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Zyrain -> =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (12/29/2017 12:07:43)

Struggling to defeat a recent challenge monster? Or need some guidance with an old yet powerful boss? Then here's the place to get strategy advice, or give it! We want to invite as much discussion as possible and see all the comparisons in strategies, however, there are a few ground rules:

  • This thread is for battle/armor strategy questions ONLY. That means, "How do I beat [monster]?", or "How can I properly use [armor]" and perhaps, "How do I beat [specific quest]?". This thread is NOT for questions about what weapons/other equipment your character should have in general, or what stats your character should have, or any other question that is NOT about battle/armor strategy.

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  • If you wish to create a a Battle Strategy Guide, please use the DragonFable Guides forum.

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    [b]Character Link:[/b]
    [b]Dragon Amulet (yes/no):[/b]
    [b]Weapons Equipped:[/b]
    [b]Accessories Equipped:[/b]
    [b]Pets Equipped:[/b]
    [b]Previously Used Strategies:[/b]
    [b]Dragon Amulet (yes/no):[/b]
    [b]Skills trained:[/b]
    [b]Primal Skills available (if the armor is DragonRider):[/b]
    [b]Previously Used Strategies:[/b]

  • Ninjaofthehi0 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (1/18/2018 0:06:28)

    How do I beat the Otherworldly double fight? I'm lvl 85 and if theres anything to make it possible I'd like to know

    Luma -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (1/18/2018 6:21:50)

    This guide may help. It's meant for players that do not have some of the optimal gear which are either seasonal, or rare. Thanks to Aries and AstralCodex from the DF Discord server for making this guide.

    Rose Researcher's Mask (85) is a better helm for more Nature resist than the one currently stated in the guide since they didn't realize it at first and just wasn't able to update it yet, I guess. If you don't have the highest level version of Aika Backguard which can be acquired from the Deepest Neverglades, Necro Paragon IV cape can work too, albeit providing a bit less resistance. As for the Spystaff of Static III, the Spyblade III as well as the Spybrand III variants are alternatives if you're a Warrior, or a Rogue respectively. Stacking potions via Cloak Scrap, alternatively, can also be done using Pirate's Plunder skill. Not only can it get you extra HP pots, but extra MP ones too. Though it's worth noting that if you use Plunder, you can only get up to 4 potions of each type rather than Cloak Scrap's limit of 5 for HP potions.

    I've personally beaten the challenge even without fully trained HP/MP pots, with HP pots only healing about 600+ and MP pots for only 150+, but it will surely be useful the higher level you have them trained.

    creepy gy -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (2/8/2018 8:48:18)

    Monster/Quest Name: Elemental Chaos (Siofra, Theano)
    Character Link: Under avatar
    Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
    Level: 85
    Build: I dont know
    Weapons Equipped: Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe Of Elementals
    Accessories Equipped: Doom Dragon Wings (LVL 80), Ornamented Seal Ring of the Papermancers (LVL 77), Mirrored DragonLord Helm (LVL 80), Akriloth's Bane IV (LVL 60), Dragon's Patience (lvl 1), Unhallowed DeathKnight Belt (lvl 80), Hero's Armband (lvl 85 )
    Stats: End: 140 Luk:200 Wis:70
    Pets Equipped: Non
    Previously Used Strategies: Non
    Notes: Best way to kill them (Is there any cheese like in Dragon challenges?)

    Da Awesomancer -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (2/13/2018 22:46:04)

    @creepy gy I don't know of any true cheese tactic for Elemental Chaos, however, if you put as many stat points as possible into END before grabbing Aegis and Mritha as partners, you can give yourself a nigh permanent shield that should keep you alive and unstunned for most of the battle while you strike down Theano. Once he's down, your partners' usefulness is greatly reduced, but so long as they stay alive, you still retain your ability to no sell most attacks sent your way. I find the best class to use with this strategy to be DragonLord (Patience) since it grants the greatest defensive abilities for keeping yourself going when one or more guests are taken down. Pet dragon with max Protection training is also good.

    Commander_In_Red -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (2/14/2018 4:59:22)

    @creepy gy

    The only success I've ever seen (and is somewhat of a cheese strat) is the use of the Icebound Revenant class. It has a skill that gives the opponent a -100 resistance to Ice, regardless of current resistances. It costs a fair few DC to get the class if that's an issue for you.


    Start the fight by focusing on Siofra, inflicting the aforementioned debuff and smack him down. The Icebound Revenant also has a load of Ice based DoT's, so use those as often as possible. Bring allies to take some of the hits for you while you do this. Artix has a full self-heal if he gets too damaged and has high Light damage output, Nythera has a wide selection of elemental attacks that you can use on Siofra when his resistances to those elements lowered naturally and can heal herself when needed, and Aegis has some very powerful Ice attacks that can be used in conjunction with the Icebound Revenant's. Defeat him ASAP, then start on Theano. When his blade starts to shine, defend yourself in any way you can; that next attack may hurt. Can't remember if he can be stunned, but if he can, do that as often as possible. Eventually, he'll go down as well and you'll win the fight.

    Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (2/14/2018 5:17:46)


    It has a skill that gives the opponent a -100 resistance to Ice, regardless of current resistances.

    That's not quite what it does.


    If Foe ice resist is 40 or lower - 60% damage and inflicts -30 to Ice resist for 99 turns.
    If Foe ice resist is 50 to 90 - 60% damage and inflicts -60 to Ice for 99 turns.
    If Foe ice resist is 91 or above - 60% damage and inflicts -200 to Ice for 99 turns.

    So it's more that the more ice resistance your opponent has, the more IBR punishes them for it. Since siofra has an All resistance of 100, its treated as having 100 ice in regards for that skill. So, it falls in line for the -200 infliction, which sets him down to having a total of -100 after everything is done.
    But yes, IBR is generally one of the best options if you have the dragon coins to get it. Moreso if you own either the frozen claymore(which is rare) or vanilla ice katana if you weren't able to get the claymore on time, or didn't keep it, due to their specials stacking with revenant's curse.

    Shiny_Underpants -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/2/2018 12:55:25)

    Is there any key to the Abomination's insta-kill attack pattern? I kept it in stun lock during the solo, but for the multi it keeps insta-killing my entire party.
    As far as I am aware, it doesn't have any requirements for its use; even the turn after purging the DoT, the attack still worked.

    In this case, I'm too low-level to acquire poison resistance to any significant level.

    Emrys -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/2/2018 17:54:51)

    Monster/Quest Name: Big and Small
    Character Link: 22077550
    Dragon Amulet (yes/no): yes
    Level: 69
    Weapons Equipped: corrupt skullstaff of doom
    Accessories Equipped: leorilla belt iii, legion bracer, hidebehind vi, cut moonstone ring, necro paragon helm iii, sundragon pendant, indecent proposal
    Stats: 200 int, 140 luk
    Pets Equipped: stan the scanorb

    how on earth is this possible

    Sasook -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/5/2018 4:13:54)

    Monster/Quest Name: Big and Small
    Character Link: 46060477
    Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
    Level: 85
    Weapons Equipped: Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny
    Accessories Equipped: DoomKnight Cloak, Unhallowed DeathKnight Circlet, ShadowWalker's Visage IV, Defender's Dragon Necklace XXVIII, Spiked Leather Gauntlet, Unhallowed DeathKnight Belt
    Stats: 200 END, 120 LUK, 100 WIS
    Pets Equipped: Stan the ScanOrb

    I haven't found a viable strategy to defeat the two. An issue I might be having is due to my stats and me having literally no STR, since I reset them a while ago for the first Otherworldly Challenge. Any strategy that allows me to gain the Super Sentog Time Core 3 times, I will be happy.

    BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/11/2018 0:53:27)

    @Emerys, the problem might be with you equipping the Hidebehind, as that gives a -40 All Resistance. If you really want to build a defensive tank with the hidebehind, then the video “Chickencow vs. Siofra” by Baron Dante will help you out. Wait until the end of the video to find out the equipment he uses: it gives you very high defensive capabilities. However, defensively is not how you play this match. You have to go hybrid. I will see what works best, but for now, use the master or baltael soulweaver. Besides, for Big and Small, you need a hybrid class like Baltael SoulWeaver that can deal high amounts of damage and has a good shield and debuffs at your disposal. On the first turn, always use the shield. This is because the Sentogs use their nuke and Dave stuns you. Next, stun Dave. This encyclopedia entry that I’ve helped with can be an excellent guide for the sentogs. Try investing more in your offensive stat STR/INT/DEX.Hope this helped!

    @alix, that is hard to say. Patience Dragonlord is good because of “Soul” (the move at the left end). Any good offensive armor is good if you stun the elementals. When you see a healing pad, set your telepoint. If you cant by the time you’re at low health, go to the start.
    The best way to farm for teleshards would be the mimics. When you reach a dead end, you may see a chest. If you have 1000 gold, battle the chest (mimic) and buy a teleshard. The teleshards are always in same quantity in the medium and huge matrixes as they are in the small, so go for small matrix. Hope this helped. If it didn’t, tell me what exact doubt you had.

    @Sasook, use the same advice I gave to Emerys.

    NEOCROM -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/15/2018 11:48:51)

    Monster/Quest Name: Jack Crescent, Edge of Time
    Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
    Level: 65
    Build: Doomknight
    Weapons Equipped: NSoD, Ultimate Dragon Amulet Schyte
    Accessories Equipped: Foul Doom Harvesting Wings, Mega Deathly Hollow, Doomknight helm, Orb pearls, Spiked leather gauntlet, Leorilla mane belt II
    Stats: STR 200, END 70, WIS 50

    Do i need a specific class to beat Jack? Since him and the guitar respawn if i don't kill both in the same turn, dunno what to do.

    Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/15/2018 12:44:11)

    Pretty much any tier-3 class+ that has a multi skill(or ranger) can beat them(and yes, this includes the Doomknight you're using). You just have to whittle their health down enough that you can take them both out with one use of he multi. If you accidentally kill one of them, the health they respawn at is low enough that a couple of your weaker attacks should be enough to get them to "use muti" range, and you can switch focus to the other one until they get to that range as well.

    Though for ranger, you'd want to temporarilly switch your focus on STR to either DEX or LUK, since ranger benefits from tehm alot more than they do from STR.

    BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/15/2018 14:07:58)

    @NEOCROM kill the guitar first. Jack will always respawn when the guitar is alive, but the guitar only does it occasionally. Aditionally, keeping Jack at low health will give you an advantage.

    NEOCROM -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/15/2018 14:33:34)

    I killed the guitar like 5-6 times in a row, it respawned every time.

    mahasamatman -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/15/2018 19:18:44)

    As Greyor said, you have to kill jack and the guitar on the same attack, using a multi attack (doom spikes for DMK). Just get them both to low enough hp, then multi. DMK might not be the best option for this because of the high CD on the multi skill.

    Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/15/2018 20:10:22)

    I will Tell For Elemental Chaos + Big and Small, without Doomknight or DC needed classes.
    First of all, NO GUESTS, each guest you bring will make these bosses do 200% more damage.
    For Elemental Chaos = DeathKnight
    Stats = 200 LUK, The rest you can Spit in END and WIS
    Equips = Same as Weird Duo = Chessemonger Gratitude
    Spy..... of Static III / Show Blade of Awe
    Grimey Ring
    Man's Best Friend Trinket
    Rose Researcher's Mask (DK)
    Leorilla Mane Belt
    Necro Paragon Cape
    Hero's Diet (Seaweed + Rotten Hardtack)
    5 Potion from Scrap Cloak
    Pet = 200 Protect Dragon
    Select Theeano and Use Garb of Undeath (Shield) , Siofra only deals nature damage, so focus on Theeano first, Then Instill Fear, Soul Slash, Dark Rite, Unholy Will, Obliterate, Inspire Weakness, Soul Reap, Dreadblade, using Shield when Siofra is close to "Blinding Fast" , keep damaging theeano with dot skills and Dark Rite and healing when needed.
    Siofra = With Siofra Left, use first Necrotic Presence Shift to heal you since he is immune to curse, keep matching his armor element, and he will be down after some time. This is a simple but Long Fight.
    For Big And Small Challenge = Soulweaver Class
    Stats = 200 LUK, The rest you can split in END and WIS
    Equips = Baltael's Aventail Helm Lv 60 or 80
    Slimy Necklace For Stun Resist
    Ultimate .... of Destiny / Show Blade of Awe
    Void Woven Belt (I-V) for All + Stun Resist
    Ring / Cape / Trinket = Use ones that gave good Crit Rate
    Hero's Diet (Seaweed + Rotten Hardtack)
    5 Potion from Scrap Cloak
    Pet = 200 Protect Dragon
    First Dave = Enslave , Baltael's Sync, Repetance, Soul Aegis Shield (To not get stunned by SSGO or Dave) , Soul Pierce, Valour Impact, Retribution, Soul Burst to add more stun, Slash, Baltael's Sync again, keep damaging him, once his health get less than 15% finish with Soul Slice and use one Temp Item to recover health if needed.
    Super Sentog GO = You can Try stun Him, use shield when possible, Soul Pierce + Valour Impact, baltael's Sync and once his health too get less than 15% finish with Soul Slice. Pretty Simple.

    alix -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/21/2018 21:27:51)

    Monster/Quest Name: Sir Beariginion
    Character Link: Under avatar
    Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
    Level: 80
    Build: I dont know
    Weapons Equipped: Spyblade of Static III
    Accessories Equipped: Neutral Cloak (LVL 80), Cute, Cute Queen Ring (LVL 30), BraveSirRobins Fearless Helm (LVL 80), Jagged Bear Tooth Necklace (LVL 58), Dragon's Patience (lvl 1), Leorillas Mane Belt I (lvl 80), Falwyns Lucky Rock
    Stats: End: 160 Luk:200 Wis:30
    Pets Equipped: Non
    Previously Used Strategies: Non
    Notes: Cannot for the life of me beat this guy. Watched all the videos, listened to all the advice given, but always come up to about half of his health before Beariginion finishes me off.

    Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/21/2018 21:49:00)

    @alix For Sir Bearginion
    Class - Paladin (or Retro Paladin to reduce lag)
    Equips - Spyblade of Static III - Show Blade of Awe (For extra regeneration chance at each hit)
    you can use , Neutral Mask (Lv 80), Chessemonger's Gratitude (Lv 75), Man's Best Friend Trinket, Leorilla Mana Belt I (Lv 25), Legion Bracer, Grimey Ring (Lv 68), Aika Backguard (Lv 75)
    Start with Shield, and hit him hard as you can , you can make a Hard combo with Prismatic Strike, Aura of Light (He will have is defense in energy element) and deal Holy Wrath (light damage), Light of dawn to blind, Summon Phoenix, Cor Lucern, use shield whenever possible, you can use Mana Boost to recover some mp, and Healing Stike / Greater Heal when need Hp. You can bring Rotten Hardttack + Seaweed if you want, but i never use more than 1 potion.
    You can use this in Weird Duo.

    alix -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/27/2018 16:51:56)

    Monster/Quest Name: Triple Trouble
    Character Link: Under avatar
    Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
    Level: 81
    Build: I dont know
    Weapons Equipped: Dragonknight balde
    Accessories Equipped: dragonknight cape (LVL 80), Cute, Cute Queen Ring (LVL 30), dragonknight helm (LVL 80), Akriloths bane (LVL 68), Legions bracer (lvl 1), Unhallowed deathknight belt (lvl 80), Falwyns Lucky Rock
    Stats: End: 160 Luk:200 Wis:30
    Pets Equipped: stan the scan orb
    Previously Used Strategies: Non
    Notes: Guests always die before I can kill the first dragon

    Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/27/2018 18:09:27)

    ^ Triple Trouble. Well, here you fight 3 Powerful Dragons. Again, No Guests, Each guest make they do 200% more damage.
    Class = Dragonslayer
    You can Equip The Stack Nature Resist, same as Siofra/Leorilla/Sir Bearginion/Weird Duo
    Showing Blade of Awe is always good for extra regeneration
    And 200 Protection Dragon is always welcome.
    Here, you not even need potions or temp items. just use if you really, really want them.
    First, Shield, (Since you have Nature Resistance, Trigoras will do little damage to you) , Poison "Gelunguis" First, Now is just survive, You can use Draconic Blood To recover some Hp, Blind him when he is "Absorbing Cold Energy" , When his Poison Ends, Use poison one more time Him and he will die after 2-3 rounds. whenever Shield is available, use it.
    1 Down, Now Trigoras and Odarath, Odarath will regenerate after Half HP down, So let's Take down Trigoras Next, you can blind him too, use poison when ends cooldown, Keep hitting him, once Poison Ends, Use Shield, before using poison, because we will release "Massive Roar" (Nuke) when his hp is very down.
    With Odarath Left , again just use poison, and keep blinding it, he only regenerates 1 time per fight, so just keep using poison.
    3 down, The Badge of the Dragon Vanquisher is yours.

    BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/28/2018 7:40:35)

    Actually, he regenerates every 20 turns if his HP is lower than 50%. Also, the rest of Shadow X Ascendant’s strategy should work out. However, you can use this rotation:


    Rotation: This battle requires you to be careful in the aspect of execution of moves and loss of health. This generalized rotation should help you.
    Against Gelunguis: Dragon Scales -> Draconic Poison -> Draconic Strike -> Draconic Elements -> Draconic Blind -> Call Forth the Fire Dragon -> Draconic Blood -> Draconic Poison -> Dragon Scales -> Draconic Strike -> Attack (repeat Attack until Gelunguis falls to you)
    Against Trigoras: Slayer’s Keen Eye -> Draconic Blind -> Draconic Blaze -> Draconic Poison -> Health Potion -> Summon Draykwing -> Dragon Scales -> Draconic Strike -> Draconic Blood -> Draconic Poison -> Draconic Blind -> Call Forth the Fire Dragon -> Ire of Scales -> Draconic Strike-> Dragon Scales (by now Trigoras should have fallen to you. Even if it did, use Dragon Scales)
    Against Oratath: Slayer’s Keen Eye -> Draconic Strike -> Ire of Scales -> Health Potion -> Draconic Strike -> Draconic Blood -> Draconic Blind -> Draconic Poison -> Draconic Blaze -> Dragon Scales -> Summon Draykwing -> Mana Potion/Attack -> Draconic Blind -> Draconic Poison -> Call Forth the Fire Dragon -> Attack (repeat Attack or Draconic Strike until Oratath falls to you. If it heals, use the regular DragonSlayer vs Oratath strategy, tweaking it up depending on which moves are available, until you win.)

    Source: It comes from my pending guide about the same, no Advertisement intended.

    Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/28/2018 13:25:54)

    @Alix, For Your "Elemental Chaos" Challenge To Get U. Axe of Destiny
    Class = Soulweaver
    Equips - Baltael Aventail, Chessemonger Gratitude LV 75, N. Paragon cape IV, Man's Best Friend (5 nature resist) or Spiked Leather Gauntlet (+9% crit chance), Grimey Ring, Leorilla Mane Belt IV, Legion bracer. Spy... (any) of static III / show blade of awe, 200 protect dragon.
    First Shield, Focus on theeano, (not stun him, so before he and siofra uses stun, you will be able to use shield) Baltael Sync, soul pierce, valour impact, retribuion, vacuum, slash, repetance, once his hp is less than 15% - Soul Slice.
    For siofra, just keep matching his element, and he will die too, he is immume to soul slice. Use shield whenever he is blinding fast.
    And For The New "Sporca" And "Dream Duo"
    Class = Ranger
    Equip = U. Axe of Destiny, (Show Blade of Awe), Baltael's Aventail (+20 END / WIS) , Necro Paragon Cape IV, Unhallowed DK Circlet / Amulet / Ring LV 80, Spiked Leather Gauntlet, Legion Bracer. 200 Protect Dragon.
    Sporca = First, Quick Reflexes, Tracker's Shot, Venom's Shot, and keep using venom, And once you have 5 Focus, if you have the +80% Hit still on, you can attack with Purge to deal Extra Damage or Armorslash, which will make your Venom's Arrow DoTs cause 20% more damage for 5 Turns, If You Need Heal , you can use Recover, 5 Potions (Cloak Scrap) or Hero's Diet (R. Hardtack + Seaweed)
    Once Sporca is down, Heal your HP and you basically have already Won.
    The Meowphant = Just take him out without Blind or Stun, and use Quick Reflexes when his HP is very low. He is very simple to beat.

    Luckyjazzt -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/13/2018 23:40:39)

    Monster/Quest Name: Uthulucs Simalcrum
    Character Link:http://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=34338297
    Dragon Amulet (yes/no):Yes
    Build: Str 200, End 110, Wis 110, (I can completely change this if needed)
    Weapons Equipped: Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe
    Accessories Equipped:Unhallowed Gear
    Stats: Str 225, int 25, dex 25, End 147, Cha 2, Luk 12, Wis 147
    Pets Equipped:Stan the Scan Orb
    Previously Used Strategies:Tried pretty much all the classes I have, I just can't figure out how to hit him before i lose too much health.
    Notes:I can change stats, gear, class, ect as much as I need to.

    Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/13/2018 23:48:47)

    Uthuluc's Simalcrum
    No Guests
    200 Protect Dragon
    Class = Soulweaver
    Equips Baltael's Aventail, Spiked Leather Gauntlet, Leorilla Mane Belt IV, N. Paragon Cape IV, and Unhallowed Ring/Amulet. You Can keep your weapon.
    Shield, Attack with Vacuum, and Slash, Repetance, attack until you get 4 Rounds with crits, he will stay in sundered chint -200 all, so Baltael's Syncronization, Soul Pierce And Valour Impact, Then just repeat and he will die.
    But since you need crits and healing, a suggestion is to Re-Train your Stats to 200 Luk, 110 END , 110 WIS

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