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RE: What Special Offer items would you like to see return?

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4/12/2021 14:18:53   
Zork Knight

Just to make it clearer, Farzhad Mogloo was one of the original GGB items that were updates of older AQ items, and it went rare. Cozy Farzhad Mogloo was a clone of it, and a Frostval reward, so it also went rare.

Also, it'd make a nice pair with Logos for returning rares. There are so few GGB shields...

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 51
4/14/2021 20:22:51   

Also Toxic Gladius is something very unique that should return as well.
AQ  Post #: 52
4/14/2021 23:11:44   
Korriban Gaming

- Gauntlet of Xano
- Witch Waster
- Dragonfire Sword
- Pig Drake
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 53
5/9/2021 6:23:47   

Requesting for the following GGB items to return, Twisted or not doesn't matter

Grand Tenderiser
Heatwave Spadroon
Fire Fang
Shovel of Devastation
Ultra Krieger Blade

I would have called for Infernal Djinn too but it appears that a twisted variant of it is already coming, though I'm not sure if any of those I have listed above are among the 15 twisted items to be included as well.
AQ  Post #: 54
5/10/2021 9:50:11   

^^ ultra Kreiger blade is coming back according to the newest release!

But given the original intent of this thread I do think we should look beyond GGB rares to come back. This is a bit far off but AQ will be 20 years old soon, perhaps a new take on Platinum Edge?

Also, whatís the feasibility of bringing back some of the MTG crossover rares? Iím not aware of the first time of how it was allowed with current IP and trademark laws but maybe we could at least bring those mechanics back at least? Ie:

Pet/guest banishment (damnation)
Conditional guest attacks for huge damage (wooly throctar)
Gradual move drain (mindlock)
Fire damage boost (crucible)

Yes we do have oblivion sphere but that requires a much harsher save and a drain would be a refreshing take on that still. And while we do have various damage boosting Miscs, cozy orb is rare and we donít have a non rare option for specifically fire boosts. At least one of these is still around (angel of darkness) without issue although itís a re issue, I donít see why we canít at least try to have re issued mechanics to get around IP laws

Most of the Ballywho rares were adverts for other games or IPís yet I would like to see what we could do to try to get them back or at least replicate some of their mechanics/flavors

AQ MQ  Post #: 55
5/10/2021 16:00:41   

Juicy Fruit

Reflecting Plate

Those 2 I would really like to see again.
AQ  Post #: 56
5/11/2021 3:45:20   

Twilly Form
AQ  Post #: 57
6/9/2021 13:05:00   

Seeing that Legion Shogun token package is the return of the global auto-hit functionality, I thought that we can discuss what other functionalities you guys like to return.

Note: This is ONLY the functionalities/effects that we are talking about to return, not the name or the design of the equipment.
I totally respect the idea of not returning name or the design of equipment that are permanently rare.

I will go first:

- Cracked ornament/desert raider helm's functionality, a misc that gives status potence to all statuses.

- Samukematsuri Caltrops' functionality, a spell that gives caltrops status.

- Pixel ether's functionality, a misc that converts sp to mp when clicked.

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Post #: 58
6/11/2021 20:15:35   

Not a GGB or Token Item, but if there's a way that we could get an updated Calladus Forms and Sun Eater Forms those would be pretty fun to have. Ever since Shapeshift got updated we lost access to those forever.

Perhaps if I win the surfboard contest I might suggest a mechanic to be able to summon them via surfboard...
AQ MQ  Post #: 59
6/12/2021 19:52:35   

I guess I could start with a list of effects since nobody posted yet:

1. Armor transformation like we had with Anthracite Coal Armor. Technically something like this already exists with flame guardian armor but this hasn't been properly updated.

2. Icefall's Mechanic to "absorb" Fire damage for heals.

3. Calladus/Sun Eater Forms which automatically does an SP attack.

4. Pet / Guest Banishment Like Damnation V. I think this would be particularly useful in a day and age where we're asking ourselves why NOT to use pets and guests other than time saves and/or faster battles.

5. Bee Bee Gun's permant blind mechanic. Yes we do have champion of light but that is a champion set.

6. With Necromancer getting overhauled, we'll probably lose Fear as it exists right now, and the other other notable form of permanent MRM loss is from the now rare Champion of UnderRealm.

6. Ebil Toy's ability to pay HP to inflict MRM loss.

7. Caroline's The Cat's ability to boost your next turn's damage. Obiviously we have boosters now which do the same thing but boosters tend not to be that accessible aside from Angra Linnorm nor are they applicable as universally as The Cat's.

8. The Elemental Sign's mechanics to be able to summon a weapon that gets empowered based on the number of signs you have. This would encourage more item diversity by making players consider a tradeoff between optimal items and potential combos.

9. Cozy Fire Orb and/or Crucible of Fire's ability to boost fire damage via the misc slot.

10. VIXEN's Shield functionality to modify its resists based on how you get hit.

11. Fruitcake Brick's ability to passively regen SP from the SP slot. We do have charges but some people might want SP through another means.

12. Cozy Farzhad Mogloo's ability to pay SP to reduce damage.

A re-occuring theme of this list is that it's hidden behind events that can no longer be accessed, mainly Ballywho, Past Frostvale events and the like.
AQ MQ  Post #: 60
6/23/2021 11:29:38   

I want to see an effect that's similar to the old Flame Guardian Armor: an armor that's initially weak to a certain element, but after taking a number of hits from that element, becomes resistant to it and gains a powerful offensive boost.
AQ  Post #: 61
6/23/2021 12:45:02   

The Flame Flora, when you toggle it does a "spell like attack". I am unsure if that just means Spell, or if it used 653 MP to boost an attack to be spell like damage.

But it had me thinking, and I made a suggestion on it. I want to see a weapon or series of weapons that you spend MP to boost the attack.

Or an armor that spends MP to boost the attack. It would be like if a Mage wanted to just attack. In fact I am kind of dissappointed this hasn't been implemented to be honest.

They should have %MP toggles, like 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of current MP to boost the attack of the armor, or of the weapon. Maybe you set the weapon to some crazy decrease on damage if you have zero MP, or under 100 or under 200 MP..kind of making you regen MP to continue.

IDK if this qualifies on topic, as I am unsure if Flame Flora is considered a weapon attack even with the toggle to be "spell like"

I personally like wand/tome hybrids, like zardwarts. That item is so good. Summons, control, choke, and a wand attack. I would own one and use them of every element if theyd make them. I feel like all Tomes should have a normal attack, personally.

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Post #: 62
6/25/2021 9:46:00   
.*. .*. .*.
Pfft hahaha!


The armour Hyperalphean Barbarian can be boosted with MP and SP, it also has a berserk mode. :)


Would be nice with more pets like Underwyrmling, draining your foe's sp when you want to avoid their powerful SP attack.
Post #: 63
6/26/2021 1:08:38   

I wanna see a max level algern form.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 64
7/21/2021 11:40:28   

Carnafex Visage should return ASAP. Very usefull fire misc for warrior. And if upgraded with resistance to fire and ice or fire with darkness....
Post #: 65
7/26/2021 16:56:34   

I am finding ancient mother's staff and independence daygur to be off the charts good. I would love an entire series of this type of stuff . Imagine having most, if not all, elements that do this? !!!!!!! Pwease!?!?!?
Post #: 66
8/1/2021 15:24:08   
Noremak Soothsayer

I really want my hybrid character to be decked out and not stuck in werepyre. More items with MP upkeep to to boost damage would be nice. Shadow Templar was a super cool armor and I wish I bought the conjure shadow spell when it was released.
Post #: 67
8/1/2021 21:15:23   


I wish I bought the conjure shadow spell when it was released

I remember that spell.

I hope it comes back too. I am surprised we did not have more spells like it.
Post #: 68
8/9/2021 12:52:29   
OG Ranger

Sort of unrelated but there are special items that currently exist that I would like to see updated. For example, the griffin pet in the 50$ dollar package is pretty underwhelming. It has potential. An updated version would be nice.
AQ  Post #: 69
8/9/2021 15:54:26   

Still waiting (twisted) gauntlet of xano.

Post #: 70
8/9/2021 16:14:47   
Zork Knight

It'd be nice if the seasonal Mason forms could return out of season. Having to wait for the specific alignment of a Friday the 13th with the right month would mean some will be gone for 5+ years, if they return at all
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 71
8/9/2021 18:01:18   

@OG Ranger

Yeah, a lot of package items are underwhelming now. Griffin pet is especially egregious as a $50 package - its definitely not on the same level as like, Dunamis or an elemental booster pet. Maybe make griffin pet the wind booster?

Imo all mason forms should return every Thursday the 12th. They're good imbues and I don't think there's any sense in waiting years for the right element to come back.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 72
8/9/2021 19:11:03   

^^ That would actually be a really easy way to fill that niche in. Plus make it have a set bonus with Griffinrider to incentivize people to buy both packages. IE if you have both griffinrider AND pet out you get more damage boost.

As for Griffinrider itself, it needs an MC added to the very least. Even a +5% damage MC would do for that. Also make it work with 100-procs like how Tempest Power Armor works with Bows.
AQ MQ  Post #: 73
8/9/2021 20:30:14   
Elite Warlord

I want to see more stuff similar to cutting edge shield, where missing or blocking enemies does harm damage or similar.
AQ  Post #: 74
8/11/2021 6:22:41   

I like to see elemental clones of lust (fire) pet.

Boosts your lucky strike chance. Would be amazing synergy with weapones that already boost lucky strike dmg or chance. (Masamune, Monolith Mace, Tempest Scimitar, Shamrock Sensu's and Zealot's Wrath).

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