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=AQW= PvP Discussion Thread

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9/10/2018 22:31:30   
The Arcane

This is the place to discuss everything about the Player versus Player system!

This thread is on a probationary period. It can and will be removed at any time if the forum staff deem the thread to be too troublesome. See the quote below for more information.

Thread Rules

  • The =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules and =AQW= General Discussion Forum Rules apply.

  • Be Respectful. Just because you disagree with someone's opinion does not mean you should go and offend that user. Move on if that subject matter does not suit you. If you cannot control your behavior, refrain from posting until you're able to do so.

  • Be Constructive. Constructive criticism is meant to improve something; not expressed through ranting, whining, or complaining. Any feedback offered must include the issue at hand and offer wordy feedback about what worked, what didn't, and what may have helped make it better. If you want to criticize, do so with the intent to give help, not tear down.

  • No OP/UP Discussion. Do not discuss subjects relating to "overpowered" or "underpowered", do not even mention OP/UP in this thread. What may seem overpowered to some players may seem perfectly reasonable to others. We realize that different classes can be prioritized in such a manner as to be beneficial to both instances. While some armors work better for PvE, other armors work better for PvP. That does not mean that a class is imbalanced, but it means that it can be more beneficial to use it in another instance. The AQW staff will not release unbalanced strong classes in the game. Should there be such a case, it will be tweaked or mentioned upon release.

  • No Comparison Discussion. Any arguments relating to Legends vs Free Players vs ACs will not be tolerated. It has been clarified under the rules that such posts are not permitted.

  • No Suggestions. You may provide a skill tweak on a particular class, granted that you do not start suggesting the entire class revamp or skill set. Suggestions for existing classes may be posted here. You can suggest a whole new class here.


    This topic is on a probationary period. Myself and the rest of the AQW GD forum staff have, after careful discussion, agreed to revive the PvP discussion thread as the PvP system is a key part of the game and we wanted to see how well you, as a community, can handle being allowed to discuss this topic. However, this is a privilege that can be lost if, as a community, you show your lack of maturity and degenerate the topic into flame wars, trolling, and all out spam like we have seen you do many times before.

    OP/UP discussion is still forbidden. We have seen evidence that you might, as a community, be able to handle PvP discussion, but that evidence also suggests that you can't handle OP/UP. Even the mention of OP/UP in this thread will get you in trouble. Do not post it. Failure to follow ANY of the rules listed in this thread will automatically result in an official warning without any reminders. If we have to constantly step in to edit, delete and issue warnings; PvP discussion will once again be banned from this forum.

    AQW GD Head Moderator

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    4/25/2016 20:00:42   
    Aura Knight

    I think PvP could be a lot more fun if certain restrictions were placed. In 1v1, maybe certain classes could be not allowed. Classes that can one shot players or ones that can stun lock are an example. In 8v8 areas, maybe it could be two teams with each team member using the same class as the others. Like a blazebinder vs shaman match or something. This could be used to compare certain classes against others. Maybe even larger pvp areas could be a thing. The idea of doing a pvp match in a large dungeon seems like fun. I'm not sure if this problem persists in the current 8v8 pvp maps, but sometimes getting stuck in doors is annoying. Maybe even a restriction on how many times you can flee to your base or how many afk players there can be in the base at a time. Better yet, the game kicking anyone out of the battleground if they're afk would be even better. Perhaps even more mini games in PvP areas could be added. Perhaps a way to make a capture the flag type thing, where instead of trying to defeat the opposing team, you have to get something of theirs and place it back at your base. And if you get defeated with the item on, it will drop and can later be picked up by another player. The team that gets back to their own base with the opposing team's item gets the victory.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 2
    4/25/2016 20:29:11   
    orc orc orc

    My main concern with PvP is that it has a lack of rules and penalties. This has been an issue in both 1v1 and 8v8 matches. For example, players can freely exit a 1v1 or 8v8 matches by either joining another room or logging out without any losses. Another thing is the prevalence of AFKing players in 8v8. Those players do not contribute to the match and leech for Combat Trophies. Furthermore, they get no penalties so they get away with it completely. As for 1v1, the lack of scaling means a low leveled player can get unfairly pitted against a higher leveled player. Therefore, the PvP is in need of rules to maintain a fair, competitive and enjoyable playground.

    Another gripe I have with PvP is the enhancements and Necklaces. I know Legend vs. Free-player topics aren't allowed, but I'd just like to point out that a portion of the player base gets an immediate edge over the rest. Since this is PvP, I would rather have a fair match between players.
    Post #: 3
    4/25/2016 20:35:40   
    Aura Knight

    If the necklaces were removed and if there's a way to force each player's hp to be a certain amount, it could be fair. Let's say for 1v1 everyone starts with 10k hp. In 8v8 it could be a different amount. Or you can even have a team hp bar where everyone shares all their hp as if it's one single entity. Having necklaces that give +5000 or possibly more hp to some players and only maybe half of that to others does lead to some unfairness in matches. If everyone starts with the same hp in a 1v1 pvp arena, it could be better. Of course this doesn't take into consideration the classes being used. Some classes can survive well enough without even needing a pvp necklace at all.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 4
    4/25/2016 21:41:45   

    i said it before i'll say it again, pvp should be ripped from aqw and placed into a separate flash like how it is with the testing servers and run off a different stat system then pve.

    then we have the matter of accessories, more should be done with them then just being hp boosters.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
    4/26/2016 13:14:50   
    The Sakaarson

    It's funny you guys brought up the Necklaces. In my experience, you don't come across many folks using the 3K amulet because it's kind of frowned upon. But I'd like to see an amulet with a really large HP amount implemented for all players, especially when it comes to 1v1, as this era of one shotting and attack reflection just makes fights so unsatisfying compares to how they used to be. When PvP first started, I had fights that went on for close to five minutes. Now it's all luck enhanced nuking and reflectors. It's gotten so...lazy.

    Still, even if it isn't perfect, I'm glad it's there. I don't like to farm at all so barring new releases, without PvP I wouldn't still be playing.
    Post #: 6
    4/26/2016 19:56:40   
    orc orc orc

    Even if they're 'frowned' upon, the fact that these medals exist to a portion of the player base is what bothers me. Instead of having players resort to artificial rules to bring a fairer experience, I hope the AQW team takes action. It is true that PvP is left untouched for a while, but with the rewrite coming and that a PvP update is in their checklist, we can hope.
    Post #: 7
    4/27/2016 0:14:45   

    i c only exclusion suggestions. restricting classes, players and the whole pvp to a different server. thats horrible...
    balancing classes, mechanics and equipment is the way to do it.
    DF  Post #: 8
    4/27/2016 2:16:05   
    orc orc orc

    I second your notion. There is currently a disparity between classes in terms of performance which limits the number of viable choices. Enhancements also face a similar problem, as Wizard and Luck often dominate many classes. Therefore balancing classes and stats as well as tweaking the accessory system would improve PvP as a whole. I wonder what the new stat system will bring to the table.
    Post #: 9
    4/27/2016 12:06:08   

    right now, damage reduction for physical classes is high, up to 40% but damage is reduced to 50%.
    hybrids are hit the worst, doing half damage like phyiscal classes but having only 10% damage reduction.
    magic classes also have 10% dmg reduction ( the highest magic damage reduction if its still present on the test servers but i dont know if they kept it)
    the aa damage of magic classes instead of being weaker than that of physical classes is 3 times higher. magical damage 150% aa does more than vots sun... dots are 3-5 times higher but tick much slower, at least the first tick takes forever to happen. hots are the same. healing should be based on wisdom but ive not done any significant testing. id guess healer is still fully healing everything with no problems.

    btw, now i c ppl complain about the horrible amulet additions that happened a few years ago and i remember quite clearly how i was the only one against this. nobody backed me up on this and thats how the staff never payed any attention to me and let those amulets be. we should have been more vocal on this. now its past but i hope next time they make stupid p2w business somebody will back me up on it.

    also pvp, for those who dont know, is not for acquiring something. its to improve in a competitive environment and to waste time while also chatting with friends. so having a dedicated server would instantly kill it the same way the testing server is dead. if i have 5 players online at that time, 2 farming, 1 doing a release or something, 2 in pvp, i would be able to chat with all. the alternatives with pvp only servers are all unappealing.

    < Message edited by Dracojan -- 4/27/2016 12:09:54 >
    DF  Post #: 10
    4/27/2016 18:00:02   


    the whole pvp to a different server. thats horrible...

    not really, as it is with spider plants, it best remove the plantlets & put them in a new pot so that they can grow
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
    4/28/2016 12:42:08   

    if we ever rework PVP we should restrict all but the basic classes for testing. and the classes could work diffrently
    (example for warrior: warriors on guard skill could reduce the damage taken by allys as well but causes some of their damage to transfer to you)

    anyone else like to add to this idea?
    AQW  Post #: 12
    4/28/2016 18:07:23   

    by that logic ill fly you to to a remote reagion in antarctica and wait until you produce a bigger population than asia. see where you are not correct?
    DF  Post #: 13
    4/28/2016 18:09:30   
      James Lu

    I'm going to warn you all now to stop attacking each other's opinions. You are free to disagree but you cannot make ridiculous equivalences or comparisons in order to prove a point or to detract from someone else's argument. That should be done respectfully, civilly, and calmly.

    Thank you.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
    4/28/2016 23:16:47   


    by that logic ill fly you to to a remote reagion in antarctica and wait until you produce a bigger population than asia. see where you are not correct?

    well, if you take him alone its not gonna work at all. you'll have to let him take 2 females & go all Adam, Eve & Lilith style. either way it will probably take just as long to sort out any kind of balance in this games pvp
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
    4/29/2016 20:25:24   

    Paladin completely destroys Legion Paladin in PvP. What is going on here? This is unacceptable.
    Post #: 16
    4/29/2016 22:39:05   
    orc orc orc

    Paladin is a tier 2 class like BB and SC, so it makes sense for it to get a significant buff as it was previously weak. Legion Paladin on the other hand is just a collector's item and a perk for buying the shirts. Hence, it's not surprising for Paladin to outshine/counter Legion Paladin in PvP imo.
    Post #: 17
    4/29/2016 23:36:53   

    Paladin is nowhere as hard to obtain as the other two tier 2 classes. And since this a pvp thread, lemme tell you straight out that both BB and SC fight on equal ground with Legion Paladin, none of them is more highly superior to the other. However if Paladin and Legion Paladin are to trade punches, 95% of the time is victorious to Paladin, so yes Legion Paladin do need either a buff or a redesign of skills, for both classes are similar in skill design with a touch of more risk more power in favor for Legion Paladin.


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    Post #: 18
    4/29/2016 23:58:07   
    orc orc orc

    I don't have Legion Paladin, but I can say that BB is among the best classes in 1v1, if not the best. I wonder if LP can fare better or evenly as BB. I personally haven't used the buffed Paladin yet but I'll try it out once I'm done ranking AAC. While Paladin is not as hard to obtain as BB or SC, I feel that the buff still justifiable as it's labeled as a tier 2 class and that the current tier 2 classes were much more powerful before the buff. Once again, I don't think LP is intended to be a top-notch PvP class, or even as a very effective class outside of PvP overall - it's more of an incentive to support the shirts' high costs to me. If it's good in PvP, then good for it. Hey, it's just my opinion though. We can all agree to disagree.

    < Message edited by orc orc orc -- 4/30/2016 0:30:57 >
    Post #: 19
    5/9/2016 13:09:48   
    The Sakaarson

    I have Legion Paladin. It's most effective in PvE against Undead, but it occasionally surprises in PvP. It's fairly accurate, and the nuke skill can get you some surprising numbers sometimes with even Luck/Wiz, but it's probably a mid tier class at best.
    Post #: 20
    6/4/2016 2:15:46   
    The Dog Catcher

    I think the AQW team need to add to PvP, it's one of the top features if not the top feature in this game.


    I suggested a skill tree here which I think would add a new level of strategy to PvP, right now you know what to expect when you fight someone and see the class they're using - you know what 5 skills they have. With some type of skill tree with limited skill points to use, players could have offensive based skill tree or defensive or whatever other options there are in the skill tree.
    AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
    6/8/2016 19:31:51   

    I like the suggestion, reminds me of what EpicDuel has and what they plan to implement into AQ3D.
    AQW  Post #: 22
    6/10/2016 3:16:44   

    Alina confirmed on twitter that we would be getting an update on something pvp related in the up coming newsletter.

    AQW  Post #: 23
    6/20/2016 20:09:00   

    Thoughts on the new Death Pit Brawl? I like it. It's similar to Bludrut, but the close quarters are nice. And the rewards only dropping if you PARTICIPATE is great! Farmers and cheaters kind of messed up Bludrut if you don't have a guild to lean on for people you KNOW will fight.
    Post #: 24
    6/22/2016 2:45:10   
    Shards Superior

    I think the Death Pit Brawl rooms could be a bit more obviously labeled red and blue, like Bludrut Brawl is. It's a bit disorienting.
    Also, what's with the lack of a queue system? I keep joining matches where my team is already too far (like, 500 points) behind, or where no one has joined yet.

    As for DoomArena, I think it'd be pretty simple to implement a system where only people within ~5 levels could fight each other - Stomping level 40s (as level 65) isn't really all that fun for me, and definitely not fun for them.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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