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The Terrible 12 War

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The Terrible 12 War

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Seekrat » 6: The Terrible 12 War

The SeekRat is an insane villain seeking to unlock all of the universe's secrets. Most recently, he sought to open the gate to the shadow universe in order to learn its secrets and obtain its power. But his actions had far more dire consequences that he knew, for both him and Lore.

Frustrated by his prior defeats, he did research into the Sinister Seven and learned of how close they came to conquering Lore. Now, after much planning, he has gathered a team of villains of his own...

«Scene: Panning across eleven of the Terrible Twelve, standing in Greenguard Forest. You may skip this cutscene at any time.»

Seekrat: Thank you all for coming...
Tubthumper: Tremble in fear, all of you, for I am the great and mighty...
Terrestria: TubThumper. Yes, you've told us at least five times now.
Tubthumper: Why do people keep interrupting me like...
Captain Munch: Because you talk too much. Shut up already, you stupid mammal!
Tubthumper: .........
Seekrat: Er, as I was saying... we are still awaiting our final member.

«Twig enters.»

Everyone: ...............
Seekrat: Welcome, Twig. I'm glad you could make it here for our game.
Twig: A GAME?!? Does it have ice cweam??
Seekrat: We're all going to pretend to be really scary. And yes, if you play with us, you'll get your fill of ice cream.
Twig: Yays!!
Stragath: ... Might I ask a question?
Doc Sawbones: You just did.
Stragath: ... quite. Why is that rodent Twig here? He's not...
Seekrat: Yes he is. Are you questioning my research?
Stragath: Name one evil thing he's done!
Seekrat: He worked with Gherkina in an attempt to transform people into fish sundaes. Definitely an evil act. May I continue now?
Stragath: ... never mind.
Twig: Hey! Twig can be sewiously scawy!
Stragath: I'm sure.
Seekrat: Now then, as I've explained to you already, I am forming a team of villains to conquer Lore!

«Scene zooms in on the Seekrat.»

Seekrat: You all have been asked here because... well...
Seekrat: ... quite frankly, because I couldn't convince any of the talented villains to come.
Seekrat: But this team will work just fine. Each of you brings something to the table.

«Scene shifts to each of the following villains as they are announced.»

Seekrat: TubThumper - your command of the herds will provide a strong ground force.
Seekrat: Terrestria - your earthen magic will be of great use.
Seekrat: Queen Hybee - you shall lead the airborne forces.
Seekrat: Metalface - you can provide our troops with strong armaments.
Seekrat: Doc Sawbones - with your help, we can raise a mighty undead force.
Seekrat: Stragath - the might of the demons of Heck is very valuable.
Seekrat: Captain Munch - your forces shall be our navy.
Seekrat: Fear Drake - you once commanded a massive force of dragons, and you shall do so again.
Seekrat: Tyranna - your legion of knights will form the backbone of our army.
Seekrat: Twig - your fishmancy is a valuable asset for what I have planned.
Seekrat: And Algern the Shadowknight - your control of darkness is incredible, and you know my target well...

«Scene zooms out.»

Queen Hybee: Didn't the Sinister Seven*** already try this? How can we succeed where they failed? ***Visit Deren on the Travel Map to find the Sinister Seven quest
Seekrat: All in good time. The most important detail is to keep Battleon occupied.
Seekrat: The city is well-defended. Our armies will only be able to reach the city a few at a time. But once they have merged...
Seekrat: Nothing will stop them from conquest!

«Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: Battleon.»

«You»: You wanted to see me?
Galanoth: We have a serious problem, «You».
Galanoth: The Fear Drake has returned, and he leads a large force of dragons near Dragonstone.
«You»: Is that all? No offense, Gal, but we don't typically have problems with dragon armies.
Artix: That's not all. Doc Sawbones has returned, and he's brought a sizable undead force with him to Granemor.
«You»: Undead, too? Well, that's still not all that bad.
Warlic: It gets worse. Somehow, Stragath has escaped his prison again. His demons are pouring out of Heck as we speak.
«You»: Demons too?

«Captain Rhubarb enters.»

Captain Rhubarb: And sea beasts. Captain Munch has been spotted off the coast of Lolosia.
«You»: What's going on? Why are so many armies rising up at once?

«ElBhe enters.»

«You»: ElBhe? What are you doing here? ... You aren't out looking for more 'snacks' again, are you?
ElBhe: No time to grab a bite to eat. You've only heard about a few of the armies on the march.
ElBhe: There are several. And they're all working together.
«You»: What do you mean?
ElBhe: The Seekrat has returned. He's called together several of your old foes, and they've teamed up to crush Lore.
ElBhe: They call themselves 'The Terrible Twelve'.
«You»: ... the name fits. It doesn't sound like he got any of our stronger villains.
ElBhe: Don't underestimate him. He's utterly insane, but he's also very intelligent.
ElBhe: Don't forget, he almost caused a war between Lore and the shadow universe.
«You»: ... as I recall, that was all a joke...
ElBhe: But it makes my point well. The SeekRat has no problem starting wars to fuel his insane plans.
ElBhe: You have to stop these armies before they converge on Battleon, or they'll be an unstoppable force.
«You»: Then there's no time to waste!
  • To War!

    The Terrible Twelve Arrive!
    A large number of villains have gathered, calling themselves the Terrible Twelve! And now, their armies are advancing on Battleon! If they reach the city and pool their forces, we will be overwhelmed!

    There is a timer counting down to 12:00 AM on Wednesday, August 31.

  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 4 potions on hand.

    Robina the Ranger will join you in battle!
    Eselgee the Berserker will join you in battle!
    Wandy the Dark Jungle Witch will join you in battle!
    Artix Krieger the Paladin will join you in battle!
    ElBhe the Shadowkitten will join you in battle!
    <--Disappeared after the second wave was completed.

    Twilly: That mean ol' Seekrat is kidnapping kittens! What's this world coming to? Twilly thought it was supposed to be the other way around!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!
    To Battle!

    There are four war meters. As you completed one, the next one became unlocked.
      4 BATTLES - Wave 1
      Optional full heal after the second battle

    After 240,000 monsters in wave 1 were defeated, the Doc Sawbones, Stragath, and Fear Drake bosses were unlocked along with the following cutscene

    «Scene: Outskirts of Battleon. You may skip this cutscene at any time.»

    Seekrat: How pitiful. The forces of Lore are actually holding their own. I expected better of Lorian villains.
    Tubthumper: Now it's our turn! ... right?
    Tyranna: Quite. Our troops are prepared and await your command, SeekRat.
    Seekrat: Good. Move your forces into position. It's time for the next phase of my plan.
    Tyranna: Have you found the target?
    Seekrat: Indeed. And Twig will set the trap.
    Queen Hybee: Can we really trust that little twerp?
    Seekrat: I promised him a large portion of ice cream to perform his duties. His loyalty is easily bought.
    Seekrat: Now get in there and clean up the rest of these adventurers. I want Battleon removed from the picture.

    «Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: Battleon.»

    Artix: We have stopped their armies!
    Galanoth: Well done, «You».
    Warlic: Not so fast. This is not the time to celebrate. I sense more armies on approach.
    Galanoth: I thought we had finished this!
    «You»: The armies can't attack us all at once, with the defenses we've established. This is just the beginning!
  • To War!
      4 BATTLES - Wave 2
      Optional full heal after the second battle

    After all 240,000 monsters in wave 2 were defeated, the TubThumper, Queen Hybee, and Tyranna boss batltes became unlocked, along with the following cutscene.

    «Scene: Outskirts of Battleon. You may skip this cutscene at any time.»

    ElBhe: That's weird, I could have sworn I smelled a fish somewhere.

    «A fish falls in front of ElBhe.»

    ElBhe: Aha! I knew it was smart to follow my nose.

    «ElBhe moves to nom the fish.»

    ElBhe: nom nom nom nom

    «Two small mounds of earth rise around ElBhe. He looks up.»

    ElBhe: !!!

    «Algern, Terrestria, and Twig enter.»

    ElBhe: ... blast. I knew it was stupid to follow my nose. That's the last time I take advice from a toucan.
    Terrestria: We caught him!
    Twig: Yays! I gets my ice cweam now!
    ElBhe: ... did I hear that voice right? A moglin? I've been captured by a moglin? By a growth-stunted BURP?
    ElBhe: I'm so embarrassed.
    Algern: He's not alone.
    ElBhe: Now there's a voice I haven't heard in a while.
    ElBhe: What's the matter, Algern, weren't clever enough to trap me on your own?
    Algern: That's enough out of you, ElBhe. There's a certain rat who would like to know of your capture...
  • To War!
      4 BATTLES - Wave 3
      Optional full heal after the second battle

    After all 240,000 monsters in wave 3 were defeated, the Captain Munch, Metalface, and Terrestria boss battles became unlocked, along with the following cutscene

    «Scene: Outskirts of Battleon. You may skip this cutscene at any time»

    Seekrat: So, is the target captured?
    Algern: Yes.
    Seekrat: Excellent. It's time to bring the full bearing of our troops, Algern.
    Seekrat: Remember, Battleon must be removed from the equation for my plan to succeed.
    Algern: It will be done.
    Seekrat: They will be in for quite the surprise when they see my new army...

    «The Seekrat leaves.»

    Terrestria: You know more about this plan than you're telling.
    Terrestria: You knew the cat's name, and SeekRat seemed to indicate that there's more to this.
    Terrestria: Why are we being ordered to conquer Battleon just to capture a little cat?

    «Algern turns to face Terrestria and the Scene darkens.»

    Algern: ElBhe is far more important than you are aware. All will be revealed in time... for now, just follow your orders.

    «Scene brightens and Algern leaves.»

    Terrestria: .......... sheesh!
  • To war!
      4 BATTLES - Wave 4
      Optional full heal after the second battle

    After all 180,000 monsters in wave 4 were defeated:
    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: We did it! We've finally driven them off!
    Artix: Well fought, «You»!
    «You»: ElBhe was right. If those armies could have merged, we couldn't have won!
    Warlic: Speaking of your little feline friend, where exactly has he run off to?
    «You»: ... that's a good question. He was here at the start of the war...
    «You»: I hope the Terrible Twelve didn't take him!

    «Scene: The Dark Jungle»

    Terrestria: I still don't understand this plan.
    Terrestria: I thought the SeekRat wanted revenge on «You». Why is he so interested in this 'Barrius' guy, anyway?
    Twig: Will dis mystewious guy show up?
    Algern: He will. I know my former teacher quite well.
    Algern: ... he will definitely come to rescue his companion.
    Terrestria: But you still haven't explained anything. Why capture this little kitten?
    Terrestria: Surely no one man... or shadowkitten... is worth fighting a war over.
    ElBhe: Says you. I've been known to be the subject of many catfights.
    Terrestria: ..........
    ElBhe: You doubt me now, but just give it time. I haven't met a lady yet that doesn't fall for my charms.
    Terrestria: Don't count on it.
    ElBhe: *wink*
    Terrestria: ..... hmph.

    «The SeekRat enters.»

    Seekrat: It's been a while, ElBhe.
    ElBhe: Not long enough, you rat. Don't think I've forgotten what you did to my family.
    ElBhe: I see you've gotten uglier, though.
    Seekrat: I'm sure you haven't forgotten me so soon, but please, don't be so rude. After all...
    Seekrat: ... my new looks are entirely thank to you, your universe, and «You».
    Seekrat: But it doesn't matter. Now I only have to wait for your owner to save you...
  • Continued!
    Reward Chest: Terrible 12

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Write-up in part thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.


    You fight two battles from the respective waves, and then you get to choose which boss you fight.
    After the battle, you receive a full heal and return to the war camp.


    All of these use the Random Adventure formula, but with the range expanded so that you can fight monsters eight levels above/below the normal.

    Wave One
    Wave Two
    Wave Three
    Wave Four:

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