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Isle d'Oriens

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7/20/2012 12:27:23   
Times Silent Keeper

Isle d'Oriens
Refuge in the Sky

Battleon » Click on the Rip in the Sky

«Upon entering Isle d'Oriens, you are greeted by pink skies and floating rocks. A tree with a gecko is close to you, and you can enter various areas within the Isle from the Courtyard. You can also click around to receive various messages.»

Thing to click------------------------Description
Multiple places--------------------&--------Welcome to Isle d'Oriens. Search every corner and you will find much.
Floating rocks----------------*-------------These floating Sky Islands are rumored to have crossed over from the Ethereal Realm.
Valence Tree (back)-----------------------This is a Valence Tree. It grows only on water, air... and psychic energy.
Cylinder emitting beam (right)%%%''---This large cylinder is called a Tether. Find a Drakel named Vince to learn more.
Leaf on Valence Tree (nearest)--&&&----You took a leaf from the Valence Tree!
Top area of Valence Tree (nearest)------«Many doves fly out.»
Gecko on Tree (click once)--------------&«The Gecko drinks some water.»
Gecko on Tree (click twice)--------&&----The Gecko is getting grumpy, you better stop poking it.
Gecko on Tree (click thrice)-------------&«The Gecko jumps off the tree and... swallows you whole
Exit button--------------------------------%Sorry! You can not just leave the Isle. Find the Boiler Room for an exit!

Special Cutscene---------------------------Takes you to The Huntress Arrives

«There are multiple areas you can go from the main area of the Isle. Clockwise, starting from the left, is the Library, the Boiler Room, the Wall (at the far back), Adder's Forge, and lastly, Lady Tomo's cove.»
The Library
Books are for sharing!

Thing to click---------------Description
Chandelier-----------------------This large hall leads to other areas of the Isle. Search for hidden entrances.
Blue/Green/Red book---------&Lets you read 'The Fisherman', 'Pae's Story' and 'Lore - The Origins' respectively
Platform (down the steps)--&&'Takes you to the Water Battle Chamber
Brown object (up the steps)--&Takes you to Falerin's Domicile
Candle (far right)------------&'''Secret passage opens, leading to The Safe

«After going through the cutscene in The Safe or reading any of the three library books above, the below objects can be clicked on.»

Orange/Purple book------------'Lets you read 'The Archmages - History Revealed' and Warlic's Journal respectively.
Doorway at the back---------'''"Takes you to the Boiler Room

The Boiler Room
«Among the chunks of metal in the Boiler Room is a machine to the right, and a doorway in the background. Clicking on the doorway gives you the message "This door is too high for you to reach. Find something to get up here!". Maybe that ladder could get you to that height... Clicking on the machine will cause a disgruntled Drakel to enter.»

Vince: Grrraaah! Did I say you could touch my machine??
  • ???

    «Vince comes closer to you. Aside from the utility pouch attached to him, you notice he is missing an arm, while the other is replaced by a metallic one.»

    Vince: Um, sorry to seem so angry. It's just that, well, I worked a long time to put that thing together and it makes me nervous when anyone gets near it... especially Adder. Him and his hammer and anvil.. graah.
  • Who are you?
      Vince: I'm Vince. In case you didn't notice already, I'm also a Drakel. I am the resident mechanic of this place... I keep things running.
    • How does this place work?

        Vince: Well, the floating Isles are held between the real world, where we all come from, and the mystical Ethereal Realm.
        Vince: The water uptake system anchors us to the real world, and the giant cylindrical tethers hold us to the Ethereal Realm. You can see our tethers from the Courtyard outside.
      • What brought you here? - See below

    • What brought you here?

        Vince: Gruumpphhh. Well, can you keep a secret?
      • Yes

          Vince: Well, my life-mate and I... her name is Magnae... we were the mechanics who maintained the cyberdrakel, Commander Kragg. We got sick of him fighting with all of you on Lore, and decided to leave...
          Vince: But when we asked to leave, Kragg got so mad he tried to kill us. So we ran away, chased by his war-loving followers. We found Falerin, who led us here, to Isle d'Oriens. Magnae and I broke up after a while, though.
        • Your secret is safe with me
        • Do you have stuff to buy?

            Vince: Oohh, yes I do. Some older Drakel tech, and some newer items I designed myself!
          • Look at Vince's stuff

              Vince: Some of my stuff can be dangerous to you if you don't know how to use it. So don't come complainin' to me if you hurt yourself!
            • Righto

          • Maybe later

      • No

          Vince: Well then, I guess we are done talking about that.
        • Okay
  • What is wrong with Adder?
      Vince: Oooh, Adder. Don't get me started with him. He doesn't appreciate the intricacies-- the fine details-- that go into things. He once tried to help me fix the water uptake system, and ended up flushing me down the drain.
    • The water uptake system?

        Vince: The water system is the link between the Isle's anchor to Lore from the Ethereal Realm. Syphoning water interdimensionally keeps us connected to the real world. And we need something to drink, too.
      • Who are you? - See above

    • Who are you? - See above
  • What is that machine?
      Vince: That machine is... well... I am not completely SURE what it does yet. I need to find a component that I lost before I even have a hope of finishing it!
    • I will help you!
    • What is wrong with Adder? - See above
    • Who are you? - See above
  • How do I leave the Isle?
      Vince: Actually, almost everyone who comes here decides to stay. But if you really want to leave, there IS one way. Do you see that door behind me?
    • Who are you? - See above
    • What is wrong with Adder? - See above
    • I want to leave now, bye!

        Vince: Okay, thanks for visiting! Maybe we'll meet again.
      • Maybe we will

    The Exit
    It's a looong way down

    «Once you have managed to find a way to reach the door in the background...»

    Vince: Want to get out? Use this turbinated ejector.
  • Swirly time!
      Vince: It's a tight fit, so if you get stuck, use this.

      «Vince raises a plunger.»

    • Take the Plunger - You get the Plungerizer as a temp no-drop weapon.
    • No thanks

      «Regardless of choice»

      Vince: Come back soon!

      «You return to the second floor of Battleon Inn.»
  • No thanks - Takes you back to the Boiler Room

    Updates thanks to Archlist and In Media Res.

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    7/20/2012 13:12:20   
    Times Silent Keeper

    The Wall

    Just beyond the Courtyard, you
    see a hole in the ground.
    At first there does not seem to be
    anything strange about it.
    Then you realize that the hole
    would be just big enough for
    the foundation of the Guardian
    Tower from Battleon to fill.

    Something definitely used to
    stand there... but what? Prehaps
    you will learn more as you
    continue exploring.

  • Scale the Wall
      «If you have not helped Lady Tomo yet (see below)»

      «You»: Beware of the swarm? I wonder what that means...

    • Go Back Down
    «If you have helped Lady Tomo already, you will be led to the Bug Swarm quest.»

    Adder's Forge
    The Blacksmith

    «Within Adder's Forge, you can interact with Adder, his snake, and even obtain the Fangmaw Axe as a temp no-drop weapon. Clicking on the Axe gives you the message "You have borrowed Adder's personal weapon, the Fangmaw Axe!"»

    Adder: Hallo there... you seem to have stumbled onto my dark little corner of Isle d'Oriens. Watch your step, I have a lot of stuff lying around.
  • Who are you?

    Adder: They call me... Adder. I am a blacksmith by trade. But I also like to study ... dangerous creatures.
  • What does a blacksmith do?
      Adder: A blacksmith, or "smithy", uses great heat from a forge like the one I have here, to soften hard metals and be able to form them into useful objects, like weapons and armor. It is a hot and dangerous job. But I like it.
    • Thanks for the explanation
    • Why are you here?

        Adder: Lady Tomo showed me how to get to Isle d'Oriens a while ago. It is a safe haven from the constant wars happening on Lore. It is a place of peace.
      • Thanks!

    • What do you have for sale?

        Adder: I hope you like my products! I learned from the best. No, not Yulgar. Yulgar's teacher!
  • Like that snake over there?
      Adder: That snake is not just one of the dangerous creatures I study. He's my pet... He likes to be called Sam. Don't get too close to him, and whatever you do, DON'T touch him.
    • What does a blacksmith do? - See above
    • I won't touch him
    «If you decide to be curious and click on the fire serpent, it releases a fireball which enhances the flame used for blacksmithing. This flame grows so big it lights up the wooden foundation above, and begins spreading...»

    Adder: Nice going. I told you to stay away from the snake. Well, you'd better put that fire out right away, before this whole place burns down!
  • Okay!

    «You can click on the trough of water at the side to douse the fire. However if you decide to just wait and see what happens, the flames continue to grow bigger, and some fall to objects placed on the shelf below...»

    Adder: This is getting ridiculous. Can you please hurry up and put that fire out?
  • I'm on it!

    «Still not budging? The flames are now HUGE, and some have dropped onto a barrel...»

    Adder: You DO realize that the barrel that just caught fire is full of Drakel gunpowder, don't you??
  • gulp

    «Not going to douse the fire? The flames have grown even bigger, and the fire on the gunpowder barrel is growing...»

    Adder: That gunpowder barrel is going to BLOW UP really soon unless you put out the fire!
  • gulp x2

    «If you still do not budge at this moment, the flames grow so huge and spread so much, an explosion from the gunpowder barrel happens. It blows off all the flames, but at the same time Adder's pet is blown away. You also take 200 damage from the explosion.»

    Adder: Awwww maaan. Not only did you let my stuff burn up, you cost me a barrel of Drakel gunpowder. AND you scared my snake!
  • I'm sorry?

    Adder: I would appreciate it if you repaid me for the damage. It will cost me 1000 gold to replace what was lost. What can you give me?
  • 0
  • 100
  • 1000

      «Choosing the 100 or 1000 option triggers a short cutscene, where Sam, his pet, pushes out another gunpowder barrel.»

      Adder: Thanks for bringing out that spare barrel, Sam.
      Sam: sssssssssssssssss
      «Choosing 0 leads to the following dialogue.»

      Adder: I hope you're not just saying you can't pay me anything because you don't WANT to. That would be very dishonest.

      «Sam pushes out a spare barrel of Drakel gunpowder.»

      Adder: Thanks for bringing out that spare barrel, Sam.
      Sam: sssssssssssssssss
    «If at any point of time, you click on the trough of water, the water splashes over the fire and douses all of them.»

    Adder: Whew! Thanks for putting the fire out. Remember, next time, DON'T touch the snake.
  • Okay

    Lady Tomo's Cove
    «You can click on the cat beside Lady Tomo, giving you the message "This is Gur'aal the icecat, Lady Tomo's favorite animal companion. A strange white object is stuck in the canopy above and keeps peeking in and out from it...»

    Lady Tomo: Whoa! You might have startled me, had you not been making so much noise as you snooped around. Not that snooping is a bad thing... I don't mind it. Just try not to snoop around Adder's hearth.
  • What is this place?
      Lady Tomo: This is the Isle d'Oriens, one of many havens held between the world of Lore and the mystical ethereal realm.
      Lady Tomo: We do not know WHO created these sanctuaries, but we know WHY. Find out more by searching through the Library, or finding Lord Falerin, the Loremaster somewhere below the Library itself.
      Lady Tomo: Once you are here, it can be hard to leave. None of us really WANT to, I suppose. But Vince the Drakel can help you if you really want to go. He is in the boiler room, on the other side of the Library.
    • Who are you? - See below
  • Who are you?
      Lady Tomo: I am Lady Tomo, the Valence Tree Tender and Healer of Creatures.
    • Healer of creatures?

        Lady Tomo: Yes, that's what I said, Healer of Creatures. I have a deep understanding and love of animals, and take care of innocent creatures hurt by careless adventurers.
      • Thanks! - Repeats dialogue from top
      • Do you need any help? - See below

    • Valence Tree Tender?

        Lady Tomo: A Valence tree grows only on water, air and psychic energy. It is my job to make sure they get enough nutrition. Getting them water and air is easy... the psychic energy takes a little work.
      • Interesting! - Repeats dialogue from top
      • Do you need any help? - See below

    • Do you need any help?

        Lady Tomo: I could really use some help trying to find some of my dear pets who have escaped my sanctuary here. Can you help me?
      • I will help you!
      • Sorry, I can't help
    «Clicking the "thing" stuck on the canopy above Lady Tomo reveals a cloud, which floats towards you.»

    Humidius: Need a lift? I found this strange object in the sky, looked like a boat from where I was. I'm going to check it out. If you want to join, hang on!
  • Hang on to the Nimbo!
  • No thanks, I get airsick.

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