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RE: =AQW= Class Discussion Thread

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5/5/2019 9:02:07   
How We Roll Winner

Oh, if this new player happened to start during Halloween, is it possible (or viable . . . ?) for him/her to farm Vampire Lord as a farming class?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 401
5/5/2019 9:33:00   

Since the skill effects reportedly stack, has anyone tested the group efficiency of a stonecrusher+infinity titan combo? I feel with a lightcaster thrown in, a 6 man team should be able to easily own any monster currently ingame
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 402
5/5/2019 9:44:21   
you stop

Well efficiency wise, the only thing you really have to count on is the damage buff. Haste is capped. HoT is practically guaranteed on a party to bring you to full. Defense buffs stack I believe so there's that to consider. I just don't know if it's additive or multiplicative

also vampire lord is indeed a good farming class. one of the few that's not affected by the "mage mana regen has issues on lower level" due to its auto attack hitting 3 targets

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AQW  Post #: 403
5/6/2019 8:32:23   

Im having issues saving up - when the least bit enigmatic expense shows up Im there to get it. This would be the case with second beforeaxemasterish membership month if not thorough disappointment of non-implemented Infinity Titan rank ten special hidden free and unique passive.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 404
5/6/2019 10:31:07   
you stop

Let's call that passive The Snappening which has a chance to cut the boss's current hp in half ahue
AQW  Post #: 405
5/14/2019 13:22:32   
How We Roll Winner

What other good farming classes that use lucky enhancements are there? I'm waiting for Vampire Lord; Eternal Inversionist is nice but often needs rest, and Chunin and Chaos Slayer are both outdated.

I seem to recall Infinite Dark Caster getting a buff but I haven't used it since that buff, is it a lot better now?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 406
5/14/2019 13:29:14   
Edme MacHeath

Troll Spellsmith is a trap pick (I know Iím late)
It may look good at first and itís damage isnít bad but itís not well positioned due to only one AoE and a reliance on burst. Itís spread across targets isnít very even.

I think itís a class that may look good and perform well enough but itís a bad idea.
Itís the kind of class that tricks you into thinking it could be really good.
The results you may get with it donít always highlight the problems it has

Void HighLord technically uses lucky and even though itís single target, itís much better than EI or CS.
Frostval Barbarian is an...ok farming class.
LEDC (and itís new version) and Chunij both are decent.
Paladin is surprisingly still pretty good against non undeads, although itís in a weird position being member only and outshadowed by another member only class in Daimon which is easier to obtain
SsoT/SwoT is amazing.
SSG is decent
Dragon lord is.. well itís not that good but itís fun to use

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AQ  Post #: 407
5/17/2019 13:46:08   
you stop

Okay weird question how well does Arachno + SC (just the two of them) fair vs SC + some typical midtier Soloing Class like Doomknight?
AQW  Post #: 408
5/17/2019 23:14:31   

Alright, I know Iím late to the party but can someone buff Ultra Elemental Warrior/ Legendary Elemental Warrior? I know itís decent in PvP but itís one of the most chaotic classes despite having nothing to do with Chaos. Itís skills are not reliable for anything because there is always a chance that it will apply nothing at all with its buffs on. At least make the class guarantee 1 of the buffs/debuffs. Itís reliance on pure luck kinda ruins the aesthetic of being an Elemental Warrior. It canít survive, it canít farm and itís only redeeming factor is its burst damage which is the only redeemable factor in the class and itís not the best at it either. This post is probably gonna be left ignored but I want to bring attention to one of the coolest looking classes in the game. I mean, AE spent some effort making this class complicated to get but look incredibly cool and all but to let it get thrown away seems like a huge shame.
Post #: 409
5/17/2019 23:33:15   
Edme MacHeath

Timeless Dark Caster + Aracno+ SC has gotta be insane right?
Aracnomancer while it canít loop both doublers, it loops toxic adrenaline 100% of the time and doubles DoTs with only 4 seconds of down time after every 12 seconds.
Your gonna be doing like 18k DoTs most of the time and like still 12k+ even when Foreboding Aracnid is down
Or maybe like way more (Iím not sure if the 48% incoming damage from SC affects DoTs as well.)

Surely thatís way more than VHL is gonna be with Aracno+SC helping it especially considering VHL has nearly max haste and also has two autocritting skills.

Given Timeless wonít be getting much out of the haste of crit buffs either because it relies on DoTs and buffs itís own haste.
Outside of calendar classes I think it might be the best potential DPS with support, although I can see Elemental Warrior being really good with multiple supports as well, for looping toxic Adrenaline and getting 30% haste and crit from sc

Edit: @above what incredible timing! Ok I can fully get behind making UEW more consistent and probably itís only saving grace is itís burst which is exploitable with support classes and honestly I think it should be able to get grounded more consistently/easier/on demand. One of those as basically grounds unlocks the potential that alone would change things drastically. I however am not in charge and have no actual power to do anything about the class. But itís a nice thought.

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AQ  Post #: 410
5/18/2019 3:07:41   
you stop

I think the only real issue with UEW is the abysmal HoT. Keep everything RNG, sure. But at least let it live long enough to get enough chances at rolling the dice.

When it comes to RNG classes, usually Daimon and CS come to mind. Both have decent sustain and have a chance at turning themselves into a dunce but they also have chances at being glorious. The diff between these two and UEW is that their heal/HoT is enough to keep them alive, allowing for more RNG rolls

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AQW  Post #: 411
5/18/2019 19:09:04   
How We Roll Winner

I wasn't around when Elemental Warrior was released (I just got the class though), and as far as I can tell, the class went from "combos" oriented to totally random buffs/debuffs? How did this happen? Off the top of my head, Chaos Slayer and several other classes have effects that trigger if other effects are on, so "coding limitations" hardly seem a plausible excuse.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 412
5/18/2019 19:29:54   
Iron Volvametal

I recently got Alpha DOOMega from the Wheel of Doom, how does this class fair these days?

I know that it's supposed to be used mainly for PvP, but reading the skills, it seems pretty basic & bland compared to other PvP-oriented classes(most likely due to it being a pretty old class). Despite the basic skills, I'm still interested on how it plays & if it's actually a viable class to use, both PvE & PvP.

Pretty excited I managed to nab one of two classes from the wheel, so I figured I'd ask here; any insight on MechaJouster would be appreciated as well, since it's also another class I'm close to getting via Fortune Potions(all I know is that it also has pretty basic & bland skills, but the unique Auto Attack has me intrigued).
AQW  Post #: 413
5/18/2019 20:39:31   
you stop


the class went from "combos" oriented to totally random buffs/debuffs
I heard it got changed. I also did not get it on release. Also it would be VERY helpful if AE decides to finally add tooltips on what the class can do, how much chance they have at proc-ing effects. They can make paragraphs upon paragraphs of descriptions on other classes but they somehow just used a few lines for the skills of UEW.


Chaos Slayer and several other classes have effects that trigger if other effects
For this one I think you're mostly referring to its 5 skill. It's 3 and 4 are still RNG dependent. 3 and 4 can make Chaos Slayer a dunce as I have mentioned, with 3 proc-ing Courageous and 4 proc-ing the damage resist instead of the HoT, especially on times you need it the most.

For Daimon, its heal can increase its overall damage but that's slightly RNG, is what I meant.

Overall, the two classes have enough chances to play with RNG due to better sustain, which then translates to more skill presses. The issue I think that UEW can have apart from HP Sustain is Mana Sustain. Sure you could work with having just Warrior Regen but for a class that relies so much on at least 2 spells to even do anything, on top of the already volatile nature of RNG, it's really not so optimal to have Warrior Regen.

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AQW  Post #: 414
5/19/2019 9:20:16   

I did get UEW when the class was released and it used to be much better than it is now (imo) with the combo set up, but it was very mana heavy to set up proper combos and iirc players complained that the skillset was too complicated for players to achieve the effects they were aiming for, so they changed it to be "easier" to play with.

Burst damage improved but overall utility plummeted for me personally, a shame because i really like the idea/aesthetic of the class.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 415
5/20/2019 1:12:22   
Edme MacHeath

The class wasnít better. Far from it. Now you can actually get the effects.
You used to be able to get like 1-2 effects a single time and that was it.
You spent all your mana getting 2 effects and then ran out of mana and they both faded and you basically died or halted your damage potential into the ground for like another 15 seconds before you got them again.

At least now the class can get grounded and actually try to keep going. You actually end up getting some of the other effects more often than grounded. The class doesnít just fizzle like it used to. Even when you donít get grounded the rest allow you to have decent DPS if not great burst. Plus once you get grounded itís kinda easier to keep all the buffs coming.

The only better part about how it was previously is the giant nuke from the elemental fusion that was super hard to get.
Believe it or not the classís damage consistency AND potential are both higher despite the effects being random.
Honestly even the sustain is marginally better. Itís healing and defense sucked then and it sucks now but itís easier to get multiple buffs and the class has to way less mana issues but itís still reliant on grounded.

The class isnít worse. Itís just outdated. Going back to how it was wouldnít help. It simply needs a buff and maybe that does include losing some RNG but this is the best version the class has ever been.

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AQ  Post #: 416
5/20/2019 2:17:08   
you stop

Even if they removed some of the RNG, the class's HoT is a mere 2 Digit HoT that can barely keep up even on a normal boss. Sure, it's got damage reduction and a somehow occasional higher HoT (which is still 2 digits btw), but that's too RNG to even rely on.

It's really the HP sustain that I feel like is the issue. Removing RNG does not ensure it'll survive in a long fight
AQW  Post #: 417
5/21/2019 23:09:08   
Edme MacHeath

It needs both to be honest.
Daikon and CS donít even really compare to the level of RNG ultra elemental warrior relies on.
Atleast CS and Daimon function well enough. Daimon might encounter a small loss of like 10% luck if itís heal goes wrong. The other bad effect is increasing mana costs by 10% and reduces endurance by 10% which honestly are two effects that barely do anything.

The only bad thing CS runs into is pandemonium and courageous. Pandemonium might kill you but UEW dies soon anyways and courageous just sucks for awhile. Although pandemonium shouldnít exist anymore. Itís way too harsh

UEW is just locked behind a bunch of effects and basically either turned ďoffĒ or ďonď

I think this much RNG just shouldnít exist anymore. It just doesnít feel great. I really am glad they donít do classes so chaotically anymore. Even CSís pandemonium just feels way too punishing.

< Message edited by Edme MacHeath -- 5/21/2019 23:14:52 >
AQ  Post #: 418
5/22/2019 5:25:40   
you stop

I think you mean paragon and last i checked, CS can actually survive it on a normal boss but idk about the rest of the party.

But ye, UEW needs a total rework on hp and rng stuff
AQW  Post #: 419
5/23/2019 18:23:47   
Edme MacHeath

It depends on the boss, which is why I said it might kill you.
Even on bosses that wonít one shot you at full HP if your HP gets low enough without getting heals often enough as is another issue with CS, you still run a minor risk of dying.
AQ  Post #: 420
5/24/2019 6:09:20   

Is full luck enh viable for stone crusher?
AQW Epic  Post #: 421
5/24/2019 8:43:53   
you stop

I've recently discovered that at Lvl 90, the only advantage left for Wiz is higher base damage. Crit Damage and Magnitude Multipliers go in favour of Luck.

So yes, go for Full Luck my friend
AQW  Post #: 422
6/7/2019 16:55:20   

Design Notes mention that the Achievement Tracker special classes will roll out soon. Only question I have is, it mentions that the 10 Years Played will be a different version of the Pirate class, but am I remembering wrong or was it not supposed to be a different Naval Commander class instead?
AQW  Post #: 423
6/7/2019 22:13:00   
you stop

Behold the most expensive class to date: a 600k AC class
AQW  Post #: 424
6/8/2019 2:59:51   

Got the new 10 year pirate class. Damage isn't the best and it eats up a lot of mana if you aren't paying attention. I wish it's rogue based mana regen was a little better because it's a bit of a slog playing with it.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 425
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