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RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread

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7/10/2020 19:09:09   

ChW is quite bad for this fight due to Gambit nuking your fire res and Xan's DoT negating Aegis usage. It's doable at 90, but still not an ideal by any stretch of the imagination. I suspect you're better off with BSW (even post nerf) or Technomancer and stacking some fire res.

First, due to how resistance stacking works, it's going to be harder to do Egomaniacs at 60 than at higher levels. I'd consider revisiting it at level 80+, if you find it's still not doable at 60 despite the rest of my tips.

Second, it sounds like you've gotten quite close with guests. How about just bringing some food ( seaweed, hardback) to live a little longer? You might also want to consider not bringing guests, as Vaal and Xan have high damage that gets more than doubled with two guests. If you want to bring guests, Uaanta is probably better than Raven.

Third, have you considered respec'ing your dragon? You only need 100 mischief for 100% stun chance on Vaal/Xan with Fumes, and having some points in protect will help you live longer. I'd go with 100 Mischief, 200 Fighting, 180 Protection. Similarly, you might also want more END to live longer, and have your guests live longer.

Finally, you can definitely get better gear. Fire res definitely helps, as does not equipping ring of otherworld, which gives you -all - the exact opposite of what you want.
DF  Post #: 526
7/11/2020 13:01:38   

@AstralCodex Oh man thank you so much i thought this thread is dead, i appreciate your advices and suggestions. Yeah, i was thinking not to use gusests, but im a newbie and just created my character 3 weeks ago i think...

Firstly, yeah i was thinking of revisiting it again however that trinket is just too good for my eyes ahahaha

Second, as i've said, im newbie so as i read that i need some medals won in war for consumnables?

Third, yeah ive been trying to mess around with the stats of my dragon, the reason i go 200 mischief is for the tickle, i find it really really useful to further increase my damage and doing the ice scythe + tickles + aegis combo! the damage is insane. For protection, i initially go 200 protection, however, i dont find the shield is useful for ChW, using gambit --> useless shield from proteciton, and since chaosweaver is very very dependent on Gambit, i decided to just go for mischief for its stun and tickles. 200 magic for that insane nuke, and trying to max out either fighting / assistance next im still not sure but i do have my eyes on fighting. yeah i only have 50 points for END due to my current level, im trying to max it out but stilll ong way to go

Final, yeah ive tried stacking the fire res, and the super good ones are either for 80+ or i cant get it cause of the medal thingy. As of rings, i am still not sure what gear should i get for rings..

Extra help request:

Im trying to get the legion bracer, but since we cant bring guests (ive stack poison res up to a point the DoT only dmg me with 3-5), but still i cant beat them both hmm am i missing something?
Post #: 527
7/11/2020 15:21:23   

In order:
You can just get seaweed and hardtack in chests in the drowned fortress, no need for defender's medals.

Tickles adds <10% more damage (as there's vengeance). Say you do 3k with Untangle and 2k with rebuke - so a max'ed tickles deals <500 extra, versus a 100 tickle's <250 extra. So you get maybe 250 extra damage once per fight. Meanwhile, going from 100->200 fighting adds ~200 damage extra from Outrage alone, in addition to the ~30 extra damage per turn for 3/5 turns for lash. So it's only an improvement for classes with a single massive nuke (for example V2), or in solo fights where the fight doesn't last long enough for Outrage and Lash DoT to tick down.

If you find that you're dying, you should generally do more END, instead of int.

It's not that hard to stack fire res, even at 60
- Elite Blade of Diamonds +10
- Sundragon Pendant (level 60) +8
- Scarab Band (Level 50) +6
- Wing of Thousand Flames +15
- Leechscale Binding (Level 60) +6
- Sophomore Soulthread Loop +7 (at level 63, Faded Rune Plates gives +10)
- Powerlight Ring +10
- Mirror Eye Trinket +10

Sure, it's only 72 fire res, compared to the 88 you get at 90, but it's still a big improvement over what you have now.
DF  Post #: 528
7/24/2020 8:10:08   


Monster/Quest Name: The Conduit: Duty & Rebellion
Character Link: https://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=46482790
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 90
Build: Mage/Ascendant, Chaosweaver, Eternal Epoch (among others aside from Technomancer)
Weapons Equipped: Soulforged Scythe (Ice) w Ice Scythe (shown)
Accessories Equipped: Ancient Dragonlord Helm III, Wings of the Unraveler III, Leaf of Flux III, Crystal Notched Belt V, Tentacle of the Dominion III, The Corrupted Seven, Eternal Locket + Hero's Diet & 5 Potions
Stats: STR & END: 200, WIS: 45
Pets Equipped: Avalon (Pet Dragon)
Previously Used Strategies: twice with Eternal Epoch
Notes: probably deserves its own post, but what's a good strategy for Illumina?

EDIT I: Well, its a no from me on Duty and Rebellion.
EDIT II: so, Duty & Rebellion + Life & Death can both shove off.

EDIT III: "ITS DINNERTIME!" Finally beat Duty and Rebellion

< Message edited by Plutonium -- 8/22/2020 0:21:06 >
DF  Post #: 529
7/24/2020 16:03:09   

Spam boosts/hexes and chargeburst. Here's a video of me doing it with EE, without food/extra pots.
DF  Post #: 530
7/27/2020 3:23:14   

chaosweaver tips in sunfall II
DF  Post #: 531
7/27/2020 15:38:31   

^Use a Darkness weapon while the boss has its Light shield, and a Water weapon while it has its heat shield. It loses the shield if you swing at it and miss with the correct element 8 times, so just use Aggression with the correct element on the first turn and that should be it.
DF  Post #: 532
7/27/2020 19:20:45   

Generally, eGambit + Vengeance -> Untangle should kill if you use the correct element on the Vengeance.
DF  Post #: 533
8/8/2020 8:26:48   


Monster/Quest Name: Illumina from The Conduit: Duty & Rebellion
Character Link: https://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=46482790
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 90
Build: Mage/Ascendant (main), Chaosweaver, Dragonlord, Dmk v2, Ranger (among others aside from Technomancer)
Weapons Equipped: Exalted Apotheosis (Evil) w Lucky Hammer (shown)
Accessories Equipped: Wings of the Unraveler III, Tentacle of the Dominion III, Ancient DragonLord Helm III, Leaf of Flux III, Chi Blast, Crystal Notched Belt V, Legion Bracer + Hero's Diet & 5 Potions + Book 3 Aegis & Nythera
Stats: 200 INT & END + 45 WIS
Pets Equipped: Avalon (Pet Dragon)
Previously Used Strategies: multiple times with Chaosweaver & Dmk v2
Notes: N/A (for now)
EDIT I: "ITS DINNERTIME!" Finally beat Illumina.

< Message edited by Plutonium -- 8/9/2020 13:41:46 >
DF  Post #: 534
8/8/2020 9:24:49   

You gain nothing by having guests against Illumina, since you can only hit her max 4 times per turn.

Epoch is an excellent choice against Duty & Rebellion duo. Use attacks that hit many times (Combo, Pierce, Gunburst, Laser Slice) against Intayam and others (Chargeburst, Punch, Laser Blades and basic Attack) against Illumina.
DF  Post #: 535
8/8/2020 11:13:21   

@Dratomos: Thanks, I'll try Epoch for Illumina. I already beat the Duo twice and Intaym with Chaosweaver.
DF  Post #: 536
9/1/2020 3:29:14   
Zork Knight

Monster/Quest Name: Xan & Vaal, from Egomaniacs
Character Link: https://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=33757448
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 82
Build: Mage? 200 INT/150 END/50 WIS
Weapons Equipped: Omniblade, Showing Warlic's Staff
Accessories Equipped: Puzzling Cards, DDR 24, Spiky Haired Poker Cap VIII, Heart Scale, Mirror Eye, Voidwoven Belt IV, Falwynn's Lucky Rock
Stats: 25/36/236/29/31/191/81, 50 Crit, 51 Bonus, 67 Fire Resistance, 15 All Resistance
Pets Equipped: Kid Dragon (200 Protection/Mischief/Assistance)
Previously Used Strategies: Attempted to nuke Vaal fast with Call of Kathool, having trouble living long enough to finish him off
Notes: Not particular about the armor. I've got access to most of them, excluding Pyromancer, Chaosweaver, and the Calendar Classes.
Armor: Kathool Adept Armor
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 537
9/1/2020 4:41:56   

@Zork_Knight Technomancer is an excellent choice for Egomaniacs, since it can stun so often. Your stats and equipment are fine, first focus on Vaal by stunning him and then finishing him off and then on Xan. And bring Hero's diet with you aka Rotten Hardtack, Seaweed and 5 potions (you get these from Nieboheim, with Pirate or Cloak Scrap).
DF  Post #: 538
9/1/2020 19:46:35   

You're probably better off showing the Vile Rose weapons for Egomaniacs for the +10% damage. KAA is fine, just ink spray Vaal and writhe to dodge his -res. I'd recommend fighting over assistance for more damage.

If you have v2, it's probably your best bet - as both Vaal and Xan are humans, corrupt gives -50 resist, giving you really good damage.

Other than that, yeah, get food, extra poots, Technomancer. Technomancer is also great because one stun ignores 50 resist, and the other is 3 hits and is likely to hit.

Also, get Legion bracer first :)
DF  Post #: 539
9/1/2020 20:08:39   
Zork Knight

Yeah, just beat it with DoomKnight. Should've gone for it first probably. Would've saved me a ton of gold... but gold is generally worthless anyway


Also, get Legion bracer first :)

Any tips for those two guys?

< Message edited by Zork Knight -- 9/1/2020 20:09:15 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 540
9/1/2020 20:13:36   

Use any class with decent damage or debuffs/defenses. KAA is fine, V2 is fine, Techno, Ranger, your Atelean Base, etc, all work.

Ranger is the most braindead one, as you just stun Abomination every now and then and otherwise just facetank the damage with decent gear.
DF  Post #: 541
9/1/2020 21:29:39   
Zork Knight

Oh wow, never in my life would I have expected Ranger to perform like this. It really just cheeses through the fight. Thanks for all the help guys.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 542
9/5/2020 3:25:31   
Rafiq von den Vielen

Monster/Quest Name: Into The Light
Character Link: Arcus
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 53
Build: Ascendant base, experimenting with Dread Pirate atm, some random LUK-heavy brew
Weapons Equipped: Ancient DA Scythe of Elements
Accessories Equipped: Raven of the Mysts Cloak II, Pandora's Cube Ring, Soul Purifier, Defiled Adept Helm, DK Belt, Serpentine Band, Falwynn's Lucky Rock
Stats: not attached to the build but 18 STR 18 DEX 78 INT 6 CHA 152 LUK 65 END 49 WIS (respeccing is okay)
Pets Equipped: Kid Dragon (200 prot/assist, 1 magic, 199 mischief)
Previously Used Strategies: I've tried every class I have access to, with and without guests... nope. No luck. Those two Wastes Sentinels at what I assume to be the end keep crushing me every time. Even 5 pots don't do it. KAA + Rolith + Nythera has gotten closest for me but nope.
Notes: I wanted to catch up the story before I tried farming up Inn stuff so I won't have those items available. I have CW, yes, but I don't see it performing well in that quest...
Armor: Tried KAA and every non-DC armor fully trained.

I really want to try and beat them without HeroDiet...
*edit: oops, wrong quest name - fixed

< Message edited by Rafiq von den Vielen -- 9/5/2020 3:27:25 >
Post #: 543
9/5/2020 3:52:57   

Your stats seem to be the biggest problem, as you don't deal much damage.

Train them as following:

150 in INT
90 in END

Use Technomancer as you can stun those Sentinels with it. You don't need more than 1 point in mischief to stun it, so I would advice to train your dragon with:

199 in Protection
200 in Magic/Fighting
1 in Mischief.

And those Sentinels do have high weaknesses for water and darkness, so change your scythe and pet dragon to those elements.
DF  Post #: 544
9/5/2020 4:44:28   
Rafiq von den Vielen

I guess I just wasn't using Techno properly before lol, made it a cakewalk with your alternations, big thanks man
Post #: 545
9/10/2020 8:00:37   

@Shadow X Ascendant what exactly is the mans best friend trinket? Is it a nickname for a trinket that players made up or is it something that isnt listed yet

< Message edited by Nediphile -- 9/10/2020 8:05:26 >
DF  Post #: 546
9/10/2020 13:06:52   
Zork Knight

@Nediphile Puppy!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 547
9/10/2020 14:06:39   


This trinket.
DF  Post #: 548
10/24/2020 15:21:29   

Any tips on beating the exaltia tower first level( the antechamber). I'm lvl 37 DA. I know it's supposed to be an endgame thing but the monsters level is scaled and the first weapon reward is lvl 40 so i feel like it should be beatable at this stage. I've been using paladin with all my stats in end/int in a 2:1 ratio to maximize the passive healing. I usually beat the miniboss and then the boss mops the floor with me. If i bring a guest they just kill the guest first. For weapon i use the lvl 36 destiny axe. I'm still in book 1 bu i have all the book 1 classes unlocked and trained.

< Message edited by D3m37r1 -- 10/24/2020 15:22:49 >
Post #: 549
10/24/2020 23:08:02   
Primate Murder

Technomancer might be a better class for this boss.

Use Event Horizon to lower monster's All Resist, then use your Dragon pet's stun (preferably with Mischief 120+), then Sonic and Drill stuns. Unless you're unlucky, that should keep him stunned for 5 turns, especially if you reroll until you get Immobility Res nerf on the Exaltia Tower options.

Wail on him during those 5 turns with everything you have (including the Dragon pet and 2 guests) and if that's not enough... well, you're screwed ;)
AQ DF  Post #: 550
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