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RE: =AQ= UpdateQuest Ideas

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11/30/2020 18:52:09   

Any news on potential more house updates? Sky Castle with max bean stalk has 2 open plots of land with nothing to fill it with. Also the museum has been teasing us for ages.
Post #: 126
11/30/2020 22:08:12   
OG Ranger

Fairwind Springs, Crossroads, Protector Set Quest, All the Paxia Stuff.
AQ  Post #: 127
9/12/2021 23:08:30   

Been a long time but this is somewhat necessary as an extra commentary on my Extra Characters Thread. Some armors that should possibly be looked into getting updated for the purposes of filling in equipment gaps that currently exist and thus contribute to much of the unplayability early on:

Shadow of Doubt: Needs standardized tiers like 15 * tier. Ultimon technically fills this niche, but that is not available until around level 100, and is still probably the hardest questline in the game bar a few exceptions. Updating this would give players a good filler for Dark/Light, and compression is something that really needs to be assessed.

Mystery Mail: Would also provide the rare coverages of Dark/Light that isn't MC/Rare/Premium while providing skill attacks and a substitution until one can actually get Ultimon.

Desert Conquerer: Could have its lean changed (currently mid-defensive, should probably either be updated to Neutral or FO) and tiers adjusted so that it's the standard 15 * tier. Could serve useful as we have very few water armors that are truly F2P that also have light coverage.

Cyclone Wyvern Rider / Nightmare Wyvern Rider: Would give us an option besides Axemaster's Burden, and a source of accessible Poison. And another Darkness Option.

Dragon Forms: From Law of the Dragons. Would give us at least the minimal 8 elemental coverages. Updating the Tiers would do that.

Salvation Armor: Would provide another alternative to Tempest Power Armor.

AntiGuardian: Would provide Darkness coverage as contrary to a lot of peoples' beliefs, it's actually quite rare when it's not premium, MC or rare.

Boreal Bolt: Could possibly get its lean updated to either FD or Neutral, and then provide resistances to Wind + Energy. Would provide useful substitutions for Fujin and Thunder until you're at the max level or just don't want to use those.

As a rule of thumb, it should be that every element that has an MC-set represented by it should also have MC items that aren't MC-set locked as alternatives for the point of item choices.

Also, of course it needs not be said again but Solaris, Alnaphar (Fire/Dark/Light), Nova Knight (Fire), Nemesis (Ice), Epig (Earth), and Ubear (Fire) need updates for MC touch-ups and would serve good candidates for filling in equipment gaps.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 128
9/17/2021 11:25:47   

Personally, I'd like for an area to be a hub of old, unupdated quests, so that they can still be played in their original incarnations (without graphical changes to backgrounds, NPCs or monsters, without level scaling, etc.). Exactly as they were. These wouldn't be for farming, nor for any meaningful challenge, but simply for those who'd be interested in replaying them, or those curious to see how far the game has come since.

The new versions should still exist, of course, but it would be nice to have the option to just replay content as it used to be, so collecting it all in one location might be the way to go.

As it stands now, whenever an old quest is updated, I just feel sad about what has been lost to time. Something I might have used to enjoy, that I can now never enjoy the same way again.

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9/18/2021 15:31:55   

I'm looking at the estate item shop at the moment and I can't help but feel like it should be better organized and that this will be even more important with future updates. Maybe a shop for universal items and separate ones for the various terrains or house types.

Assuming I'm allowed to post about this in this topic.
Post #: 130
9/28/2021 5:57:18   

I'd personally love to see all outdated quests/items (the gear especially) be revamped, like most gear i come across maxes out sometimes even at lvl 60. it would be great to be able to rock the older sets at lvl 150 without taking the huge stat differentials for the "fashion" :)

Just recently came back to the game after about 12 years and would love to use up-to-date, nostalgic gear.

imagine the necronomicon book at lvl 150? D: :D
Post #: 131
10/2/2021 23:42:10   

I feel the 50k Z-token Champion sets need to be massively buffed. Disappointing for them to be less useful than 2500 Z-token package items
Post #: 132
10/3/2021 2:52:14   
OG Ranger

Especially the Griffin Pet. It has the potential to be so good too.
AQ  Post #: 133
10/3/2021 5:34:24   
Dr Disrespect

An update to the Savage Werewolf and Predatory Vampire forms (and all their subsequent re-colors) would be very nice taking into consideration the fact that they have been powercrept hard, cost a UR to obtain and keep getting re-released every year with a new paint job.

An update to the Destroyer Saga (parts 1, 2 and 3) would be much appreciated. Many players really like the original War Armor (a reward from the Destroyer Saga part 3 quest) and would love to be able to use it again.
Post #: 134
10/11/2021 17:23:17   

One thought I have to wonder - How many of these powercrept items would be considered viable or even excellent if not for the items that are considered problematic?

I think before we should go clamouring for updating everything to be competitive with the latest items, we should think about the items that need to be toned down before looking to update everything else upwards. It is an unpopular proposal, but I think it's a better use of time to first fixing the problematic items and/or putting them back to earth, and then from there, judging what needs to be updated. By any count there are thousands of items in the game, and mathematically speaking, it would be much more productive to bring the 100 or so most problematic items down before updating the other 1000's or so items that don't match the power levels of the most problematic items. Certainly there are items that by virtue of time need to be updated (particularly those that don't have updated tiers or use old balance numbers), but a lot of other items being suggested here would by any other context be still considered top-tier if they weren't constantly being compared to other problematic items and strategies.

One remark I'd like to note that seems to have gotten very little scrutiny:


FROM: Hollow

A lot more updates to older quests will be coming in 2021 and I'd like to see which popular quests players would like to see updated first.

This never happened, and 2021 is looking like more of the same, if not worse than the preceding years. Now it's noted 2022 is here to do this, but after hearing one promise like this being forgotten or just flatly broken, it's hard to put faith that 2022 will actually accomplish this given that 2021 was supposed to be the year everything in this thread happened. And I must say, the promises like making content forever unobtainable and preventing accessibility seems to be one that ALWAYS get upheld and get upheld as highest priority (even though such things are detrimental to the health of the game long term, and are objectively only held-in-trust for the happiness of AQ's Pearl-Clutching Faction), but something like this where it's promised and seems to have limitless tolerance for timing is only conditionally upheld and considered secondary in priority.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 135
10/11/2021 21:05:25   


I would make the personal appeal to exercise at least as much benefit of the doubt as is required to not make assumptions of intent. There is certainly a discussion to be had about item rarity, and I am relaying the feedback about both the mechanical issues (Particularly for savage werewolf) and availability of rereleased items, mind.

However, regardless of any impressions making the schedule out to be driven by broken promises and a single-minded catering, the painfully simple fact of the matter is that this is purely a matter of team size. When a weekly release experiences any major inconvenience requiring additional work, it inevitably eats into the work of future releases. Consider how this applies to complex releases with myriad possible fracture points -- like T3 classes and their many technical, balance, and artistic considerations. When something goes significantly wrong in any respect, be it a bug, a balance concept, that is additional work being created -- Development and fixes both come from the same people.

Lighter, item-focused weeks (Or item clone releases) typically help to decompress this to afford the team more focus on the workload of permanent content and the many pending projects that we are excruciatingly aware of the wait for.
Post #: 136
10/11/2021 21:18:34   

Where's the Ranger class that was mentioned here.
AQ  Post #: 137
10/11/2021 22:35:55   
Dr Disrespect


I am relaying the feedback about both the mechanical issues (Particularly for savage werewolf)...

Thanks a lot Cray!
Post #: 138
10/13/2021 9:19:36   

Man, I remember when the Predatory Vampire forms were the best offensive armors the game had. My how things change, eh?
AQ  Post #: 139
10/13/2021 9:25:40   

^I remember that. The Savage Werewolf forms was also was consider powerful around that time as well.
Post #: 140
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