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RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread

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4/14/2020 11:58:51   

Ranger is a great choice for Crystal & Stone. First, use Ranger's shield that lasts for 4 hours, than your dragons. And then focus on Roktoru after Ricterild goes to cocoon. There is no reason to attack it while Roktoru lives. DEX- build is best for Ranger.

Also, use your shield every time you can. The fight can be done without food or extra potions. When Roktoru is down, it is best to drink your potions before going against Ricterild.
DF  Post #: 476
4/15/2020 12:40:55   

You can solo Crystal and Stone using Soul weaver + Baltael's Aventail. First deal with Roktoru and ignore Ricterild, then proceed to nuke the defenseless cocoon 'til it breaks.
There is a trick to the cocoon ordeal: If you deal enough damage to the cocoon (by using SoulSynch nuke), Ricterild will immediately cocoon again without attacking. Once the last cocoon is nuked, your task is to simply survive until you can nuke him again and claim victory. However, you have to keep in mind that Ricterild will full-heal again if you don't attack him once every 3/4 turns (?) (I don't know if this is a bug since it was stated that he got 0 cocoons left yet cocooned again after I almost managed to kill him) so remember to manage your attack and healing with potions/food well.
Aside from the above, stacking light resist while defending against Ricterild and use offensive gears whenever you nuke and you should be able to breeze through it. Good luck!

Edit: It seems that I was too late. Congrats on beating those rock-head XD

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AQ Epic  Post #: 477
4/24/2020 10:16:17   

Does anyone here have any doable tips for a non DA trying to finish Unraveled of The Thorns Saga?
My Base class is Warrior, and my other classes are Ranger, DragonSlayer, SoulWeaver, Paladin, Necromancer, DeathKnight, Technomancer, Ninja, and Pirate.
I'm level 44 and I can't beat Theano and apparently that quest automatically removes guest B.
My SoulWeaver and Necromancer are currently useless against him and I doubt Warrior, Pirate, Ninja, and DragonSlayer would do any good.
The fight starts off with me having either 3/4 health or 1/2 health if Theano attacks me first, but if he attacks both then I would end up with like 400+ hp while he still has like 1-2000 something.

Edit: Technomancer lost with Theano only having 900+ health
Apparently his attack pattern is unpredictable, sometimes using an op move twice in a row.

Edit(2): DeathKnight and Necromancer failed. btw if anyone is gonna suggest me to buy a DA, well I'm gonna buy soon, but idk when because of the quarantine.

Edit(3): That's it I give up smh he keeps using the 4 hit skill that ALSO HEALS him smh

Edit(4): Tried Ranger for extra attacks, I got killed 3 times because the hee keeps spamming op moves, while his basic crits smh

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DF  Post #: 478
4/24/2020 19:26:25   

@albarence2000 - Level up and train your stats. Soulweaver should take down Theano with ease. What level are you and what is your stat distribution? What are your equips?
DF  Post #: 479
4/25/2020 1:45:04   

I'm lvl 44, My stats are 170 on STR and 45 on CHA since I was following a certain guide about warrior stats and I chose the one where I thought I could utilize guests and pets while still having damage and so I could easily get more gold and xp. (I'm not really sure about this, but if you have something in mind please do tell). I'm a non-DA tho so the only combo I know that I can use with SoulWeaver is Slash > Soul Pierce > Valour Impact > Aegis > Concentration > Retribution > Enslave/Attack (just to fill in) > Soul Pierce > Valour Impact
I do know that if I'm lvl 60 I could get Baltael's Aventail to have my Valour Impact and Aegis have better effects, but it'll probably take me more than 3 days, I think. (maybe you also have some tips on levelling? all I know are Voltabolt's Challenge, Castle Crashers, I forgot the others).
Then my equipments are:
-Unchained Blade lvl40
-Soggy Spyblade lvl40
-Doom Hammer I lvl40
-Abyssal Silver Hammer I lvl40
-Dragon Axe lvl40
-Wing of Justice IV lvl40
-Doom Harvester Wings lvl40
-Glittering Bloodstone Ring lvl38
-Necrotic Death Head lvl38
-Cloak Scrap lvl1
-Vornian Belt lvl34
-Falwynn's Disguise Kit lvl30 (Only Bracer I got so far that's accessible to non DA lol)
I also have Necro Paragon Soulblade II lvl45, Pandora lvl50, and Transcendence lvl60 which I kept since I think those are troublesome to obtain.
I think that's all I could share for now, thanks for noticing btw.
DF  Post #: 480
4/25/2020 2:03:56   
Primate Murder

I beat Theano with necromancer - first as a non-DA farming for Thorn Replica, then again just now using only the left side of the skillset. Necromancer's shield has a reasonably short cooldown, Life Tap helps with healing and the passive DoT allows you to slowly grind him down.

If you're having problems with survivability, consider putting some points in End - it increases not only yours, but also Belle's hp. Some accessories with high End may also be useful - like Larein's Helm or Warding Girdle.

P.S. If using pet dragon, 1 point in Protection and others in Magic/Fighting can also help. If using Stan the Scan Orb, make sure to use heals when under 50% hp.

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AQ DF  Post #: 481
4/25/2020 3:24:32   

@Primate Murder
hmm yes yes I suppose I should divide the points I invested on CHA and put it on END instead. Btw should I max my STR to 200 now or not yet? and Should I put all leftovers to END or put some to either LUK or WIS?
Thanks but I'll also wait for Clausy's reply to make some comparisons, but then I guess I'll be farming for those items you mentioned for now.

Edit: I forgot to mention that my pet Dragon has 10 points on Mischief, 10 points on Fighting, and 9 points on Protection since I use my dragon to extend the stun on stunnable (if that's even a word lol) opponents. I once had Stand the Orb tho, I sold him because I have insufficient space haha

Edit 2: I got Larein's Helm lvl40 lmao, I won't be selling my Necrotic Death Head yet tho. Also, I haven't changed my stats yet because I'm still unsure. I only have 30k gold.

Edit 3: I got Warding Girdle lvl45

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DF  Post #: 482
4/25/2020 3:35:08   

@albrarence Theano is one of the hardest story bosses no doubt so if you cannot defeat him yet, just level up.

Since you cannot stun Theano, train your dragon so that you invest one point in protection and the rest in fighting so that your dragon can deal some damage.

And don't max STR yet, invest like 150 in it and the rest in END.

And max out your potions if you haven't yet. It is annoying but worth it on the long run.
DF  Post #: 483
4/25/2020 3:56:49   

I guess I'll come back when I'm lvl60 as a SoulWeaver so I have Baltael's Aventail lol
Do you think I should reset my Dragon's stats or nah? I mean I can stun other enemies when I'm not fighting Theano. I'm not really sure about all this since I just came back last month since I stopped in 2011 (and I don't even know anything before, I stopped at lvl 11 lmao. I just read stuff in the forums now)

So my stats would be like a Tank Warrior then?
Should I really leave out LUK and WIS?

My potions are on level 10, I think I'll be farming first before I do that.
Thanks as well.
DF  Post #: 484
4/25/2020 4:09:20   

If you won't try Theano then no reason to untrain your dragon. Invest in fighting since those dots do help out in normal quests. After that magic. Healing/Mischief are best at higher levels/Inn fights.

And invest in both end/wis after having 200 in STR if you won't try Theano right now and have no difficulty in other story fights.

And no reason to invest in LUK as a warrior. LUK is only for classes that deal high crit damage.

But if you don't have any more questions about Theano fight, I would advice making a new post for Q&A for your questions since this is a Battle Strategy thread.

DF  Post #: 485
4/25/2020 4:22:22   

I see, I'll just save my other questions on another thread.
Thanks again

I just defeated Theano omg
I reached lvl 45, equipped the certain helm and girdle I was told about then also replaced my stats to 150 STR and 70 END while my Dragon is 14 fighting, 14 magic, 1 protection. I used a Necromancer tho.
First matched had me mauled to death, while the second one was a lucky fight since Theano mostly used basic attacks and killing Belle. I had 500+ hp left. Thank you all again.

Edit: I know that it worked, but somehow I feel like it isn't completely perfect, can anyone criticize the difference I made or is this fine now?

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DF  Post #: 486
4/25/2020 22:13:37   

NDA Pirate can effectively keep itself safe 2/3 of the time. Shield lasts 2 turns, after that summon crackers blinds for -80 for 2 turns and then you're vulnerable for 2 turns before you can shield again and repeat. Have you tried that?

< Message edited by arcanum37 -- 4/25/2020 22:16:00 >
AQ DF  Post #: 487
4/26/2020 10:51:36   

First , I must say , NDA pirate is really good, so are ranger and technomancer, you can try them out later.
2nd about necro at bosses- I personally will go 200 END , rest on str ( add some points in WIS if needed ) . The END gives you more hp, your heal will be better ( so the dot of the heal ) , and focus on surviving while letting you passive kill ( help killing ofc :v )

Also your dragon's heal will help a lot, maxed out potions, and load potions with cloak scrap ( you can load up to 5 with it, it will disappear as you log out, google DF cloak scrap, go to a Q with ur warrior, use final to kill stuffs till you load 5 potions before the fight ).

P.S dont reset your stats/ dragon's if you aren't having trouble, except that 5 maxed potions should do, it will waste you a lot of gold, its a last resort, mostly for high lvl inn fights.

Pirate/ technomancer/ ranger , each may require a different build.

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Post #: 488
4/27/2020 15:09:30   

Yllmar, the Maw of the Deep - How do you farm this guy??? Im lvl 86 and it has 24k life and super high dmg

Wanna get my hands on the strongest water weapon but there's so much rewards partnered with seemingly impossible quest, is there a way to farm it efficiently?
Post #: 489
4/30/2020 3:59:55   

I posted some non da items for the egomaniac challange
71 is the highest i can find (seasonal item 2 included)
and 65 (non da ,no dc, nonseasonal)

DF  Post #: 490
5/4/2020 12:15:39   

[Monster/quest name: Tle Exaltia Tower: The Apex/ the Archives]
Character link:https://dragonlord.battleon.com/game/default.asp
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): yes
Build: Warrior, Doomknight, Soulweaver
weapons equipped: Ultimate Dragon-Amulat Scythe Of Elementals, Blade Of Awe, (shown)
Accessories equipped: Necro Paragon cape, Unhallowed Deathknight Circlet, Unhallowed Deathknight Amulet, Elemental Unity Defender XV, Leorilla Mane Belt, Corrupted Doom Cassette.+ 5 potions and hero's diet.
Stats: 200 STR, !50 LUK, 50 END, 45 Wis.
can someone help me with these quest bosses, I don't know how can I defeat them, the boss of The Apex part has two minions that buff his defense and offense, so I don't know the right strategy to defeat him, and the boss of The Archives has two minions that deal high damage, can someone please give me a good strategy to defeat these tough bosses? thanks
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 491
5/16/2020 18:12:59   
Adrian Quispe Figuer

Monster/Quest Name: The Primordials
Character Link: 23398176
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 90
Weapons Equipped: Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny / Blade of Awe (Show)
Accessories Equipped: Groundhog Wings IV; Unhallowed DeathKnight Circlet lvl80; Balteal's Aventail (WIS+20, END+20) lvl80; Grub Necklace V; Uaanta's Blaster IV (Charging) lvl90; Warding Girdle lvl85
Stats: STR: 200; END: 200, CHA: 45
Pets Equipped: Graco (Pet Dragon)
Previously Used Strategies: Baltael's Soulweaver; Atelea Base Class; Ranger; ShadowWalker of Time
Notes: I have tried in various ways possible, but I can't quite handle it. When I fight separately, rather when I fight alone with Uthuluc or I only fight with Sciuridaehotep and The Witness, I can beat them but with several pissions and with two foods, also "Baltael's Soulweaver" is no longer the same as in 2018, since the ability " SoulSynch "is no longer direct, I have to wait two turns to be able to use it in addition to Sciuridaehotep canceling that ability the moment I want to use it. Is there a way to defeat them? but that is not with any special Class / Armor like the DoomKnight or others on the calendar.
DF  Post #: 492
6/4/2020 9:24:14   

@Adrian Quispe Figuer: Techomancer or Chaosweaver are excellent choices for this, since both deal high damage and can buff themselves a higher crit. And bring guests, Sir Leon and Artix have helped me defeat Primordials with lvl 45 alt.

@Plutonium: you need a class with a good shield and low cooldown. Ranger and Kathool are best choices, both of which are one of the best classes in game.
DF  Post #: 493
6/8/2020 6:01:54   


Monster/Quest Name: Drahr'Hatir from Inevitable Equilibrium
Character Link: https://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=46482790
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 90
Build: Ascandent, Chasoweaver, Eternal Epoch, (among others aside from Kathool, Technomancer, GPS, etc.)
Weapons Equipped: Exalted Apotheosis (Evil) w DragonBlaser (shown)
Accessories Equipped: Wings of the Unraveler III, Tentacle of the Dominion III, Fierce DragonLord Helm, Leaf of Flux III, The Corrupted 7, Crystal Notched Belt V (probably should've done Ribbon of Compromise V instead), Legion Bracer + 5 Potions & Hero's Diet
Stats: INT & END: 200 + WIS: 45
Pets Equipped: Avalon (Pet Dragon) w PROTECT, FIGHTING, & ASSISTANCE: 200
Previously Used Strategies: twice with Chaosweaver
Notes: Ok, I give for now. Between this and Life & Death (from The Conduit), I'm thoroughly annoyed.
EDIT I: So, I'm thoroughly annoyed with this leg of the Board. Time to buy Kathool and, hopefully, beat Life & Death twice. If I beat it, hopefully that'll lessen the "Dominion of Dreams" level of annoyance that's erupted.
EDIT II: "ITS DINNERTIME!" Finally beat Drahr'Hatir with Chaosweaver and beat Drahr'Dolaas, on my first try, with Ranger.

< Message edited by Plutonium -- 6/16/2020 2:46:22 >
DF  Post #: 494
6/8/2020 15:05:09   

Here's something that worked for me. Not the best, but it got the job done.

AQ DF  Post #: 495
6/9/2020 0:16:04   


For Life and Death, you can copy TFS's strategy with deathknight. Ofc, use Cryptic or KAA if you have those - they trivialize the fight. I've also done it with DmK v2, but it required stacking 78 energy res after killing reaver so you can tank Aya's nukes.

For Equilibrium, I think EE (and to a lesser extent DmK v2) are your best bet for Drahr'Hatir. Your gear/equipment are fine, but it's important to know Hatir's mechanics. Some tips (from doing a ton of EE Solo and Duo runs):
- The "shining scales" phase is much more problematic than the "radiant scales" phase, as it heals 33% per 4 turns (while radiant scales is "just" a nuke with +75 bonus, easily stopped with protect dragon or epoch's fade).
- c7 breaks their scales by itself, save it for "shining scales" phase.
- If you don't have 100 immo with your current gear, swap to slimy necklace when their scales break and they apply 200 bonus, as they have a nasty 5 turn stun.
- When they're reflecting, you can heal by smacking them with a good weapon.
DF  Post #: 496
6/9/2020 5:50:56   

@arcanum37: Thanks, I'll give that a try. Btw, did you stack Good or All res during your run?

@AstralCodex: Thanks and I've tried following TFS's Deathknight strategy, a few times now, for Life & Death, but haven't fared as well. My set Atealan Class is Ascendant (so if somehow I could get a strategy using that class, that'd be nice) and I've currently got 261 DC, so KAA is off the table for now (but I hope to buy it soon)

< Message edited by Plutonium -- 6/10/2020 4:41:20 >
DF  Post #: 497
6/10/2020 23:13:53   

@Plutonium Yeah, I did.
AQ DF  Post #: 498
6/11/2020 21:23:43   

Monster/Quest Name: Waste Sentinels from Into the Light
Character Link: https://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=36621793
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 39
Build: Necromancer
Weapons Equipped: Azure Lights Staff
Accessories Equipped: War-Torn Clan Valtrith Mask, Sheathed Rose Blade II, Molten Flow Ring III
Stats: INT: 70, END: 55, WIS: 50
Pets Equipped: None
Previously Used Strategies: Used Simone and Nythera as guests and tried following the necromancer multiple tough enemies strategy.
Notes: N/A for now
Post #: 499
6/12/2020 9:58:51   

First of all, I would like to point out that I am NOT whining / crying about the new challenge where you fight both dragons together being too difficult and needing a nerf. I defeated both dragons and, while I did have a bit of a harder time figuring out how to defeat the good dragon (the evil dragon was much easier to grasp for me), I did manage to defeat it too. I've defeated all challenges that I felt worth it, including Pandora Extreme, Unraveler Extreme, and Ancient Duo, but this one has me stumped. What I am requesting is strategies of how to manage both dragons where you fight them together in this challenge. What class is best to defeat the duo (I used doomknight for the evil dragon and chaosweaver for the good dragon when defeating them individually), what gear do you use for a defensive set (I did learn that for the good dragon the corrupted 7's special did help tremendously starting out), etc. View my profile to see what I have, and what I need to get if anything. I did watch Aletheia's doomknight video, but the gear switching was done too fast for me to follow, even pausing it, I was unable to see what he / she did. With my defensive set, I did NOT get the hits minimized from the dragons like he / she did. PM me strategies, or post them here for everyone. Thanks!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 500
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