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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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6/10/2013 1:29:28   

OS name: Corsain

Character: The Phantom Theif
Alignment: Neutral?
Element: Chaos (Or shadow maybe)
Look: Black pants and boots, Dark grey overcoat with black belts on the sleeves and torso part (along with gold belt-buckles) and black trim. Shoulder length hair with a bang covering the far side of the face and wearing a black masquerade mask with gold and silver eyes (which is part of the back story).

Attack Method: Mostly with blades hidden in his sleeves.
1-hit: Swipe of the hand causing the hidden blade to cut.
2-hit: The swipe then a stap.
3-hits: Jumps forward for a down slash, then the swipe, then the stab.
5-hits: Screen darkens as the character turns intangible, passes through the enemy while holding the hidden blades and then the slash lines appear on it.
Lines: Enemy: "Your money or your life!"
Controlled: "Let's see what goodies you have for the taking."
Victory: "Nobody can catch the Phantom."

Back story: Originally a common thief, this man would try to find all sorts of wealth. He searched high and low for treasure but never could find any. One day, down on his luck he came across Nulgath himself. Striking a deal with the Archfiend, the thief gained the ability to find all treasure in the world but this ability had its cost. Nulgath, along with taking his eternal soul, had taken away the sight of the thief, meaning that while he could have all of the treasure he could wish for, he would never be able to lay his eyes upon it. The thief despaired on this, adapting to blindness but sulking over the loss. One day at a tavern, he heard tales of a mask forged by an ancient shaman to give the sight of a falcon to whomever wears it. The thief intrigued by this used his power given to him by the Archfiend to locate this mask as it may be able to give him back his sight. After a long journey he had managed to obtain the mask and earn back his sight. To this day he practices his thieving skills, honing them until he can steal his ultimate prize. His soul back from Nulgath, thus letting have everything; Treasure Sight, actual sight, and his very soul.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 176
6/10/2013 4:13:09   

My Contest Entries

I cant write stories/name/skills/etc. for all of them so I leave you to decide. :3
AQW  Post #: 177
6/10/2013 4:22:14   

My Entries for Contest :3

Post #: 178
6/10/2013 6:01:45   

My Entries for Contest :D


soul of the dead murderer And Golden dragon rider

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6/10/2013 6:06:27   
necro rouge

@khumpir @atmoss
These suggestions are actually looking very good, you got my vote.
AQW  Post #: 180
6/10/2013 6:23:53   

Character Name: Nomis The Upholder

Character design: http://twitpic.com/cwfh1d

Alignment: Neutral 5

Element: Energy

Rank: Legendary

Story: A long time ago, when mother nature was still a child, The people of Lore lived in harmony. no war, no fight, no anger. But where ever there's harmony there need to be chaos. that's how it all began. The people of Lore was defendsless. But one day, an unknown warrior came to Lore and defeated chaos, he took down all the creatures one by one, and vanished. The legend says on the darkest day of lore, when all hope is lost. He'll return to make things right. It's almost 5000 years since he was last spotted. Some people thinks he's dead, but the elders says he's in another dimension to save the Oversouls from Nulgath. And he'll return when all the souls are saved. till today there's still little information about him, only few have seen him. the elders have named him Nomis which means ''Protector''. We are all waiting for your return Nomis The Upholder

Controlled: To protect this world and the souls in it. I need to defeat you!
Enemy: I don't fight for Good or Evil! I fight for Justice!

Post #: 181
6/10/2013 7:50:01   

Charcter : fallen angel
alignment : evil - 40
element : chaos
description : once a godly great angel to be cursed into a chaotic beast
messages :-
when controlled : chaos ... is everything
against : my chaotic soul will feed on your weak pythetic life

1-chaorrupt (3 cards) uses 5 charges to strike a deadly attack from sky coloured in purple thats stuns for one turn and applies damage of 500 life points drawn on the card drakath from aqw
2-chaos shapping (3cards) defending card that defends with 1000 and takes 10 charges when used angel summons chaos from land that makes a circle round him and makes a counter attack a chaos eye
3-unhuman power (3 cards) uses 3 cahrges and may 50 % hit 600 more attack
but can only be used when an attack is already chosen drawn on card a light rune
4-death summon (3 cards) uses 7 cahrges to hit an attack with 1000 life in the turn after it when used angel raises his head and his eyes wre coloured in white making a black ball hit the opponent for zero damage but next turn 1000 damage drawn on card a grimskull
5-cursed strike (2 cards) summons two undead hellhouunds but chaoruppted that each one strikes 1000 damage charges used 15 drawn on the card the face of a black hellhound staring
6-attack with 500 (3 cards) drawn on the card drakkath and anime jumps on the opponent hiting it with both of his reavers takes four charges
7-attack with 200 (4 cards ) drawn on the card drakkatyh from aqw and anime jumps on the opponent hiting it with both of his reavers
8-bloodrage ( 2 cards ) takes 8 charges anime blood flows from opponenet to angel through a chaotic gate drawn on card red rune and heals with 400 and hits with 500

how angel looks :-
a huge angel coloured in white with big wings in black which has a chaotic eye on its stomach chaotic and face has green eyes with long black hair and has a big runes under it thats is coloured in purple equiping the ungodly reavers of nulgath from aqw on a hand and a purified version of it on the other hand

when wins:- a great chaotic gate comes and takes him

its name :- the fallen angel of the anamara

can only be captured by soul gems

found in nightmare dungeon in the game by 3%

when charges : it summons something red from the body of the opponent and enters its huge chaos eye in its stomach

5 hit combo : the two blades are joined together making blue fires that strike the enemy with no extra damage

rank : chaos forgotten legend

cant be bought

levels up till level 20

when moves in room it keeps flying with its wings
Post #: 182
6/10/2013 8:46:00   

Ranks: legendary/master (comes from an alternate purified path from poison drake.)

Master- alignment needed +30
Name: Divine Dragon
Legendary- alignment needed +50
Name Legendary Divine Dragon (or Divine Dragon Elder if preferred.)

Note: This is alot to take in so get a snack or a drink before you start, also I understand if some of this is too much to possibly do but please try to include as much as possible if this is chosen.

Element: Light

Appearance: A massive dragon with golden matelic scales, gleaming yellow eyes blazing with light (DF sepulchure eye style but different colours), razor sharp white claws, and two horns on the sides of its head. This dragon has majestic feathered wings. This is all topped of with a scaled tail with two white spikes on the end. Oh and there are glowing runes on its body as well as a halo too. :P (This is legendary description- The master is the same but without the glowing eye, halo, and runes. Everything below is for both versions.)

Description: This dragon is almost as close as you can get to meeting a god. Be careful not to annoy it for just one burst of its divine flame could decimate an entire village. As kindhearted as the dragon is, it will surely send its foes into the depths of hell.

This is set up assuming that after each the return motion will be done unless it is using another hit in the combo and then it will continue the onslaught.

1hit- The dragon charges forward and slashes at the enemy with its claws leaving behind a trail of light.

2hit- As if returning the dragon jumps in the air however before it truly returns it flaps its wings creating an immense gust of wind damaging the enemy.

3hit-While in midair still the dragon uses its wings to stay in place while it breathes an inteanse flame of light at the foe.

4hit-(unlike others this dragons fourth continues the combo. If this cannot be done then go ahead and just do the first hit again.) The Dragon dragons rune glows and it opens its
mouth unleashing a rune that glows. A circle of runes underneath the foe appears and then an upward beam of light bursts from the ground.

5hit-The dragon Opens its mouth releasing a rune and and creates an attack lick the 4hit but slightly infront of the foe pointing diagonaly towards him for hit one (keep the animation there throughout the combo). The dragon quickly follows up by closing his mouth and releasing a new rune summoning a new beam to hit exactly like the one from the 4th hit of the 4hit combo dealing the second hit (keep the beam in place). The dragon does a third beam that is coming from behind the foe pointed diagonaly at the foe so that all three are hitting the enemy, this is hit 3. Now the dragon summons forth a rune in his mouth and then charges energy into it. A circle of runes appears beneath the dragon which is spinning and the dragon breathes fire (If I havent I would like to point out that the beam of light and the fire are two different things. One is like a thick laser the other is like fire.)The fire deals one hit and then the original 3 beams fade. The fire deals another hit and then the rest of the attacks fade.

Return animation- The dragon jumps back to his starting location.

Special animations:

Charging at end of turn- A circle of runes appears beneath the dragon he spits out a rune of light from his mouth that lingers in the air. Then the classic oversoul orby thingies do their thingy. Everything fades.

Frozen- stuck in a huge block of ice.

Dies- The dragon roars and a circle of runes appears beneath his body. A spirit version of his body is released that flies into the heavens. The rune circle fades and the dragon falls dead. The body dissipates into orbs of light that fly away.

taking damage- Flinches at the end of all of the attacks the dragon will roar at the foe.

Entrance- Flies in.

Victory- Roars

Entrance message- "You shall not pass!" or "Your time on this plane is over mortal." or "You dare attempt to usurp my power?" (take your pick I like them in order from left to right)

Entrence message (as an enemy)- "An Oversoul... how rare. I will let you have my body... but only if you can best me in battle!!!!!" or "An oversoul... I will bring justice for those whose bodies you have stolen!" (your pick I like them best from left to right)
Shield- Yellow shield spiraling with runes.

3 Holy Might
3 Heal
1 Greater Heal
1 Retribution
1 Solar Fury (cost: 6 Damage: 450 Heal:350)
3 Defend
1 Divine Defence- 1 cost 300 Defence
2x attack 4 cost 500 damage
2x attack 1 cost 200 damage

2 Holy Might
1 Heal
2 Greater Heal
1 Retribution
2 Solar Fury (cost: 6 Damage: 450 Heal:350)
2 Defend
2 Divine Defence- 1 cost 300 Defence
2x attack 4 cost 500 damage
3 Holy Strike

Hope that works thats 17 cards. feel free to tweak.

I hope everyone enjoyed I put a good hour into this post.


Dragonfable ID: 11027547
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 183
6/10/2013 11:04:01   

Character Name: Zephryn
Appearence: A dark vampire-like warrior wearing paladin armour, exept around the arms, and wielding two grey double axes that look like Artix's. Has a clear twisted expression on his face and the armour looks increadibly twisted with many deep scratches and dents. Hands are covered in yellow glowing marks.

Element: Energy

1 hit- Jumps and slashes.
2 hits- Jumps and slashes, then jumps back as he slashes into the air (the 3re hit of most warrior's combos)
3 hits- Raises his ax as an undead with a bow and arrow appears. The undead should, preferably, have some ammount of lightning shooting off of them or a glowing energy core. The undead shoots the enemy 3 times, copying the Lich's 3 hit attack.
5 hits- Creates a lightning-based undead that runs at the enemy as he jumps at them. Zephryn does a jump attack. The undead slashes down at the foe. Zephryn does the warrior back-jump slash thing. The undead stabbs the foe. Then, Zephryn jumps back to his original position and laughs at the enemy as the undead explodes in a burst of lightning.

Victory animation: Rears his head back and looks like he's laughing for a moment before raising his ax in the air.

Backstory: Zephryn is a person who found a love of death early on in his life. He always enjoyed killing but never could figure out a way to justify it. Then, one day, his town was saved by paladins from a gang of rogue necromancers. Ever since then, he has envied them and wished to use his abilities to aid thier cause however he could. Zephryn learned a special type of energy-based Necromancy to sepperate himself from the normal Necromancers and raises them as soon as he kills them to make them suffer for using thier abilities for evil.... In reality, it's all just one big excuse to keep guilt away from himself and slaughter as many people as possible.

Quotes: "Time to kil- err.... PURIFY you! Yeah...."
"I'll make sure you suffer for your deeds."
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 184
6/10/2013 11:47:54   

Oversoul Name: Soulwolf

Name: Dark Dragon Master

Rank: Master

Alignment: Evil -45

Element: Shadow

Story: As Frostscythe was taking his final breaths, the power of the shadows came to him because it knew that he was seeking power and revenge. When Frostscythe accepted this new power he thought that he could control it but he was wrong. The shadows overtook him and claimed his body as their own. They acquired him a dragon amulet and turned him into the great Dark Dragon Lord who became feared throughout all of Lore. The shadows found more dragon masters and chaorrupted them also and soon they had formed a dark dragon master army with the dark dragon lord as their leader. It is said that if one of these evil beings defeats you he will claim your soul.

Player Quote: "Prepare to be destroyed!"

Enemy Quote: "My master shall have your soul!"

Picture: http://soularck.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Dragon-Master-377172530?ga_submit_new=10%253A1370910037 (Can you make him have those red flaming eyes like the Phoenix Doom helm in Dragonfable?)

400 attack x3
500 attack x2
600 attack x2
Dark Dragon Strike- Dark dragon's head comes out of a black portal and deals 1,000 damage x1
Defend 500 x3
Scythe Poison - Dark dragon master slices enemy with scythe dealing 800 damage over 4 turns x1
Empower x3
Dragon Judgement- (Costs 20 shadow orbs) A barrage of mini dragons swoop down at enemy breathing fire and attacking with claws deals 1,200 damage and applies a 200 damage poison for 3 turns x1

Combo Animation
1 Combo: Slashes with scythe.
2 Combo: Slashes scythe diagonally twice.
3 Combo: Shadow comes up from ground and shoots out 3 spheres of dark energy.
5 Combo: Dark dragon comes from sky and breathes black and red flames on enemy

When coming into battle: Comes out of a black portal from the floor

When winning: Red portal appears on ground and dark dragon master jumps into it

When losing: Black pit opens under dark dragon master and he falls into it.

When charging: Dark dragon master raises up scythe and he and his scythe glow red and then the orbs come out of body and got back into the scythe.

When walking: He walks like the Voidknight (Scythe is held in right hand)

Oversoul Name: Soulwolf

Name: Evolved Blade of Awe

Rank: Legendary

Alignment: Good 50

Element: Light

Story: When the tyrant Awethur was defeated the pieces of the Blade of Awe were scattered throughout Lore and somehow you have managed to reforge the blade and evolve it so now it is rightfully yours!

Player Quote: "...."

Enemy Quote: "...."

Picture: http://soularck.deviantart.com/art/Evolved-Blade-of-Awe-377184608?ga_submit_new=10%253A1370912953

400 attack x2
500 attack x3
600 attack x2
Awe Dragon- Light dragon's head comes out of a yellow portal and deals 1,000 damage x1
Defend 500 x3
Awe Poison - Beam of light bursts out from the blade and deals 800 damage over 4 turns x1
Heal 500 x3
Judgement of Awe- (Costs 20 light orbs) A barrage of mini blade of awes swoop down at enemy from the sky and slash and stab it. This deals 1,200 damage and applies a 200 damage poison for 3 turns x1

Combo Animation
1 Combo: Slashes once
2 Combo: Slashes and stabs
3 Combo: Slashes, stabs, and then cleaves down middle
5 Combo: Spirit of Awethur appears and barrages enemy with spirit orbs

When coming into battle: Appears in air with a blinding flash of light and then slowly goes down

When winning: Glows yellows and then disapears

When losing: Turns into normal blade of awe then gets shattered into 5 pieces and then gets swept away by wind

When charging: Sword glows white and then yellow and white orbs come out of it and go back

When walking: It floats like the overfiend blade of nulgath

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 185
6/10/2013 12:01:24   

OK, i'm going to take a shot at this...

Character: Magma Hound

Element: Fire

Appearance: The Magma Hound is a dark red, blood thirsty dog with sharp teeth containing giant fangs. He also has four red eyes that glow brightly. His fur spikes up on the back, getting darker as you move up. There is a row of spike going from the back of his neck, all the way down to his tail. He has giant claws on his paws. His tail has a ball of fire on it.

Story: Magma Hound used to be an ordinary dog who was very loyal to his master. One day, his owner had left on a journey and never came back because he had passed away. Enraged, the Hound began to search for his master, only to be ambushed by some dragons. The Hound fought until could take no more. He had lost the fight eventually. The dragons picked him up and started flying. They dropped the Hound into a volcano. Instead of burning the Hound alive, the volcano somehow gave him powers that are fueled by his rage. He mutated into what is now the Magma Hound. He now wonders the areas, searching for a fight. He has been known to destroy anything in his path. He is on a search for the dragons so he may seek his vengeance. When you here the howl of this beast, it is a sign that it has found/has taken out another victim.
Char Tree: Master
Only has one form.

Lines: (Does not speak, only howls).
MQ AQW  Post #: 186
6/10/2013 12:37:54   

NAME: Tradegy Warrior
ALIGNMENT: Evil (-40)
RANK: Verteran
APPEARANCE: Tradegy Warrior

He was once a weak and worthless warrior, people often mess him up. But after a entire life of suffering he walks to the path of darkness, to killed anyone in his way. His hatred has rise to full powerful. He then lost control of himself, being taken over by a Demon inside.

"Your side is not an ally to me!"

1st Evolve
All Cost are Shadow
4 - 1 Attack Cards (Cost 1 Each)
2 - 3 Attack Cards (Cost 2 Each)
2 - 5 Attack Cards (Cost 4 Each)
2 - 5 Shield Cards (Cost 5 Each)
1 - 10 Life Drain Card (Cost 6 Each)

2nd Evolve
All Cost are Shadow
4 - 3 Attack Cards (Cost 2 Each)
3 - 5 Attack Cards (Cost 5 Each)
2 - 10 Shield Cards (Cost 5 Each)
2 - 20 Life Drain Cards (Cost 10 Each)
1 - Iron Hide Card (Cost 5 Each)

3rd Evolve
All Cost are Shadow
4 - 5 Attack Cards (Cost 3 Each)
2 - 10 Attack Cards (Cost 5 Each)
2 - 20 Attack Cards (Cost 10 Each)
1 - 30 Life Drain Card (Cost 10 Each)
2 - Iron Hide Cards (Cost 5 Each)
1 - Tentacle Swarm 100 Damage (Cost 20) (Wait for 8 Turns)

1st Evolve:
1 = Run to opponent and direct punch.
2 = Run to opponent, punch and knee kick.
3 = Jump to opponent and mega burst kick on opponent.
5 = Lift Up chest, both tentacles do a double hit on opponent, (4x attack) and burst punch to opponent.

2nd Evolve:
1 = Run to opponent and wrist slash.
2 = Both tentacle on shoulder do an attack on opponent.
3 = Run to opponent, double slash and uppercut slash.
5 = All tentacles to a massive attack and final all tentacle does a burst slash all at once.

3rd Evolve:
1 = Attack by swinging an arm at opponent.
2 = Attack by swinging both arms at opponent.
3 = 3 tentacles do a swing attack on opponent.
5 = All tentacles brutally do massive attack and slash on opponent.

1st & 2nd Evolve:
Victory: Cheering
Defeat: Kneel down

3rd Evolve:
Victory: Screaming at the sky while all tentacles attack all around him.
Defeat: Kneel Down and all tentacles became smaller.


NAME: Blade Raider
ALIGNMENT: Neutral (0)
ELEMENT: Neutral
RANK: Apprentice
APPEARANCE: Blade Raider

Born as a orphan who was care by a group of raiders. Raised to become the master of raiders. Raid traveller's loot and kill anyone who steal their properties.

"Looting your Stuff would be fun."
"You give me your Loot, or maybe you want this to get more personal."

1st Evolve:
All are Neutral
4 - 2 Attack Cards (Cost 1 Each)
3 - 3 Attack Cards (Cost 3 Each)
2 - 5 Shield Cards (Cost 2 Each)
1 - Empower Card
3 - Iron Hide Card (Cost 5 Each)

2nd Evolve:
All are Neutral
4 - 3 Attack Cards (Cost 2 Each)
3 - 5 Attack Cards (Cost 3 Each)
5 - Iron Hide Cards (Cost 3 Each)
2 - Empower Cards
1 - Counter Attack Card (Cost 7 Each)
2 - Cat Reflex Cards (Cost 4 Each)

1st Evolve:
1 = Jump and slash on opponent.
2 = Double Slash on opponent.
3 = Spin Slash on opponent.
5 = Triple Slash and double headbutt on opponent.

2nd Evovle:
1 = Stab on opponent.
2 = Double Slash on opponent.
3 = Punch, Kick and headbutt on opponent.
5 = Brutal Spin Slash on opponent.

1st Evolve:
Victory: Steal Loot.
Defeat: Run Away.

2nd Evovle:
Victory: Other raiders loot opponents body.
Defeat: Run Away.
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6/10/2013 13:36:48   

Cerberus, The Guardian Of The Underworld
Alignment: Pure Evil
Element: Fire and shadow
Appearance: A three headed hound that is about the size of a dragon, he burns all over his body, got red demonic eyes, with fangs sharp enough to bite through any armour. (maybe add some armour on him to make him look even more dangerous.)

Story: Cerberus, The infamous guardian of the underworld itself. As the guardian of the underworld, Cerberus never goes out to the mortal realm but something or someone have dragged him out of his home and he is very angry about it and will stop at nothing finding who or what dragged him out of his homeworld. Ever since he left the underworld, the underworld is in chaos and lost souls who have been damned for all eternity now are escaping and becoming terrible abominations. his rage of not knowing how to return back home have made him destroy everything in his path, even demons who are in his way in search for a way back to the underworld.

Attack and other animations:
hit 1: claws the enemy once.
hit 2: claws the enemy twice.
hit 3: bites the enemy with all three heads.
hit 5: opens a gate to the underworld that swallows the enemy.
Charges: howls.
Defend: he stars watching the nemy really closely.

Player controlled: You dare challenge the Guardian Of The Underworld!?
Enemy controlled: Challenging the Guardian Of The Undeworld? Are you sick of living!?
Upon Winning: Your fate is sealed, mortal!

Avatar Of Nahrahk, The God Of Undeath
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Shadow
Appearance: Will look like a giant skeleton (similar to the archlich but much more powerful and larger) He uses a staff with a blade at the end. He wears black robes and a hood with green runes of ancient undead language.

Story: Nahrahk is the god of the undead, which means the Grim Reaper is nothing more but his collector of souls. Although many believe he is evil because of being the lord of the dead, he is not evil at all. He keeps the balance of life and death running and without him, none would die anymore which means the balance would be broken. He don't really do anything with the living, except watching over them and making sure the flow of life and death works as it should be. He don't care about being worshipped, but neither does he have anything against it. If anyone would prove themselves worthy, they can get his aid with an avatar of himself which are more fearsome than any dragon, demon or undead.

Attack and other animations:
hit 1: fires a bolt of death.
hit 2: fires 2 bolts of death.
hit 3: fires a giant bolt of death
hit 5: fires a giant beam of death at the enemy.
Charges: draining life from the enemy.
Defend: summons a barrier of dark magic in front of him.

Player controlled: Life or death, it is your choice mortal!
Enemy controlled: Death awaits you mortal!
Upon winning: It was decided before the battle even began.

Servant Of Nahrahk (apprentice) Dark Monk Of Nahrahk (veteran) Death Priest Of Nahrahk (master) Death Bishop Of Nahrahk (legendary
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Shadow
Apprentice to legendary
Appearance: (apprentice) Just simple black robes and a dagger. (veteran) Hooded black and green robes and a staff. (master) Hooded armored robes with green runes and a skull staff and his skin is starting to become pale. (legendary) pale as a corpse, with robes with even more armor and the skull on the staff have spikes now and is alive too.

Story: The servants and priests of Nahrahk are similar to necromancers except that they are not evil, and do not sacrifice people at their altars. The priests summon undead creatures that have never ever been seen before, which makes the necromancers jealous but they are wiped out by the creatures of Nahrahk. The servants job is protecting the less important artifacts of Nahrahk, but sometimes they guard the more powerful ones but only if there is alot of them (just like bees in numbers). The monks are more important than the servants but, instead of guarding artifacts of Nahrahk they try experimenting and hopefully create a new undead creature (but they don't get any credit for it.) The priests guard the more important artifacts and are feared through the world because their magic is able to kill dragons if they have to. The Death Bishops Of Nahrahk are so dangerous that some dragons don't even dare fight them, they flee and don't come back to that place until the next 3 months. The Bishops are known to even cheat death in some cases....

Attack and other animations:
hit 1: (apprentice) stabs with the dagger once. (veteran) fires a black fire bolt at the enemy. (master and legendary) fires a bolt of death at the enemy.
hit 2: (apprentice) stabs with the dagger twice. (veteran) fires 2 black fire bolts at the enemy. (master and legendary) fires 2 bolts of death at the enemy.
hit 3: apprentice stabs with the dagger twice and kicks the enemy. (veteran) fires a large black fire bolt at the enemy. (master) fires 3 bolts of death at the enemy. (legendary) summons 3 black flames under the enemy.
hit 5: (apprentice) stabbing barrage. (veteran) summons an eruption of darkness under the enemy. (master) summons a horde of zombies that attack the enemy. (legendary) fires a giant beam of death at the enemy.
Charges: (apprentice) throws the dagger in the air and catches it. (veteran to master) lifts the staff up in the air and drains life from the enemy. (legendary) floats in the air and drains life from the enemy.
Defend: (apprentice) goes into a defensive stance. (veteran to master) summons a wall of bone. (legendary) starts floating in the air.

Player controlled: (apprentice) I may be weak, but you don't look that tough yourself! (veteran and master) All hail Nahrahk The God Of Undeath! (Legendary) Death don't have anything on me!
Enemy controlled: (apprentice) For Nahrahk! (veterant and master) If you value your life, get out of my way fool! (legendary) You might as well try to jump down a cliff, the results will be the same...
Upon winning: (apprentice) Well, you die with honor intact or whatever I suppose... (veteran and master) I really don't know what you were hoping to accomplish... (legendary) Welcome to the afterlife, mortal.

Corpse Golem, (veteran) Greater Corpse Golem, (master) Abomination (legendary1) Corpse Titan (legendary2) Inferno Corpse Golem (Legendary3)
Alignment: Pure Evil
Element: Shadow (the inferno one is fire of course)
Veteran to legendary
Appearance: A bunch of corpses stiched together, the higher rank it gets the bigger it becomes and more corpses... The inferno one is same as the master one except for being on fire. The Titan and The Abomination looks a little bit different than each other, because the abomination have a giant kitchen knife, a mouth on its belly and 3 arms (the third one is on its chest) while the titan have only its corpses, 8 arms, its head have 9 eyes and it dont have any legs. (They slither like a snake or worm.)

Story: Theese are probably the most foul smelling undead anyone can encounter because they are nothing but a bunch of rotten corpses, and who knows how long they have been stiched together. They attract flies unlike any other corpse type undead, and are very fearsome in battle. The Golem is the weakest, but it is fearsome because it can still swallow a human whole with its wide stretched mouth that is actually mutilated arms. It's smaller than an ogre, but its hunger knows no end and that is what makes them so dangerous. The Greater Corpse Golem is larger, fatter and stronger than its smaller cousin, but is harder to controlled as well. Many Necromancers have been eaten by them because they thought they could control them, but they need a sacrifice of an innocent to work properly but if the necromancer is strong enough that is not required.

The Abomination is a fearsome, insane creature who have 2 mouths, one on its very ugly face and one on its belly. They are known to eat every villager when ordered to attack, leaving no one alive and creating a ghost town. The Inferno Corpse Golem is just like the Greater Corpse Golem but, someone have oiled it and put it on fire. The flames have made it go berserk which means this undead monster is uncontrollable now. They don't live very long though because due to their insanity they just attack everything in their path, including big cities which means they do a lot of damage, but are eventually destroyed by paladins, the city guards or random heroes. The Corpse Titan is perhaps the most nasty and digusting creature of the undead and only the most powerful necromancers (and the most brave) can control theese monsters and are able to destroy everything in their path when they are awakened or summoned. They have a different hunger than the other abominations because they eat souls instead of meat. There are very few of them left, because the paladins destroyed most of them. However, a very powerful lich have started to create more of them, because he have found the lost page that everyone thought was burned...

Attack and other animations:

Hit 1: (veteran and master) Smash the enemy once. (Abomination) The belly mouth bites the enemy. (Corpse Titan) Swipes the enemy with its right arms. (Inferno Corpse Golem) Kicks the enemy.
Hit 2: (veteran and master) Smash the enemy twice. (Abomination) bites the enemy twice. (Corpse Titan) Swipes the enemy with its right and left arms. (Inferno Corpse Golem) Kicks and smashes the enemy.
Hit 3: (veteran and master) Smash the enemy twice and uppercuts them. (Abomination) Cuts the enemy slices the enemy twice and cuts them down with both hands with its gigantic kitchen knife. (Corpse Titan) Swipes twice and smashes the enemy. (Inferno Corpse Golem) Jumps on the enemy thee times.
Hit 5: (veteran and master) Belly slams the enemy. (Abomination) (warning this might be disgusting... You can change it if you want guys) The Belly Mouth throws up on the enemy. (Corpse Titan) Smashes the ground with all its might, causing an earthquake. (Inferno Corpse Golem) Starts rolling on the enemy.
Charges: (veteran and master) It shouts of hunger. (Abomination) The Abomination's belly mouth lickes itself. (Corpse Titan) Roars loudly and drains the life of the enemy. (Inferno Corpse Golem) It stats dancing because of being in flames.
Defend: (veteran, master and Inferno Corpse Golem) Curls into a ball. (Abonation) Smashes the gigantic knife into the ground and enters a defensive stance. (Corpse Titan) Summons a corpse wall.

Player controlled: (veteran and master) JUMP IN MAH BELLEH! (yes it is supposed to be in caps) (Abomination) Finally some fresh meat! (Corpse Titan) Death awaits all who dares challenge me! (Inferno Corpse Golem) IT BURNS!!!! PUT IT OUT, PLEASE!!! (also supposed to be in caps)
Enemy controlled: (veteran and master) Ahhhh... More fresh meat waiting for me! (Abomination) You shall be my lunch, now where did I put the salt? (Corpse Titan) My hunger for souls knows no end! (Inferno Corpse Golem) PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!! IT'S SO PAINFUL!!!!!
Upon Winning: (veteran and master) So delicous... (Abomination) Stop screaming! It's annoying! (Corpse Titan) I shall eat every single soul in this world! (Inferno Corpse Golem) I AM SO SORRY, I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF!!!!

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stoned pope

This is my first Suggestion for this game! hope you guys like em!

Markus the blind swordsman

Backstory- He was once a villager who lost his eye sights when horcs raided his village, killing his Wife and Daughters. He soon found his way to a nameless master who taught him in the way of a swordsman. Now he teaches the blind warriors of the oversoul world in the way of a blind swordsman.

Element- Lighting

Gigan the old
Backstory - Like he says, he's been around for a long time, since the Great element war of 0000000000XI. He prefers his fists and wist over some silly old weapon. His fighting style is "Run in and bash everyone of their putty little sponge like skulls in the ground! Ahahaha!"

Element- Neutral
Alignment- neutral

Young Dominic

Backstory- He always hated his older Brother Aether, His parents and elders always told him he was their favorite and was destined for greatness while Dominic was always frowned upon, so it came to be his life long goal to become stronger than his brother.
Element- Shadow
Alignment- Evil
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Name: Stranger

Alignment: Neutral

Element: Normal ( Or Chaos if by then those appear.)

Rank: Master ( No card evolutions. Well, at least not yet.)

Appearance: A fully cloaked man or woman, his head and arms shrouded by the cloak. His face is concealed beneath a large hood, and his hands covered in a large
sleeve with a large opening for the hands.He is wearing mostly tattered cloth, leather, and a scarf that hangs off his neck just barely.
He wears black boots, almost mercenary like, and has a thick black belt keeping his cloak on.
His legs are mostly concealed except for some rusted iron greaves, and scratched and torn leather armor by the shins. His hood opening gives off a slight black tint aura, almost like the
light of a fire, but with darkness. He also has a knife showing sticking out of his black boot, and preferably another on his shoulder, tied on by a black leather belt. Which is also torn, and ragged.

Story: Many are unsure of these strange creatures, they act and speak just like humans. They come into taverns for drinks, wander forests, and even gamble occasionally. Yet they never reveal
their body, or skin. Most of the time their gender is unknown as well, because they all speak in the same dark, tone and voice. Although sometimes its evident in their form. They seem to
be only wanderers, they never settle, or build villages. And its unsure how they even re-populate, for a child one has never been seen. Most are dark, and morbid, with a twisted sense of humor.
And all are considered dangerous. They go simply by the name; The Strangers. Some say they are formed of pure Chaos, or Darkness. Others say they are a species so twisted and hideous, they simple prefer to stay under cloaks. But the most common and best proven, is that they were once a simple race of elf, until they sealed their fate with the Reaper and killed of their entire species.
The few who survived, were overtaken by the darkness, and became these creatures. Much is unknown about them, and yet all know their love of Chaos, and their ferocity in battle.

Movement: To move they levitate just barely off the ground, only enough to move swiftly, yet reserve their energy if the need to fight appear.

Attack Combos:

1 Hit: A dagger appears out of his sleeve, only the blade and hilt show, leaving the rest in the sleeve. He then rushes forward and stabs the enemy, then jumps back into position as the knife
recedes into his sleeve.

2 Hit: Just as before a dagger appears out of his sleeve, and he stabs. but this time as he jumps back he levitates for a quick second mid-jump to throw the dagger into his enemy.
Then continues to fall back into position.

3 Hit: This time a rusty, jagged sword appears out of his sleeve, just like last time, only the hilt and blade show. he dashes forward and slashes twice, then back-flips back into position, while throwing the sword past the enemy mid-back-flip and slashing him a final time before coming to a rest in his last position.

4 Hit: This time two swords appear, one from each sleeve. He dashes forward and stabs the enemy, then slashes once, and another time as he jumps back a small bit. He then launches
a dagger from the hood of his cloak, ( Yes, the face.) and backs up into position as the swords recede back into his sleeve.

5 Hits: Out of one sleeve appears two daggers, but this time, they are pitch black, and have the same aura as his hood opening. Out of his other, appears a sword, also pitch black and with the same aura. He dashes and stabs his opponent with his sword. Then he back-flips backwards and slashes once more with his sword before stopping and levitating in mid air. He then throws both daggers into his opponent parallel, counting as two more hits. And for his last hit, his sword recedes into his sleeve as he braces and and launches a double sided pitch black hatchet from his hood that trails black and emits a small black aura as well. He then swiftly flies back into his position.

Charge: Black spheres appear out of his sleeves, emitting the small small aura. They then fly into his hood, and the hood emits a slightly stronger aura for about a second.

Defend: He levitates slowly for about a second while bowing his head very slightly. Then the simple " I just used a defend card." bubble appears around him, and he lands.

Quote when encountered: " Blah blah blah... hopefully you die soon,.. your annoying."

Quote When possessed: " Hehehe.. another one?.. You'd think they'd have learned by now..."

Upon victory: He levitates slightly and says " Well... this was expected..." ( Nothing more please, he just levitates slightly, no light or anything.)

Cards I prefer he have: Counterattack and poison are the only ones i think he really needs. But perhaps a card like " Bleed " that acts like poison? If that does happen...

Possibly poison animation: He Walks forward a little, raises his sleeve, and out flies a small pitch black dart, with a green tip ( if poison, if not just ignore that) that trails black and gives off the
same faint aura your most likely understand by now.

Thank you for reading all this, this is my first real shot at creating a character of something, and i spent about an hour and a half or so on it, and would greatly appreciate
it to be at least taken into consideration.

All edits and recommendations are welcome, and i might eventually work on a sketch to put along with it.

I also might include another entry. If i do look for " Jack Alltrades"

And yes, his name is a pun. Thanks for noticing :

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Cyber doom5

or the OS Character suggestion contest
Character name/Rank: The First(Master)
a long time ago there was a man named Jeremiah Stain. He was one of the most wicked people who ever lived, and the worst part about him was that he was very clever. Coming up with new ways to kill and ruin lives. The number of peoples who's lives he had ruined where as numerous as the stars in the sky, he left a trail of blood and sorrow in his wake. Fortunately he was finally captured and put to death after a 16 year murder spree. As his soul stood there looking at his body, a dark figure appeared and told Jeremiah that his time had come, and that judgement awaited. Jeremiah not ready to depart this world, tried to make a deal with death, to prolong his judgement he would help death reap the souls that are ready to move on to judgement. Death interested by the offer, simply smiled and vanished. The world rushed by in a blur, the next thing Jeremiah knew he was standing over his own grave. The Ground fell out beneath him and he plunged into the darkness. He awoke in a dimly lit chamber, darkness surrounded him on all sides, in the center of the room stood a ominous statue of death, with the same smile he had before he had departed after there deal. In the statues hand was a stone, as Jeremiah touched the stone all the color seemed to vanish from the world he watched as his already pale skin turned a ghostly white, and his clothes turned a dull grey. when he looked back to the statue the stone was gone and was replaced by what looked like a small metallic seed, the seed suddenly rolled from the statues hand and fell to the earth. upon contact trees began to grow around the metal seed which had transformed into a scythe blade. He stood there gazing upon the most amazing weapon a grim looking skull with piercing orange eyes that seemed to gaze hungrily at him. And lastly when he looked back at the statue it was holding a white stone mask with a soulless expression. The mask suddenly leaped out of the statues hand and latched on to his face, it felt as if it were melting to his face, it was a pain worse then any torture devised by man. When the pain stopped, he looked up and he was standing in a field, no a abandoned graveyard, he snapped the scythe from the ground and found that it was incredibly light. The tranquility of the field was broken by the sound of a family walking through the field, most likely not even knowing that it was once a graveyard, Jeremiah noticed that he no longer could see there human forms, he only could see their souls. Now being a murder at heart he did what he did best. With one swing of his scythe the 4 family members souls were ripped from there bodies and devoured by the scythe, the energy from the souls passed through the scythe into Jeremiah. He had never felt so "alive" he went as far to say he felt like God. Over the next few months he continued killing countless innocent, death so busy cleaning up the mess Jeremiah made, was unable to stop him. One day though as he was about to reap a mans soul the man offered the same deal to him as Jeremiah once did to death, Jeremiah stared at the man, though his mask hid all emotion, Jeremiah had a wicked smile, he felt they were to of a kind, only someone as clever as himself would think to bargain with death, Jeremiah knowing not to be as foolish as death, only gave the man a small portion of his power and a small dagger to be used as his reaping tool. "From this day forward you shall be known as The Second," Jeremiah proclaimed, "The Second?" the man asked, "Yes for i am The First, the first to make a deal that weakened deaths hold over the world,"
From that day on Jeremiah Stain was no more, and there was only The First.
The First and Second went on for years slaying soul after soul and creating a gathering of beings known as Deathseekers

Attack: Throws scythe at opponent and returns like boomerang
3 hit: spins into a vortex slashing 3 times at his opponent
5 hit: Jeremiah Vanishes the scythe levitates with its eyes glowing bright orange, and orbs 3 orbs of energy are drawn from the enemy, and then it slashes down and back up before returning to the now reappeared Jeremiah.
Opponent: Yet Another Victim, WELCOME TO OBLIVION.
Possessed: Your Soul is just another name on my kill list.

Also for the Oversoul Suggestion Contest

Name/Rank: Soul Warden(Master)

Note: This is all takes place before nulgath invades the overworld. and by the time that happens the soul warden is a human in a suit of armor instead of what is discribed below

When the overworld was young two beings battled for control over this bountiful world, The Light, and The Dark. They would wage century long wars which were viewed as day and night, and even warriors of the light and dark took up arms against one another. Finally The Dark took the upper hand and as the last of the lights power withdrew from the overworld, darkness fell, souls turned as black as night and blocked out The Lights influence, and all went silent. Nothing moved, it was as if the world itself was gone. High in the heavens above,, a plan was being put into motion, and something was about to be born. The most skilled blacksmith ever to live was, in the name of The Light forging a suit of armor from a large amount of rare mineral, known as Athrilite, the strongest metal ever discovered; light and built to withstand large amounts of damage. When completed the armor was enveloped in the last of The Lights power, and taken to the realm of light, where it would be prepared for phase two of the final plan. Deep in the Atheral Planes of magic, a race of creatures made of pure mana live under the constant fire of storms, created by the use of magic in the overworld. When these beings come of age, they are marked with a sacred symbol of there gods. One lone being was marked with a mark that had never before been given, The mark of the most powerful god, the mark of infinity. While in the Atheral Planes, this being would have access to limitless power, but nearly as soon as he was given the mark, an eerie glow enveloped him, and when he opened his eyes he was standing in a tranquil place, he some how stood on top of an ocean that seemed to go on forever. Before him shined a faint light, pulsating, as if threatening to go out.

"You have been chosen......" a faint voice echoed

"Chosen? For what" asked the Atheral

"Chosen to be an eternal guardian of light," it replied

"What?" he asked

"My world is in peril, darkness threatens to devour my world...... it needs a guardian...... it needs you, Infinity" it replied

"Infinity? Who is that?," asked the Atheral

"That is your name, you posses the mark of your god known as having infinite power, so from this dayforth you shall be named Infinity," whispered the voice "Will you help save my world, and help save my people?"
there was a long pause as Infinity thought over the proposal, and then he said

"I will do it, i cant stand idly by and let innocent people suffer," replied Infinity.

There was a blinding flash of light, and before Infinity stood a shining suit of armor that seemed to radiate an unseen power.

"Your kind can not exist physically in my world, so your spirit must be bound to this armor, and you will not have access to the majority of your power while in my relam, so you must return here every so often to replenish your power," echoed the now unseen light

"How often will i need to return here?," inquired Infinity

"Every 200 years," answered the voice

"And how much of my power will i be able to draw upon?" asked Infinity

"You will have access to some of your infinite power, and it will manifest its self as your strength and agility, but arcanic power will come directly from me," replied the voice.

With that infinity touched the suit and the world started to fade to black.

The silence was shattered by a blinding light streaking across the sky, and a thunderous boom as it hit the overworld. Far off in the distance a shining golden tower cast light high into the heavens, as if daring all the forces of darkness to just try and attack it. All the dark souls, and demons who's power clouded out the light began to spiral towards the last beacon of light. A Lone figure stood atop the shining tower, a being clad in a shining silver armor, wielding a katana that seemed to shine as bright as the sun, he watched a wave of pure darkness, hatred, and evil, that covered the entire horizon roared towards him, and Infinity prepared to slay all who dared stand in the way of light.

Years later

A lone black tower stands in a vast sandsea, the sun blazes overhead, yet all shadows in the area seem to defy it and are drawn to the tower. The ground surrounding the tower is littered with massive boulders that slightly resemble parts of ancient machines. War machines lay in ruins, standing testament to the lose of those who dared to attack the tower. Within the tower beyond the darkness and silence, stands a lone being, with once shining armor, now dulled with age, it stands as if waiting for the next fool who seek to threaten the tower and its dark secrets.

Human Life:
Later on after the final battle against the Dark, Infinity died and passed through the Gate of Oblivion returning to the overworld as a human. Upon returning to the overworld he lost his memory, and wandered the overworld trying to discover who he is and his purpose in the world.
In human form he retains the increased strength that he had as an atheral, he also retains a low level connection to the Infinite dimension, which allows him to channel mana for spells, it also allows him to use his 5 hit combo the Infinity Cannon. He also still possess his katana Valguard forged by The Light.

Element: Light

1x 2 dmg
4x 5 dmg
3x shield
2x Retribution
2x Heal
1x Greater Heal
3x Holy Strike
1x Blessed Strike

Enemy: Gaze into the infinite Light
Victory: Yet another sees the light
Possessed: You shall feel the power of the the light

3 hit: He throws his Katana at the enemy and it slashes as it slashes the enemy the sword begins to glow brighter until it returns to his hands.

5 hit: Infinity raises his hand and a large seal with an infinity symbol in the center appears, energy is drawn in and fired as a beam of light.

Color Scheme:
Armor: Dull silver
Crystalark Blue
Eyes: Green
Katana Hilt: Dark blue and Gold
Katana Blade: Shining Silver
Chains: Steel
Cape: Dark Blue, with Silver trim at the bottom

Thats it for now


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Unlike a normal reaper, He is not undead, neither is he human.
He has a red scarf around his neck and a robot face.
One arm is made out of rocks and lava, The other one is made up of plates of rock, and has a gauntlet on his hand.
He is quite thin and has no T-shirt on.
On his waist are 2 belts and scarf like clothing covering his top part of his legs.
His knee caps are very sharp and he has three claw like toe nails.

Element: Chaos or Shadow.

Alignment: Neutral-0 or whatever you think fits.

Rank: Legendary/Master

When entering the battle.
A little bit of wind sound and he appears with the wind without warning.
He stands there and looks at the opponent.
Again, Wind blows and his scarf blows with it and as well as his scarf like clothing covering his top part of his legs.

When fighting an evil character, He will come up from the ground first covered in black and then the colors fade in.

Battle stance:
He stands there looking at the opponent, Staring him/her/it out.

Near-death battle stance:
He nurses his left arm with his right while kneeling.

He falls to the ground, and the wind comes and he dissappears with it.

Controlled Entrance 1: Go to sleep. Defeat: Forgive me Death, I have failed you.
Opponent Entrance 1: Feel my pain. Defeat: I will be back
Controlled Entrance 2: You are guilty. Defeat: You are a good opponent, We'll meet again some day.
Opponent Entrance 2: I guess I'll have to take you out to.

1-Hit- Runs up to the opponent and punches him/her/it with his mutant arm(lava arm)
2-Hit- Following hit 1, He slashes the opponent with his other arm.
3-Hit- Following hit 2 He brings his lava hand back and then straight stabs the opponent burning his opponent with power up animation.
4-Hit- Following hit 3, He disappears and comes from above and slashes right past his opponent with both hands. Then teleports back.
5-Hit- He summons some sort of rage colored red and his scarf and his bottom scarf-like clothing, start to fly around wildly as wind starts to blow very wildly.
An aura of red starts to flow very fast around him.
He jumps towards the opponent and just before he is about to attack he opens four teleports and quickly jumps fomr portal to portal while also attack the opponent with brute force.

Normal cards:
3x-5 Attack Cards-4 Shadow used
3x-2 Attack Cards-2 Shadow used
2x-1 Attack Cards-1 Shadow used
3x-4 Unblockable Attack Cards-3 Shadow used.
Special Cards:
Lava shot- Takes up 4 shadow. He raises his lava arm up and shoots lava out of it. He hits opponent for 4 damage and burns his opponent for 4 damage for 4 turns
Death stare- Takes up 16 Shadow-His eyes turn black and He paralizes his opponent for 3 turns and applies DOT with 2 damage for 2 turns. After casting is done his eyes will return back to white color.
Explosion-Takes up 10 shadow-He raises his lava hand and causes an explosion out of thin air in front of the opponent.Doing 8 Damage. While 50% chance to stun the opponent.
Recharge- He will be engulfed in purple flames and will recover 3 shadow while applying DOT to himself doing 2 damage for 3 turns.
Teleport-Takes up 4 Shadow- Teleports behind his opponent and slashed him twice dealing 2 damage per hit.
Heal-Takes up 4 shadow to heal himself for 5 HP.
Final blow- Takes up 20 shadow- He is Engulfed in purple flames while wind is twirling them making it look like he is in a purple flame mini tornado.
He raises both hand facing the opponent, The ground below the opponent turns black and then black flames engulfs the opponent in a ball of flame and then explodes dealing 10 damage and applying DOT with 3 damage for 4 turns.

When he has casts a defence card, a little flame will appear as a circle around him.
When blocking an attack the flame will rise to defend against the attack until the Defence points has depleted.

Whatcha think about it??!?!?!?!?!

Oversoul name:XxxAqTrellezxxX

Picture: https://twitter.com/MrBotzit/status/344368727543910401/photo/1

Reaper was and ordinary man name Dante Lloyd, 21 years old, when his life changed when he found a note on his bed saying "You are the chosen one".
But thinking someone was pranking him, he ignored the notes message. A few days later another note was found on his bed saying
"Come to 245 Lyncroft street, This time, do not ignore this message"
He thought nothing of this, so again he ignored the message.
The next day someone was waiting for him. inside his house was standing a assassin.
The assassin said "You are the chosen one and yet you ignore our messages", "wow" He said...
"I thought those notes were pranks"
The assassin said for him to come to 245 Lyncroft street and this time not to ignore his message.

He was at a abandoned hotel. He knocked on the door and it opened slowly.
As he walked in, the stairs going up was blocked by some rubble, However the stairs going into the basement wasn't blocked.
So he went down to the basement, but while he was down there he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched.He was.
There was even more stairs going down to where he doesn't know.
So he went down. The first thing he saw was the assassin who came to his house.
"You have come", "yeah I guess I have"
"Follow me" The assassin walked into a room where there was a hole in the floor.
The assassin jumped through the hole.Dante Followed. Dante was shocked to see multiple assassins training in a huge area which seemed to run bellow the city. "We've been watching you, your skills, your knowledge and your will is good enough to become an assassin, you have become top of the list, So we have decided to chose you to become an assassin"
"wow" Said Dante in amazement.

After years of hard training and early mornings, He became the top assassin out of all assassins in the world.
His master, The assassin who told him to come there, died a few years back form a mission he never should have taken.
Now Dante never shows his face in the training facility unless he comes back to complete a mission of accept a new one.
With all his many many kills within the years that have passed, He was named "Dante, The Reaper, Lloyd

About 4 years later Dante was now 31 years old, And he went on a mission that was only supposed to be taken by 3-4 assassins.
His mission was to infiltrate the infamous NY mafia gang, To most assassins it was impossible, But to Dante, He knew what was going to happen.He was at the door of the NY mafia gang HQ. covered in black he hid in the shadows of the walls and on ceiling.
About two hours later, his black clothes were stained with red blood from the people he killed, As he opened the door to the boss mafia. The boss was sitting and waiting like he knew Dante was there. He looked up, "Ahh, I finally get to meet the famous assassin Dante, The reaper, Lloyd, You know Dante I have a few friends that are also assassins, They saw your master fall on the exact same mission you're on right now, I watched him as my men stabbed him and tortured him. As he died he looked into my eyes, and I looked into his, I saw his pain" Enraged, Dante jumped at the chance to kill him, but something pushed Dante back.
Dante scanned the room for others, What he saw was two other assassins who were the second and third best in the world.

Dante was up for quite a fight. As Dante lunged at the other assassins, the boss grabbed out a gun and started to shoot at Dante,
Non of his bullets hit him, Dante jumped around avoiding the bullets as well as getting closer to the two assassins. Dante cut one of the assassins on the leg and the assassin fell to the ground. Dante jumped and stabbed him in the stomach causing massive pain to the assassin, "One down and two to go"
Teh boss shot another bullet, but Dante was to fast for him.
Dante grabbed the last assassin and swung a knife at his head, But Dante didnt see the knife in the other assassins hand and Dante, not aware of the knife, got stabbed in the right shoulder, Dante fell to the ground with pain.
The other assassin stood above him...
From outside you could hear Dante being killed as time went by.
As normal Death came to take his soul, But Dante begged for another chance, So Death gave him that chance, in return, Dante has to bring all evil souls of the earth to Death, Dante was ressurected, but not in a human body, neither was he undead, He was half robot and half mutant, With the ability that came with those features, he killed most of the evil in our world, He is named the reaper and roams the earth for more evil souls to take.
And he swore to avenge his masters death. His location is currently unknown.

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Suggestion Name : Rangda
Element : must be more shadow and less fire
Rank : Master
Backstory :
Rangda is the demon queen of the leyaks in The Island of God, Terrifying to behold, the child-eating Rangda leads an army of evil witches against the leader of the forces of good Barong. The battle between Barong and Rangda represents the eternal battle between good and evil. Rangda is a term in old Javanese that means: 'widow'

last, my character name in the game is Lutfy14
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Cherri Rosaria

Name: Altarik the End of Dragons

Appearance: Altarik the Earth Primordial

Element: Earth

Alignment: Evil -50

Rank: Legendary

Lore: The stories of old once told of a great exile, of when humanity first arrived on Oversoul. It is said that many of the young races had originated in different world, one torn by unyielding war. Records show that in the old world artifacts known only as "the Elemental Orbs" had unleashed creatures which wielded a power unlike any other, Primordial magic. The Primordials as they were called were the very embodiment of the elements and each sought to conquer the other elements. It wasn't long until a war for elemental dominance was waged.

Altarik was among the first to make its presence known. When it arrived Altarik's minions marched towards the Dwarfhold mountains and laid siege against the dwarfs. The battle continued for weeks with no end in sight, that was until Altarik intervened... In the closing days of the battle the commanders of Dwarfhold lead a tactical charge against the Earthbourne army, pinning the Primordial minions between two mountains. As the dwarfs descended on their enemies the skies grew dark with ominous tan clouds, and the air began to fill with grains of powdered stone. As the dwarves turned their eyes towards the sky they caught sight of large stalagmites floating in the air. Gasps of shock and confusion resounded through the Dwarfhold ranks as a single roar was heard from the clouds. As the roar ended the entire battlefield fell silent. All eyes from both armies were now on the clouds and both saw a titanic shadow materialize in the tan skyline.

"Dragon..." some whispered as the shadow drew closer. Then as if to dispute the statement, the figure in the sky crashed against the sides of Dwarfhold in a fury of blue magic. A great dust storm was summoned from the impact, and the Dwarves lost a good chunk of their forces from it. Those who survived saw their enemy for what it really was... Through the hazy dust storm the dwarves caught sight of a creature which resembled a dragon but at the same time foreign and otherworldly. The creature had a bulky figure and a thick neck which supported a large grimacing draconic head. It bore four wing like appendages on it's shoulders and seemed to be completely made of stone which gave off a ghostly blue glow. Nothing else was recorded from that point on as the dwarf forces, disorganized and panicked, were forced to retreat and those that stayed were never heard from again. This event however went down in history as the "Shattered Storm".

When the dwarves joined the Exodus, and arrived with humanity to Oversoul they managed to rebuild their shattered culture. They founded a new capital and adapted to life in their new home. Overtime the old world and the Primordials became a distant memory. Though there are some who still tell the tales of the old world, of the Primordials, of the Shattered Storm, and of Altarik the End of Dragons.

Single: Altarik swipes the enemy with it's front claw
Three hit Combo: Altarik roars and three miniature clouds of powdered stone appear on the enemy in succession
Five hit Combo: Altarik drops 3 stalagmites on the enemy then roars shattering the stalagmites and damaging the victim twice more.

Player: "You are but gravel and I am the mountain."
Enemy: "The Shattering Storm descends upon you..."
Victory: "Soon all will serve, and this world will fall before me just like the last."
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Name:Chained Demon Warrior

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Name: Lone Wolf (veteran) Veteren
Name: Lone Wolf (master) Master
Name: Lone Wolf (legendary) Legendary

Element: shadow


battle stance: flips then land holding dagger backwards in hand ready to attack. stabs when attacks.

Quote: N/A

Cards: 500 attack x4 200 attack x3 empower x2 sacrifice x3 block 300 x5 dagger throw 600 attack 4 shadow points x2

Master: Quote: N/A

Cards: 500 attack x4 200 attack x3 empower x2 sacrifice x3 block 300 x5 sword slash 1000 attack 7 shadow points x3 dagger throw x2

Quote: N/A

battle stance: Pulls sword out of sheath about two inches to let a huge blast of light shine off the blade then pulling it out.


battle stance: Spins into a tornado landing with sword drawn and ready pointed at the enemy.

Quote: N/A

Cards: 500 attack x4 200 attack x3 empower x2 sacrifice x1 block 300 x2 sword slash x3 dagger throw x3
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Boy Berzerker Bunny

Character: Shuten-Doiji
Element: Shadow
Alignment: Evil: -25 ( Demon )
Aperance: http://twitpic.com/cwnylt
Description/Backstory: A son of A Demon King and a Mortal, (though this does not happen, It is just fiction.) The Mother, Sakuno , is the mortal, the father is a Demon King, Shuten- Doji. The demon King took place as a handsome young man, and has fallen in love with a mortal woman. They married and gave Birth to a baby boy. Sakuno was shocked to have on side of his face, ugly. Shuten-Doji Had the powers to foretell his future, but only he can know it, he can't talk about it nor write it, but can only talk about it on the day. Shuten-Doji shed his first tear to know that his son will die when he is 14. Sakuno Was shocked why he wept to see what he always wanted, a boy child. The words he only muttered was " You must train him when he is old enough, no questions...". Sakuno was confused at the same time terrified, A father would never say that right away at birth. She said nothing else, but in her mind she denied.She shrugged it off and said " I will name him after you, Shuten-Doiji ".

When Shuten-Doiji Was 10 years old ,Half of the day he spent with his father, alone. Sakuno Did not know but Shuten-Doji Was teaching him the dark arts since he had that side on his face. Shuten-Doji knew that that part of his face was his source of power, energy, and it is unlimited. Sakuno Was terrified because every time she wakes up his son and Shuten-Doiji are already awake, She didnt knew they were Demons, they cant sleep, they hunt at night.

For 2 years of training Sakuno cant help but ask Shuten-Doji What they were doing. Shuten-Doji just muttered "no". But Sakuno demanded him to tell her. Shuten- doji finally said "We were training the dark arts. Today he just mastered it. There is no going back now... I haven't formally introduced myself since we met, I am Shuten-Doji.... DEMON KING!". Sakuno shouted and fainted. When she woke up, she was in bed, like nothing happened before. She remembered what Shuten-Doji told her. So she decided to train Shuten-Doiji the art of Samurai, to try and let him forget about the dark arts. Shuten-Doji was gone, for 2 years without telling Shuten-Doiji and Sakuno.

Sakuno taught Shuten-Doiji the art of samurai and finally mastered it. The day after Shuten-Doiji mastered the art of the Samurai, The ugly side of his face turned black, his eyes widened slantingly and finally his eyes glowed with red, crimson red, the color of blood. Sakuno screamed and ran away to the living room, leaving her son. Shuten-Doiji followed her with out any single thought. In a second he was in the living room, He was that Godspeed. He said to his Mother "Mom, This is what I really am, This is my true form, Aren't I beautiful?". Suddenly Shuten-Doji appeared behind him and they both said at the same time "We are Daemons, Mortal. We never sleep , we hunt people at night . We are a viscous murderer. Now you know who we are!!". Sakuno screamed and fainted again ( i love faintings :3 ) Shuten-Doji Didnt know that their neighbors heard what they said. Shuten-Doji then remembered the vision he had. He said to his son " Son this is the day me and your mom will die... So will you if you dont use what we taught you. Do not hesitate to do the dark arts, you were born to do that. My son, I shall now say my goodbye...".

The Townspeople have arrived at their house. Shuten-Doji Was killed by the townspeople and Sakuno was burned alive ( She was still fainted... ) For Marrying a Demon King. Shuten-Doiji sprinted to the weapons room and grabbed his Father's Katana, " The Daemon Kin " The words "Daemon Kin" Carved on the sword. Shuten Doiji used the dark arts to enhance the katana. He went outside And He did a (EPIC) slice in the air. The townspeople were sliced, in half, with one blow.... He went outside and killed every person in the village, godspeed, Fast as light ( lets say in a second? split second? Whatever ). He went back to his house and equipped the armor That his mother and father gave him called " The Samurai of The Demons". Shuten-Doiji Wept for his parents...

After That he went to the Blacksmith from the other village far from the one his destroyed. He asked if he could ask a favor. The Blacksmith said yes. He asked for a sword, A special sword that has words carved on it " Mother Father Parents".The Blacksmith didnt have any customers for hours so he did it for free. He called the sword " The Everlasting Love ".His Parents now live among the sword, guarding him. He rarely uses it but he brings it anywhere he goes, on his back. After that He had a simple life, but he kills anyone who mocks him...

Single: Runs to you back (Godspeed) And gives you a backstab, Samurai style!

Triple hit: He grabs his sword on the back, " The Everlasting Love" And Slices the ground, Samurai Style. Then a dragon appears below the Enemy biting him or her three times

Five hit Combo: he grabs the the two swords "the Daemons Kin" and "the Everlasting Love" and does hand tricks... ( like a ninja..) And out on the ground appears dopple gangers of him. Forms one line...
First Doppleganger: Punch
Second "" : Kick
Third "" : Slice down with " The Daemons Kin "
Fourth "" : Slice Up with " The Everlasting Love"
Then Shuten-Doiji Runs to the enemy hitting the ennemy with "Everlasting Love" and "The Daemons Kin" At the same time. The Dopplegangers Fade in the air like dust...

Player:No mortal who faced me never came back alive.... Neither will you! How Dumb Enough of you to face me! HAHAHAHHAHA
Enemy: I will not fail my parents, They have suffered enough. Now, You experience their pain!! BWAHAHAHAHAHH
Victory: I'm Sorry, Did it hurt? I Didnt mean to! Its already my natural Attitude!
Loss: I have failed you, Mother, Father....

PS: Dopplegangers Means Clones

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well i guess i'll post an idea or two of my own

character: Omric (master)
element(s): water/energy
alignment: neutral 10 (moglins spirit)
aperance: basicly a moglin ghost/spirit from the original aq but with a lightblue color (mana golem like) and almsot as tall as a human
if he should have a legendary evolution the it would be pretty much the same but with the rising savior attached to his back

attack pattern (animations)
1 hit: he holds an arm out and the opponent gets hit
2 hits: the same but hits twice
3 hits: he forms two orbs one in each hand and throws them and makes them both explode for the third hit
5 hits: he summons a ray of blue light (kind of like founder champion) and places a hand on the opponent dealing damage

quotes: player: ... enemy: ...
cards (master)

2x 200 (water)
2x 500 (water)
2x pierce (water)
3x shield (water)
2x renew
1x energize
1x storm
2x surge

cards (legendary) i'll let you have fun with that one

backstory: moglins have always aided the weak with their healing magic but few know what happens when moglins passes away depending on their lives some may find peace in heaven while others might haunt the living Omric is a strange case as he's a mix between the two though not haunting the living he keeps the worlds magic safe where ever he goes one of few means lonelyness human tends to fear what they don't understand and thus they see Omric as something bad and wicked while the younger humans mainly kids who love moglins sees him as a new playmate just if he was a moglin heartwarming as it is makes Omrics spiritual heart see the good in people even if he is strange to the most of them

sorry for the lack of dots and comas i hope it is read-able

let's have another one just for fun

character: Goma (aprentice - master)
element(s) earth/water
alignment neutral (i can't find a category where he is in)
master just like my aqw character
aprentice: basicly the same but with a little torn robe a more innocent look and a bit smaller character (boy size i guess)
veteran: a little taller version of the aprentice (teen size i guess) a mean looking face and the same kind of robe

aprentice and veteran: 1 hit: hits with an open hand/palm
2 hits: like 1 hit but kicks back to his base
3 hits: like monks 3 hit
5 hits: he creates a small orb and takes it in his hand and hits his enemy

1 hit: slashes with his sword
2 hits: stabs and jumps back to the base
3 hits: slashes his enemy and gets behindt him slashes one time there and another time to get back on his base (kinda like snow ninjas 3 hit or was it 5 hit?)

player: why.. why do i have to fight...
enemy: p-please leave me alone..

player: i've had enough now YOU will be the hunted one!
enemy: why can't you leave me alone!?

player: do not disturb the balance between the worlds
enemy: what will you get by battling me?

cards aprentice (earth)

2x 100
2x 200
1x 500
1x petrify
2x shield
1x stone wall
1x stone strike
2x pierce

veteran (earth)

2x 200
2x 500
1x petrify
1x mountain strike
1x stone wall
2x stone strike
2x pierce
1x shield

master (earth/water)
1x fresh start
2x renew
1x mountain strike
2x stone strike
2x petrify
2x stone wall
2x shield (earth)
2x pierce (earth)
2x 500 (earth)
1x crush

Goma was ment to do one thing but refused and ran away shy and scared of nature he wasn't very social or accepted because of his yellow orange fur people thought it was gold and hunted him down for years it went on until Goma had enough and gained a hatred towards man and attacked them instead another few years went on like that until he saw that he wasn't any better than they were to him so he stopped attacking people and focused on something more important balance of nature to make sure no species wasn't growing too bit or too small even humans he had to keep an eye on though he still wasn't accepted

again sorry for the lack of dots and comas
please say if you find the cards reasonable and let me know if you think i should change some of them in order to create "balance" in the characters

finaly i could edit this

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Mage Omega


Backstory: She has suffered many woes in her life... she knows what it is like to feel lonely, depressed. She has been singled out of the world, ever since she was a child. She has suffered more than any of us. You would think that she would want to get back at everyone who has ever bullied her, yet she forgives them. She never wants anyone to feel like they are singled out, alone, or depressed. She never wants anyone to suffer like she did. So she dubbed herself Votum, Latin for hope. She then solemnly swore that she would protect everyone from suffering, and defeat all who cause suffering. So she set off, fighting for not merit, but for peace and tranquility.

Appearance: She wears a white and golden version of this, but without the cape. She has curved long swords, with gold hilts, and they have some sort of magical writing on them, and she also has two sheathes on both of her sides for her sides that are golden. She has a golden bow on her back, and a quiver with normal arrows. She has black hair, and on her hair she has a golden halo with wings attached to them. She appears to have some sort of magical rune on her arm, but right now it is pitch black. Her rune on the ground is light yellow.

Element: Light

Alignment: +50 Good

Rank: Master

Stance: She stands and holds her sword like this.

1-Hit combo - She runs towards her opponent and disappears, while doing this, the rune on her arm glows slightly, then she appears behind them and hits them with one of her swords, she then jumps back into her stance.
2-Hit Combo- It is a one hit combo, but she hits her opponent with her other sword.
3-Hit combo - It starts off with the two-hit combo, then she jumps in the air over her opponent, then when she is in the air, she shoots an arrow that appears to be made of light, while this happens the rune on her arm glows more fiercely, then she lands back into her stance.
5-Hit combo - Her rune on her arm is now glowing so that it is very noticeable. Light comes down on her opponent, and then she disappears, 3 arrows that are made of light rain on her opponent, then she comes out of the sky with her two swords aimed at her opponent, when she lands on her opponent, there is an explosion, then she jumps out, and goes back to her stance.
Entering- Light comes down to her spot, she lands like this,the rune on her arm is glowing, she then stands up and unsheathes her two swords and says her dialogue.
Defeat- She falls back, but as she falls back, she says her dialogue. Her rune starts to glow, light comes down on her, and she is steadily lifted up into the clouds.

-Blessed strike x1
-Holy Strike x3
-Retribution x1
-Greater Heal x2
-Light Sacrifice x1 - Discard 2 cards to gain 10 light energy. Uses 0 light energy.
-Peirce x2
-Attack: 200 x2
-Attack: 500 x3

Enemy- I shall protect those who have suffered! I shall defeat those who have caused suffering!
Player- I have suffered more than you have, and I forgive those who caused my suffering. Why cant you forgive those people too?
Win- If you can forgive those who have caused your suffering, you can become stronger.
Defeat- I...forgive...you...

P.S. If this is picked, please make it a free to play character, for I am not able to get any soul gems. Thank you for your consideration,
~Mage Omega

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The Zweiss

A while ago, before the introduction of Nulgath, an Oversoul, self-proclaimed "Electromaster", came across a metal buried deep beneath the ground. This metal was solid and nigh unbreakable when subjected to the multiple attacks the Oversoul threw, and the Oversoul was deeply pleased. Conceited and reckless, the Oversoul attempted to forge the metal into a weapon but the metal eluded its attempts in every way possible: not only was it hard to shape but the metal seemed to curve away from the target at the moment of impact. Frustrated, the Oversoul attempted to destroy it using multiple power lightning strikes that finally seemed to obliterate the metal. The Oversoul smiled in the aftermath, its rage vented, but realized, to its horror, that the metal was not a piece of metal at all but an alien lifeform similar to the Protectors of the Lore Multiverse.
Like its cousins, the Defendors could alter its shape, though to a lesser extent, and required constant exposure to energy in order to become active. This colony of Defendors had been buried under the ground after an initial impact and became dormant due to the lack of electrothermal energy that compelled it to move. Even though a small amount of energy was required to wake them, the sheer power of the Oversoul had in fact pushed them past this limit. The organic tissue, already unstable due to the metallic bonds that fused them together, dissociated and united the colony as a Hivemind entity. Fused together, the aberrant Defendors renamed themself the Zweiss. The Zweiss then turned on their creator, the Oversoul and learning of the powers that the Oversoul had in taking over their enemies, became able to do the same by integrating the Oversoul into themselves. Their abilities are more deviant though, they can not fully take the shape of their defeated enemies, but at the same time, they can replicate themselves like bacteria through this manner.
With the appearance of Nulgath and his great power, the Zweiss were defeated in battle and buried back into the dungeon. Due to their electostatic appearance though, it is a matter of time before they pour out of the crevice and reattempt to conquer Oversoul.

Electricity + Element of the Form they 'Possess'.

Apprentice: Zweiss Spark
Veteran: Zweiss Worker
Master: Zweiss Paladin, Zweiss Barbarian, etc.
Legendary: Zweiss Oversoul

Player: Your defeat will charge my soul!
Enemy: So you are an Oversoul? Soon you will be Zweiss.
Victory: All your soul is belong to us
Enemy Victory: The Zweiss conquers

Spark: A floating cloud of electrically charged debris
Worker: A human being, mostly, but parts of their body are replaced by glowing electricity
Master: A few familiar characters, whose eyes glow electric blue and some body parts replaced by electricity.
Oversoul: A humanoid being hung inside a giant electric body with rock gauntlets, greeves and floating armor pieces.

1x: Usually a blast of electricity
2x: Zooms in, and explodes in a blast of electricity
3x: Zooms in, strikes and explodes in a blast of electricity
5x: Charges up, explodes. Three lightning strikes hit the target, the third forms the Zweiss who strikes the target and explodes.

Basic Attack
Power Strike
+Shock: A stun dealing 300 damage and lasting 1 turn.
+Static Shield: For three turns, all attacks reduced by half, dealing 100 damage per strike
+Recharge: Changes all the shields to energy points
Oversoul: ???


Two Deviant Forms
-Zweiss Electromaster
The Oversoul that created the Zweiss, after much planning and execution, managed to free himself from the overwhelming Hivemind. Now free, he has become emmaddened by what he has done and paranoid that everyone he meets is a Zweiss. His aim to destroy the Zweiss and unfortunately his madness has made him unable to distinguish who and what is a Zweiss. A master version with other abilities.
-Chaorrupted Zweiss (or Czweiss)
During their initial expansion, the Zweiss encountered trace amounts of Chaos which corrupted a few of their own. Due to the virus like nature of Chaos, the Zweiss had to diverge inorder to separate themselves from the Czweiss. The Czweiss are characterized by purple electricity and a single eye floating and watching. In the higher forms, the eyes only appear on the armor. These Czweiss are not compelled to conquer as the Zweiss are, but delight in creating civilization. As such, their forms are humanoid/animal shapes of purple electricity and do not require a host due to drawing energy from Chaos instead.


Alehon "Wandering History" "Mage of the Statue"

Almost no history has recorded the first emergence of Alehon and it does not help that he himself has forgotten his origins. His earliest memories go back to when he woke up in the middle of the forest with no clear memories. Making his way to the nearest village, he was left to fend for himself in the streets, fighting with dogs for scraps and being kicked around by the villagers. In one of these disputes, Alehon was able to summon magical energy which he used to incapacitate his assailants. The villagers, in their fear, drove him out into the forest where was taken in by a lumberjack and his young daughter. Alehon settled well into the comfortable life, and gradually gained control of his seemingly limitless power. He paid back the lumberjack by performing feats of magic which made it easier on the elderly man who was struggling to meet ends. He was content.

One of the lumberjack's rivals had a son who fancied the daughter and courted her. It was from this that he found out about the existence of Alehon, and using this to his advantage, turned the village against the lumberjack in an attempt to throw him out of business and force him to marry his daughter away. However, things got out of hand when the village attempted to drive away the lumberjack too, as the villagers locked them inside a cabin which they then set on fire. Using his magic, Alehon managed to rescue the lumberjack and the daughter but they died from smoke inhalation regardless. Fuelled by rage and sadness, Alehon then raided the village and destroyed a good portion of it before being killed by a local hero.

Due to unexplainable reasons, Alehon found that he could not die. Each subsequent attempt to reason with the hero only ended with his death through diverse and painful means. The hero, becoming fearful that his enemy could not die, called upon his friends and allies in an attempt to end the threat once and for all. They swarmed him and trapped him inside a runic suit which drained his energy and magic but found that his limitless magic meant that he could still move around. Faced with what they called a demonic threat, the magic sword "Fallisg" was created. The final conflict took place in an ancient cavern that Alehon had been hiding in. Cornered with no place to go, Alehon called upon his terrible magic to drive his assailants away but in vain. After days of resisting, Alehon was finally pierced through the abdomen by the hero and immediately became subdued. The hero and his friends took this opportunity to seal the runic armor with iron and chain the magic sword onto the armor lest it fall out. They fastened Alehon to a mighty statue and collapsed the cave so that no one would find and rescue him. Not that anyone would. Or so they assumed.

Years later...

There was a muffled explosion and then silence. A few seconds later, another explosion shook the earth followed by another period of quiet. The last explosion was different. There was a change in composition and character. Instead of being quelled by the unshakeable earth, it triumphed and broke through. The horrendous sound thundered through the cavern, amplified a thousand times over by the yawning gape, and dramatically highlighted by a cloud of billowing dust. When the dust cleared, an adventurer dropped lightly into the dimly lit cavern and whispered a word. A blazing ball of latent light streamed from his fingers at his word and hung like a candle, illuminating the dimness with a pale glow. The adventurer walked. The ball followed.

A few minutes later, the adventurer stopped. Before him stood a giant statue of Nulgath, his six blazing eyes ferociously gazing at him with artistic contempt. His grin yawned and his arms stretched over a smaller, less imposing form as if to consume it. "That's poor artistic taste," jested the adventurer to himself. The treasure lay within. The adventurer's eyes widened as he drew closer to the smaller figure. From a distance it had seemed much smaller, dwarfed by the visage of the terrifying Overfiend, but up-close the adventurer noticed that it was still significantly tall. It was shaped like a badly crafted armor, all smooth and lumpy, and had been smoothed by time and stone. There seemed to be writing but it was too faint to tell. But most notably was the single long sword sticking through the armor and into the statue. fastened by numerous lengths of a dark chain. It was like something out of a fairy tale book, the magical sword in the stone. The adventurer reached forth and wiped the dust of the hilt, and seemed to be reading something for a second. Then he smiled. "Fallisg", he whispered. "It's much more magnificent than was described." Calling the ball of light to him, he mumbled something.

He stepped back and the ball of light hovered towards the chains tying the sword to the statue. There was a brief explosion as light streamed from the ball and aggressively attacked the chains holding the sword in place. After it was done, like piranhas stripping an antelope, it calmly floated back. The chains held for a second before crumbling to dust. The adventurer grinned again, then reached forward to grasp the cool hilt, before pulling it out with a flourish. "Ta-da!"

Emboldened by this act, the adventurer swung the large but light sword around. He laughed as he twirled it and as it slashed through boulders without any effort. "Magnificent," he crowed. "Too easy. And the prize is mine." Spinning around again for good measure, he finally quietened down. He began to wrap the sword up for easier transportation. Despite its lightness, it was still cumbersome, so he needed to put it away. As he did so, the ground rumbled slightly. He glanced around but nothing was out of place. Cautious and ready, he began to creep towards the exit when-


That single word almost put him out of his skin. The adventurer drew his sword and spun around. But there only him, and the...statue? A few seconds earlier it had been attached to the cavern wall, unmoving and tall. Now it was in front of him, albeit without the outstretched arms. What the heck?

"Hold on a sec." It was the armor talking after all. A guardian perhaps? Most likely. It had been way too easy to gain such a precious prize. There was an intake of breath, and a cracking sound. The face mask of the 'armor' shattered, and a dim looking face peered out at the adventurer. "That's better," he gasped, then smiled. "Thanks."

"Thanks for what?" asked the adventurer, nothing short of amazed. What the heck? Who was this guy? And how did he get inside the armor. Questions filled his mind, but his brain was not able to answer.

"You know. For pulling that god-awful thing out of me. Really takes the wind out you, you know. Being stabbed in the chest."

"How are you still alive then?"

The man paused for a second. "I can't die? Dunno why. Just happened." He smiled. Unaware of how awestruck the adventurer was, he walked past him; statue, armor and all, and through the gap that the adventurer had made. For a while, the adventurer just stood there in shock, pondering the suddenness of the recent events. After gathering his wits, he followed suit. The man was nowhere in sight. Wondering what exactly that man was, the adventurer summoned his light ball and commanded it to find him. After a while, it returned.

The adventurer found him, staring off the side of the cliff, silent. He stood behind him, not knowing what to do in the case of encountering an immortal with a statue on his back. Finally. "How much time has passed?" he was asked. When the statue, man thing turned around, his eyes were filled with tears.

"I'm sorry? Look, I don't know what you're talking about."

"How long was I in there?"

The adventurer stopped, unwilling to disclose the fact. It was that desperate look in the man's eyes that made him feel bad about it. But he had an even worse gut feeling about telling him. After much contemplation he told the man about the myth of Fallisg and the hero who used to slay a demon that could not die. He was a myth bounty hunter, following dead end leads in the hopes that it had been true. And this one had been true. And it had been long enough for the truth to become myth and to almost fade into ignorance.

First the man was silent, looking down. When the adventurer ended his story, he finally looked up, sadness all but gone. His features had become warped with silent and terrible rage. His mouth contorted, and then he opened them and screamed. All the years of anger and sadness, the tragedy of his existence and the inability for others to understand was all let out in that one cry. It shook the earth and the skies, and raw magic poured out of him and into everything around him. Waves and waves of raw magic, so concentrated they became perceivable like an aurora, flooded the air, suffocating life. When it was over, the man easily broke free of the runic armor and looked sadly at the adventurer. He had not been strong enough to resist the endless flow of magic and his lifeless body lay like a puppet with strings and occasionally jerked as the saturated magic began to leave his body.

The man wept. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He mourned for the innocent that his grief had consumed and for the years he had lost. And when he was done mourning, he cremated the nameless adventurer and destroyed the cave. The sword, which had brought doom, shone innocently in the fading sun. The man, Alehon, was tempted to destroy it. But it was a part of him, and it was a part of a past that he could not forgive. He grabbed its handle, and glancing back at the forest that had grown over where the village used to be, walked into another world, fading away from this existence as if nothing had happened.

In another world, a man faded into existence with a calm breeze. The sun shone. The trees shook. And Alehon began his endless pilgrimage through life.

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