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RE: Quests - Read the first post!

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1/27/2015 12:44:27   


In Maze of the Mana Dragon, the listed fastest directions for the Water wing are not the fastest. It should be

Water wing fastest directions: Top Right, Top Right, Up, Top Left, Top Left (Switch), Bottom Right, Bottom Right, Top Right, Right, Up (Ice Dragon Champion)

This gets you through with one less trap. (you go through an extra already cleared room)

edit: I just saw the "unlucky 13% chance of re-encountering a monster", maybe going through an extra trap room IS better.

edit edit: But then it wouldn't be consistent with the Stone wing, which looks like it skips a trap room to clear a room early.
See response below. ~whacky

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1/27/2015 20:55:50   
The Green Guy


^ It's just a suggested route. You can look at the map and discern yourself what your optimal route might be, doesn't have to follow the suggestions to the letter.

Not worth the bother of making someone find their photobucket account & redraw the thing, y'know? lol
See response below. ~whacky

heh, I like your style whacky ~TGG

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1/27/2015 21:12:32   


The photobucket picture has some random arrows on it. But the quest entry says "fastest" which, if left as is, is just a lie.

edit: note that I don't mean the picture stuff, I mean the directions in the spoiler box
See response below. ~whacky

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1/27/2015 23:28:39   
Times Silent Keeper

Water wing fastest directions (entry): Up, Up, Up, Top Right, Top Left (Switch), Bottom Right, Right, Right, Right, Up (Ice Dragon Champion)

Total: 10 steps

Water wing fastest directions (suggested): Top Right, Top Right, Up, Top Left, Top Left (Switch), Bottom Right, Bottom Right, Top Right, Right, Up (Ice Dragon Champion)

Total: 10 steps

The two paths have the same number of steps, so they're pretty much the same. The number of battles in this case (entry) wasn't really counted. I can understand where you're coming from; reducing the chances of a re-encounter when making your way toward the boss after activating the switch.

I've gone to take a look at the remaining two suggested paths for Earth/Fire and noticed that they are actually optimal paths, i.e. the chances of a re-encounter/battle is reduced due to the player re-traversing where s/he has traveled before. As such, I'll use your suggestion for its optimal path.

Because of this, I've also changed it from "fastest directions" to "most optimal path" for clarity.
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1/31/2015 21:13:51   


In the actual entry for Sky Bridge, it correctly says that if you fail the first stat roll, you have to do 4 battles. But then it says "2 battles, see monster list, full heal" instead of 4. http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=15249307

In the info sub version, it incorrectly says that you only fight 2 battles if you fail the first stat roll and also has the same typo as the real entry. Might want to fix the info sub version too, for players who stumble across it instead of the real entry, like me. http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=21761202

The info subs entry is usually not re-corrected after the actual entry has been posted, as that would mean many other entries would go through the same thing as well, which adds unnecessary workload (imagine correcting all the issues in past quest info subs *gulp*). I have however, corrected the error you mentioned in the official quest entry. Thanks!

Upon re-reading the issue you mentioned, there is actually no error. If you fail the roll, you go through 4 battles, followed by a re-roll. If you succeed the roll, you continue with 2 BATTLES (as indicated below). I will edit the text to clarify this. ~whacky

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2/8/2015 2:19:40   
Times Silent Keeper

Edit: I missed a few dates in between. Oops! I'll add those by the next week.


Gnuvain's Keep
or... Shapeshifter's Anonymous!

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Shapeshifter Training

  • Dates mentioned below are based on initial release dates of the respective missions.
  • All quests are rotated so that you will encounter a different one daily in order of their release sequence.
  • If you paid Z-Tokens for any class and log out before finishing the class, you must pay Z-Tokens to enroll in that class again.
  • As mentioned by Gnuvain below, if you paid Z-Tokens for any class but flee or die in the process, you can return to him and repeat the same class (at no cost), or choose a normal class (losing your Z-Token payment).

  • The sequence is as follows:
    Water » Wind » Ice » Earth »
    Energy » Light » Darkness » Fire »
    Repeat from Water

    «Scene: Gnuvain's Keep»

    «You»: Hello there! Your place looks like a mess.
    Gnuvain: Why, thank you for the kind greeting. Welcome to my humble abode....
    «You»: Sorry for being so direct.
    Gnuvain: Are you going to tell me how stupid my hair looks now?
    «You»: Is that a rhetorical question?
    Gnuvain: So, what'd you come here for?
  • Shapeshifter Training!

      «07 February 2015»
      Gnuvain: Today we'll be studying Water creatures!
      Gnuvain: Our normal class is on the Pheron - an elemental made of the purest water!
      «You»: That doesn't sound too tough.
      Gnuvain: If you want something tougher, then my second lesson for high-level Guardians is on the Sea Squirt - a demon with a powerful spiritual shield!

      «08 February 2015»
      Gnuvain: Today we'll be studying Wind creatures!
      Gnuvain: Our normal class is on the Gnat - the most annoying. Insect. Ever!
      «You»: By the gods, not one of those! Don't you have something less annoying?
      Gnuvain: Well, there's always my second lesson for high-level Guardians. Today we're looking at Cyclone Wyverns - dragonkin whose strength really blows you away!

      «09 February 2015»
      Gnuvain: Today we'll be studying Ice creatures!
      Gnuvain: Our normal class is on the Two-Bear - a ferocious arctic animal whose bite is worse than its... uh... growl? Okay, never mind.
      «You»: ... Okay, next time try something like "In this case, two heads are worse than one FOR YOU!"
      Gnuvain: Look, if you don't like my fails, then maybe you should try my second lesson for high-level Guardians? It's on Goggs - horrible creatures with lightning-fast reflexes.

      «10 February 2015»
      Gnuvain: Today we'll be studying Earth creatures!
      Gnuvain: Our normal class is on the Frogzard - a "wily li'l beaut", as the Frogzard Hunter would put it.
      «You»: Oh, I've wrangled a few of those before. They're not too tough.
      Gnuvain: If that's not tough enough, then my second lesson for high-level Guardians is on the Stone Golem - a massive monolith of animated rock!

      «11 February 2015»
      Gnuvain: Today we'll be studying Energy creatures!
      Gnuvain: Our normal class is on the Trobble - a shockingly adorable ball of fur and cute!
      «You»: But they're too cute! What, you expect me to d'aww my enemies to death in that form?
      Gnuvain: You could always go for my second lesson for high-level Guardians. Today I'm teaching about Baby Sacragons - cute and ugly creatures with mental powers.

      «12 February 2015»
      Gnuvain: Today we'll be studying Light creatures!
      Gnuvain: Our normal class is on the Raydius Dragon - a lesser dragon that's still a fierce fight!
      «You»: A "lesser dragon"? Doesn't sound that impressive.
      Gnuvain: If you want more of a challenge, then my second lesson for high-level Guardians is on Lightbringers - servants of the Light Lord herself!

      «13 February 2015»
      Gnuvain: Today we'll be studying Darkness creatures!
      Gnuvain: Our normal class is on the Banshee - a dead soul that's very vocal about its dislike for the living.
      «You»: Pfft, I'll just bring earplugs, no problem.
      Gnuvain: Earplugs won't help, but if you want more of a challenge, the high-level Guardian lesson is on Brain Spiders - undead insects that like brains more than zombies!

      «14 February 2015»
      Gnuvain: Today we'll be studying Fire creatures!
      Gnuvain: Our normal class is on the wily and fiery Firezard - a dangerous lizard with a red-hot breath weapon!
      «You»: Oh, I've wrangled a few of those before. They're not too tough.
      Gnuvain: If that's not tough enough, then my second lesson for high-level Guardians is on the Pzycho Fiend - powerful Fire demons from Heck!
      Gnuvain: I'll point you to an area where you can find the creatures, but be careful of the other wildlife there.
      Gnuvain: So, what's it gonna be?

      «At this point, you're given three options as follows:»
    • «Regular Pool Monster»
    • «Guardian Pool Monster»

        «By selecting one of these two options, you proceed to the following battles.»

        7 BATTLES
        Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6

        1 BATTLE: «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster»
        Fire: Firezard / Pzycho Fiend
        Water: Pheron / Sea Squirt
        Wind: Gnat / Cyclone Wyvern
        Ice: Two-Bear / Gogg
        Earth: Frogzard / Stone Golem
        Energy: Trobble / Baby Sacragon
        Light: Raydius Dragon / Lightbringer
        Darkness: Banshee / Brain Spider

        Full Heal

        Gnuvain: You're back! Did you find the creature you were looking for?
        «You»: Yup!
        Gnuvain: Great! Class starts now!

        «The Shapeshift shop of the monster you chose to hunt opens. Once you leave the shop:»
      • Play again!
      • Guardian Tower!
      • Leave

    • Can I go after something else?

        Gnuvain: Well, if you give me some Z-Tokens, I might be willing to go off-schedule and give you some private lessons...
        Gnuvain: You'll have your choice of elements to go after for only 250 Z-Tokens. How about it?
      • Okay, let me pick! (Costs 250 Z-Tokens) - If you do not have enough tokens: "Not enough Tokens!"

          Gnuvain: Alright then, which element?

        • You will immediately start questing for the monster.
        • If you die/flee, then you can return here to start the quest again.
        • No refunds!

        • Fire
        • Water
        • Wind
        • Ice
        • Earth
        • Energy
        • Light
        • Darkness

            «If you select the same element as the one being taught for the day, you get the message 'That's already today's challenge! Pick another.'. Otherwise, you get the following dialogue:»

            Gnuvain: I'll teach you how to change into a «Regular Pool Monster» or, if you're a high-level Guardian, you can choose a «Guardian Pool Monster». Either way, it's 250 Z-Tokens.
          • «Regular Pool Monster»
          • «Guardian Pool Monster» - If you are below level 105 or not a Guardian: "This class is only available for high-level Guardians!"
          • Actually, never mind.

            «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster»
            Fire: Firezard / Pzycho Fiend
            Water: Pheron / Sea Squirt
            Wind: Gnat / Cyclone Wyvern
            Ice: Two-Bear / Gogg
            Earth: Frogzard / Stone Golem
            Energy: Trobble / Baby Sacragon
            Light: Raydius Dragon / Lightbringer
            Darkness: Banshee / Brain Spider

            «Upon selecting a class, the message "Successfully spent 250 Z-Tokens" appears along with the following dialogue:»

            Gnuvain: Payment received! Go out there and bring me back that «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster», and we'll begin!
          • Hunt! - Same battles as above

              «If you fled/died during the hunt and return to the quest after that...»

              Gnuvain: You're back! Did you find me a «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster»?
              «You»: No, there were a few... problems.
              Gnuvain: Dang. Do you want to try finding a «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster» again, or do you want to just attend my normal lessons? Remember, no refunds.
            • Find a «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster»
            • Normal Lessons
            • Back to Town
              «If you cleared all battles and found the monster you chose to hunt:»

              Gnuvain: You're back! Did you find the creature you were looking for?
              «You»: Yup!
              Gnuvain: Great! Class starts now!

              «The Shapeshift shop of the monster you chose to hunt opens. Once you leave the shop:»
            • Play again!
            • Guardian Tower!
            • Leave

        • Actually, never mind...

      • Uh, never mind....

  • How does this work?
      Gnuvain: I suppose you have come to see me to learn about shapeshifting. That IS what I am known for, anyway.
      «You»: Do you still randomly find adventurers and offer to turn them into different forms?
      Gnuvain: I do. But that is just me showing off. I won't teach you how to change OTHER people. Just how to change yourself.
      «You»: Why the big mess in here??
      Gnuvain: I regularly bring many different creatures-- you might call them "monsters"-- here to study. To be a convincing shapeshifter one must know biology very, VERY well.
      Gnuvain: Mistakes in shapeshifting can lead to some embarrassing moments. Or some terrible blunders.
      Gnuvain: I mys-- um-- I know a shapeshifter who is responsible for the creation of no less than a dozen new species.
      «You»: So how do I get started?
      Gnuvain: Well, I hold classes daily - one creature a day. Plus, the Guardian Tower is paying me to hold a second daily class for their more powerful Guardians.
      Gnuvain: If you don't like the lessons I'm teaching today, then you can come back tomorrow and I'll have different ones available.
      Gnuvain: For each class, we'll be studying one specific creature. You'll need to go out and bring me one of those creatures. Simple enough?
      «You»: And then you'll teach me how to shapeshift into it?
      Gnuvain: Bingo.
  • Leave
    «» Shapeshift

  • Pheron Shapeshift [L. 5, 30, 55, 80, 105, 130 | 150 G]

    Sea Squirt
  • Sea Squirt Shapeshift [L. 105 G, 130 G, 150 G]

  • Gnat Shapeshift [L. 5, 30, 55, 80, 105, 130 | 150 G]

    Cyclone Wyvern
  • Cyclone Wyvern Shapeshift [L. 105 G, 130 G, 150 G]

  • Two-Bear Shapeshift [L. 5, 30, 55, 80, 105, 130 | 150 G]

  • Gogg Shapeshift [L. 105 G, 130 G, 150 G]

  • Frogzard Shapeshift [L. 5, 30, 55, 80, 105, 130 | 150 G]

    Stone Golem
  • Stone Golem Shapeshift [L. 105 G, 130 G, 150 G]

  • Trobble Shapeshift [L. 5, 30, 55, 80, 105, 130 | 150 G]

    Baby Sacragon
  • Baby Sacragon Shapeshift [L. 105 G, 130 G, 150 G]

    Raydius Dragon
  • Raydius Dragon Shapeshift [L. 5, 30, 55, 80, 105, 130 | 150 G]

  • Lightbringer Shapeshift [L. 105 G, 130 G, 150 G]

  • Banshee Shapeshift [L. 5, 30, 55, 80, 105, 130 | 150 G]

    Brain Spider
  • Brain Spider Shapeshift [L. 105 G, 130 G, 150 G]

  • Firezard Shapeshift [L. 5, 30, 55, 80, 105, 130 | 150 G]

    Pzycho Fiend
  • Pzycho Shapeshift [L. 105 G, 130 G, 150 G]

    Corrections and dialogue thanks to Bu Kek Siansu and Archlist.
  • Released. ~whacky

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    2/9/2015 8:11:27   
    Bu Kek Siansu


    Something to add, "Dang." and anything else (if you did find ...) if you paid 250 Z-Tokens. :)



    «If you fled/died during the hunt and return to the quest after that...»

    Gnuvain: You're back! Did you find me a «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster»?
    «You»: No, there were a few... problems.
    Gnuvain: Do you want to try finding a «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster» again, or do you want to just attend my normal lessons? Remember, no refunds.


    Gnuvain: Do you want to try finding a «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster» again, or do you want to just attend my normal lessons? Remember, no refunds.

    It should be:

    Gnuvain: Dang. Do you want to try finding a «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster» again, or do you want to just attend my normal lessons? Remember, no refunds.

    As a proof if you fled and if you died.

    «If you did find a «Regular / Guardian Pool Monster.»

    «The Shapeshift shop of the monster you chose to hunt opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

  • Got this. Thanks! ~whacky

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    2/14/2015 0:13:50   
    Times Silent Keeper


    Tweenie Nightmare
    SnuggleFest 2015

    «Scene: Battleon School»

    Noah: Soooo, Jimmy, who's your crush?
    Sarah: Jimmy has a crush! Jimmy has a crush!
    Jimmy: No I don't!
    Noah: Jimmy has a crush! Who's your crush? Huh?
    Jimmy: I do not have a crush!

    «A dark shadow looms behind Jimmy...»

    Eukara: Class! Attention!
    Eukara: As promised, we will go back in time in our studies, back to when Lore learned about the leylines that run through the world and began to harness them.
    Eukara: As promised, we will look at the history of magic in our world.
    Class: Yay!
    Timmy: I've been looking forward to this all year!
    Noah: You know what I've been looking forward to? Knowing who Jimmy has a crush on!
    Jimmy: Stop it, Noah! I don't have a crush!
    Eukara: Class, enough! Stop teasing Jimmy, Noah. This is not a topic for discussion.

    «You enter the classroom.»

    Eukara: Well... good day, «You». We were just going to talk about leylines and magic history. Care to sit in?
    «You»: Well, as much as it sounds like fun, I am here because you wanted to see me about the Weapon you are making to stop Xov.
    Eukara: Right. Class, you may have fifteen minutes of recess time while I talk to «You».
    Class: Yay!!

    «The students swiftly exit the classroom and proceed to the playground behind.»

    «You»: So, you've found the next piece?
    Eukara: Yes, though it's going to be tricky. You will have to travel-
    Jimmy: STOP IT!
    Noah: Who's your crush, Jimmy? Who's your crush!
    Jimmy: You heard Ms. Vox. She said to stop.
    Noah: Won't stop until you tell. I bet it is Sasha!
    Jimmy: It's nobody! Leave me alone.
    «You»: Perhaps we can talk outside so that Jimmy isn't fending for himself?
    Eukara: Very well. I swear, we get close to SnuggleFest and the children go nuts.

    «At the playground...»

    Noah: Who's your crush? Who's your crush? You can't say nobody, because there is definitely a somebody!

    «The shadow behind Jimmy suddenly trembles for a bit before stopping.»

    «You»: What the...
    Eukara: Oh dear... that can't be good...
    Jimmy: I
    Jimmy: SAID
    Jimmy: NO
    Jimmy: OOOONE!

    «The shadow behind Jimmy retreats and manifests itself into a Vile Love.»

    ???: CRUSH!

    «The Vile Love hops away from the scene.»

    «You»: Well that's just GREAT! See what you did! Now I have to go follow that thing.

    «You chase after the Vile Love.»

    Eukara: Come here this minute, Noah. Go inside and begin scrubbing the bathroom in the school.

    «Noah turns to face Eukara.»

    Noah: But! I was just-
    Eukara: I don't care what you thought you were doing. What you are doing NOW is beginning to pay for your choice of behavior. Bathroom. NOW.
    Noah: Yes, Ms. Vox.

    «The scene fades to black. Somewhere in Battleon...»

    Filzan: Gorgetta, my previous, I have missed you!
    Gorgetta: *Blushes* You brought me flowers. How sweet!

    «Filzan raises his bouquet of flowers. The Vile Love suddenly hops in, and his eyes turn heart shape while staring at Filzan. Hearts flutter over Filzan before swiftly breaking in half.»

    Filzan: Flowers? Haha! I have something much more appropriate to show how I feel about you!

    «The bouquet of flowers transform into a bouquet of snakes!»

    Gorgetta: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    «Gorgetta flees from the scene. You finally catch up with the beast!»

    «You»: Finally caught up to you foul beast!
      1 BATTLE: Vile Love
      Full Heal
    «You»: It got away, I'll finish it off yet!

    «Over at some plains, Uncle Sham is proclaiming his love for his pot of gold.»

    Sham: Oh my sweetest gold. Your glow like that of an amber field of wheat.
    Sham: Always by me side. Always willing to listen and pick me up when I have a bad day.
    Sham: Gold oh gold... I.. lov-

    «Vile Love enters the scene and shatters the passion inside of Sham.»

    Sham: Blah, nasty shiny metal. You sicken me!

    «Sham kicks the pot of gold which topples over and spills. He instantly regrets his decision as the pain from the kick leads him to hop on one foot while clenching his now throbbing toes.»

    Sham: OOOOWWW! Me toes! Me wee little digits!

    «You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Looks like I was too late, I'll stop you this time creature!
      1 BATTLE: Vile Love
      Full Heal
    «You»: It got away again, but it looks weaker!

    «Near a river, Aria is on a date with Hans.»

    Aria: Thank you for the lovely walk, Hans.
    Hans: Sure Aria, thanks for coming. I'm so happy we were able to spend SnuggleFest together!
    Hans: Aria?
    Aria: Yes Hans?
    Hans: We have been friends for a very long time. There is something I'd like to ask you-

    «Vile Love enters once again and does its thing...»

    Hans: Could you please do something about your fleas?

    «The initially cheerful Aria breaks down in tears!»

    Aria: Wha... oh Hans...

    «You enter yet again a moment too late.»

    «You»: You've caused enough trouble for one SnuggleFest! You aren't getting away this time!
      1 BATTLE: Vile Love
      Full Heal
    «With the menace defeated, you return to the Battleon School.»

    «You»: That was ridiculous. Who knew tweenies could create such terrible monsters.
    Eukara: You obviously haven't spent much time around the Tween Gangs... have you?
    «You»: I don't want to know, that is for sure. Is Jimmy okay?
    Eukara: Nothing a few days won't cure. That's the thing with Tweens. It only takes a couple of days for drama to blow over. Much like a squirrel that has found a new nut...
    «You»: You are nuts.
    Eukara: Sometimes, yes I am.
    «You»: About the weapon piece?
    Eukara: Let me get my sub and we can discuss it in my library.

    «The scene fades to black. In the bathroom of the school, Noah's busy scrubbing a basin.»

    Noah: Stupid Jimmy. You have a crush. You do...

    «The scene fades to black and the Tweenie Nightmare shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Tweenie Nightmare

  • Love Hammer [3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123, 133 | 143 G]
  • Heart Sceptre [3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123, 133 | 143 G]

  • Got this. ~Carandor

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    2/16/2015 6:55:20   
      In Media Res
     Lemon Bars of Order



    Twilly Kidnapped is now found in the Eclipsus quest chain (under "Bonus: Return to Barenford")

    The Barry Jotter quest+war are now found in Warlic's shop

    whacky got these. ~Carandor

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    AQ  Post #: 109
    2/26/2015 2:52:51   
    Bu Kek Siansu




    Edit: I missed a few dates in between. Oops! I'll add those by the next week.

  • Shapeshifter Training!
      «10 February 2015»

      «11 February 2015»

  • I just want to add.

  • Shapeshifter Training!

      «10 February 2015»
      Gnuvain: Today we'll be studying Earth creatures!
      Gnuvain: Our normal class is on the Frogzard - a "wily li'l beaut", as the Frogzard Hunter would put it.
      «You»: Oh, I've wrangled a few of those before. They're not too tough.
      Gnuvain: If that's not tough enough, then my second lesson for high-level Guardians is on the Stone Golem - a massive monolith of animated rock!

      «11 February 2015»
      Gnuvain: Today we'll be studying Energy creatures!
      Gnuvain: Our normal class is on the Troblle - a shockingly adorable ball of fur and cute!
      «You»: But they're too cute! What, you expect me to d'aww my enemies to death in that form?
      Gnuvain: You could always go for my second lesson for high-level Guardians. Today I'm teaching about Baby Sacragons - cute and ugly creatures with mental powers.
  • Got this and credited both users who submitted this information to me prior to the entry's edit. ~whacky

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    2/26/2015 10:18:27   


    One more tiny correction for the sake of aesthetics of the edited Gnuvain's quest above (posting here to avoid an extra PM with just 1 correction :P):

    The colorful shop names for Earth and Energy monsters in the list at the end of the entry are given in smaller font size than the rest of the names.
    Got these. Thanks! ~whacky

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    3/6/2015 16:18:03   
    The Green Guy


    Is this the right place for shop dialogue? I'm unsure.

    At any rate, this is pretty trivial:

    Warlic's shop now says "Buy Magic Equipment" rather than "Spells"; this then leads to "Beginner Equipment" & "Expert Equipment" (again equipment instead of spells).

    However, the title to the shops once you enter them are still the old "Beginner Magic" and "Advanced Magic".
    You got the right place. As long as it involves any entry edits within the Quests section, you can post them here. I've fixed the issue you mentioned above. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Legendary Scribe of Lore


    Links to the Wyrm Knights Familiar and lower tiers need to be added to the Maze of the Mana Dragon quest entry.
    Done. ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper

    whacky's note: I'll be quoting the entries before releasing them just for this post to make it more easy on the eyes to sort between the different entries. When released, the quotes will have a "Released" note as I always do.


    Dragons Gone Wild!

    Location: Travel Map » Dragonspine » Click the right arrow twice » 22: Dragons Gone Wild!

    «On the outskirts of Battleon, shadows can be seen zooming past the land. A breath of fire descends from the sky, burning the entire scene up in flames...»

    Dragons Gone Wild
    Not again! There's an army of evil dragons attacking Battleon, seemingly unprovoked! They must be stopped before they burn Battleon to the ground!
  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      «Non-ENDLESS options: You will now fight «X» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
      «ENDLESS option: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»

      «Each wave comprises 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal. Upon the defeat of 100% of the dragon army, the following battles take place instead.»

      4 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

      «An Acid Dragon appears.»

      1 BATTLE: Fluoroantimonic Dragon
      Full Heal

      «Galanoth enters the scene. A treasure chest can be seen on the ground.»

      Galanoth: Excellent work hero, you have saved Battleon once more! I'm not sure what provoked the attack. As evident by the Acid Dragon, they are growing in power and size.
      Galanoth: My scouts are investigating now. I have some Dragon Slaying gear that will aid you in battle in case the dragons attack again!

      «Click on the treasure chest to open the Dragons Gone Wild 2015 shop. Once you leave the shop:»
    • Play again!
    • Guardian Tower!
    • Leave
  • Secret Mission!
      Cripple the dragon's onslaught by sneaking behind their lines, then see how much of their treasure you can make off with!
    • Go!

      8 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8

      1 BATTLE: Treasure

      «You return to the war camp.»
  • Dragon Blade!
  • Hide Scroll
  • Back to Town

    Visit Dragonstone on the Travel map to train as a Dragonslayer!

    Twilly: Uh-ohs!! These dwagons are going to destroy Battleon!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal, continue with dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Closes dialogue
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • Potion Bag - Refills your health potions if you have less than four on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Robina - Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
  • Robina's Bow - Robina the Ranger will join you in battle!
  • Galanoth - Click on Galanoth's helm if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Galanoth's Helmet - Galanoth the Dragonslayer joins you in battle!
  • Warlic - Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Warlic's Crystal Ball - Warlic will help you in battle!
  • Fire Dragons - +0.1 Ranged BTH per dragon shot. Maximum of +20.0 BTH (200 dragons).
    Dragons Gone Wild 2015

  • Defensive Dragon Blade [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]
  • Defensive Dragon Partisan [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]
  • Defensive Dragon Bow [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]
  • Defensive Dragon Staff [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]
  • Defensive Dragon Wand [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

  • James got this. ~Carandor


    Void Takeover (Part 4)

    «On 05 March 2015, Nulgath vacated the Void's spot, which was once again reclaimed by Death... or rather, Death Flair in his fabulous looking robes.»

    Death Flair: WOOOO! To be the man you gotta beat the man! Do you think you have what it takes?
  • Let's do this!
      1 BATTLE: Death Flair
      Full Heal

      «The Death Flair Backstage shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
    • Play again!
    • Guardian Tower!
    • Leave

    Death Flair Backstage

  • Call Death Flair [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]
  • Death Chops [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

  • Released. ~Carandor


    Blarney War 2015!

    Location: Blarney Portal Painting » 2015: Fight for Freedom!

    «You can skip the cutscene at any time.»

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: Hey there, Robina, you said there was something urgent?
    Robina Hood: That's right, Molu. I captured a Leprechaun outside of town, figuring it was one of Sham's scouts.
    «You»: Makes sense, so why'd you call me?
    Robina Hood: Weirdest thing, he asked for you by name, said he needed your help. We've got him tied up in the inn, I'll bring him out to you.
    «You»: Alright, I just hope this isn't one of Sham's... shams.
    Robina Hood: *groan* I'll go get the Leprechaun...

    «Robina enters Yulgar Inn. Shortly after, Robina returns with a Leprechaun tied up in ropes. The Leprechaun speaks.»

    ???: «You»! I'm so glad you're 'ere! None o' these gits would listen to me, good to see someone with some bloody sense around 'ere!
    «You»: Wow, okay, you sure don't sound like any Leprechaun I've ever met before.
    ???: I'm from a town on the borders of the Leprechaun Nation. Name's Lallace.
    Lallace: Our town was trying to defect from the Leprechaun nation, become a sovereign settlement.
    Lallace: But then Sham and his cronies showed up and accused us all of treason! He locked up everyone else, and I barely managed to escape.
    Lallace: I managed to scapa all the way here, since I know you've been a thorn in Sham's side for ages.
    Lallace: Please, Molu, you've got to help me rescue my town!
    «You»: It's a sad story, but how do I know this isn't a tri...

    «In the distance, you can hear Leprechauns and their -tromp-s.»

    Robina Hood: What the heck, it sounds like over a million Leprechauns are out there!

    «Sham and his Leprechaun army enters on a hill overlooking Battleon.»

    Uncle Sham: *Ahem*...
    Uncle Sham: Top o' the morning, peasants of Battleon! Ye have something that belongs ta me. Hand over the traitor and ye'll only have ta give up 95% of yer gold ta us!
    Uncle Sham: Fail ta comply, and we'll have no choice but ta stomp ye into the dirt for harboring an enemy of tha Leprechaun Nation!

    «Back at Battleon's town square...»

    Robina Hood: Well, I guess it wasn't a trick. Should've known that Sham wouldn't be smart enough to try anything that crafty anyway.
    «You»: Any chance to kick Sham's keister is one I'll gladly take.
    «You»: We'll get the main forces to fend off the Leprechaun army, and get the Guardians to help with getting your friends released.
    Lallace: My thanks to ye, «You»! Time to show that git who's boss!

    Blarney War
    Sham has sent a whole army after Lallace, whose town tried to secede from the Leprechaun Nation. In agreeing to aid Lallace, Sham now marches his Leprechaun army against Battleon!
  • To Battle!
  • Guardian Mission!
      Sneak behind enemy lines to help rescue some of Lallace's allies and get a big reward!
    • Go!

      8 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8

      «You uncage some of Lallace's allies from their prison.»

      1 BATTLE: Treasure

      «You return to the war camp.»
  • Past Blarney Rewards! - See rewards from 2014's Blarney War
  • Leprechaun Power Armor! - You have equipped a special Leprechaun Power Armor! It will disappear when you log out.
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal, continue with dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Closes dialogue
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • Potion Bag - Refills your potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
  • Leprechaun Top Hat - You are now wearing a Leprechaun's top hat!
  • Four-leaf Clover - This magical 4-leaf clover just healed you!
  • Robina - Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
  • Robina's Bow - Robina the Ranger will join you in battle!
  • Galanoth - Click on Galanoth's helm if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Galanoth's Helmet - Galanoth the Dragonslayer joins you in battle!
  • Warlic - Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Warlic's Crystal Ball - Warlic will help you in battle!
  • Treasure Chest - If you become a Guardian, Lallace will join you in battle! (Non-Guardians) OR Lallace will join you in battle! (Guardian Only)
  • Leprechauns - +0.1 Ranged BTH per Leprechaun. Maximum of +20.0 BTH (200 Leprechauns).

    To Battle!
    How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Five

    «Non-ENDLESS options: You will now fight «X» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
    «ENDLESS option: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»

    «Each wave comprises 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal. When the war meter hit 100%, the following battles take place.»
      4 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You»: It's over, Sham. Your army's beaten, and we've freed all of the Leprechauns you had imprisoned!
    Uncle Sham: So what? I'm not lettin' that town go! Every town in the Leprechaun Nation pays taxes directly ta me, and I'm not lettin' a single gold go!
    Uncle Sham: I suppose now's the time that ye're going ta rough me up until I change my mind, is that it?
    «You»: Nope.
    Uncle Sham: ...what?
    «You»: See, I don't have to do that this time. In case you hadn't noticed, this time I'M the one with an army behind him.
    Uncle Sham: *gulp*
    «You»: So I'll just let them be the ones to "debate" the terms of the secession agreement. Have fun, everyone!

    «Lallace's army gives chase as Uncle Sham flees from the scene.»

    Lallace: I can't thank you enough, «You». Maybe we can finally be free to live apart from Sham's tyrannical rule.
    «You»: Don't mention it, I'm always up for a good fight, especially one with copious amounts of loot involved.
    Lallace: Heh, you might be more Leprechaun than Human, mate.

    «With the war over, Robina does a debrief with you in the outskirts of Battleon, where a treasure chest is seen lying on the ground.»

    Robina Hood: Excellent work, «You»! Lallace's people have been given the freedom they desired from Sham's rule, thanks to you!
    Robina Hood: Let's kick open that chest and see what rewards it holds. You've earned it, hero!

    «When you click on the treasure chest, you can either choose to "Get War Reward!" or "Skip Reward / Already Have It". The former option opens the Blarney War 2015 shop. After you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Blarney War 2015

  • Clovemore [L. 12, 32, 52, 72, 92, 112, 132]
  • Clovemore Z [L. 32 Z]
  • Clovemore G [L. 132 G, 142 G]

  • Celtic Bow [L. 12, 32, 52, 72, 92, 112, 132]
  • Celtic Bow Z [L. 32 Z]
  • Clovemore G [L. 132 G, 142 G]

  • Celtic Staff [L. 12, 32, 52, 72, 92, 112, 132]
  • Celtic Staff Z [L. 32 Z]
  • Clovemore G [L. 132 G, 142 G]

  • Tartan Shield [L. 12, 32, 52, 72, 92, 112, 132]
  • Tartan Shield Z [L. 32 Z]
  • Tartan Shield G [L. 132 G, 142 G]
  • Released. ~Carandor


    Hostage to Misfortune


    «Scene: Leprechaun Nation»

    Uncle Sham: Me financial portfolio is well on its way t'havin' been ruined by «You» yet again... me luck must not be workin' right!
    Leprechaun: Aye, uncle. Time to brew up more fortuions?
    Uncle Sham: Harvest th' remainder of th' shamrock for the next batch of fortuions. And make it snappy! Delivery's already been delayed due to that incident with Jotter.

    «Sham leaves the scene and returns to his hut in the background. Erebus enters the scene and bumps into the Leprechaun.»

    Leprechaun: Oi matey! Be watchin' where ya go, before I knock ya upside the head wi' me shillelagh!
    Erebus: Sham? Where is Sham? Must warn... someone has reversed the polarity of the neutron flow.

    «Sham's hut suddenly catches fire, taking the Leprechaun that was speaking to Erebus by surprise. The rainbows in the background fade away, revealing a desert. MuttonCutlet and Carpendter enter the scene.»

    MuttonCutlet: The effect has been achieved! Our creator has been captured. Inform Lord ENTROPY.
    Erebus: Apia will not be pleased with your double-dealing, MuttonCutlet.
    MuttonCutlet: Tch. Apia arranged this agreement with ENTROPY, you fool.
    ???: That is not quite correct. It would not do to give false impressions.

    «As the blaze on Sham's hut blows off, Sham exits the roasted hut.»

    Uncle Sham: What in the blazes just occurred?! Why are me shamrocks producing misfortuions instead of fortuions? There is no lemon clover in the batch -- I checked three times!
    ???: That would be me, I'm afraid. I used a bit of Erebus' research against him to reverse the attunement of his magic momentarily.
    ???: The resulting reversal of your own activities was an unfortunate side effect. Well, for you, anyway.
    Uncle Sham: Whaddya mean?!
    ???: Only that the Leprechauns that seem to be perpetually working against you would no doubt find your ill fortune a good omen indeed.
    ???: And also that the effect was exactly what I intended. The shade's obsession had predictable and manipulable results.
    ???: And misfortune and chaos are my bread and butter.
    Uncle Sham: Being as you foreseen this calamity, I hope ye be plannin' on payin' for this mess!
    ???: Tch. You and yours are merely the first round of collateral damage, you insignificant Leprechaun.
    Uncle Sham: I'm gonna find «You»!
    ???: Yes... who will no doubt forget all about your recent activities and rush right to your aid.
    Uncle Sham: This must not stand! Someone must pay!

    «A rainbow appears beneath Sham's feet. Sham crosses the rainbow to find you and the rainbow disappears.»

    ???: Oh... someone will most certainly pay. Someone will pay indeed! For I am ENTROPY and I am rising!
    ENTROPY: MuttonCutlet, transport our prisoner back to the Hall of Memories. The time has come to gain the upper hand in my quest to regain what has been taken.
    MuttonCutlet: Yes, Lord ENTROPY!

    «The scene tunnels towards MuttonCutlet before switching over to Battleon, where Sham is describing his encounter to you.»

    Uncle Sham: ...and the resultin' explosion of misfortuions rendered three hectares an unbloomin' desert!
    «You»: So you decided, "why not distract «You» from his current efforts?"
    Uncle Sham: Eh....
    «You»: "Hope he forgets entirely about what's going on here and run off and do something else!"
    Uncle Sham: Well-- that is-- er--
    «You»: *Sigh* Just what do you expect me to do about it, Sham?
    Uncle Sham: Need I remind you what happened the last time the luck of the Leprechaun Nation was thrown off-kilter?!
    Uncle Sham: Not to mention that this ENTROPY clearly has bad plans afoot!
    «You»: That came from Warlic's shop. What next?
    Yulgar: Ouch! The bloody anvil just fell over onto my foot!
    Aria: How could every single pen latch fail all at once?!
    Uncle Sham: Did I mention th' explosion of misfortuions?
    «You»: *Groan* Fine! Fine, Sham, take me back to the scene of the crime. Let's see what we can find out.

    «While following Sham back, you get intercepted by Transmorphers!»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2
    «You»: What in the world?! Transmorphers!
    Uncle Sham: I DID tell ya that Erebus was involved, aye?
    «You»: Yeah, but you also said that ENTROPY appeared to be?
    Uncle Sham: We better git movin', «You». More're comin'.
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «Over in the Hall of Memories...»

    Erebus: You have what you want. Just what do you intend to do with it?
    ENTROPY: At the moment? To kick a hornets' nest and see what happens. I DO wish for it to be known that I have arrived, after all.
    Erebus: They could hardly miss you. You may have tricked me, but you will never get away with this travesty. I repay ALL who cross me.
    ENTROPY: I will take that risk, shade. I have little fear of you. After all, you fell rather nicely into my hands.
    Erebus: This...
    ENTROPY: And as for you...
    ENTROPY: Oh, but you HAVE gotten just what you deserved, Erebus. Reap what you have sown.
    Erebus: This is unacceptable! You will be stopped, mark me well.
    ENTROPY: Am I to fear you? I know your entire playbook, Erebus.
    ENTROPY: Your time is passed, old man. Flee now to your twittering doves; perhaps they will grant you sympathy.
    ENTROPY: From me you will get none.
    Erebus: ...
    ENTROPY: The shade is silenced? It warms my heart. You, manipulator, have been out-manipulated! ENTROPY is rising; shade best prepare.
    ENTROPY: Oh... and before you become too inspired and plan on selling me out--
    ENTROPY: Do remember just how much of your plans I am privy to. And just how much I am willing to disrupt them.

    «Erebus stays silent.»

    ENTROPY: Perhaps I might just go a little further in my manipulations. Why, I might even call in the attention of that mother of yours....
    Erebus: You would not dare! She would consume you utterly, you fool.
    ENTROPY: Wouldn't I dare, Erebus? You seem to have gotten a distorted notion of just how certain of myself I am--
    ENTROPY: --and just how willing to see it all turn to dust I might be.

    «Erebus fades away from the scene. MuttonCutlet enters.»

    MuttonCutlet: Aww, does our creator have mommy issues?
    ENTROPY: They nearly always do. Have you dispatched the mercenaries to deliver my message?
    MuttonCutlet: Yes, and Lady Apia has moved ahead. All is how you ordered.
    ENTROPY: Well then... let's set out the welcome wagon.

    «The scene fades to black. Back in Battleon, you find Yulgar on his knees.»

    «You»: Yulgar?! What happened?
    Yulgar: A bunch of mercenary thugs came in looking for you. I wouldn't tattle, so they decided to kick me around a bit.
    Yulgar: Don't worry «You», I gave 'em as good as I got. Well, at least 'til that one smacked me with the broadside of his battleaxe from behind.
    «You»: With his broadside? They didn't want to kill you then.... What did they want?

    «Yulgar pulls out a note.»

    Yulgar: To deliver this.
  • Take the note!

    «The note reads:»

    Greetings chosen one,

    Have you seen the armies rising all over
    the world?
    Have you heard the whispers in the wind?
    Can you feel the changes that are coming?
    It has been long since we last
    entangled with one another.
    Know this.
    Those who have done me wrong shall be
    made to make an accounting for the harm
    that they have done.
    Your advice to me on the matter has been
    invaluable and I shall always treasure our
    moments together.
    For it is they that have made me the
    being that I am today.


    «You»: My advice? Just who is this clown?
    «You»: Time to call in the big research, given that this involves Erebus.

    «You leave the scene to seek help. Uncle Sham enters the scene.»

    Uncle Sham: Blacksmith! Where is «You»?! That fool ENTROPY somehow has necromancy an' an army is comin'!

    «Undead Leprechauns appear behind Sham! Sham turns around only to find himself surrounded by them...»

    Yulgar: A bit late I think....

    «Over in Falerin's library...»

    «You»: What do you mean, you have to leave again?! Who is this guy? He clearly knows me and claims we have met before.
    Falerin: I have duties to two different hierarchies now, «You».
    Falerin: As to the question, I have no idea who or what this "ENTROPY" is.
    Falerin: But all signs I have seen point to very, very big trouble. He has bested Webb at manipulation.
    «You»: What?! Who or what could possibly do that? Erebus beat and killed YOU!
    Falerin: Someone very adept at playing games....

    «GraceFang enters the scene and transforms into Cenara. It appears she brought Scion with her.»

    Cenara: «You», there you are! We've been searching for you everywhere!
    «You»: Why? What's going on?
    Scion: Something is happening. Something big.
    Scion: Undead have been spotted well outside of Darkovia, moving from the Leprechaun Nation toward Battleon in large numbers.
    Cenara: What's more, many of the undead are themselves Leprechauns! Which is really strange - their luck generally prevents them from being forced into service as involuntary undead.
    Falerin: So, that is what he took from the shade.
    «You»: ?
    Falerin: Knowledge of how to practice necromancy under the new constraints.
    «You»: Yeah, clearly... but what's he intend to do with it?
    Scion: I don't particularly recommend we wait to let him find out. By now Battleon is already overrun.

    «The scene fades to black as you return to Battleon's aid.»
  • Take Scion as a guest
  • Go Alone

    «Regardless of choice:»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    Scion: Whoever this ENTROPY is, I call h4x.
    «You»: Eitch-for-ecks??
    Scion: No idea. It's something I heard the young Falerin say.
    «You»: Eh.... *ahem* What the heck sort of undead are those?
      2 BATTLES: Necrochaun
      Full Heal after battle #2
    «MuttonCutlet, Bucknoose and Carpendter enter the scene.»

    «You»: MuttonCutlet, Bucknoose, and Carpendter. Why am I not at all surprised? You're behind this!
    Scion: Gotten bored with form armors and playing with undead now? How droll.
    MuttonCutlet: «You», Scion of the Nachtfee. We owe you a beating, as I remember.
    Carpendter: I'm not so sure I have the sole for this, but I guess we really should filet you.
    Bucknoose: That joke was as offal as all of the entrails these defenestrated undead are dragging everywhere.
    Molu: Oh no... let's get them before the puns take over again!
      1 BATTLE: MuttonCutlet
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Bucknoose
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Carpendter
      Full Heal
    «You»: That's the last of the Transmorphers. Now where's ENTROPY?

    «A bandaged Yulgar enters the scene.»

    «You»: Yulgar. Again?
    Yulgar: Tell them to just use the post next time, eh?
  • Take the note!

    «This time, the note reads:»

    Greetings Chosen One,

    Sorry to have missed you today. I am sure
    you understand I am quite busy.

    However, I am sure we will soon have a
    chance to have a chat.

    «The scene fades to black, and the Hostage to Misfortune shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Hostage to Misfortune

  • Skorn [L. 4, 24, 44, 64, 84, 104, 124, 134 | 144 G]

  • Call Scion [L. 4, 24, 44, 64, 84, 104, 124, 134 | 144 G]

  • Necrochaun [L. 4, 24, 44, 64, 84, 104, 124, 134 | 144 G]

  • quote:

    Canyon of Lost Souls

    Location: Travel Map » Travel South » Canyon of Lost Souls

    «Scene: Canyon of Lost Souls»

    You received a message to meet at the Krulder Flats, where the Canyon of Lost Souls is found.

    According to legend, a town once thrived on this very spot, until a great quake created the canyon...

    ...and swallowed the entire town and it's people.

    «You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Hellllooooo!!!! Is anyone here??? I received a message asking me to journey to this place to help someone!

    «A strangely translucent lady fades into the scene.»

    «You»: Uhh... hi there. Are you okay? Someone called me here for a reason... are you Sapho Kuri?
    Sapho Kuri: I am Sapho Kuri, daughter of the High Magistrate. I have been waiting a long time for an answer to my pleas.
    Sapho Kuri: Many seasons have passed since any feeling resembling hope has risen in my heart.
    «You»: Oh my. That must be... sad. Hmmmm, you look kind of pale. Are you feeling okay?
    Sapho Kuri: I am a ghost. My feelings long since gone. So therefore, I cannot truly answer your question.
    «You»: A... GHOST?! Welp it's been great meeting you, I guess I'll be going back to my town then...

    «The faint glow of Sapho Kuri suddenly turns into an angry red!»

    Sapho Kuri: NO! DO NOT LEAVE, «You»!
    «You»: Okay now the ghost is fiery red and yelling at me! I'm just going to bid you a good day and back away slowly.

    «Sapho Kuri eases her emotions. The spirit returns to her original faint glow.»

    Sapho Kuri: Sorry for yelling; I am so lost. You see, my family... my entire town, they're trapped in the dark below.
    Sapho Kuri: I've been stranded on the surface for ages. Seemingly cursed to roam these dark canyons alone.
    «You»: Why is that? As a ghost are you not able to leave the land of the living any time you want?
    Sapho Kuri: Of course, but I cannot leave without my family. Their spirits are being held hostage by a pair of Spectres.
    Sapho Kuri: They feed off of their anguish and pain. Even the Reaper cannot claim the souls the Spectres keep!
    «You»: So you want me to go down there and fight something that even the Reaper is afraid of? I don't want that thing sucking out my soul!
    Sapho Kuri: Please «You»! I need a hero to rescue my family so we may pass on together. Please release them from their torment.
  • Alright I'll do it! - Continues the dialogue below
  • Sorry, I cannot help you. - Returns you to Battleon

    «You take a plunge into the darkness of the canyon. With only the illumination of the moon, you fall further down until you strike the end of the canyon deep below.»

    «You»: (thinking) Ooowwwww! Maybe I should have climbed down instead of jumping. Let's see where this leads.

    «You move further in.»

    «You»: (thinking) Hmmm... no sign of the Spectres, or any ghosts for that matter. This whole place has a very eerie feeling to it.

    «Echoing through the area is HEEELLP UUUSSS! PLLEEEAASSSSE!...»

    «You»: Helllooooooooo. Iiiiiiii can't seeeeee youuuuuu. Tellllll meeeeeeeee where you arrrrrrrrrrrre!
      1 BATTLE
    «You»: (thinking) Guess I need to brush up on my ghost talk. That must have been one of the townsfolk that fell down here long ago. Uh-oh... I hear some shuffling growing louder.
      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
    «You»: (thinking) That is enough! What am I doing? I'm trying to SAVE these people and they're trying to drag me in here to join them?!
  • Keep going! - Continues the dialogue below
  • Leave! - Returns you to Battleon

    «You»: (thinking) No, I cannot let Sapho Kuri down! C'mon «You» you can do this, you are a hero of Lore!
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    «A Ghost enters the scene.»

    Ghost: Pleeease, defeat the Spectres and release us from their control! Something wicked this way comes!

    «The Ghost floats away.»

    «You»: Alright, come and get some, you fiends!
      2 BATTLES: Spectre
      Full Heal
    «You»: (thinking) Huh, I defeated the Spectres but where are all the trapped spirits?

    «A group of spirits enter the scene and rapidly float away.»

    «You»: (thinking) Ahhhh, there they go. Sapho Kuri should now be able to pass on from this realm. Now how am I getting out of here? Looks like I have some climbing to do...

    «Back at the entrance to the Canyon...»

    «You»: *Huff* Sapho Ku-*Wheez*-ri! I have defeated the Spectres and freed your family and all the townsfolk.... *Huff*
    Sapho Kuri: Yes «You», thanks to you, my family and friends have finally been set free from the clutches of those filthy Spectres.
    Sapho Kuri: I am forever in your debt, «You». There is a blade that I found during the eons I have been roaming here. It now holds the spirit of one of the Spectres.
    Sapho Kuri: Please accept it as a token of my gratitude. Now, I bid you well as I leave this realm for another!
    «You»: Farewell, Sapho Kuri. May we meet again someday. Only, may that day be after I've lived a long and happy life devoid of any more spectres!

    «Sapho Kuri fades away, finally able to go in peace. The Canyon of Lost Souls shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Canyon of Lost Souls

  • Soul Carver [L. 2, 22, 42, 62, 82, 102, 122, 132 | 142 G]

  • quote:

    Mimes vs. Clowns
    April Fools!

    «You can skip the cutscene at any time.»

    «Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

    «You»: So you're trying to write Aria an... aria?
    Hans: Um... more of a poem, really.
    «You»: I know, I know - I just did it for the pun.
    «You»: But seriously, I can't think of much that rhymes with "Aria". Have you tried putting her name in the middle of the line?
    Hans: That... might work? I'd have to rewrite the main part. Hmm....
    ???: How about "marry ya"? She's old enough.

    «A clown enters the scene.»

    Hans: *blushes* Nonono, I'm not-- we're--

    «Hans mouth is agape as he sees the clown.»


    «Hans quickly ducks underneath the counter!»

    «You»: Stop right there, demon!
    ???: Hold, «You»! I've come for you, this afternoon, to seek your help!
    Nickelwise: My name is Nickelwise. I am the rockstar leader of my men - Loco's Clowns.
    «You»: I know who you represent! You Clowns have been terrorizing Battleon ever since I can remember!
    Nickelwise: Yes... our kind hasn't gotten along very well--
    «You»: Your kind feed off our fear and confusion! You're horrible demons who do nothing but cause terror for your own purposes! Name me ONE reason why I should help you out!
    Nickelwise: Because of the Truphma.
    «You»: ?!?!

    «Nickelwise begins to narrate his story as the scene changes to a look of The Big Top, the Clowns' tent.»

    Nickelwise: We worship Loco, the demigod of trickery. The Truphma have taken note of our hijinks, and have launched an attack on our temple, The Big Top.

    «The ground near The Big Top turns from a vibrant red to a dull grey, clear evidence of the Truphma's influence.»

    Nickelwise: They aim to burn it to the ground, and worse - the Clowns they kidnap are being transformed into MIMES!

    «The scene returns back to Yulgar's Inn.»

    Nickelwise: We're desperate, «You»! They've got us runnin' round like today was our last day!
    «You»: So you've been haunting us and ruining our lives, and now you want help? Why should I come for you? Why should everyone care?
    Nickelwise: Because the Truphma are a much worse threat to your lives than we are! Surely you agree?
    «You»: Well....

    «You're taken to the most important decision you'll ever make.»

    Twilly: Twilly is scared of Clownses! And of the Truphma! Twilly doesn't know what to do?!

    Which side will you battle for?



    «Depending on the side you select, you proceed to a different war camp.»

      «War scroll if you choose to help the Truphma:»
      The Truphma may be horrible creatures terrorizing your world, but the Clowns are even more horrible demons that have been silently terrorizing Lore for centuries and show no signs of stopping. As much as you hate it, the Truphma are doing the right thing for once, and you're here to help them.
    • To Battle!
    • Re-Select
    • Back to Town

    • Potion Bag - Refills your health potions if you have less than four on hand (Guardian Only).
    • Truphma General - The Truphma General and his band of lifeless, dull men!
      «War scroll if you choose to help the Clowns:»
      The Clowns are on the edge of a revolution, and you've come from far away to save them! Things aren't going to be too bad when you stand together against the Truphma and save the Clowns! What are you waiting for? This means war!
    • To Battle!
    • Re-Select
    • Back to Town

    • Potion Bag - Refills your health potions if you have less than four on hand (Guardian Only).
    • Nickelwise and his clown forces!
    «Twilly says the same thing for both camps, which is:»

    Twilly: I don't know if this is right... but I'll help you either way!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal, continue with dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Closes dialogue
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    To Battle!
    How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Five

    «Non-ENDLESS options: You will now fight «X» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
    «ENDLESS option: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»

    «Each wave comprises 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal, regardless of the camp you fight for. When the war meter for the clowns hit 100%, the following battles take place instead.»
      4 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2, #4

      1 BATTLE: Truphma Mastermime
      Full Heal
    «Color returns to the Clowns' land once again.»

    Nickelwise: You did it! The Truphma are pulling back, all because of you!
    «You»: You know that I'd come through for you. As much as you haunt Lore, you're not a real threat to our existence like the Truphma.
    «You»: Speaking of which... now that I've saved you, how about we talk about that whole "terrorizing Lore" thing?
    Nickelwise: Of course! I'm glad that we can end this with shakin' hands. Now how about some rewards for your heroic effort!

    «Click on the treasure chest and you get to choose between "Get War Reward!" and "Skip Reward / Already Have It". Choosing the former opens the Clowns vs Mimes shop. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Clowns vs Mimes

  • Balloon Blade [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Balloon Blade G [L. 30 G, 150 G]
  • Balloon Blade Z [L. 30 Z, 143 Z]

  • Balloon Bardiche [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Balloon Bardiche G [L. 30 G, 150 G]
  • Balloon Bardiche Z [L. 30 Z, 143 Z]

  • Balloon Baton [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Balloon Baton G [L. 30 G, 150 G]
  • Balloon Baton Z [L. 30 Z, 143 Z]

  • BalloonZard [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • BalloonZard G [L. 30 G, 150 G]
  • BalloonZard Z [L. 30 Z, 143 Z]

  • Released. ~Carandor


    Grenwog Festival 2015


    «You can skip this cutscene at any time.»

    «Scene: Yulgar's Inn. Hans has his left arm wrapped in a bandage while speaking to you.»

    Hans: What happened was, I was thinking of getting Aria some Tiger Lillies.
    «You»: Oooooffff. THAT explains it.
    Hans: And I thought it would be easy! They're FLOWERS!
    Hans: I could both get her a cute pet that she'd love, AND get her some romantic flowers at the same time! I didn't expect them to come at me with claws and fangs!

    «From outside the inn, Zorbak yells:»

    Zorbak: Hey «You»! Get out here! NOW!
    Hans: ... Is that Zorbak?
    «You»: Sounds like him. Anyway, do you need some help? I could go and beat up and trap a few pansies for you.
    Hans: Nah, I'm good. I have a better plan: snapdragons.
    «You»: Like, the pretty flower kind, or the kind that breathes fire?

    «Unhappy that he's being ignored, Zorbak threatens you:»

    Zorbak: Get out here NOW before I start burning the town down!
    Hans: Um... just the flower. I figured the pun would be enough and... hey, shouldn't you go see what Zorbak wants?
    «You»: Nah, we'll be fine. I mean, he's ZORBAK. What's the worst he could do?
    «You»: And it's good that you're just going to pick a few flowers. Galanoth took me hunting snapdragons once and--

    «A rumble shakes the inn.»

    Zorbak: NOW!
    «You»: *Sigh*

    «Outside the inn, you find Zorbak standing beside a pile of eggs.»

    «You»: Alright, you got my attention.
    Zorbak: Good! I need you to get rid of some eggs.... well a lot of eggs. Some Nerfits snuck into my hideout and laid eggs all over the place!
    «You»: ...Huh? Nerfits?
    Zorbak: Yes, horrible little rabbit-things.
    «You»: ...and that's it? Getting rid of eggs?
    Zorbak: I certainly HOPE that this is it! It took me forever to clean out the place!
    Zorbak: Ugh, what IS it with you idiots and garish color schemes like this? Are you TRYING to make me gouge out my eyes, and everyone else's in the process?
    «You»: Hey, don't look at us! Werehare eggs (and apparently Nerfit eggs too) are naturally brightly colored to--
    Zorbak: Does it look like I care?
    «You»: No, but it looks like you're about to leave before I rethink helping you. Hint hint.
    Zorbak: Meh, fine, whatever. Later, loser.

    «Zorbak exits the scene, leaving behind the eggs.»

    Hans: Well that was oddly generous of him! It'll really help the Grenwog Festival this year!
    «You»: Heh. Yeah, I guess we finally get a break.

    «The scene focuses on one of the eggs in the pile Zorbak left behind. The egg hops up and legs burst through from within. The scene fades to black and you are brought to the Grenwog Festival menu. The menu contains the same content as that from Grenwog Festival 2014, with the exception of the following:»
    • You do not lose eggs from leaving the Grenwog Festival area now. You have a chance to lose eggs if you flee from a battle. If you die in battle you lose half of your total number of eggs.
    • You now receive eggs after each monster battle during your Egg Hunt - A message "You loot «X» eggs off the monster!" is shown when this happens.
    • The Permanent Shops have been updated with two new items - Carrot Weapons and Nerfit Pet respectively.
    • All Permanent Shops now also sell the Grenwog Portal Painting.
    • In the Egg Trade! menu, a new option "Find Out Who's Behind This!" is available. This option skips dialogue below, beginning from the point where you confront Zorbak, if you have at least 20,000 eggs on hand. If you do not have that amount, you get the message "Keep searching to find out! You should find out by the time you reach 20,000 eggs!".
    • There is also a random chance after receiving eggs (without battling) to proceed to the dialogue below.
    Valencia: Hey, you're back! Find many eggs?
    «You»: Yeah, a whole bunch! I'm gonna put them in the Guardian Tower with the others!

    «You proceed into the Guardian Tower, where a sizable pile of eggs are already present.»

    «You»: There we go, all safe from the nasty Grenwog!
    ???: *crick crack crick*
    «You»: Huh?!
  • Fight!
      1 BATTLE: Bad Egg
    «After the battle, the entire pile of eggs originally there have vanished!»

    «You»: What WAS that?! It was some kind of... undead... egg?
    «You»: Grr... ZORBAK!

    «Outside Yulgar's Inn...»

    «You»: ZORBAK!

    «Zorbak turns to face you.»

    «You»: You're the one responsible for this, aren't you!?
    Zorbak: Who, me?
    «You»: Yes, you! Those eggs you gave us were tainted and undead!
    Zorbak: How is it my fault you are so gullible? "Oh pwease pwease help me hewo~"
    Zorbak: Nerfits do exist however; they are moody and mean. That with a few of my Bad Eggs are just the thing to squash this horrendous celebration! Meeheheheheh!

    «A Nerfit burrows its way into the scene!»
      2 BATTLES: Nerfit
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Bad Egg
      Full Heal
    «The Bad Egg's insides burst out upon its defeat, spilling its contents on Zorbak.»

    Zorbak: *cough* *COUGH* *gag*
    Zorbak: Eugh! What IS this stuff? It's all...
    Zorbak: It's in my fur! IT'S IN MY BEAUTIFUL FUR! AAAAAAAAH! It better wash out!
    Zorbak: AAAAAAAAH getitout getitout getitout!

    «Zorbak flees from the scene.»

    «You»: Heh. I guess the yolk's on him.
  • Done!

    «You return to the Grenwog Festival menu.»

  • Got this. ~Carandor


    White-Washed Walls

    Location: Battleon » Robina's Archery Shop » Truphma Saga » 12: White-Washed Walls

    The last time we were in the White City, we learned that some people have managed to resist and withstand the transformation. The Changeling, who has yet to recall his name, led you around and showed you what you needed to know. You have received word that he needs to talk to you, that he has new information. You are to meet him outside the City.

    «Scene: Outside White City»

    «You»: (thinking) They are bleeding their contamination everywhere. I know the deserted areas aren't beautiful to some, but this is so much worse.

    «The Changeling enters the scene.»

    Changeling: Greetings, «You». I am glad that you received my message. I have much to tell you.
    «You»: This place looks terrible. I can't believe it is so complete now. I walked through a lot of this blandness before even getting here.
    Changeling: I know. It pains me to watch, but I think what I have to tell you will make you hopeful.
    «You»: Then, please, tell me something to perk me up.
    Changeling: Something is wrong. The Truphma ARE tightly run. NO one missteps. Everyone has their PLACE to be at all times.
    Changeling: But recently, there have been missteps, misunderstandings and miscommunications.
    «You»: Really? These problems are that obvious?
    Changeling: You don't live here, so you wouldn't understand. Problems just don't happen. Nothing. Is. Ever. A. Surprise.
    «You»: How is this affecting the rest of the city?
    Changeling: Many don't know what to do and just try to resume as if it didn't happen. But you can't do that here because everything is done with precision.
    Changeling: Continuing without a proper cue results in trouble. And then that trouble causes more disorder.
    «You»: Oh my.
    Changeling: And to top it all off, Xov Arakue has either been absent, or not herself at all. And that is causing trouble as well.
    «You»: As the leader, so shall be the follower. I've noticed something off too.
    Changeling: That's not all.
    «You»: This is starting to get interesting, so please, continue.
    Changeling: I've learned there are more like me. In the City.
    «You»: I thought people like you were rare and those who are caught are killed.
    Changeling: I can't explain it, but I found a building like... a prison of sorts. They are kept there, like animals.
    Changeling: But... there is something about the building that makes me sick to my stomach when I am near. I don't know what it is, but I don't like it at all.
    «You»: I need to learn more. Time to get bland, huh?
    Changeling: Yes, «You». But, I think you may not get caught this time. The distractions of whatever is going on may give you the freedom you need.
    «You»: So everyone is affected?
    Changeling: No, many are not, so you may have some resistance if recognized. I think, though, you will not find too many willing to look at you twice right now.
    Changeling: The closer to the city you get, the worst the effect is. You may have to fight to get there, but once inside... well, you will understand when you get there.
    «You»: What will you do?
    Changeling: Oh, me? I will be beside you. It won't be like last time.

    «You proceed to change into a Truphma disguise to blend in with the rest.»

    «You»: Then, let's go!
    Changeling: I hate how you look even more now.
    «You»: Good! Now, let's get in there!

    Can your disguise fool the Truphma guards?
    Difficulty: 71
    Stat Used: Charisma

    «If you fail the roll, you encounter 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal. If you succeed, you proceed to the next roll.»

    More acting!
    Oh no, more guards? Can your disguise fool these?
    Difficulty: 71
    Stat Used: Charisma

    «If you fail the roll, you encounter 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal. If you succeed, you proceed to the next roll.»

    This is well-guarded.
    Is your disguise still good enough to bypass more guards?
    Difficulty: 71
    Stat Used: Charisma

    «If you fail the roll, you encounter 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal. If you succeed, you proceed into the heart of White City. Truphma are all around, instead of the usual order and compliance that is expected.»

    Changeling: See what I mean?
    «You»: Yeah... it's like they aren't as driven.
    Changeling: The building where the others are held is towards the east side of town.
    «You»: Then, let's head over there.

    «Over at the east side of White City, you arrive at the building where the captives are held.»

    «You»: That's just creepy. How long has it been like this?
    Changeling: Seems like a long time.

    «Xov can be seen entering the building.»

    «You»: Xov... What does she want with them? It's not like they've suffered enough. I am going to go see what is up.

    «You enter the building with the Changeling. Inside the building, Xov is addressing her subordinates. Changelings can be seen chained to a pillar.»

    Xov: Report.
    Truphma General: It's not what we thought, Lady Xov. Not at all. The results are all over the place.
    Xov: Really? You had assured me that you had this under control.
    Truphma General: The machines are not calibrated for this, my Lady. It's causing issues with the detectors and transformers.
    Xov: Then test HARDER.
    Truphma General: But, that could kill them.

    «From off-screen, you comment:»

    «You»: He... he questioned her?
    Changeling: This is how badly its fallen apart.
    Xov: That is not a concern. Dare you question me?
    Truphma General: No, Ma'am. I was just listing potential results. We will begin immediately.
    Xov: That is better.

    «Xov approaches the chained Changelings.»

    Xov: GET UP!

    «The Changelings do not comply.»

    Xov: I said, GET UP!

    «Xov yanks one of the Changelings up.»

    Xov: Take this one. It's ready.
    Truphma General: Yes, Ma'am.

    «One of the Truphma takes the Changeling into a room on the right, hidden away from view. A bright glow of light spills from the room, screams echoing the hallway. Everything dies down as quickly as it starts.»

    Truphma General: Failed. Recalibrate and ready the machine.
    Xov: If we can't change them, we can at least still use them for our own purposes, right?
    «You»: What... is going on here? I am going in!

    «You enter the scene. A dark figure materializes across the room.»

    ???: Oh no, it isn't going to be that easy, "hero". We are too close. You will not get in the way.
    «You»: Like heck I'm not.
    ???: Such fire! Too bad you are just a mortal with good intentions. Converge!
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Truphma General
      Full Heal
    «Xov and the mysterious figure are nowhere to be seen after the battle.»

    «You»: Cowards!!!!!
    Changeling: They took off while you fought. But, they left behind these who are hurting. Please, can we take them with us?
    «You»: Only if we can get out of here without running into trouble.
    Changeling: The edge of the city is not far. There is a ridge of boulders; we can use them for cover to hide the other Changelings from sight until we can move further.
    «You»: Let's get them there, then. Save who we can. We will be back.
    «You»: She's... experimenting on them. What is going on?

    «The scene fades to black and the White-Washed Walls shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»

    To be continued...
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    White-Washed Walls

  • Truphma Influence [L. 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121 | 141 G]

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    Past Unraveled V:
    Rutan's Reckoned Rule of Semi-Classical Organics

    Location: Today's Event » Past Unraveled part V: Rutan's Reckoned Rule of Semi-Classical Organics!

    «Scene: The Hall of Memories.»

    Abode: I am glad you came, «You». It is fortuitous we even know what I have learned.
    Abode: We owe Erebus a favor for that discovery, although I doubt very much he would appreciate such.
    Abode: Drakath has revealed to me that someone is mucking in my mechanisms. Someone unknown.
    Abode: They go by the name Rutan, or Entropy, but neither appears to be a true title.
    Abode: Erebus learned of it himself but sought to hide it, and so Drakath came to me instead.
    «You»: Drakath seems to be very keen on annoying Erebus. This is the second time he's revealed some plot of that annoying shadow's.
    «You»: How were they mucking about in your mechanisms? Why call me?
    Abode: Falerin is still off-world. Entropy was brazen enough to access Falerin's own memories, but the events concern most closely the memories of a Brilhado named Grimveil.
    Abode: You need to know this. It is critical.
    Abode: I am going to actually create a loop. I am opening a new door on an already open one. You will be viewing someone else previously using my mechanisms.
    «You»: That sounds somehow dangerous.
    Abode: It is. So while within, just play the part as Grimveil originally did as much as possible. Do not in any way interact or change things. We will talk afterward.

    «The Scene changes, and you are now equipped in [link=]Grimveil Form[/link]. Grimveil stands on a plain near the water; it is nighttime.»

    Grimveil: The Brilhado may not have won the war to preserve our arts, but we will rise again.

    «Grimveil raises his hand: a nimbus of magic surrounds it. Toward the right, a strange shadow, ???, encroaches upon the Scene.»

    ???: What a predictably unimaginative response! Why are people such uncreative fools?
    ???: Also, you are about to blow yourself out of creation. That method of attempting necromancy has no stabi...

    «From the shadow, a Shadow Zard and a Shadow Gogg emerge.»

    ???: ... oh for pity's sake.

      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

    «A tendril of shadow reaches out and slaps Grimveil, who lowers his hand as the magic dissipates.»

    ???: Do try to exterminate us on your own time, Grimveil? We have more pressing matters.
    Grimveil: Matters? Like what? Who are you?
    ???: Had you any sense, while the Chosen and their hangers-on were fighting you would have lain waiting to set... other plans... in motion.
    Grimveil: I DID. I was in Darkovia during the war!
    ???: While I can barely believe that, my research tells me that your words are true.
    Grimveil: Who are you? Why do I--
    ???: You are a friend, so you can call me Rutan. To the rest of the world, I am ENTROPY.
    ENTROPY: What is equally obvious and true however is that you have made no progress in your studies. Nor have you learned anything from the experience.
    ENTROPY: But! I have used my connections and have access to something that can assist.

    «The outline of a doorway is carved into the Scene.»

    Grimveil: The Loremaster's hall? He will detect us!
    ENTROPY: Will he, then? You are SO unimaginative. No, he won't, and the Abode itself will not.
    ENTROPY: Long have I been preparing. His ignorance has been assured by those even more contemptible than you.
    Grimveil: I do not see what you hope to gain by prodding at those events, Ru... no, not Rutan. I do not know you to be a friend, and I reckon I will stick with your public title.
    Grimveil: *ahem* I do not see what you hope to gain by prodding at those events, ENTROPY.
    ENTROPY: I seek to help you learn what you will, Grimveil. Not that it will change your fate. Or mine.
    Grimveil: What fate?
    ENTROPY: Entropy is the fate that awaits us all. Now go. Relive that which you have forgotten.

    «The Scene spirals and is enclosed by the outline of a doorway, which then disappears.»

    Construction site of the new Temple of Hope - Deren

    «Scene: Construction site of the new Temple of Hope. Diviara speaks to Myr.»

    Diviara: How goes the progress on the statue of The'Galin?
    Myr: More slowly than I would like. I'm still not certain of this placement for the main statue. I think we may need to move them together in a larger alcove.
    Myr: Worse, the Sun and Shadowstone deliveries from Stone Deep are delayed...
    Myr: ... and the Shadow Knights tell me the Vandarian Council is charging a massive excise tax.
    Diviara: Against Deren? But we are their ally now!
    Myr: No, against me. I used to date the assessor's sister. Long story...
    Diviara: (thinking) And here I thought that with so many Vandarian imports, having a Vandarian in the construction would smooth the process! What am I doing here?
    Diviara: What am I doing here?
    Myr: You are far too distracted to work, Brilhado; you should join your son in Darkovia.
    Diviara: (thinking) He seems irritated. I must have been more distant than I thought.
    Grimveil: What is ENTROPY on about?! This is NOT my history. Is this some game?
    Myr: Your moping about here actually is hindering rather than aiding my progress. I can hold the fort here until you return.
    Diviara: Why bother? I can see the war from here.
    Myr: Because, von Krieger and Obsidia are there.
    Diviara: What's the point? I would just be blowing hot air. They seem quite determined in their course.
    Diviara: Obsidia will not be happy that we refused her summons to begin with, and von Krieger wouldn't even see me, no less listen to me.
    ???: He is right, you know.

    «Drakath enters.»

    Drakath: I know Artix all too well. He can be quite single-minded.
    Myr: Hello, Prince Drakath. Do you really think so?
    Drakath: I know so.
    Diviara: Unfortunately, so do I.
    Drakath: Of course, Brilhado, were I you, I would heed the architect's advice anyway.
    Diviara: Really? And why, pray tell?
    Drakath: Your son is there. He is bound to be caught in the crossfire.
    Diviara: Point taken. But I have duties to the crown... and to you.
    Drakath: Neither will have gone anywhere in your absence. I, like Myr, am eager to get out from under your thumb, and the king understands family.

    «Tralin enters.»

    Tralin: I certainly do.
    Myr and Diviara: Your Highness!
    Tralin: I seriously regretted not being at Stone Deep when my father died. I would not have you risk the same fate. Go, Diviara.
    Diviara: (thinking) He nearly killed himself with that metanoia potion. Regret is an understatement.
    Diviara: Were you a lesser man, you might say it would be my just desserts.
    Tralin: Do not be ridiculous!! You are my friend. What happened there was lifetimes away.
    Drakath: And you are NOT a lesser man.
    Diviara: No. He is not.
    Diviara: Indeed he is not. Why do I have the feeling the three of you planned this all along?
    Myr: ♪*whistles*♫
    Drakath: I am sure I have no clue what you are on about.
    Tralin: Whatever gave you that idea?
    Diviara: Call it a hunch.
    Tralin: Well, you HAVE been uselessly moping around the castle for three days...
    Tralin: That might make one think something had to be done. Go and witness history, even if this once you are not to be a part of it, my friend.
    Tralin: Now, Myr... about your friend in the Vandarian Trade Guilde...
    Myr: *gulp*

    «Scene fades to grey.»

    ENTROPY: Of course, he was wrong. All are part of history, and all are pulled by ENTROPY toward their fate.

    «Scene: Battleon during the Necromancer vs. Paladin war. Grimveil is still in the role of Diviara.»

      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

    Diviara: I am sorry. What was it you were saying?
    Amilara: I said, I expect Cagliari back with a report at any moment.

    «Cagliari runs in, pursued by Paladins.»

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    Amilara: How goes the war, soldier?
    Diviara: Ouch. You might have chosen a more fortunate analogy, Amilara.
    Amilara: Maybe. But the results of these actions are quite plain.
    Cagliari: Quite so.
    Cagliari: Losses are close on all sides, but at the moment the Paladin Order seems to be being karmically rewarded for their instigation of this affront.
    Diviara: The Commander-- watch out!

      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

    Diviara: *ahem* The Commander must be thrilled.
    Cagliari: He is... less than enthusiastic.
    Cagliari: How ironic it would be for our own Order to succeed where Father Dhows failed.
    Cagliari: But he sees the fighting as an inevitable result of--
    Diviara: What in the world was that?!
    Cagliari: I beg your pardon?
    Amilara: I felt it, too.
    Amilara: Cagliari, direct your friends and those who remain loyal to fall back to Darkovia and taken no further part in this senseless folly.
    Cagliari: My friends, perhaps, but I will stay at your side.
    Diviara: No, my son is right. Cagliari, you NEED to fall back!
    Cagliari: Why? Amilara would never turn from me in an hour of need; I shall not do so now.
    Amilara: We need to go to the front, Cagliari, and that would not be a safe place for you.
    Cagliari: And do you think the paladins fighting there will slow long enough to recognize that the two of you are not enemy Brilhado, either
    Diviara: A fair enough point, Cagliari, except that you are talking about Amilara and I. We can keep them at bay with the Cold alone if it came to that, and I do not intend for it to get that far.
    Diviara: On the other hand, if you were there, my son would just be worried for your well-being.
    Diviara: In other words-- and I say this not to be inconsiderate but ratehr with genuine affection--
    Diviara: -- your being there puts Amilara at greater risk than any aid you can offer. You are a liability.
    Cagliari: Put like that, I suppose you are right.
    Amilara: He is very right, friend. You know me very well. I could not rest for a moment. I would not be on my toes.
    Amilara: More fighting. Hold on...

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    Cagliari: If you are both sure...
    Diviara: We are very sure, Cagliari. Sound the retreat, and good luck.
    Cagliari: And good luck to you as well.

    «He leaves.»

    Amilara: You were thinking that we may need it, weren't you?
    Diviara: Something very definitely is wrong.
    ENTROPY: Of course, had Amilara known what was actually coming, and just how wrong things were getting, he might have kept Father Lux much closer to home.
    ENTROPY: Not that such would have spared any of them. It is an unstoppable force.
    Grimveil: What?
    ENTROPY: ENTROPY cannot be denied.

    «ENTROPY's shadow covers the corner of the Scene, and then the entire Scene goes dark.»

    ENTROPY: Now let us see what it was you were doing at the time.

    «Scene: Brilhado Gate Necromancer's Fortress, Eastern Deren.»

    Grimveil (Past Self): There are those who will tell you that now is the time to fall back, to rest upon our laurels.
    Grimveil (Past Self): Those who will state that the Order of Mysterious Necromancers’ guidance is suspect. Their purpose, manipulation.
    Grimveil (Past Self): They are, of course, correct: the Order of Mysterious Necromancers offers us nothing in the long run but deception.
    Grimveil (Past Self): They were founded on a lie, and their goals are their own advancement. In the end, the time will come for us to cast off the yoke of these would-be leaders…
    Grimveil (Present Self): (thinking) I remember this clearly, ENTROPY. What is the point of this?
    ENTROPY: If you would learn what I have to teach you, Brilhado, then observe.
    Grimveil (Past Self): But I tell you, these individuals who cling to the tatters of diplomacy as if somehow they could will peace into existence...
    Grimveil (Past Self): ... are no better leaders for the Brilhado than those cloaked magi who hide their acts behind the image of another!
    ENTROPY: You were inspiring! Shortsighted and driven by your arrogance, but inspiring.
    Grimveil (Past Self): These pacifists act not out of vision, but out of fear. The world of Lore is changing.
    Grimveil (Past Self): Faced with such a change and the uncertainty that comes along with it, these diplomats would run and hide like the Drakel of old...
    Grimveil (Past Self): ... who in the hope that they could hide from the Uncreator’s passing, took to the mountains for 1000 years.
    Grimveil (Past Self): My father led the Brilhado in the wake of such a ruler. I’ve seen directly the results of such cowardly guidance…
    Grimveil (Past Self): ... and it is the very same deposed leader whose counsel now suggests that we should turn aside from this conflict.
    Grimveil (Past Self): Were the wishes of the Celegra family realized, the Brilhado would be reduced to an afterthought, a footnote, on the pages of history.
    Grimveil (Past Self): Worse, the very creature that slew my father offers the Drakel king guidance at the hand of that same family!
    Grimveil (Past Self): Diviara Celegra may be loyal to the Uncreator, but he is a traitor to the Brilhado, to our people, to our culture, and to our history!
    Grimveil (Past Self): And his son Amilara is an apostate who would lead us in a different war entirely...
    Grimveil (Past Self): ... a civil war from within, seeking to liberate the very creatures who owe their continued existence to our intervention, but who ungratefully shove us away!
    Grimveil (Past Self): The rightful place of our kind is as the rulers of this weak and failing world!
    Grimveil (Past Self): Not as afterimages barely able to hold on to their own light, no less lead their new creation and bring life and light to that darkness!
    Grimveil (Past Self): Remember, we did not create this war, and those who say that we are equally culpable in rising to the bait of our aggressors are engaged in a subterfuge.
    Grimveil (Past Self): We respond to threats on our very way of living; not responding to such aggression is the same as acquiescence to the aggressor...
    Grimveil (Past Self): ... and I tell you that such action will never stand!
    Grimveil (Past Self): It is the Paladins who brought this new calamity upon our heads, and it is the Paladin Order who must pay the levy and tariff that is due for such actions.
    Grimveil (Past Self): There are those who are calling now for an election among our people.
    Grimveil (Past Self): Who would defy the record and wishes of our late great ruler, Shroudbrood, my father, in selecting his own replacement?
    Grimveil (Past Self): Who would add to this conflict, a battle of succession?
    Grimveil (Past Self): Have we not faced enough in this unprovoked war, on our very livelihoods without adding internal drama to the conflict?
    ENTROPY: And yet you were unable to hold all of this together... why?
    Grimveil (Present Self): (thinking) The ley lines were disrupted. Nothing I said here ultimately could stand against changes to the fabric of magic itself.
    ENTROPY: Is that so? I think another cause at play.
    Grimveil (Past Self): Mark me well! Down that pathway lie the bones and ashes of our enemies!
    Grimveil (Past Self): The people of Vandar ruled via acclamation, and their rulership created the very foundations that the Brilhado used to reclaim our foothold in this world.
    Grimveil (Past Self): Ask yourself: what is being sought in such a call?
    Grimveil (Past Self): Why might the Celegras and those like them wish to interfere with the orderly and proper succession of the Brilhado people?
    Grimveil (Past Self): I say unto you, it is no wonder that Diviara Celegra would support such a course!
    Grimveil (Past Self): It is no wonder because he, as a Wearer of the Mantle, used just such a tyranny of the majority, to control Vandar, Neld, and ultimately Deren!
    Grimveil (Past Self): Celegra is no better than a hypocrite, and he will use just such an illusion of choice to guide our people, not into glory...
    Grimveil (Past Self): ... but into the faded memories of the past that he offers as a false hope of the world to come!
    Grimveil (Past Self): We know that that which has fallen does not simply rise again, but that which has fallen can be made to rise via the very arts we have mastered for so long.
    Grimveil (Past Self): We must stand strong! The Brilhado must respond to any threat to our sovereignty and authority with unflinching determination and single-minded perseverance!
    Grimveil (Past Self): We must see through false promises and hopes and build a future based upon the glory of our past station rather than on the memories of a world long since lost to us.
    Grimveil (Past Self): Grimveil, the rightful leader of the Brilhado people and general of her necromancers, has spoken.

    «Scene fades to grey.»

    Grimveil: I know all of that. I know what happened. You are wasting my time.
    ENTROPY: You know NOTHING. You know but a single view on a larger picture. Blinded by ignorance, you are a fool, son of Shroudbrood. NOW LISTEN TO ME OR PERISH.
    Grimveil: Do you threaten me?
    ENTROPY: On the contrary, foolish child, you threaten yourself with your untamed games. I see you question my power, though.
    ENTROPY: I will now use the hall to show you what the powers themselves know. I shall reveal to you things you could never have known.

    «Scene: Cagliari Lux stood at the edge of Darkovia looking out into the world beyond. For the moment, the war situation seemed to have abated near this front.»

    Cagliari: (thinking) It is not merely undead that come. Whether the living Darkovians come in support of the undead or fleeing for their own reasons, I cannot say.
    Cagliari: (thinking) But the refugee camp is rapidly spilling past its borders, and will need to be expanded again in another day or so at this rate.

    «Kid Fal enters.»

    Cagliari: Good evening, Loremaster.
    Kid Fal: Good evening, Brother Lux.
    Cagliari: With respect, Loremaster, why are you here? I was under the distinct impression that the Pantheon was maintaining a policy of strict neutrality in these affairs.
    Kid Fal: I have never been one to sit around idly. My fellows can make all of the proclamations they want, and the official position does indeed remain one of non-interference...
    Kid Fal: but I have taken the position, supported by those same individuals, that the non-interference paradigm is restricted to the actual conflict.
    Kid Fal: This camp, therefore, is outside of the matter, and I have received calls seeking aid.
    Cagliari: It must take a particular individual to contact you.
    Kid Fal: Once, maybe. I have been a bit less than secretive about my home number and address of late, though. Oddly enough, my requests for aid come from two very disparate sources.
    Cagliari: Lady Cenara and her half-brother?
    Kid Fal: No. That may have been unusual, but it hardly would have been odd, given the fact that Lady Cenara and Lord Donovan both have a standing agreement with me.
    Kid Fal: Interestingly, neither party has asked me for aid in these events. I think they both know that my taking a direct hand would be problematic.
    ENTROPY: Note, Grimveil, the impugnity with which I access these memories? He has no awareness of this.

    «Erebus appears.»

    Erebus: Who are you, Brilhado, and how are you mucking about with my own backdoors?
    ENTROPY: Blasted, the Shade would notice, wouldn't he? Well, you are no part of this business, Shade. You were not even on Lore. These events do NOT concern you.
    Erebus: You?! I... see. Up to your OWN games, are you, then? And just what is your cause?
    ENTROPY: My cause is ENTROPY. And you will not interfere, or I will unveil the mechanism of your access to the Loremaster myself.
    Erebus: Oh, such nastiness. No need. I am interested in observing what you seek to create.
    Erebus: But more transmorphers are coming. They are not in my control, so you will need to make it through.

    «He disappears.»

    ENTROPY: Blast! Deal with the creatures, Grimveil.

      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

    Falerin: My requests come from one of the higher members of the Paladin Order, the Paladin Coueraservi, and a very particular necromancer, Amilara Celegra.
    Falerin: You know both parties, I think?
    Cagliari: Coueraservi sought your aid in this conflict? And what did he seek?
    Falerin: The same thing that Amilara Celegra did, actually, which is actually why I have responded.
    Cagliari: The same thing?
    Falerin: The protection of the people who have been seeking shelter here from being caught in the crossfire.
    Falerin: Those who have gathered under the banner of one of the various lords and ladies who rule this region have their own protection...
    Falerin: ... but those who have taken up shelter here can turn to neither Donovan nor Cenara, neither Constantin nor Safiria.
    Falerin: Your comrades here, Cagliari, are the only true innocents in this conflict, and neither Commander Coueraservi nor Amilara wishes to see you caught in the inevitable crossfire.
    Cagliari: Amilara, I can understand, but why would Coueraservi involve himself in this way
    Cagliari: Especially knowing that it might be considered an act of treason by some within his order?
    Falerin: I cannot begin to speculate on the motives of the man. I can only say that those motives are genuine.
    Falerin: Perhaps Coueraservi shares more with Commander Paladin than their station or strikingly familiar appearance.
    Cagliari: They do look quite similar...
    ENTROPY: More interlopers, Grimveil. That Shade may not be stopping us, but his presence has stirred the infestation.

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    Falerin: Commander Paladin himself is bound by the same non-intervention that the others are.
    Falerin: It is a risk that the Lady even allows you to be involved, but she knows that this is your direct home, that these are your people.
    Falerin: What happened in Luminovia is long ago, but what has happened to you here is very fresh indeed.
    Cagliari: Yes, I suppose so. I guess I can understand Coueraservi’s motivation, but it seems he takes a grave risk in making such a proclamation publicly.
    Falerin: Unquestionably, there are those in the order who would disagree with his choice.
    Falerin: Very few in the order would dare impugn his motives. After what Coueraservi suffered for the order, he is viewed as ‘entitled’ to his eccentricities.

    «Lady Morimas enters.»

    Cagliari: (thinking) I see my Lady of Light, like the Caelestian, was fully prepared to skirt the boundaries of the non-intervention order.

    Brilhado Lich: “The Barrier is weak at Quadrant 3, Sector 7, and at Quadrant 4, Sector 9. Are you certain we cannot simply do estate transference as before?
    Falerin: I am certain.

    «Kid Fal transforms briefly to Loremaster Falerin, and then to Muscles Falerin.»

    Muscles Falerin: Very certain, Lady Morimas. Given my own direct involvement in the Lorian pantheon...
    Muscles Falerin:... transport of large numbers of Darkovian undead and random Darkovian creatures into Caelestia for an unknown duration...

    «Muscles Falerin transforms into Falerin's human form.»

    Falerin: It would raise questions I would be unable to answer. Many would consider it a direct violation of the Farpoint.
    Falerin: And learning that I did so with the sufferance of Lorithia, but not with her authorization, would only increase those tensions.
    Cagliari: Why?
    Falerin: I assume that the answer is because he fought beside many of you in Donovan’s action.
    Falerin: He even fought against many of you, which is bound to have a lasting impact on someone as introspective as Coueraservi.
    Cagliari: No, I do not mean that. I mean, why are you doing this? Why are any of you involved?
    Lady Morimas: You have aided us before.
    Falerin: And Cagliari, you know very well that war makes for strange friends.
    Cagliari: That is not an answer. You know something about this that you are not sharing.

    «Falerin shifts into his Lanfiré form in a manner somehow quite distinct from the lazy shifting that had come before it.»

    Falerin: If that were so, Cagliari, how would your asking aid the situation in any manner, shape, or form?
    Falerin: In fact, how would your asking do anything, other than to draw unnecessary attention to the fact that…

    «Giliara Celegra enters.»

    Falerin: Hello, Gil...

    «Falerin returns to his Loremaster form.»

    Giliara: Hello, Fal. And why, if it isn’t Cagliari Lux! Hello, my old friend!
    Cagliari: (thinking) Just what is this?
    Cagliari: (thinking) That Giliara is present can only mean that the Lady of Light is taking a firm and direct hand in these matters.
    Cagliari: (thinking) Commander Paladin was excluded and so instead, she sends one of her most direct servitors?
    Cagliari: (thinking) And given Giliara's status, he is one even more likely to be perceived as being her direct meddling in the affairs occurring here. Why would she do that?
    Giliara: I had to be sure neither of my relations was present before landing here. I have been forbidden from direct contact with my brother or nephew in this event.
    Giliara: Nor can I aid directly aid or proffer assistance to either side of the warring parties. My attention is instead focused on the plight of my people, and those of the undead.
    Cagliari: The plight of your people?
    Lady Morimas: The Brilhado-- all Brilhado, and not merely the necromancers-- have been affected by this war, and in its aftermath, they stand to be affected even more surely.
    Lady Morimas: My purpose in regard to them is simple. I was the first Brilhado Communicant of the Lady since the Fall.
    Lady Morimas: With the changing face of Lore, we expect others may soon follow my lead; I am to aid the passage of those of our kind who would seek service under the Lady in Aloria.
    Cagliari: The changing face of Lore? [NOTE: This line was accidentally dropped. Dialogue fix to be uploaded for next week. The above "error" is intended. ~IMR]
    Giliara: !!!
    Falerin: *Shakes head* Be silent, Giliara. We cannot. He is too involved. Besides, your brother is on the front this very moment. They will learn.
    Giliara: ... I see. Tell my brother and nephew that I miss them; it has been too long since either of them has visited Aloria.
    Cagliari: You really intend to keep what it is you know secret.
    Falerin: We have said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too--
    ENTROPY: Bah, the transmorphers are interfering with the replay. Deal with them.

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    Falerin: We have said too much. Cagliari understands that they will be depending on him. That is the best we can do.
    Lady Morimas: Yes, I suppose so. Giliara, we must depart.
    Giliara: Time to leave, Cagliari. Send my regards to everyone!

    «All but Cagliari disappear.»

    Cagliari: Just what in the worlds is going on here?!

    «Scene fades to darkness. We return to Grimveil in the "present."»

    Grimveil: A fair question: just what is going on? Why show me this?
    ENTROPY: It formed the backdrop. It showed the willingness of the powers to flaunt the rules. And it was here that Cagliari was attacked.
    ENTROPY: He sought to aid some young undead and the Paladin Xander captured him and beat him to near death, disassembling him and crushing his skull.
    ENTROPY: Yet it was YOU, Grimveil, who ultimately saved him! Though you tried to profit from that, didn't you?
    Grimveil: I did. I tried to demand his cooperation in return for healing him. When he refused... I left him to his fate.
    Grimveil: Though I did toss his skull into the underbrush so that it would not be further harmed.
    ENTROPY: What changed your mind? Why did you ultimately choose to save Cagliari Lux rather than leaving him to harm, Grimveil?
    Grimveil: You would like it to be some greater profit motive, no doubt? The debt Amilara Celegra might owe me, perhaps? It was nothing of that sort, Rutan.
    Grimveil: I saved Lux because I realized what letting him die would make me become...
    ENTROPY: Would your father have acted in that fashion, Grimveil?
    Grimveil: No. He would have killed Lux himself or enslaved him using his necromancy when he refused cooperation.
    ENTROPY: So you acted in a manner quite different than your father did?
    ENTROPY: Could it be that your father is the very thing you feared becoming?
    ENTROPY: Yet here you are now, experimenting with very dangerous magics in order to restore your father's legacy.
    ENTROPY: Do you suppose such inconsistency in your actions makes you "deep", Grimveil? It does not. It merely makes you erratic.
    ENTROPY: Make no mistake. I know something about the subject. The very war that tears apart your people now, I am encouraging from the sidelines. I am no friend of the Brilhado.
    Grimveil: If you seek the destruction of my people, then why in the world are you trying to aid me?
    Grimveil: What is your goal in this, ENTROPY? Why are you seeking to alter my course?
    ENTROPY: It is very simple, really. I desire to survive long enough to bring my plans to fruition, and your efforts are so dangerous that they could destroy us all.
    Grimveil: You openly admit to wishing my people harm, and that your efforts to stop me here are not for my benefit but for your own...
    Grimveil: ... and yet you expect me to trust a word you say?
    ENTROPY: Not at all. I expect you to completely mistrust everything I say. And if you knew half of what I will bring, you would mistrust me even more.
    ENTROPY: But I speak the truth, and the truth is shown by the mechanism the Loremaster has in place.
    ENTROPY: Your trust is not required. I merely require enough common sense on your part to realize that your own well-being is served by listening to me in this instance.
    ENTROPY: Of course, if you prove to have little, I will resort to more potent methods to enforce my will here.
    Grimveil: NOW you are threatening me.
    ENTROPY: See... I knew you were a smart boy.
    ENTROPY: Another is coming. I trust you can handle yourself, Grimveil?

    «Drakath enters.»

    Drakath: You are Grimveil? The son of Shroudbrood the Undying?
    Grimveil: Yes.
    Drakath: I am--
    Grimveil: I know you are. Why have you come to me? You must know what I think of you.
    Drakath: I come because...
    Drakath: In truth, I do not really know why. Erebus intends this as a manipulation almost assuredly. He sent me and he told me to kill you if you would not hear me.
    Grimveil: That seems apt enough for the Shade. He was recently here.
    Drakath: Erebus was here? Then why still send me?
    Grimveil: To manipulate you, too, no doubt. What is it that you want to say?
    Drakath: I've come because what you are attempting is very dangerous.
    Drakath: And because I do not want you to be any more manipulated than I myself have been.
    Grimveil: Go on.
    Drakath: You are willing to listen to me?
    Grimveil: This is turning out to be a very strange day.
    Grimveil: And I realize in retrospect I have no great love for my father anyway. Rather, only a desire to preserve what I cannot hold onto.
    Grimveil: Nonetheless, I will regain my necromancy. I assure you of that.
    Drakath: Perhaps, but the means you wish to employ now are the height of folly. There are other who may aid you in a far less destructive course.
    Drakath: So you will hear me out?
    Grimveil: Just now, I think perhaps I am willing to listen to anything. I won't promise I won't try to kill you the second you are done.
    Grimveil: But I will hear you out, Prince of the Slugwrath family. Speak, then. Also tell me all you know of the shade Erebus, and of a man who calls himself Rutan.

    «You return as yourself to the Hall of Memories.»

    Abode: So what do you make of it, «You»?
    «You»: Manipulations on top of manipulations. My head is spinning. I can hardly tell who is manipulating whom.
    «You»: I can't help but feel that I'm being manipulated in all of this as well.
    Abode: A real possibility. So how do we proceed?
    «You»: Very cautiously. Have you informed Falerin of this?
    Abode: Not yet. As I said, he is still off-world.
    «You»: Well, let him know. Something very wrong is going on.

    «Scene fades.»
    Past Unraveled V

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    Big Trobble on Little Syna

    Location: Today's Event » Big Trobble on Little Syna: Bizarre encounter!

    «Scene: The Red Betty»

    Captain Rhubarb: What I'd like to do today is get ye version of what happened.

    Floyd's dialogue is translated from Meep-Meep to Battleonian Common.

    Floyd: You mean the truth.

    «Throughout the ensuing conversation, the perspective of the Scene shifts to face the speaker.»

    Captain Rhubarb: Of course. First, just state ye name and occupation for the record.
    Floyd: Floyd, deckhand and part-time cannonball.
    Captain Rhubarb: Now, before w' get to th' meat of this thing, do ya at the present time 'ave any knowledge o' th' whereabouts o' «You»?
    Floyd: Oh please, will you leave him alone?
    Captain Rhubarb: Floyd, please, ye could be in a great deal of trouble. Half an island explodes in a ball of green flame. Green flame!
    Captain Rhubarb: Chaos be breakin' loose here! And there be people that say ya might be involved, that ya might be responsible, that ya be a very dangerous trobble.
    Captain Rhubarb: Now, if you're protecting «You»--
    Floyd: You leave «You» alone! We are in his debt! He showed great courage.
    Captain Rhubarb: As yer captain, there still be somethings I be needin' to know that still don't make any sense to me. Like... do ya believe in magic?
    Floyd: You mean Trobble black magic? Yes, absolutely.
    Captain Rhubarb: How can I know that, Floyd?
    Floyd: How?
    Captain Rhubarb: Arrrr! Yes, how? Help me out here!

    «Floyd opens his eyes wide, and great sparks of Energy fly from them.»

    Floyd: See? That was nothing.
    Floyd: But that's how it always begins... very small.

    Somewhere deep in the Greenguard Forest...

    «Scene: Greenguard Forest. The ground is littered with dead forest creatures, and you are just finishing off another one.»

    «You»: I swear, this Forest gets more infested with monsters every day! A hero's work is never done.
    «You»: You can't even trust the bushes around this place.
    «You»: Sounds like trouble. I'd better investigate!

    «Scene shifts to the right, where a trobble is help captive by two Bigfoots... er, Bigfeet?»

    ???: Thank goodness! I am in need of assistance! I believe these foul beasts have mistaken me for a toy!
    «You»: I see. You there, furry creature! Drop that trobble!

    «The Bigfeet turn.»

    Bigfoot: OUR WOOBY!

      2 BATTLES: Bigfoot
      Full Heal

    «You»: Man, are you glad that I brought my Trobble Amulet so that I can understand you!
    ???: My thanks to you, hero! What is your name?
    «You»: «You». What are you doing way out here? This place is dangerous.
    Floyd: They call me Floyd. I am on my way to Lolosia to pick up my bride-to-be, and wanted to pick her the perfect flowers.
    Floyd: Well, I "was" on my way until those big fur heaps decided to snatch me up.
    «You»: You couldn't have picked a safer place to pick flowers?!
    Floyd: Oh, she is no ordinary trobble, «You»! Not only does she hold my heart, but she has green eyes. Very rare.
    «You»: Sounds like you could use an escort, Floyd. Lolosia isn't too far from here.
    Floyd: Many thanks, «You». I have not seen my love, Ti Mae, in ages and am both excited and nervous about our wedding.
    «You»: Well, I love a good happy ending. Let's get going!

    «Scene: Lolosia»

    Floyd: Ti Mae, my love! So good to finally see you again!
    Ti Mae: Floyd darling, oh, how I have missed you!

    «Ti Mae starts to walk toward Floyd, but two other Trobbles wearing black and white glasses enter and push her back.»

    «You»: What the...
    Floyd: Oh no, it's the Trobbles of Death street gang!
    «You»: What are they doing here?!
    ???: I believe I can answer that...

    «A very old and shriveled Trobble enters on a card pushed by another member of the Trobbles of Death.»

    Floyd: To Pan!
    To Pan: Indeed it is I, coming for my new bride!
    «You»: What's your problem, pal? You don't just wheel in here and kidnap trobbles!
    To Pan: My problem is this body, this body is my tomb.
    To Pan: A young man, a king, a warrior, was entombed in this old trobble's crippled body 2000 years ago. And all I need is a woman.
    To Pan: A special kind of woman with dragon-green eyes to make me whole and young again. So that I may rule the universe from beyond the grave.
    To Pan: A girl with green eyes, a girl brave enough to quench the Blazing Blade.
    «You»: I'm supposed to believe this nonsense? 2000 years and he can't find a gal to fit the bil?
    «You»: C'mon, To, you must be doing something seriously wrong.
    To Pan: Enough! I have waited eons for this day. You will not stop me now.
    «You»: Not so, To. You'll be rolling out of here disappointed.
    To Pan: No, it is *you* who will taste the bitterness of disappointment.

    «To Pan's eyes glow with power as a great blast of power streams toward you from his mouth.»

    Floyd: Don't look, «You»!

    «The beam dissipates.»

    «You»: Ahhhh, I'm blind! I can't see anything!
    To Pan: Well that's what you get! Thunder, take her to my island and begin preparation for the ritual.

    «A Trobble zaps into the Scene from above and exits the same way, taking Ti Mae.»

    «You»: Wait, what's happening? I heard thunder.
    Floyd: One of To Pan's goons took Ti Mae!
    To Pan: Hahahaaa, that's right! Let's go-- I have a wedding to get ready for... then ETERNAL LIFE!

    «The Trobbles of Death leave.»

    To Pan: Bah! Wait, you fools! I lack the appropriate limbs to operate this chair!

    «One returns to wheel To Pan away.»

    «You»: Don't worry, «You», the blindness is temporary.
    Floyd: To Pan must be going back to his palace on the island of Syna. We have to stop him!
    «You»: Yes... and once I can see again I'll get right on that.
    Floyd: Some water splashed in the eyes should bring your vision back. We can chase after him in this ship.

    Near the coast of Syna island...

    Floyd: There it is, To Pan's palace! That's where that wretched trobble has taken my love.
    «You»: Yeah, this guy is a model for evil. He has his own island and everything. Well, those rice paper doors won't hold us back!
    Floyd: No, «You», it won't be that easy. To Pan will no doubt have his palace heavily guarded, and we don't have a second to spare.
    Floyd: Once the ritual is complete, he will have no need for Ti Mae. We must find another way in and be quick about it.

    «Scene fades. You and Floyd have arrived on a beach on Syna.»

    Floyd: We must be very careful, «You». This place is swarm--

      2 BATTLES: Sand Golem
      Full Heal

    «You»: Good grief, we just got here! This will be tougher than I expected.

    «Floyd runs ahead.»

    «You»: C'mon! We must hurry!

      2 BATTLES: Sand Golem
      Full Heal

    «Scene pans from a view of To Pan's palace down to you and Floyd in the forest below.»

    Floyd: We're getting close! This may be the entrance to the catacombs. Check it out, «You»!

    Check the bushes!!

    1 BATTLE: Am-Boss
    Full Heal

    «The bushes part to reveal a cave.»

    «You»: Seriously? Even the bushes are evil!
    Floyd: Excellent work, «You»!

    «Floyd runs into the catacombs.»

      2 BATTLES: Undead
      Full Heal

    «Scene: The catacombs. Skeletons hang from the ceiling.»

    «You»: Wow, I love what he's done with the place. The skeletons add a welcoming "come on in and die" sorta feel.
    Floyd: This is not joke, «You»! To Pan lines the corridors with the remains of his defeated foes!
    «You»: Huh? Are we talking about the same trobble? The nasty looking prune-skinned fella we met back at the docks?
    Floyd: You don't understand. To Pan is a powerful sorcerer.
    «You»: C'mon... he couldn't even move-- *Sigh* All right, if you say so. I do remember being blinded.
    Floyd: Right, now let's go!

      2 BATTLES: Undead
      Full Heal

    «Further in along in the passageway, you encounter two Four-Eyed Menaces.»

    «You»: What are THOSE? Wait, don't tell me.
    Floyd: Four-Eyed Menaces! What they see, To Pan sees. We must be very close.

      2 BATTLES: Four-Eyed Menace
      Full Heal

    «You»: Well, To Pan definitely knows we're here.
    «You»: You hear something?

    Dexterity Check!
    The fighting must have loosened some rocks and began a cave-in!
    Difficulty: 90
    Stat Used: Dexterity

    «If you fail the roll, your HP is damaged by an amount equal to five turns of damage.»

    If you pass:
    «You»: RUN!

      2 BATTLES: Undead
      Full Heal

    «You»: There's light pouring in from that crack. It could be our way in.
    Floyd: Maybe if we ran at it together we can break through!

    «Scene: Inside the palace proper.»

    Floyd: Good call, «You»! This looks like the corridor leading to To Pan's chamber.

      2 BATTLES: Trobble
      Full Heal

    Floyd: Mi Tae!
    Ti Mae: .......
    «You»: What have you done to her, To Pan?
    To Pan: How did you get past my palace guard!? It matters not-- there is nothing you can do to stop me! Heheheee!
    «You»: Think again! I'm going to whip the wrinkles off you!
    To Pan: You will not stop me. Thunder, Lightning, Rain-- take care of these meddlers!

    «Three Storm Trobbles zap in.»

      1 BATTLE: Storm Trobble (3)
      Full Heal

    To Pan: You are too late! The ritual has begun!

    «Ti Mae rises and the flames of the Blazing Blade are quenched. She falls back to the floor.»

    To Pan: Yeeees! My curse... lifting! Now you will feel my wrath!

    «To Pan returns to a youthful black Trobble form. His size breaks the chair in which he was sitting, and he falls to the ground.»

    To Pan: Well this is embarrassing...

      1 BATTLE: To Pan
      Full Heal

    Ti Mae: Floyd? Where are we?
    Floyd: This is To Pan's palace. He stole you to make you his--

    «Green flames start to stream out of To Pan's body.»

    «You»: Explain it later, Floyd! We gotta get out of here!

    «From the safety of your ship, you, Floyd, and Ti Mae watch Syna explode in green flame.»

    «You»: *whistles* That little trobble went supernova.
    Ti Mae: Oh, Floyd! I knew you would save me!
    «You»: *ahem* *cough*
    Floyd: Thank you, «You». I could not have done it without you!
    Floyd: ... and now we can be married, my love.

    «They cuddle.»

    «You»: Two precious little trobbles... in love. *sniffle* So beautiful *sniffle*
    Floyd: You okay, «You»? You sound funny.
    «You»: Yeah, I, uh... just... go something in my eye. I better go check it out.

    «Scene fades.»
    Big Trobble

    Shop Weapons:
  • Storm Dagger (20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140G, 150G)
  • Quenched Blade (20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140G, 150G)
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

  • Ward got this. ~Carandor

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    Alm Nullamors

    The Elder Vampires in Safiria's Plea have been replaced with Vamp Sires.
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    4/29/2015 6:16:42   
    Legendary Scribe of Lore


    In the Rare Item Hunt's entry, hunt XII and XIII's solutions have been mixed up.

    [Hunt XV]
      30 April 2015 - 20 August 2015

      Clue 1
      Purple Lightning Girl
      Touch the Orderly symbol
      To find the next clue

      Click on the pommel of the sword on Aelthai's back.

      Clue 2:
      A pillar of light
      That starts in the sky above
      There lies your next clue

      Click the beam of light in the background of Isle d'Oriens.

      Clue 3:
      Windy Dragonkin
      Within a lonely barrel
      Your reward awaits

      Click a barrel in the background of the Wyvern Rider War.

    • Ornate Energy Dragon Blade [L.3 Z, L.23 Z, L.43 Z, L.63 Z, L.83 Z, L.103 Z, L.123 Z, L.143 Z]
    • Ornate Light Dragon Blade [L.3 Z, L.23 Z, L.43 Z, L.63 Z, L.83 Z, L.103 Z, L.123 Z, L.143 Z]
    • Ornate Wind Dragon Blade [L.3 Z, L.23 Z, L.43 Z, L.63 Z, L.83 Z, L.103 Z, L.123 Z, L.143 Z]

    [Hunt XVI]
      20 August 2015 - ?

      There once was a tree in a mine, whose seed came from another time.
      If you look at its base,
      You will find there, misplaced,
      A longsword of moglin design.


    • Moglin Sword [L.10, L.30, L.50, L.70, L.90, L.110, L.130, L.150]

    [Hunt XVII]
      20 August 2015 - ?

      There once was a moglin of frost,
      Whose town was attacked by a boss.
      So we beat up the brute, but he left us some loot!
      In a frame you'll find something something he lost.


    • Icecalibur [L.3 Z, L.23 Z, L.43 Z, L.63 Z, L.83 Z, L.103 Z, L.123 Z, L.143 Z]

    Done. ~Carandor

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    Alm Nullamors

    Only Guardians can do the Level 10 Fighter Quest.
    To Adventurers, Blackhawke says:

    Congratulations. You are now a Level 10 Fighter! Many have heard your name! But only a Guardian has the reputation to attract challengers!
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    The gauntlet part of the Legends of Lore entry is wrong.

    Specifically, this part:

    [Gauntlet 1] - 4 BATTLES (Non-random)
    Level 100-118: Mighty Shadow Hydra (100), Mighty Shada' Naga Arch-Sorceress (101), Mighty Shadow Minotaur (102), Mighty Shadow Roc (103)
    Level 119-133: Mighty Shadow Hydra (115), Mighty Shada' Naga Yaga (116), Mighty Shadow Minotaur (117), Mighty Shadow Roc (118)
    Level 134-148: Mighty Shadow Hydra (130), Mighty Shada' Naga Witch-Queen (131), Mighty Shadow Minotaur (132), Mighty Shadow Roc (133)
    Level 149+: Mighty Shadow Hydra (145), Mighty Shada' Naga Baba Yaga (146), Mighty Shadow Minotaur (147), Mighty Shadow Roc (148)

    The entire gauntlet doesn't change depending on your level, each monster seems to "upgrade" individually as you level up. My level 130 character just played it and fought a level 130 Mighty Shadow Hydra. Feel free to confirm while it's gauntlet day.
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    ArchMagus Orodalf


    Warp Wars
    The Matriarch Strikes Back

    Location: Today's Event » Warp Wars

    You may skip this cutscene at any time.

    S. S. Alteon - Somewhere above Lore

    «Scene: Outer space, near the LSS Alteon. A gigantic red blast opens a dark hole in space nearby.»

    Pra'mithia: How goes work on the decommissioning?
    Admiral Amada: Progress is steady, cuddlebunny.
    Pra'mithia: Such is not the time, Admiral...
    Admiral Amada: Right. We were about to bring the Fully Automatic Reconnaissance System online. Activate FARS.

    «Space outside flashes red and Celestra enters.»

    Celestra: Red Alert! We detect a disturbance in the FARS -- an anomaly has formed off port!

    «The red fades.»

    Pra'mithia: Galrick! Report!
    Galrick: No evidence detected, Majesty... the anomaly has entirely vanished. It might've been a glitch?
    Pra'mithia: Very well... stand down to yellow alert and keep watch.
    Dark Madder: The wolf is already in the hen house, Drakel Queen!

    «Dark Madder jumps into the scene, striking at Celestra and knocking her down. When all is still again, Dark Madder has taken the Gauntlet of The'Galin.»

    Galrick: Hey, that was my wife! I'll kill you with my bare hands!
    Dark Madder: Not if I am out of reach. And now that I know that the WarpForce offers me no further obstacle, you can do nothing to stop my plans regarding your wretched planet of origin.
    Dark Madder: As we speak, my armies are taking over this ship, and I will use its Omega Cannons to annihilate Lore!

    Dangobuh Swamp - Western Vandar


    «Hans falls into the swamp from above.»

    Hans: (thinking) What the?! I get a telepathic warning from Celestra about Dark Madder and get dropped here?!
    Hans: (thinking) Why in the world would the Eternal suggest I seek further guidance in a place like this... in a hut?

    «Hans enters the hut. Inside, he finds Yod-- I mean, Toduh.»

    Toduh: Welcome! Toduh I am. If any old hut that offers enlightenment you enter, then in worse trouble than he thought you are.
    Toduh: Experience you will the spectacle that Jeruleus 7 called the wonder of ages. Read you uncreated memories.

    «Scene: Battleon. Hans has brought Toduh back to meet you.»

    Hans: «You»! There you are!
    «You»: Um, YOU were the one who suddenly disappeared, not me. Yulgar and Aria are worried sick!
    Hans: The WarpForce has been incapacitated, and Dark Madder has retrieved the bridle of Etherseid and is planning to use the S. S. Alteon to destroy Lore!
    «You»: What did you say? You cannot possibly remember Etherseid. Not only have you never met that ascended nightmare, as no one has, you were not involved in the events.
    Toduh: And yet all sorts of things that never were I can remember, like your identical twin Drickensmirtz.
    «You»: Drickensmirtz?! You're pulling my leg.
    Toduh: The detector of farce is strong with this one...
    Toduh: Toduh of Dangobuh I am, current keeper of The'Galin's Splendid Hut, and tell you I do that listen you must to the blacksmith he is.
    Toduh: Hurry we must. Take my cruiser to Alteon we will.
    «You»: All right, sounds like we're going to space! Hope you have room for my friends.

    Warp Wars
    Dark Madder has stolen the Gauntlet of The'Galin! Her army has taken over the SS Alteon and now plans to turn its weapons on Lore!
  • To Battle!
  • Guardian mission!
      Use the Holodeck to sneak behind enemy lines to flank Madder's network forces!
    • Go!

        8 BATTLES
        Optional Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8

        1 BATTLE: Treasure

      «You return to the war camp.»
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Dr. Mendas, the LSS Alteon's medical Moglin, stands in Twilly's usual place:
    Dr. Mendas: You need to hurry! We need to stop Dark Madder before she destroys all of Lore!
    Dr. Mendas: If you need to be healed, I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Dr. Mendas: Fight on, hero!
  • Thank you!

  • Potion Bag - Refills your potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
  • Robina - Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
  • Robina's Bow - Robina the Ranger will join you in battle!
  • Galanoth - Click on Galanoth's helm if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Galanoth's Helmet - Galanoth the Dragonslayer joins you in battle!
  • Warlic - Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Warlic's Crystal Ball - Warlic will help you in battle!
  • Treasure Chest - If you become a Guardian, you can take a Salvation weapon with you into battle! (Non-Guardians) OR Guardian access granted! Choose your weapon! (Guardian Only)
      Guardians may select a temporary Weapon of Salvation to use in battle.
    • Blade! - You take the Salvation Blade!
    • Bow! - You take the Salvation Bow!
    • Sceptre! - You take the Salvation Sceptre!
  • Noctherezza - +0.1 Ranged BTH per Noctherezza hit. Maximum of +20.0 BTH (200 Noctherezza).

    To Battle!
    How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Five

    «Non-ENDLESS options: You will now fight «X» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
    «ENDLESS option: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»

    «Each wave comprises 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal. When the war meter hit 100%...»

      4 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2, #4

    Dark Madder: Chosen of Lore! You are proving to be as insufferable a thorn in my side as the WarpForce.
    «You»: Compliments accepted ^_^
    Dark Madder: But there is a secret you must know, Lorewalker.
    «You»: Oh, really?
    Dark Madder: You never existed. I know because...
    Dark Madder: I have uncreated your mother. In fact, you can say that now as a temporal echo-- an uncreated eddy--
    Dark Madder: -- «You», I am you mother!
    «You»: Don't be ridiculous. My mother is...
    Dark Madder: Is what? Finding it hard to remember? Tell me one thing about her whatsoever.
    «You»: ...
    «You»: It is true. I remember nothing. All of my memories are fading. I am no one. Nothing...

    «Toduh and Hans enter.»

    «You»: Nothing...
    Hans: «You», no! It is a deception.
    Hans: Your memories are being blocked only by the swarming uncreation energy, and Madder is using the Cold on you to manipulate your thoughts and fears!
    Toduh: The'Galin ever allow such a thing, you think?!
    «You»: !!!
    Toduh: Deal with Madder, now you will. Return this twisted unmemory to the neverwere, from whence she stole, will I.

      1 BATTLE: Dark Madder
      Full Heal

    Dark Madder: Ugh... as much as I would love to remain to further your pain and complete my goal, my time here has already assured me of your destruction. A force greater than I already grips this world...
    Dark Madder: And thermodynamics will claim all as this ship goes crashing into Lore. Say hello to ENTROPY for me.

    «She flees. From outside, we see the LSS Alteon beginning its descent to Lore.»

    Hans: What do we do, «You»?! We are going to smash into Lore!

    «Lore continues to get closer.»

    «You»: I don't know! I don't think I've trained my END stat high enough to survive this!
    Hans: I'm to young to die! I had so many more weapons to make! I never told Aria that I lo--

    «A green nimbus surrounds the LSS Alteon, and its descent halts.»

    «You»: And again with ENTROPY? Just who or what is this? Do you know, Toduh? You are a learnéd sage.
    Toduh: But learn you will, and a great battle shall ensue, I sense. Palpating in my sensors, the feeling is. An emperor-sized headache I am getting just thinking about it.
    «You»: And once again a powerful villain gets away with everything scot-free.
    Hans: I don't know about that! While she was engaged, I stole back the gauntlet.

    «He produces the Gauntlet.»

    «You»: Well, at least Celestra will be pleased. Come on, Hans, let's get back home.
    Hans: I... may need to use the restroom first.

    «Scene: LSS Alteon Bridge, where the War Rewards chest waits.»

    Toduh: Done well you have, «You»! A great hero in you I see.
    Toduh: Open the chest and be rewarded, you shall.
  • Get War Reward!
  • Skip Reward / Already Have It

    Shop Weapons:
  • Star Screamer (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)
  • Quester's VBG (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)
  • Quester's Icy Beam Sword (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)
  • Quester's Windy Beam Lance (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)
  • Quester's Darkened Beam Staff (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)
  • Quester's Shimmering Axe (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)

    Shop Armors:
  • Quester's Heavy Gunner (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)

    Shop Spells:
  • Quester's Antimatter Splatter (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)

    Shop Pets:
  • Toduh (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130)
  • Toduh G (0G, 150G)
  • Toduh Z (10Z, 143Z)
  • Quester's Skitter (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • WIP ~ Ward

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    Legendary Scribe of Lore


    Liliana's Request
    The Temple of Hope

    Location: Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » DracoPyre Legacy! » 6. The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » Click on the arrow » 6: Liliana's Request

    «Scene: The Temple of Hope (I think?).»

    Genoclysm: It was nice to see someone from the old gang again, but I'm afraid I'm beginning to toe the line of procrastination. I do have some research to attend to.
    ???: Be sure to keep yourself out of trouble.
    Genoclysm: I can try, though you and everyone else that was in The Abode knows trouble has a mind of its own. And is sometimes worth pursuing, for that matter.
    ???: Things were more interesting back then, though I go as the Wind blows, ever changing and ephemeral, I can only go as zie directs and follow zir will.

    «You and Ryussei enter the scene.»

    Ryuusei: We all got into trouble. Lady Liliana, allow me to introduce you to «you», chosen of LORE.
    Ryuusei: «You», this is Liliana, the High Communicant of the Wind.
    «You»: Huh. That's an interesting title.
    Liliana: Greetings, Ryussei. This is the legendary «you»? It is fortunate that we should meet.
    Liliana: What is it that interests you about my title?
    «You»: It doesn't match. The others seem to be like "Communicant of the Lord of Element" or "Lady of Element" or some variant.
    Liliana: Why is there an Ice Lord and also a Water Lord, since ice is just frozen water? Why not Cold Lord? Why is the element wind rather than air?
    «You»: Uhhh.... I don't know the answer to those either?
    Liliana: It is due to Lorian history. All such names are given by the peoples of Lore and are not self-identifiers chosen by the Lords themselves.
    Liliana: The different peoples named their names based on the interactions they had with said Lords.
    Liliana: The wind is ever changing, and it is the wind that one notices in air. Otherwise one rarely notices air at all-- save when one is deprived of it.
    Liliana: Manifestations of the other Lords have been less variable. Each power has a preferred appearance and nature, though there are some others for whom Lord or Lady is a matter of debate.
    Liliana: The Wind, however, seems to vary with every single encounter.
    Liliana: Gendered language thus becomes incapable of clear expression.
    Ryuusei: Not that genderless language is any less variable here. It is a matter of preference, not convention.
    «You»: I see. That makes sense, I guess.
    Genoclysm: If you'll excuse me....
    Liliana: Farewell.

    «Genoclysm leaves.»

    Liliana: As it happens, your arrival is quite fortuitous. I left some belongings in a chest in the Immertot version of the Abode.
    Liliana: Since I am currently in preparation for the dedication ceremony I cannot retrieve them myself.
    «You»: That's still a problem. I can't simply go to Caelestia.
    «You»: The different buildings of the Abode are all connected, but that still means I need to enter one of them. I can't go back to Darkovia now.
    Liliana: That may not be as much of a problem as it would first seem. Abode?
    Abode: Yes Lady? Ah, hello Ryu, «you».
    Liliana: Would you be able to transfer «you» to Immertot?
    Abode: Yes, though be warned: undeath is constant in Immertot, and that locality has not been ventured into by others in some time.
    «You»: So I have a to fight on my hands. How are you in the temple?
    Abode: The temple is another access. I am part of the temple as all of my other locations.
    Abode: It was a matter of ease. Falerin does not maintain a hierarchy of communicants here, and while he may have some dedicants they do not aid temple function.
    Abode: So my being here as well is an easy way that he is also also present, among the many.
    «You»: Alrighty then. Ready when you are!

    «Abode transports you to Immertot.»
      12 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6, #8 and #10
    «You»: Your belongings, Lady. ...Er, you do prefer "Lady", right?
    Liliana: Unlike the Wind I am fixed. Please do just call me Liliana, however. There is no need for you to stand on formality.
    Liliana: I do hope that you did not face too much trouble?
    «You»: No more than any other request made of me.
    «You»: Even the powers come to me to solve their problems. Why shouldn't their servitors?
    Liliana: I must admit that you do come highly recommended...

    «The scene fades to black and the Liliana's Request shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Liliana's Request

  • Liliana's Crest [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150G]

  • Liliana's Ring [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150G]

    Correction thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.
  • Got this ~ Ward

    < Message edited by Ward_Point -- 3/17/2018 21:36:05 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 123
    6/7/2015 14:01:18   
    ArchMagus Orodalf

    You spelled "Ryuusei" incorrectly.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 124
    6/7/2015 14:17:14   
    Legendary Scribe of Lore

    Huh, that's actually how it was spelt in the quest, so I didn't check the pedia.

    EDIT: Warp Wars has been moved to a new location.

    I just put it in the town news - the old "WF Intro Quest" button now takes you to a sub-menu where you can play the WF-related quests. Thanks for the poke!

    Let me know if something goes wrong, or if the sub-menu disappears next week or something >.> *goes to poke The Hollow to make sure that that doesn't happen*

    < Message edited by Carandor -- 6/7/2015 17:25:01 >
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