which was highly dissed, was not updated, and the anniversary mecha was deemed "sub-par" to other rare mechas. However, although I frankly agreed with these people, I guess they did become novelties, which were meant for fun play, not serious play. Moogloween was nicely re-released with updated Frankies, Mortis Starmaps, and Doom Riders. Most players seized this opportunity to grab these highly coveted mechas for the purpose of speed farming, as these mechas were great for farming (even better for NSC's). The Skelepunk was cool too. However, bad for NSC as most of specials were SC only. The Weapons were VERY good however. Especially the NG Wicked Pumpkin series. They would be able to last for many days, because of their specials, which was permanent status change, whether it was buff or nerf, whichever way you like, they were an excellent buy for those who were willing to cough up the Nova Gems to improve their builds. Best thing is, They even released a map to this event so people could get them later. The staff even released Evil Jim album Overkill to those who liked music, and the Evil Jim wars proved to be a high success, with powerful rares, mechas, and even replay maps for those who love rares.

Ah… Novermber. The Chrono Mecha was released. I’d give something on that mecha, however, I don’t have it myself. However, if someone would like to let me see it in pvp, that would be more than appreciated. Anyways… Thanksgiving was a main event here. Releases were always appreciated, and the year’s event was nice too. I myself grabbed a Turkey Talon in order to destroy enemies that were addicted to nerfing bonus. Evil Jim also came about, adding a special spice to Thanksgiving. The Rares were powerful, and as usual, the staff re-opened past Thanksgiving events to let people experience past events, and even the rares from past events were updated, such as the Updated Mecha Fryer 9000s and Ruinous Turkey Cannons. These combinded actions recieved high praise from the forum players, as they matched the ever increasing demands of the community's needs. However, I myself (though I like powerful stuff) wish to see this onslaught of rares stop. Otherwise, November was a pretty short month in terms of releases, however, the good thing is, that Thanksgiving was a high success overall, and once again, the staff made the players happy.

Now, time for December, the final month. Christmas was abound, and it was a great time. New MEchas, weapons, New Mini-Games, re-release of Zorbo’s and Past year events, and a heck lot of other stuff. And we can’t forget about Flavescent Friday either now can we? After all, our favorite rares were re-released for a day (I got what I wanted). I should probably get into this more, explaining my thoughts. Flavescent Friday for many was a chance to get the rares we needed/coveted dearly. In all respects, many of the people loved this event, and if you were lucky enough to get on during that one Friday, hell, you were lucky as a lucky dog. The rares that were sold there were the ones that the staaff heard the community for, which for one, gave hop that the staff still listened to the players, and they were willing to take suggestions openly. However, it was only for a day. But that was enough to get people to farm what they wanted. Also, the Re-release of the Past Frostvale events was a total success, as it allowed people to grab powerful rares that were found to be valuable use for many, so that was a good thing. However, the Ice harvester mecha was not given positive feedback, as it required too many turns for an actualy influence, and only the NG version proved to be strong. Also, the re-release of Zorbos were great. SC's were flocking to get them, as previous owners were satisfied when they had their old zorbo's buffed. I was a tense situation, but they found a way to make the players happy, more or less. The Year was ended on a positive note, and who knows what will happen in 2011.

Other important notes I jotted down

Also, there's a few things I must say before I close this review. One, I noticed something while reading through design notes, and from the feedback of others. For one, we seem to as a community be running in the WRONG direction. Yes, I'm right. Here's why. You see, people love powerful things. Non-Rare content cannot be as powerful as people want them because they are available to everyone. If powerful items were everyone, the difficulty of various game elements would need to be adjusted in order to compensate. This is a question of Difficulty Vs. Power. And this correlates to rares as well. Why? Because rares are not there forever (limited time). Since we love Powerful stuff, we love rares, because we love powerful stuff, and Rare stuff is always powerful. What does this mean? In order to satisfy the players (Well, at least the newer generation), I'm afraid the staff will continue to head towards the wrong direction and pace in order to suit the wants and ambitions of the players themselves. I noticed a lot that less than wanted items are shunned, and powerful things that compromise future balancing tend to be praised. Don't get me wrong here, I too like powerful things, but I'm beginning to see this dangerous trend here.

The Very ambitions of the community has caused this upsurge of rares, and we cannot afford to bring up powerful rares lest we want to raise the difficulty of this game. Rares is partially the solution to this. It gives people powerful things without the need to adjust the game to it's power levels because it will only affect a small portion of the players, not enough to influence balance. However, this upsurge of rares causes a drain on choosable content for the rest of these people. Simply, rares makes it possible to have powerful things without adjusting game balance. However, it hurts the actual game and player development due to the void of emptiness it leaves behind, which to me, makes me feel like I've failed many players due to the lack of choices I've been able to offer to them. This year as a whole was no doubt, 70% Rare content, 30% Non Rare content, most unfortunate. And also, the fact that the most powerful weapons were rares caused a huge equipment gap within the game itself, making the game yet harder to play especially those who are not able to keep up with the pace of this rare horde that clobbers us all.

However, I must also give fact that the staff has been reduced this year due to various things happening within the corporation itself. This makes it harder to keep up with the demand of the players which forces the staff to tone down releases due to the sake of the decreased workforce of the game. This causes a devastating effect to the game; Releases get smaller, and their quality, along with their playability is reduced. However, I can also take confort in the fact that the staff is listening. Korin and Maegwyn both have Formspring to ask questions, and DN's are being published to help evaluate the problem. What I'm hoping for is that the community can work together to save the game we love so much. For the last year, through quite observation, I can admit that we as a community are anything BUT united. In fact, I don't even REMEMBER the last time we worked as a unified community dedicated to solve the problems of the game. I feel a game is only as good as it's community is. If we could do this much damage to MQ when we are not unified to solve the problems of the game, just imagine what we would theoretically be possible if we worked as a whole to solve these problems that plague us; Power Inflation, Rare Content Needs, Equipment Gaps, Storyline Holes, Staff Cuts, and a whole lot more.

Yes, I believe that MQ is not in a good shape as is right now. However, I also believe that through a unified effort, against all odds, we can overcome anything. For me, we only started to bring back these thread of concern recently, not NEARLY early enough to make the problem only minor, as they became worse over time. However, I believe the priority of 2011 should not to be to keep churning on rares and expanding like we did last year, but rather, to focus and fortify existing game elements, fix major problems, and to re-establish the Player-Staff relations back to their 2008 levels. That is why, I wish to call this year, 2011 - The Year of Reform

As we come to a close, I must say… this was one heck of a year. As summed up in this feedback review. I wish you all a happy new year!

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1/1/2011 21:12:38   
seventy two

@PD Long post much? I have read it, but have yet to come up with an adequate response. I will shortly, meanwhile 5177600 I have the Chronomech equipped since you asked to see it, the specials are around here somewhere.

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1/6/2011 20:39:54   

Mechquest was the last AE game I started (DF was my first, and I will always be rather biased towards it. ) Anyways, since it wasn't my first AE game, I didn't really have a hard time picking up the battle system, as the weapons are much like the "skills" in DF and AQW. The thing I did have a problem with as a new player, though, was that I had NO idea what any weapon specials were, or even if weapons had specials. I was used to the skill descriptions in DF and AQW, and I spent most of my early MQ time checking the enemy's info after each and every turn to see if my weapon had actually done something. (It helped when there was a blue popup box, but hidden specials were EXTREMELY bothersome.) Basically, the weapons didn't have adequate special descriptions, or if they did have descriptions the descriptions were pretty vague, and pretty much useless. (This got better as I leveled and got more used to MQ, but it was pure torture in the beginning. Now I still find myself spending a few battles checking every weapon on a test enemy each time I get a new mech.)

I suggest giving all default weapons and purchasable weapons alike item descriptions that actually tell what the weapon does. (Something along the lines of "this BA lowers enemy defense by 5 for 5 turns, at the same time causing a DoT to enemy HP." There are already plenty of weapon specials in the Design Notes. The staff could just condense them a bit.) The descriptions should be visible both when you buy the item AND when you are batting. I think it would be much easier on newer players who have no clue what weapon specials are, as well as helping more experienced players build battle strategies. Sure it would take a LONG time to add a description to all the weapons ever released, but even a slow pace is better than nothing!

DF MQ AQW  Post #: 157
7/14/2011 20:23:16   

An interesting note: a friend of mine watched me log on to MQ, and her first words about it was about how the many exclamation marks were annoying.
DF MQ  Post #: 158
7/14/2011 22:48:59   

Given the time which I started MQ, I suppose this would be fair for my opinion, I will be following the most common questions I've seen so far.

Why do you think MQ is good?

To answer this question, I would have to create the context of why I started playing MQ. I was looking for a particular online gundam (japanese robotic animation) style RPG, and stumbled upon MQ during the middle of November, 2007. My initial thoughts of MQ were quite positive, as I had played AQ in the past, but my account was deleted, that being another story, so I was aware of the typical style of Adventure Quest Entertainment games, web browser operating with interactions; flash games or something similar. The drop ship, the place where we all started, was a thing of wonder then, and I promptly began experimenting with the battle mechanics. MQ was obviously different from other RPGs, as we all know I'm sure, in that the focus was how we would use our machines to battle, given we had initially a potential of 4 weapons on the drop ship. Given my status in secondary school, I was not able to purchase a SC, so like many of the players here I was just a pilot, milling these shadowscythe enemies and making credits. For those who like to get to the point: what made MQ for me was the limitless restriction of weapon needs, I literally bought each and every item in the shop, and promptly began experimenting for the best combination, what could you really do? there was only one default weapon and that was really it. This was so much so that I can't say I farmed very much, given the amount of experimentation, I actually had enough for the level 8 pizza mech in the old days, which was 1 hundred thousand or so I forget. Then came the first war, we who fought remember it well, new machines and quick devastation compared to today's wars. I would suppose there was a greater expectation for everyone back then, there wasn't as much difference between a star captain and a regular pilot. Things started to slow down after level 21, I had to concentrate on school, this and that so and so on. I returned to glorious advancements, something I would be pushed to say, the level 23 police mech was a dream, and soon after the new level 25 house mechs, revolutionized combat once again. Those were the good days. After things got into the 2nd westion wars, well...until the blademaster I wouldn't say too much was enlightening, but it was still the game that was very much fun to play. I became a star captain after all, and I thought the machines worked like a dream, things I thought impossible, were deemed possible.

Why do you think MQ is bad?
It is not that MQ is bad, merely fallen from grace. The sword fight on Gark, do we all remember that? I wasn't a star captain then, was near impossible. Hours of experimentation, until luck won me through the day. My point? The degree of difficulty is dictated by the fortunate, there I said it. I understand I am being hypocritical here, but I confess, being a star captain, it is embarrassing to find so many boss fights a struggle. Most recent example I can think of, I am still not done the traveler's "assistance" quest, I was hit by a 3 turn stun, and 365 hp damage within four turns. I'm not saying I'm the best in this game, never will. I not even going to say that I play this game with any degree of skill. In fact I would say that my character would probably be the bare minimum that a star captain should be, and still I'm not done the traveler's quest. Star Captains should be given equipment that such tasks should NOT prove such a challenge. I admire those who love a challenge, I do, but this is ridiculous. Game breaking in a war is effective. Those who complain that a boss is too easy, or that something isn't a challenge, ask yourself this...am I playing this like a game? or am I playing this like a pilot? I have equal stats in everything and prior to the blademaster even, any machine in my hands could over take a shadowscythe machine, in a heart beat. I play like a pilot, it should not be the machine, it should be me, and right now, neither of us is bad, just the enemy for some reason can chain stuns like a mad rabid dog and we have to wait two or more turns.

What makes you play MQ over other games?
I play MQ more so than other games for a sole reason, simplicity. I have a fair collection of games, but what keeps bringing me back to MQ is the sheer simplicity of how the game works. You, the player, blow stuff up. Simple no? Give an example? Sure, the objective of almost every mission is to defeat the enemy(ies) to reach the second point. This can be done one of two ways. (1) You break it down according what your machine does and use everything, which may or may not result in astounding victory. (2) You play the strengths of your machine for the fastest, deadliest win. Now in case some people say, "why do the first one?" well here you go, The Aegis, defensive mech, what did it do best? Damage while taking away energy and health and restoring your own. In a sense, you play as a spartan, just watch the enemy crash into your shield. So once again, simple, fight and win, by any means you choose.

What makes you play MQ less than other games?
Well, the fact that I would be able to over come some of the strange quirks in other games. I would use the proper word to describe what I think, but would imagine that such a word is considered profanity, given that most people can't understand the first meaning of the word, root, and/ or proper conjugation of said word. Now again people would probably ask how so? Well, I'm sure to an extent that even the game developers know what a "camper" is. Isn't fun beating a camper in a rather gruesome and overly explosive manner which would obviously be labeled as overkill and/or equally annoying behavior? Yes...yes it is. What can we do in MQ? well, either figure it out...or wait until the staff add something which helps you mitigate the problem. Really now, the staff have enough on their hands, given that MQ is the smallest team it seems, strange as it is possibly one of the games that can attract a larger fan base given the nature of the content, and with a more mature underlying theme, one would assume even people like myself in college would be inadvertently playing this a relief from classes...say like right now, oh also that we actually have money to spend on content, not that I do, some people do though, I don't know them but I'm rather sure they do.

So that's what I have to say, and now if you'll all excuse me, back to that Traveler's mission.
MQ  Post #: 159
10/2/2011 17:02:55   

Why do you think MQ is good?
MQ has beautiful art, and is the only game with giant robot war machines, making it unique in a way. The storyline is focused and interesting, and it's just plain fun to play.

Why do you think MQ is bad?
Mainly because it's rather difficult for new players. I remember spending days of frustration trying to beat the Labyrinth, irritatingly anticipating getting off the Dropship, only to realize that Soluna City was even harder, and not having good mechs and weapons to use. That was before the Dropship revamp and the release of the Nubertron, but still very hard. The only thing I have to complain about now is the ridiculously boring&slow process of farming, and Lagos not having an instant Crow's Nook Travel Button.

What makes you play MQ over other games?
Sometimes I like a break from swords and daggers and magical spells to enjoy the wonders of modern engineering... and to have a more realistic concept of ruling the world...

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Sometimes if there's something extremely frustrating in the game, I go play AQW for a while... but nothing else much.

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 160
11/7/2011 18:45:16   

A common complaint about MQ is leveling speed. While I personally feel that reasons for hitting the cap are limited, perception can go a long way towards affecting people. I wonder if this can be remedied with an adjustment to the HUD. Currently, the XP bar looks like this. Perhaps it would be better to change it so it looks like this instead. By lengthening the bar, smaller increments would be more visible thus it would feel like you're leveling faster even if you aren't. Possibly take a cue from DF and make a bar across the full width of the screen.

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DF MQ  Post #: 161
12/7/2011 5:09:11   
The Cow says MOO


Positively and Negatively...

BUT, first impressions matter. When you log on the first time as a newbie , you'll be like. Drat, long EXP bar, dun like it *runs off

But returning players will get a shock, so, IDK
Post #: 162
12/7/2011 6:32:19   

Why do you think MQ is good?
It is the only AE game(well, before Warpforce crashed in) with giant robots and lasers and bullets and *gasp*. Basically, it has a different theme from the rest of the AE games, where it's always magic and monsters. MQ is unique in that it is different from the other games I see.

Why do you think MQ is bad?
It's tough for new players, mainly. There are so many "traps", namely outdated mecha/weapons that they unknowingly buy, and then finds that they've been "mugged". Also, the game is more oriented toward higher levels(wait, aren't ALL AE games like that?) which can be seen from the festive events. Bosses like Terri-Fi and Mutant Turkey were clearly designed for SCs withe their deadly SCMMs and level 45 NSCs with their rares.

What makes you play MQ over other games?

Sometimes I like a break from swords and daggers and magical spells to enjoy the wonders of modern engineering... and to have a more realistic concept of ruling the world...
And that it is easy to play. Although MQ has a short story compared to other AE games because MQ is lacking staff, I feel good because I don't like things that drag on and on and on. So I suppose the fact that MQ is shorthanded is a blessing in disguise.

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Tough bosses occasionally, the long hours of earning money. Looking at Naj and his 2 billion makes my eyeballs dissolve out of their puny sockets. Basically, repetitive actions make me bored, and I'm sure the same goes for other players as well.

"Mechquest is an easy skill to learn, but a hard skill to master."
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 163
12/26/2011 13:27:47   


Positively and Negatively...

BUT, first impressions matter. When you log on the first time as a newbie , you'll be like. Drat, long EXP bar, dun like it *runs off

But returning players will get a shock, so, IDK

I think most of the negative perception would be limited. At low level xp fills pretty quickly while returning players would probably be safe to assume that since they've been away, things have changed. The streamlining of MQ is a perfect example.
DF MQ  Post #: 164
5/20/2012 19:48:40   

There was only a small damage boost and an "O.O" in the name... You really didn't miss much at all.

Small as in microscopic... maybe 5%... It helps you maybe get 1 more damage, not crush armies.

Get the non-O.Ops version... No big deal -_- There is nothing you can do about it now...

Well... It's futile now so, what's the point?

Post merged due to in between posts being deleted ~Gibby

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AQW Epic  Post #: 165
6/28/2012 10:08:08   

What do you love about MQ?
its the first mecha game ive ever played

What do you hate about MQ?
all sound effect really.

Why do you think MQ is good?
very creative mecha designs and very hard working staff

What makes you play MQ over other games?
DF and AQ: if i wanted to play medival games id go play skyrim
HS and ED: they looks confusing. especially HS. i tried it once but i had to connect it to my master account and i couldnt change my suit's colors, it was just confusing.
AQW: i heard there are alot of toddlers playing. i dont want to conversate with them on the forums about the meaning of the word i just used.
DF MQ  Post #: 166
6/29/2012 6:31:32   

What do you love about MQ?
It is the first mecha game i had ever play. I like and love to collect lots of mechas.

What do you hate about MQ?
Having lots of weapons being released especially this year. Builds.

Why do you think MQ is good?
The MQ staff are very hardworking and persistant. They will never dissapoint any MQ players. MQ is the most unique game in AE ever. It it a serious game which i like it very much.

What makes you play MQ over other games?
AQ: AQ is very boring and non-guardian can't easily access to the games.
DF: Nothing much to say but i think DF is as fun as MQ expect that i could not find any place to farm for DF.
AQW: Because AQW took lots of staff from MQ, which cause MQ to be understaff and unpopular while making AQW to have lots of staff and popular. If AQW never took ant staff from MQ, i am sure MQ will be 100 times more successful than AQW.
ED: Never play so i am not sure.
HS: The exact same comment as ED.
WF: Also the same comment as ED and HS.
Post #: 167
6/29/2012 12:04:15   

I have a bit more experience now...

Why do you think MQ is good?
MQ has beautiful art and great releases, despite a small team of staff. The storyline is mostly planned and orderly; doesn't go all over the place like AQW. Also, many of the good features in MQ do not require SC to play, unlike some other AE games.

Why do you think MQ is bad?
Beginners have an easier time now, due to updates in mechs like the Skuld and Tyrant; no complaint about that. But having to earn credits by repeatedly beating the same enemy over is boring; I have other things to do. Also, mech and weapon sellback should at least be 25%.

What makes you play MQ over other games?
Let us see...
DF- Great game but I haven't caught up on the releases; no idea what's happening.
AQ- Barely worth mentioning; extremely confusing and too many features require Guardianship; bad art.
AQW- Used to play it; too many releases, there are a limited number of hours in a day; too many features require membership and barely has a main storyline; stole too much staff from MQ.
WF- AQ with lasers.
ED- Extremely confusing.
HS- AQW with lasers.
That covers it.

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Pretty much nothing anymore.

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 168
7/1/2012 12:11:01   

What do you love about MQ?
What do you hate about MQ?
The sfx are limited,leveling is quite slow and new players might get scared off easily.
Why do you think MQ is good?
There's plenty of mechs to use and it's quite different from the other AE games.
Why do you think it's bad?
There's plenty of things I think that's bad,but I think they can be fixed somehow.
What makes you play MQ over other games?
Same as first question.
What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Using the same mech for like,3-5 levels can be boring but I think they should just allow us to 'upgrade' them instead of buying a stronger version of it.
Just an idea~
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 169
7/7/2012 5:09:47   

OOOOO-kay, here we go, ive been a member to MQ for over 3 whole years, and i must say it has changed a lot in most ways, but other ways.... not so much. some things i can say that would be a useful change, is the level of the purchasable mechas.* as instead of being able to buy a mecha with the max level of 50 make the level 50 mech scalable to lvl 100, yea ik most people will most likly get bored of MQ by lvl 45-50, but others may not, and the 2 mecha that do scale to lvl100 (skull crusher ultimate and the seppy mech) can easily be boring after using them for levels upon levels upon levels, annnnd not to mentions that there hasnt been a special SCMM for about 9 months, idk what thats about, or if they have just ended the SCMM thing idk, if they did thats fine, im just confused why i havent heard or seen anything in the design notes aboutt he SCMM, that last thing i ever heard about a SCMM was the Dharmahp SCMM and that was the end of it....so ive been on the design notes watching and reading for new SCMM and no luck, well that sucks because the SCMM are a very cool perk for the SC, Also the main reason i became a SC... well i gotta say some good stuff to. so here it goes, Mq is a very cool game and has a lot of cool features(most for SC's) and tall of the robts are epic, the story line is a bit cliche but that okay cuz its cool, that best part of the game is the battling, that is fun when you have a ton of mechs in your mecha hangar to try out whenever you fee like a new mech, its really fun.
I'm hoping to see a new SCMM in the future
DF MQ  Post #: 170
7/7/2012 10:26:41   

@^: You can't have all the mechs scale form 50 to level 100. There's 50 levels in between... So far the only mechs that scale that far are promos.


annnnd not to mentions that there hasnt been a special SCMM for about 9 months, idk what thats about, or if they have just ended the SCMM thing idk, if they did thats fine, im just confused why i havent heard or seen anything in the design notes aboutt he SCMM, that last thing i ever heard about a SCMM was the Dharmahp SCMM and that was the end of it....so ive been on the design notes watching and reading for new SCMM and no luck, well that sucks because the SCMM are a very cool perk for the SC, Also the main reason i became a SC...

If you've been watching all the discussions for the past few months... It's all because of the lack of staff. There are many more things that they have to do, things more important than the SCMMs. If MQ gets more staff, there's a chance that SCMMs will return.
AQW Epic  Post #: 171
7/13/2012 15:37:43   

The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is mostly good but I have problems with some things. My coordination has never been all that good which is why I like RPGs but not other types of video games. In the museum quest line there are some swinging axes that I just cannot get by. After a couple of hours I just gave up because this challenge is impossible for me to beat and there appears to be no way to bypass it. Other than that it is great game.
Post #: 172
7/21/2012 22:17:15   

What do you love about MQ?
I frankly love the graphics as well as the sound.

What do you hate about MQ?
The energy system, while it makes sense in context, makes me absolutely loathe fighting in this game.

Why do you think MQ is good?
No answer as of now.

Why do you think it's bad?
The combat system is atrocious, enemies are absolutely brutal early on, and training stats one at a time I personally despise. I prefer to spend all the points, then pay a large price, like in DF. Also, the labyrinth to get into a house is absolutely BRUTAL.

What makes you play MQ over other games?
I only touch MQ if I've reached the gold/exp cap on AQ and DF and if I want to see robots blow each other up.

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
The simple fact that it's so easily forgotten. Despite the fact that it's one of the "main three" of your games, it doesn't have enough effort nor updates going into it, as say Dragonfable.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 173
7/25/2012 3:16:04   
The Cow says MOO

What do you love about MQ

The fact that you don't have the same attacks every battle because you can customize.

EG: DF- While it has 14 skills in each class/armour, there's a problem

1. There are not much class/armours, and you pretty much will only use 1, and there is a invincible class, which MQ have no invincible mech.

2. And how many of those skills will you actually use?

AQ- Attack, attack AND ATTACK. Well, you can use spells and attack if your a hybrid, or attack if your a mage, but that's not my point. You'll only use a few armours, and its always those Mastercraft/New ones, you hardly change them because their essential for the game. MQ doesn't have a mech that's essential for your survival, is there?

What do you hate about MQ?

I actually found no trouble in farming nor storyline. The guides in the forums are pretty good, and I knew the VERY useful shortcut(aHEM, you know the Assault Mecha thing, hem, hem). But I agree, those are the major drawbacks of MQ

Why do you think MQ is good?

Reasons above

Why do you think it's bad?

Reasons above too


and training stats one at a time I personally despise.

How did you survive on AQ?
Post #: 174
10/18/2012 11:52:31   

My main irk with the game is the gap between some series of mecha models. A good example would be the new SDF Elite models from the EbilCorp war. They skip about 5 levels each time, which is fine until you get into like the 30s- the gap from 32 to 39 is a REALLY big one.
DF  Post #: 175
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