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=AQW= Pet Suggestions

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1/17/2021 10:34:51   
PockeyChew Master

Pet Suggestions Thread

This is the thread where you can suggest all manners of animals and critters to follow you around as your pet!

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  • AQW  Post #: 1
    4/4/2021 6:42:39   
    How We Roll Winner

    I think it's appropriate to make aKidz The Kid AC Tagged. Specially because of its significance. One of the Golden Cheezburger item.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 2
    6/21/2021 23:48:06   


    Baby Dragon Warlord Pet
    AQW  Post #: 3
    7/27/2021 0:42:56   

    please buff Holiday Paragon Pet Quest to be at least on par with Shogun Paragon Pet


    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
    9/22/2021 18:35:12   

    Please make a baby Pumpkin Dragon pet.
    AQW  Post #: 5
    10/1/2021 11:30:08   

    Museum Curator Pet

    Allows you to access Blade of Awe enhancements without going to /museum (very handy for ultra fights)
    AC tagged (so can’t be accidentally sold and can be stored in bank for free)


    Blade of Awe faction rank 10
    All pieces of Armor of Awe completed
    All chaos beast quests in museum completed


    5 million Au

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    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
    10/13/2021 23:26:16   

    Toxic flame baby dragon https://twitter.com/seobaiano/status/1448458657029627909?t=3q-mvrDaeiPkHgW2D_DCxw&s=19
    AQW  Post #: 7
    7/17/2022 6:31:01   


    All right ?

    Today I come with a suggestion!

    If possible, a pet from the anvil of the forge could be made, where the player could access the enchantments of the forge through the pet!

    It can be a pet for 10k ACs, I think it's very fair!, and it doesn't affect the balance of the gameplay at all, it's just a practicality, for those who are willing to pay for it!

    Thanks for your attention, I apologize in advance if the text seemed arrogant in any way, it is being translated by google translator.
    Post #: 8
    10/21/2022 7:16:03   

    suggestions for AE's 20th anniversary I present to you Fancy Twilly
    AQW  Post #: 9
    10/26/2022 8:18:02   
    Mystical Warrior

    A little suggestion regarding the Armored Guardian Dragon Battle pet, I am aware that Battle Pets are kind of a bit exclusive to Members, but seeing that there are already a few Battle Pets that are available for Free Players albeit some are either rare or takes a little while to obtain, I think it'll be fair to at least remove the Member-Only requirement for the Armored Guardian Dragon Battle pet, since in order to obtain it you will need to verify a Guardian account in AQ to your AQW, and given that not every Guardian player in AQ can be a constant Member in AQW, it kinda seems unfair for it to be locked out to Guardian players in AQ that are not able to maintain their Membership in AQW since its supposed to be one of their perks for supporting AQ by becoming a Guardian in that game, and it's not like all Free Players will be able to get since its practically unobtainable for Free Players if they don't have a verified Guardian account to their AQW account

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    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 10
    12/27/2022 21:43:36   

    i think we need more Kitten
    AQW  Post #: 11
    2/3/2023 12:39:02   

    Suggesting Spear/Poleaxe pets. Currently we only have sword pets and 1 staff pet. I think it would be a fun idea.

    Post #: 12
    2/16/2023 22:39:05   
    Bedelia Bridget Blaz

    This is a pet and house items suggestion - parodies of Sesame Street characters. Like an extra fuzzy green moglin in a trash can to stand in for Oscar the Grouch, or an unusually feathery yellow zard for Big Bird. I don't know, I think it'd be cute.
    Post #: 13
    3/31/2023 17:43:28   

    Please make the Baby Dragon of Awe a battle pet. Since its a guardian AND Mem (kinda, u need the mem to buy the Baby Red Dragon needed to merge) and its supposed to be a celebration gift i think its really not that much to ask to make it a free player battle pet.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
    4/7/2023 14:23:26   

    Hello there! This is going to be a suggestion for a pet I've been mulling over for a bit. It's alright if it doesn't get implemented in the exact form I'll go on to describe—I just figured that if I'm going to write out the suggestion to begin with I should be shooting for the stars. That said, this is my suggestion for a pet(s) locked behind a level 100 questline. Why level 100, you may ask? Well, the premise of this pet is supposed to replicate the feeling of being a high level player taking a newer player with a lot of potential under your wing.

    Name: Nublin (the squire, warrior, knight, paladin)
    Item Type: Pet (the squire), Battle Pet (the warrior, knight, paladin)
    Effect: Pet variant (none), Battle Pet variant (15, 30, 50 percent additional battle pet damage/if not possible, some kind of combat bonuses against specific enemy tags with a reduced rate of 5, 15, 30, most likely for undead)
    Description: A wild little Moglin who joined you as a squire in hopes of one day becoming as great a hero as you. (Squire)
    A green Moglin you personally trained in the art of battle who now serves as your ally in the field in the field of battle. (Warrior/Knight/Hero)

    Explanation: The idea I had in mind was that this is a Moglin the hero saves from monsters after having a mini existential crisis about finally having reached the peak of their strength as a level 100 character. Noticing the potential in the creature after it takes care of some monsters fairly handily, they decide that, having reached their full strength, maybe it's time they started focusing on training another to do the same. From here there would be either a mini storyline (5-7 quests for each variant or just 4-5 quests with intensive requirements) where the hero brings their new squire along to face a multitude of dangerous threats that are meant to reflect a veteran helping a newbie grind, which could be a good excuse for players to revisit older locations in the game they would have otherwise forgotten about. After completing each quest/questline portion, the player would receive the next tier of the pet, with them essentially being reskins where the Moglin gets more armored over time.This would provide players at the endgame a new avenue of progression once they feel as though they've hit a plateau, while integrating the story and gameplay through a pet they'll come to value as a result of feeling as though they've helped it grow stronger.

    Thanks very much for reading, I understand I'm not meant to have a say on the means of obtainment so feel free to, if interested, include the concept however way you see fit even if the progression/additional damage aspects have to be cut in the process.

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    Post #: 15
    9/27/2023 12:02:55   

    make some more kitten for this game so here new kitten Armored Kitten Halo hope u guys like it
    AQW  Post #: 16
    11/5/2023 4:45:36   

    Suggestions for Black Friday "The Criminal Moglin" is a parody of "The Criminal in Detective Conan".
    AQW  Post #: 17
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