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=AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread

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6/11/2011 11:25:14   

Welcome to the StarCaptain Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread. This will be where you discuss the mecha that were released each month. Did you like <insert month>'s mech better than the last? Or do you really not like the SC monthly mecha? Which is your favorite monthly mech? What do you think this coming month's mecha will be? You should strive to keep the discussion civil and constructive. You should also consider the following:

  • The Universal Rules - Read them, follow them, and remember them.
  • MQ General Discussion Forum rules - The rules of this area, better know them just in case.
  • There will be no StarCaptain vs. NonStarCaptain discussion. First sign of it and it will not end well for the person who starts the flame.
  • No flaming, no trolling, no mini-modding.
  • (Pending)There can be some mecha comparison between each monthly mecha, but do not get out of hand.
  • Game Balance Discussion - Take ALL of your game balance issues there and remember to read the rules and stickies before posting please.
  • Suggestions, unless asked for by staff, belong in MQ Suggestions.
  • Questions belong MQ Questions and Answers unless relating to this topic.

    Please remember this is not a suggestions thread. The purpose of this thread is to discuss past monthly rare mecha, and discuss what you think might be released next, but not to give suggestions for future monthly rare mecha.

    Rare SC Monthly Mecha

    May 3009 - The Strider
  • Strider Mini
  • Strider
  • Strider SE
  • Strider LE
  • Strider XL
  • Strider DLX
  • Strider Pro

    June 3009 - The WarBear
  • War Cub
  • Warbear
  • Warbear SE
  • Warbear LE
  • Warbear XL
  • Warbear DLX
  • Warbear Pro

    July 3009 - The Aegis
  • Metal Aegis
  • Iron Aegis
  • Steel Aegis
  • Silver Aegis
  • Gold Aegis
  • Mithril Aegis
  • Adamantium Aegis

    August 3009 - The Reaper
  • Little Reaper
  • Merciless Reaper
  • Cruel Reaper
  • Odious Reaper
  • Ominous Reaper
  • Ghastly Reaper
  • Grim Reaper

    September 3009 - The Mohawk
  • Mohawk SCX2
  • Mohawk SCX10
  • Mohawk SCX16
  • Mohawk SCX20
  • Mohawk SCX24
  • Mohawk SCX28
  • Mohawk SCX35

    October 3009 - The BC Shadow Warrior
  • BC-APOC- X2
  • BC-ED1- X10
  • BC-ED1- X16
  • BC-ED2- X20
  • BC-ED2- X24
  • BC-ED2- X28
  • BC-AOD- X33
  • BC-AOD- X38

    November 3009 - The Falcon
  • Iron Falcon
  • Bronze Falcon
  • Steel Falcon
  • Silver Falcon
  • Platinum Falcon
  • Titanium Falcon
  • Mithril Falcon
  • Adamantium Falcon

    December 3009 - The Viking
  • Viking

    January 3010 - The Automorph
  • Automorph
  • Prime Automorph
  • Mega Automorph
  • Master Automorph
  • Super Automorph
  • Maximum Automorph
  • Ultra Automorph
  • Optimal Automorph

    February 3010 - The Psychic Wing
  • Psychic Wing ESP2
  • Psychic Wing ESP10
  • Psychic Wing ESP16
  • Psychic Wing ESP20
  • Psychic Wing ESP24
  • Psychic Wing ESP28
  • Psychic Wing ESP33

    March 3010 - The BladeStorm
  • Bladestorm V10
  • Bladestorm V16
  • Bladestorm V20
  • Bladestorm V24
  • Bladestorm V28
  • Bladestorm V33
  • Bladestorm V38

    Special St. Patrick's Day Version - The Lucky BladeMaster
  • Lucky Blademaster V2
  • Lucky Blademaster V10
  • Lucky Blademaster V16
  • Lucky Blademaster V20
  • Lucky Blademaster V24
  • Lucky Blademaster V28
  • Lucky Blademaster V33
  • Lucky Blademaster V38

    April 3010 - The Morehawk
  • Morehawk V2
  • Morehawk V10
  • Morehawk V16
  • Morehawk V20
  • Morehawk V24
  • Morehawk V28
  • Morehawk V33
  • Morehawk V38

    May 3010 - The AC-490
  • AC-490 V2
  • AC-490 V10
  • AC-490 V16
  • AC-490 V20
  • AC-490 V24
  • AC-490 V28
  • AC-490 V33
  • AC-490 V38

    June 3010 - The Master Blaster
  • Master Blaster V2
  • Master Blaster V10
  • Master Blaster V16
  • Master Blaster V20
  • Master Blaster V24
  • Master Blaster V28
  • Master Blaster V33
  • Master Blaster V38

    July 3010 - The Cosmic Talon
  • Cosmic Talon V2
  • Cosmic Talon V10
  • Cosmic Talon V16
  • Cosmic Talon V20
  • Cosmic Talon V24
  • Cosmic Talon V28
  • Cosmic Talon V33
  • Cosmic Talon V38

    August 3010 - Steve Skysplitter
  • Steve Skysplitter V2
  • Steve Skysplitter V10
  • Steve Skysplitter V16
  • Steve Skysplitter V20
  • Steve Skysplitter V24
  • Steve Skysplitter V28
  • Steve Skysplitter V33
  • Steve Skysplitter V38

    September 3010 - The Nemesis
  • Nemesis V2
  • Nemesis V10
  • Nemesis V16
  • Nemesis V20
  • Nemesis V24
  • Nemesis V28
  • Nemesis V33
  • Nemesis V38
  • Nemesis V43

    < Message edited by Terosin -- 6/11/2011 11:25:14 >
  • Post #: 1
    5/22/2010 4:46:58   

    i hope next scmm is a corrupted warbear!
    MQ  Post #: 2
    5/22/2010 4:55:51   

    lol not gonna happen and even if it was it would be mega nerfed.
    ps. well done posting this with a small flu terosin.

    < Message edited by LFAL -- 5/22/2010 4:57:33 >
    MQ  Post #: 3
    5/22/2010 7:39:40   

    I read this suggestion about a warrior mage mecha

    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
    5/22/2010 16:45:26   

    Just...feel free to ignore mechquestlord, he has absolutely no sense of balance...(Corrupted Warbear? Really now?)

    ...and, apparently, neither do I, as I just suggested a stunning SCMM on the last thread. Go me...

    That being said, I'd also love to have a healy SCMM, but I'm pretty sure the good folks at MQForums will shoot me down again =D


    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
    5/22/2010 17:33:42   

    or maybe a corrupted aegis?


    why do i fight? hmmph. you do not question why a fire burns. you do not question why a virus infects. you do not question why snipers do headshots. you therefore should not question why i fight. war is hell? NOT FOR ME.

    (rainbow dash for the win)
    MQ  Post #: 6
    5/22/2010 17:43:34   

    @UltimaKomoto: Touche ;)

    A corrupted Aegis and a corrupted Warbear. You're bringing up all of the OP SCMM for some reason.

    I wouldn't mind having something that just solely disrupts/stalls as we need something like that. Also, UltimaKomoto, perhaps an Aegis like effect except for healing you? *cough* Extremely OP *cough*
    MQ  Post #: 7
    5/22/2010 18:42:13   

    or maybe a corrupted blademaster?


    why do i fight? hmmph. you do not question why a fire burns. you do not question why a virus infects. you do not question why snipers do headshots. you therefore should not question why i fight. war is hell? NOT FOR ME.

    (rainbow dash for the win)
    MQ  Post #: 8
    5/22/2010 18:45:04   

    But "corrupted <insertmechhere>" is BORING! Make something new!

    Like, y'know, a cool Ninja mech to go with the new releases. Maybe call it... Bio-Spark! /kirbyreference.
    AQ MQ  Post #: 9
    5/22/2010 18:48:07   

    luckrupted morehawk?
    MQ  Post #: 10
    5/22/2010 18:54:13   


    NO DANGIT! Not a rerelease of a previous mecha, a new mecha!

    *facepalms again*
    AQ MQ  Post #: 11
    5/22/2010 18:56:45   

    mechquestlord: Now you're just making stuff up. Stop with the Corrupted stuff. We get enough of that from the Shadowscythe (whoa-oh-ohhh!)
    That goes for the below post too!!

    I'm thinking....uh....um....meh, I got nothing...for right now. Although not entirely original, there is always...Desperado...(see suggestion for my version of it)
    It's fine by me, but what about you all?

    < Message edited by UltimaKomoto -- 5/22/2010 18:57:32 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 12
    5/22/2010 18:56:53   

    luckrupted ninja?

    Use your sig only oncer per page.

    < Message edited by Terosin -- 5/23/2010 15:39:33 >
    MQ  Post #: 13
    5/22/2010 18:59:49   

    At this point you're just spamming.

    No "luckrupted". I don't even know what that means. It's not even a WORD.

    Besides, this isn't St. Patrick's Day.


    Kupo! Kupopo?
    AQ MQ  Post #: 14
    5/22/2010 19:00:45   

    MQL: stop spamming.... its not funny and its just annoying. I really wnat a healing or stunning SCMM
    AQ MQ  Post #: 15
    5/22/2010 19:01:26   

    @UltimaKomoto well i was one of the people that said we will not see a stunning SCMM but your last idea - a healer.Now that's a great idea and i would LOVE to see one.Plus it's way more possible to actually see one(compared to the stunner that is).

    Heh i was just playing around with my SCMMs that are usually collecting dust in my storage and tinkered a bit with my Automorph.With a little help i got s huge damage dealer that practically never misses .It's kinda fun...let's see now...who shall be my next victim?MUAHAHAHAHA(reference to Dr. Insaneo)

    < Message edited by Sqwall -- 5/22/2010 19:04:59 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
    5/22/2010 19:04:24   
    Bomber of Justice
    For Great Justice!

    We should have a stunning-based SCMM called the Shocker (Pun intended, look at Spider-man's enemies for more info) and all it's attacks could have lightning-type animations similar to the Thunderhammer enemy on Zargon. Well, it's just an idea so say what you whatever you want about it. Also, now that I think about it a true tank-type SCMM would be nice, something like how the Tyranno was for its time.

    < Message edited by Bomber of Justice -- 5/22/2010 19:08:14 >
    DF MQ  Post #: 17
    5/22/2010 19:12:23   

    maybe we could get spechial builds avaliable... from ages ago... like my dtshs build and other newer builds...

    Use your sig only oncer per page.

    < Message edited by Terosin -- 5/23/2010 6:33:09 >
    MQ  Post #: 18
    5/23/2010 19:48:25   
    final five


    You're bringing up all of the OP SCMM

    There are few that aren't. They created a playing field for themselves. Warbear became outdated a while ago for things that get power and specs.

    I still vote for reviving old SCMMs or at least upgrades kits...
    I wonder if we will get one for May...
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 19
    5/23/2010 22:32:07   

    I hope there's a sort of way to allow our SCMMs to keep scaling...they're some of the few "MECH-ish" mechs in the game, not based on animals, or just otherworldy tech, these are actual robotic machines of death.


    We should have a stunning-based SCMM called the Shocker

    I've actually done a drawing for an NSC mech called that...

    I'm really hoping for a stunning mech though, all of the final Vampire things I defeated is thanks to stuns...apparently I have no balance as well, since I've asked for stunning for the past few threads....

    Hmm, I have an idea for an interesting SCMM....a very..unique one, sure no-one's thought of it before, but before I post any suggestions I want the art done...
    Also....forums logged me off quite randomly...

    < Message edited by glaisaurus_x -- 5/23/2010 22:39:44 >
    DF MQ  Post #: 20
    5/23/2010 23:16:11   

    A SCMM that is based around stunning? Seems quite plausible. Not to mention could also be theoretically fun to play around with.
    AQ MQ  Post #: 21
    5/23/2010 23:45:29   

    If one SCMM needs a revival, it's the poor old Strider, who was immediately outclassed and left int he dust the next month.

    Off-topic: Venturer, why'd you change your name? D:
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 22
    5/24/2010 0:08:02   

    Off-Topic: venturer90 does NOT sound Pomeranian related. PD (Pomeranian Domination) However.

    On-Topic: The Strider's Shoulders are still really powerful, even in this age. Other than that, it could get some extra power. But just enough to let it survive in today's standards of power.
    AQ MQ  Post #: 23
    5/24/2010 0:18:52   
    icemaster 77

    How about a energy drainer star captain monthly mech that has a ep dot and some bonus damage special.


    Go to this link if you want to hear Irish music:

    MQ AQW  Post #: 24
    5/24/2010 1:18:41   


    Or do you really not like the SC monthly mecha

    I have to say I am one of the persons who dont like the monthly rare mechashop.

    There are vew reasons I am against the mothly rare:
    - it looks like other SC features arent worked on anymore with the start of the mothly rares
    - there is/was allways a up/op thread about them
    - Arent there enough Rare releases already compared to other games?
    - This mechs are to easy to reach for theyr power and even if the team still whant to make this mechs they sould probably bether placed in a questrewardshop released this month
    - A general Monthly SC Release would be much bether then a dedicated SC Mech Release
    - The general mechanic and power of this mechs would bether suit a Token release then a SC restricted Gold release
    - This mechs pushed the powercreep even more

    And for the pople who think its a SC vs NSC thing why I am write this then have a look at my char ... I am Founder and Master Dragonguard.

    < Message edited by Schwarzbart -- 5/24/2010 1:24:01 >
    AQ MQ  Post #: 25
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