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=AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions

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3/9/2021 21:59:27   
PockeyChew Master

Feature & Functionality Suggestions Thread

This is the thread where you can suggest new ways and ideas of gameplay!

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  • AQW  Post #: 1
    3/21/2021 10:57:01   

    A way to change base damage from a weapon, like a enhancement that changes any weapons damage to 20-40, 30-30 or any other that is not default(27-33). Or a new shop that have newest weapons selected from every faction or Legion and Nation where you can exchange the older base damage(27-33) to a new one medium or fixed.
    Post #: 2
    3/27/2021 17:28:33   

    Can we have Two-Factor Authentication? If not in the client then on the website for account management?
    AQW  Post #: 3
    3/29/2021 12:25:12   
    Crimson King

    The battle messages pollutes the chat so much, please remove it. Solution I have in mind: Turn the skill button red as already occurs when auto attacking instead of returning a message every time :)
    Change the chat filter too, it is too dumb (I'm not saying it is unnecessary)

    Please do something about the game sounds. Combat sounds are too much annoying to let it on even though the music of the maps being really good in most times. DragonFable have a solution

    Let the potions equiped after logout. Maybe even let consumables in general to not occupy inventory spaces (with a limit to not become a mess, maybe 10 spaces)

    Maybe remove the enhancements from the game menu? I know it's super convenient but... it is kind of unnecessary and removes the sense of adventure in a certain way. I would even argue against instant travel to every single location but I think it'd be a bit too far


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    Post #: 4
    4/13/2021 6:45:32   

    disable 6th skill's effects while in PvP

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    Post #: 5
    4/18/2021 8:22:23   
    WCAtkin | Tnt

    I am currently grinding some of the hardest items to get in AQW and am asking my self is it worth it? This lead me to this suggestion where i am suggesting a way to show of your hard work and dedication to the game and an indirect improvement to the Char Page system. I am suggesting of a way to put weapons and armour on sort of 'armour stands' at maybe your house or someplace more visited as houses arent often visited (as far as im aware.

    How it would work:
    The Weapon/Armour would be consumed when you place it in an armour stand meaning you cant get it back without having to do a certain something or pay a certain amount (this is so players cant bypass the bank/inventory limit)
    Weapons and armours however can be moved from stand to stand to allow players to mix and match their items to make their showcases look as marvellous as possible.

    Other things:
    This is the first stages of my suggestion and id love for comments to be made so we could polish up this topic.
    Another way this sounds good is maybe a way to showcase items similar to the way badges were showcased on the old Char Page. A way to see someones inventory/bank as actual items
    Post #: 6
    4/18/2021 16:36:27   
    Crimson King

    More diversity on bosses. Would be cool to see some absorbing/blocking magic/physic damage at different %s sometimes... Everything nowdays are just boring damage sponges.

    Idea of a monster: Hard hitting with low range attacks, a bit dodgy and that chases the player at normal walking speed (aggressive but not with that super fast sprint of makais). Maybe put that into forest wolves as tests, I think it'd be funny ^^. Thanks
    Post #: 7
    4/25/2021 6:31:41   

    Help for PvP. Some classes(newer) are OP and the duels must be a bit fair. example: cant hit Yami No Ronin with Ninja due to extreme dodge. NOT NORMAL.
    Items that give damage boosts also broke the PvP.
    Lets think about it, it was better experience years ago.
    Smaller arena for 1v1 PvP

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    Post #: 8
    5/4/2021 11:20:16   

    one reason why AQW lost players is because the new classes got complex skills large texts and many dont understand how to use them especially kids. the conclusion is the suggestion.
    Post #: 9
    5/8/2021 13:12:13   

    New quest line !

    Quest 1

    Level 100
    Necrotic Sword of Doom
    Legion Revenant Rank 10
    Lightcaster Rank 10
    Stonecrusher Rank 10
    Infinity Titan Rank 10
    Arch Paladin Rank 10
    Lord of Order Rank 10
    Void Highlord Rank 10

    Arch DoomLord
    Sepulchure’s Doom Knight Armor
    Unidentified 35 x2
    Unidentified 34 x25
    Unidentified 25 x1
    Bloodgem of the Archfiend x100
    Tainted Gem x1,000
    Dark Crystal Shard x1,000
    Emblem of Nulgath x100
    50 million Au

    Elite ArchFiend DoomLord (51% to All Monsters) – Armor (AC tagged)

    Quest 2

    Elite Arch DoomLord
    Legion Castle
    Legion Doom Knight

    Head of the Legion Beast
    Sapphire Orb x200
    Necrotic Orb x600
    Emblem of Dage x100
    Legion Token x25,000
    50 million Au

    Elite Head of the Legion Beast (50% to EXP, Au, Class, and Rep) - Helm (AC tagged)

    Quest 3

    Enchanted Nulgath House
    Elite Head of the Legion Beast
    Celestial Commander's Back Blade
    Hollowborn Shadow of Fate
    Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny
    Void Light of Destiny
    Cyber Void Light of Destiny
    Ascended Light of Destiny
    Polished Blinding Light of Destiny
    Obsidian Light of Destiny
    Blinding Light of Destiny
    Legion DragonBlade of Nulgath
    Chaorrupter Unlocked

    ShadowFiend Cloak
    Shadow Shroud x15
    Akriloth’s Scale x3,000
    Emblem of Nulgath x100
    Void Aura x7,500
    50 million Au

    Elite ShadowFiend Cloak (75% to all tagged monsters) – Cloak (AC tagged)

    Quest 4

    Elite Shadowfiend Cloak
    Doom Knight in Dragon Fable
    X-Guardian in AQ
    Current member and 1 year played as member, 2 years membership purchased, and 1 $99.95 AC package purchased in AQW
    Rank 10 in ALL factions (including member-only factions) except blacksmithing, which must be rank 4 in it
    Dark Chest and Dark Key unlocked from Treasure Chests

    Ancient Alloy x300
    Doom Aura x1
    Diabolical Aura x10,000
    Emblem of Gravelyn x 100
    Diamond Token of Gravelyn x300
    Dark Potion x50 (from dark chests and keys)
    100 million Au

    Reward : Ultimate Doom Knight - Class (Alpha class in the game, tier SS in every category) (AC tagged, member only)

    Quest 5

    Ultimate Doom Knight

    Necrotic Sword of Doom
    7,500 Void Aura
    Necrotic Sword's Hilt
    Necrotic Sword's Aura
    Necrotic Sword's Hilt
    Doom Heart
    100 million Au

    Elite Necrotic Sword of Doom (100% to all monsters) - Sword (AC tagged, Legend only)

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    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 10
    5/16/2021 17:23:35   
    Crimson King

    I want to suggest a weapon "layer" over the hand of the player. I don't know the technical implications of this but it would open new possibilities for the artists. Thanks.
    Post #: 11
    6/1/2021 3:47:49   

    I loved the old animations of the Necromancer class but I recently found out they changed the animation of the 'Weaken' skill.

    It used to look like the attack animations of the Evil Elemental monsters in tercessuinotlim. It used to have the swirling, dark, leech animation.

    I just wish they never changed it, I guarantee it would be awesome if they could revert back the old animations for that.

    I also wish they never changed the animation for 'Fireball' in the Mage class. The impact was changed. It used to be the simple burning flame very much like the loading blue flame when one's character is still loading.

    Devs, please consider!
    Post #: 12
    6/7/2021 2:45:27   

    Kinda crazy idea I think but hear me out

    what if each class and armor had a skill/potion/scroll (unlimited use) you can use on the potion slot? Like, health potions are useful in a lot of places early on but no one really buys them for what i know, so what if the warrior for example had access to it? You open the inventory, click on warrior and there's a button to equip the potion on the class itself, this could open up some use for "weak" classes

    I used health as an example because I think a warrior would carry a few potions, but some classes may carry other things
    like wizards carry a scroll for mana regen, rogues may carry a trinket that adds a passive instead (as a rank 10 passive because it lacks one) etc..
    And also armors, like a basic robe you buy very early on having food to give you a bit of a boost, the ninja armor giving you a bit of haste, and vampire armors give a bit of lifesteal and so on...

    this may call for a buff on consumables to make them worth using but some of them already have pretty good effects, like the wasabi Holy Wasabi which gives you 2x damage to undead, so a healer's cross might only give you 1,5x since it won't disappear on use, health potions restore 100% of weapon dmg as health instantly, so an armor's potion might just heal 50 to 75% of weapon dmg and so on

    classes with rank 10 passives won't have this resource but can still use ones granted by armors

    this is a way to make it worth looking for a armor not only by the looks,  may also bring more variety to play with since you'd have that extra thing to mess with, which in return will make the combat a gain bit more deep and encourage players to use classes they wouldn't use before, this already appear on AWE enchantments and boost items so my suggestion is just "adding more of it" I think, make that 1 armor be worth the slot.
    Post #: 13
    6/9/2021 11:19:00   
    Crimson King

    Feature suggestion: Automatic "Save current quest after logout" feature and "Quest origin map location on the quest window" feature like this.

    Functionality suggestion: Mouse wheel roll on inventory, shops and bank.

    Post #: 14
    6/11/2021 1:30:36   

    I would love for there to be a way to display armor sets in your house, through some item that places a whole set or a mannequin you could place items on. This could be a quest item you build from the wolves at Centaur 21, or bought with acs or something. another thing I think would be neat is placing pets in your house, this could be done through buying a pet bed or just letting us place the pets.
    Post #: 15
    6/11/2021 1:36:02   

    I am reply to the scroll wheel in inventory and shops to know why this isn't a feature.
    Post #: 16
    6/13/2021 17:14:47   
    Crimson King

    The new monsters respawn speed is fast to the point it breaks the game flow, making multiple scenes being useless to walk through since you can finish the release in a single screen.

    My suggestion is: Make rooms from numbers 1-20 to have "old/normal" monster respawn speed, and every other afterward these rooms "infested" for the ones who needs to farm. I (kinda) understand the glitch problem but the new changes just makes the game... wrong. Thanks for the space.
    Post #: 17
    6/26/2021 17:17:15   

    "cum" in romanian language means "how". I get muted a lot because of this! People should be free to use the word even if in english it means what it means.
    Post #: 18
    7/12/2021 0:05:41   

    move all boost from existing item to the unused necklace/accessories slot

    i miss being able to wear any weapon/armor i want without compromising on damage/gold/cp/rep gained


    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
    7/15/2021 19:11:04   

    dont clear the ignore list.
    Post #: 20
    8/14/2021 12:13:56   
    Crimson King

    Battle emote for bows [RangedFight]
    Battle attack emotes for wands [Cast1,2,3, Castgood] and whips [Attack4, FistWeaponAttack2, UnarmedAttack2]
    Post #: 21
    8/14/2021 12:52:40   

    adding a few F2P verification bonuses from other AE games (like dragon lord, guardian)
    but you earn it by reaching a milestone like max level, a certain quest etc..;

    Reason: I never spent money on the games myself but I know a few that only made accounts on other games for the bonuses and never played, which is a shame as I think the other games are quite good, especially dragon fable for me, and this can also bring more people to buy those bonuses because it will fell more rewarding as you'd be already playing both or more games
    Post #: 22
    9/1/2021 10:47:32   
    Crimson King

    New monsters types suggestion

    I could come up with 5, hope you like

    Artificials (or Machines)
    Unidentified (or simply ???)

    Since the number of enemies is huge, apply some of these to high level monsters and revisit some lore maps to apply to some of them too.

    Also, different percentage of damage type to different weapons. There is no reason to farm a weapon with 30% more damage to chaos if I already have a weapon that does 50% more damage to all. this is why i suggest new monster categories at first place.
    I know this game has become more of a dressing game with time but I think mechanics and gameplay should at least receive a bit more of care and thought


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    Post #: 23
    10/2/2021 10:53:59   
    Crimson King

    Trading... but only for potions/scrolls and sacks of gold.
    Post #: 24
    10/6/2021 8:02:26   


    I suggest stack merging (Merge Shop) so we do not have to spam clicking and end up getting DC'ed from too much actions.
    Post #: 25
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