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April Fool's 2010

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4/3/2010 8:00:36   
Times Silent Keeper

April Fools 2010!

This event takes precedence over entering the town of Battleon, so as long as you do not finish this event at least once, every log in from April Fool's Day until the next release will bring you to this event instead. This was changed to be accessible through the Event Button after a few days of its release.

«Scene: Battleon»

«You»: Ah! Another great day in Battleon! I wonder what kind of trouble I can get into today!!
???: I think we have found your trouble!
«You»: Hello? Who could that female voice be? I've never heard it before...

«A short cutscene shows the female versions of Warlic, Galanoth and Artix entering the scene.»

Warlicia: I'm sorry to surprise you like this, «You», but we were waiting for you...
«You»: !!!! WHAT ON LORE?!?
«You»: What happened to you all? You're all-- you're all-- GIRLS!

«The scene zooms in on Galana (Galanoth, female).»

Galana: Females... or women... would probably be more accurate, «You». I know that I am definitely not a girl.
Galana: How about WOMEN OF POWER?? I think I've heard that expression before. Sounds good to me!

«The scene zooms out.»

Galana: You're kind of cute, Warlicia, you know that?
Warlicia: *shudder*
«You»: I am completely out of the loop, here, guys...er... gals... Will someone please tell me what's going on?

«The scene zooms in on Warlicia (Warlic, female).»

Warlicia: The three of us awoke this morning in our separate domiciles and found ourselves to have miraculously CHANGED GENDERS somehow during the course of the night.
Warlicia: There are numerous spells that are capable of such a feat, though most involve ILLUSION to some degree. What has happened to us, however, is disturbingly REAL.

«The scene zooms out.»

«You»: Really? Disturbing? You think?
Warlicia: So far, everyone else seems unaffected, and although the side effects are... mentally challenging to overcome, physically the three of us are healthy.
«You»: Isn't your magic strong enough to counter this spell??
Warlicia: If mana were involved, then most likely. However, what has occurred here is some kind of reality shift, local to the three of us.

«The scene zooms in on Xitra (Artix, female).»

Xitra: I suppose you are wondering why we were waiting for you specifically. Well, it appears that you have a distinct natural resistance to reality-altering powers...

«The scene zooms out.»

Galana: You can thanks Miss Wizard here for making that discovery.
Warlicia: Hmf. So you see, you are the most qualified individual to try and track down the root cause of this... affliction.
Warlicia: However, I will have to do more research in order to find a starting point for y--

«The masculine version of Aquella enters.»

Aquellon: Thank the Water Lord! I found you!! Warlic, you will NOT believe what happened to---
Aquellon: -- Orrrrrrr maybe you will.
«You»: Aquella... It happened to you too!! Only-- the opposite!
Galana: Whewwww... Aquellon, I never thought you'd actually go ahead and actually wear LESS armor!
Xitra: Whoever did this to us definitely has a sense of humor...

«The scene zooms in on Aquellon

Aquellon: These muscles are really uncomfortable... I feel like a balloon...

«The scene zooms out.»

«You»: So what do I do now? Just wait for more information??
Warlicia: The best I can do right now is point you in a direction. I sense a strong pull directly west of here. A similar force has been at work in Greenguard, all the way through Darkovia.
«You»: So go west, young one, go west!
Aquellon: And please, please, PLEASE find a way to turn me back into my old self!!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Greenguard Forest»

    «The masculine version of Robina Hood enters.»

    «You»: ROBINA!!! I mean, uh--

    «The scene zooms in on Robin Cap (Robina Hood, male).»

    Robin Cap: That's ROBIN, «You». Robin Cap. And before you say anything else, let me tell you--
    Robin Cap: -- TIGHTS are not very good gear for making your way through brambles and briars.
    Robin Cap: In fact, I see no reason why anyone in their right mind, excepting invincible superheroes, should wear them. Ever.

    «The scene zooms out.»

    «You»: I just came from BattleOn. You're not the only one who's changed. It's happened to Artix, Warlic, Aquella and Galanoth, too!
    Robina Cap: Wait-- Artix, Galanoth and Warlic were ALREADY men, right?
    «You»: Right-- Now they're WOMEN. Aquella is a man, though.
    Robin Cap: This is rapidly making even less sense.
    «You»: Someone's messing with us.
    Robin Cap: I wish I could focus more attention on my-- OUR -- current problem, but I have something even more pressing to deal with.
    Robin Cap: I've never seen such creatures before, but I can only call them Shadow Wolves. There is a pack of them ravaging even the most stout of beasts in Greenguard.
    Robin Cap: Wildlife is fleeing into the grasslands and into Darkovia to escape them, and village folk are hiding. And that's just during the DAY...
    Robin Cap: I am pretty sure they are coming from Darkovia, though. If you're headed in that direction anyway, can you help me track and stop the Shadow Wolves?
  • Hunt Shadow Wolves with Robin Cap!
  • Hunt Shadow Wolves by yourself!

    Regardless of choice«Scene: Outside Safiria's Castle»

    «In a few flashes, Sapphyro (Safiria, male) appears in the scene.»

    Sapphyro: Pray tell, mortal, why you have come to my castle? Do you have an answer as to this terrible AFFLICTION that has taken hold of me?? Join me inside for a cup of red tea...
  • Really?

    Sapphyro: Yes, really.
  • *gulp*

    «Scene: Inside Sapphyro's Castle»

    «You»: Your offer of red tea is appreciated, Queen-- er-- I mean, King-- Safir-- uh--
    Sapphyro: Go ahead, say it! King Sapphyro! That's what I am now. Elemental Lords, but I miss my dress.
    «You»: Look, we tracked some ferocious Shadow Wolves through Greenguard and Darkovia and I need to ask you: Did you send them out??
    Sapphyro: Shadow WOLVES? Ha! I hate wolves. Especially the Were kind.

    «The scene zooms in on Sapphyro.»

    Sapphyro: ...Actually, yes, I DID send those Shadow Wolves out. This change... It imbalanced my hormones. I'm much angrier now.
    Sapphyro: I can't even stomach the thought of letting the Werewolves so much as LIVE anywhere in Darkovia. And what better to hunt Werewolves... than Shadow Wolves?

    «The scene zooms out.»

    «You»: Your little pets seem to be doing anything BUT going after werewolves. You need to stop them. If you do that, I can keep looking for the cause of your-- alterations.
    Sapphyro: I'm getting thirstier.. and more red tea isn't going to cut it. You'll have to do...
  • !!!«You»: Now, where were we before you so rudely interrupted me with your hunger??
    Sapphyro: You actually DEFEATED me... That's not possible! How-- Ohhhhh. Yes. I am a male, now. This change would have robbed me of much of my power.
    «You»: Why?
    Sapphyro: Vampiric power builds with age, but anything that interferes with the natural progression of age will drastically strip the reservoir of power at one's disposal.
    «You»: Of course! I should have known that! Now, call off your Shadow Wolves so that I can find the cause of your "switch" and get everything back to normal.
    Sapphyro: It's not that simple. In the time you have been here, a full scale war has erupted with the Werewolf Kingdom. You'll have to fight through ARMIES to just escape Darkovia.
    «You»: And what of Donovan, Cenara and Wolfwing? What are they doing while you two are doing this? And your underlings are laying waste to all in their path?!

    « Cenyro (Cenara, male) enters the scene. »

    Sapphyro: !!!
    Cenyro: Thank goodness I fit in my Grandfather's old set of armor.
    Sapphyro: It is a good thing I am weakened, grimejaw...
    Sapphyro: Or I would make you pay for your unannounced intrusion into my home, AND your spying for the perfect storyline appropriate entry like that! I do not like being upstaged!
    Cenyro: I came to warn you, Sapphyro, as I already did the Werewolf Queen, Helena.
    «You»: (very softly and to yourself) Hmm... why Helena? I would've thought she would go with Constance.
    Cenyro: I don't want to fight you, but I will not allow harm to come to Vicki Tammi and those of her village, nor any of the other humans under my protection.
    Cenyro: So you see, even changed as I am, Darkovia still needs me! I cannot fight with you and guard the humans at the same time.
    «You»: What about your grandfather... or grandmother... or whatever he or she is now... and Donovan?
    Cenyro: Donovan seems somehow immune to what is going on. I don't know why... It's strange, and something is very wrong about that, but I can't afford to worry about it now.
    Cenyro: Anyway, he has also locked himself in the castle.
    «You»: Sounds more like he isn't immune and doesn't want to be seen as a woman.
    Cenyro: That could be it, I suppose. And my, er, grandfather is aiding me at my request. Just fight this war here, we will take care of the other side.
    Sapphyro: Are you two just going to gossip all day?
    Sapphyro: «You», you need to choose which side to fight on: Vampires or Werewolves.
    «You»: Neither side is in their right mind. How is fighting either going to help?
    Cenyro: I don't really think it matters much. Fight for whichever side you think is cooler.
    Cenyro: Either way, you're decreasing the number of rampaging monsters harming the Forest. Now I need to go help Vicki Tammi and her people. Good luck.
    «You»: Good luck to you, as well.

    «Just as Cenyro leaves the scene, a faint image of Warlicia appears.»

    Sapphyro: Archmage!! HISSSSS!!
    «You»: Warlicia!

    «The scene zooms in on Warlicia.»

    Warlicia: I am glad I found you before you ventured much farther west! You must return to BattleOn now. The cause of all this just app-- In town right n-- Hurry-- g-- o--
    «You»: You're breaking up, Warlicia!! What is it??

    «There is a flash on Warlicia's image and it disappears completely.»

    «You»: This is utterly insane. It's like one big, chaotic... joke. No, not a joke...
    «You»: ... It's a prank. A prank on everybody. ...Nah, it couldn't be him... could it?
    Sapphyro: You'd better go. You have a war to fight! Be sure to LIVE through it so that you can get who or whatever turned me into THIS to change me back!
  • War!«Scene: Battleon»

    « Loco enters the scene. »

    «You»: LOCO!!
    Loco: «You»! So YOU'RE the one who is supposedly immune to my reality-twisting power!
    «You»: I should have known that the trickster god himself was behind this. How did you get out this time?! ...And I don't know if I'm immune, so much as resistant.

    «The scene zooms in on Loco.»

    Loco: Oh... You don't know for sure? Well in THAT case, we'll just have to find out, then, won't we? HAHAHAHA!

    «The scene zooms out.»

    Loco: And do you really think I'm going to tell you how I got out? Ha! What do you take me for, one of those amateurs masquerading as villains around here?
    Loco: Don't let the mask fool you, now. Heeheehee...
    «You»: Why did you turn all the men into women, and all the women into men?!
    Loco: Why do I do ANYTHING, o questioning one? Because IT AMUSES ME!! Do I really need a reason to create confusion, disruption, and dismay? HAHAAAAAA!
    «You»: I want you to change them all back. Make things normal again!
    Loco: Oh ho ho... And I thought that I was the jester! You're making demands now? Unfortunately for you, I'm the one holding all the cards, and they're all WILD! HAAA!
    Loco: But I'll be sporting, «You».
    Loco: Let's... play... a game.
    Loco: If you want to up the ante, Giggles, you're going to have to put some chips on the table to call my wager. I'll reverse the effect... but you have to replace my entertainment.

  • Accept Loco's challenge!
  • Try to TALK Loco into reversing his spell!

      Accept Loco's challenge!

      «You»: I've been waiting for this chance, Loco. Maybe if I fight you, you'll realize just how serious I am...
    • Battle!

      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal, regardless of win or loss

      «If you won the battle...»

      «You»: I did it, I sent Loco back to where he came from! Now I just hope that the effects of his reality-bending practical joke have worn off...

      The dialogue continues below.

      «If you lost the battle...»

      Loco: You certainly held up your end of the entertaining bargain! Why, I think the absolute FUNNIEST part is where you actually thought you had a chance!! HAAAHAHAHA!!
      Loco: Everybody's all back to... ugh, "normal." Such an ugly word. So... BORING. So I'll be back next year to spice things up again!
      «You»: Lovely. Whatever. Just please, go away.
      Loco: Hehehehe...

      «With a red glow, Loco disappears.»

      «You»: I'm glad that's over. ...I HOPE that's over. Now to check on everyone and make sure it's all back to normal.

      The dialogue continues below.
      Try to TALK Loco into reversing his spell!

      «You»: Alright. I've got a game we can play.

      «In a puff of smoke, an owl appears on top of Loco's head.»

      Owl: O RLY?
      «You»: ... Is that necessary?
      Owl: YA RLY.
      «You»: *sigh* Fine. What do you say to a riddle contest?
      Loco: I say you really don't want to do that. It's just not sporting.
      Owl: Hoot hoot.
      Loco: See? Even the owl agrees with me.
      «You»: ...Why don't I want to do that?
      Loco: Because we'll both start out with a bunch of totally lame riddles that everybody's heard before, then you'll get desperate and ask what you've got in your pockets...
      Loco: And even though that's not a riddle, I'll play along and say something like "an infectious aquamarine flounder." And YOU'LL be surprised, because you don't even OWN one, right?
      Loco: But you'll reach into your pockets, and sure enough, you've got one in there and you didn't even know it.
      «You»: ...
      Loco: ...Because I put it there.
      «You»: ...

      «The owl disappears in yet another puff of smoke.»

      Loco: You really should be careful with that flounder, by the way. You know, wear some gloves or something. It's seriously pretty sick.
      Loco: Look, that routine hasn't amused me for the last several centuries, so if you want to replace all the fun I'm having watching people you're just going to have to do better than that.
      Loco: ...Well, there was that ONE time, but you really had to be there to get it. I mean, who knew that monkey knew how to properly play the bass, let alone string and tune it? Good times...
      «You»: Okay okay, I get it. Well, I've got another idea. How about...

      «The scene zooms in on Loco.»

      «You»: THE QUIET GAME.

      «The following dialogues appear in sequence, in the same NPC/character speech bubble.»

      «You»: Starting...
      Loco: ARGH! I HATE
      «You»: Starting... NOW.

      «The scene zooms out.»

      «You»: You talked first. I win.
      Loco: ...Right out of my own book. Well played.
      Loco: That makes twice, though, and y'know what they say about the third time...

      «With a red glow, Loco disappears into thin air.»

      «You»: Phew. ...I didn't honestly think that would work. Now to make sure everyone's alright...

      The dialogue continues below.
    «Regardless of the choice you made above, you will be led to the following dialogue.»

    «The scene zooms in towards the ground near the Battleon Inn. A shadow enters from the right side of the screen...»

    ???: Well THAT was an unpleasant experience, but it was an excellent opportunity! Loco manifested AND distracted... what are the odds?
    ???: Now I've got all the energy I need for my experiments! This will be fun. ...I need to stop talking to myself.

    «Scene: Sapphyro's Castle»

    «Sapphyro transforms back into Safiria.»

    Safiria: Ahhhhh... It feels so nice to be back to normal!
    Safiria: Now to deal with those pesky Shadow Wolves my alter ego set loose...

    «The scene zooms in very closely to the castle door, which opens and reveals in the deep darkness... Sapphyro?!»

    Sapphyro: ....... Where am I? .......... WHO am I??
  • !!!

    «Scene: Cell containing Radagast and Khold Staeirgh»

    Radagast: So, KHALIDA, do you miss Lady Radella?
    Khold Staeirgh: I think it's safe to say I don't. And I also think I know who was behind our little change...
    Khold Staeirgh: It's not like we had anything to do with it! ...This time. Did they REALLY have to lock us up preemptively?
    Radagast: Well, I suppose they had pretty good cause. Still, it would have been nice to have had a girls' night out, don't you think? I hate being cooped up in here.

    «Khold slaps his palm on his face and the scene fades to black.»
    April Fools 2010

  • Shadow Wolf Pack [L. 5, 40, 75, 110]
  • Guardian Shadow Wolf Pack [L. 15 G, 65 G]
  • Shadowbat Swarm (L. 20)
  • Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (L. 30)
  • Shadowbat Swarm (L. 55)
  • Shadowbat Swarm (L. 90)
  • Shadow Wolf Pack Z [L. 90 Z]
  • Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (L. 105)
  • Shadowbat Swarm (L. 125)

  • Play again!

    Replay Previous April Fools Days:
  • 2008: The Rise of the Nerflord!
  • 2009: The God Must Be Loco!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Entry thanks in part to Jako98145.

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