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Lymcrest (Books 1 and 2)

Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Lymcrest -> Take me there!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 29th, 2008

Quests Available
Doug Digg
The Lymcrest Labyrinth (All Versions)

CMC - Oct 09
CMC - Dec 09
Codemonkey Challenge April 2010
Codemonkey Challenge July 2010
CodeMonkey Challenge Dec 2010
CMC-March 2011

Doug Digg

CMC Shop

Doug Digg

Doug Digg: Greetin's traveler! Welcome to the minin' town of Lymcrest! I'm Douglas Butterscotch Tummybundle Digg Jr... But you can call me Doug.

  • Quest!
    Doug Digg: Do you want to explore the labyrinth, <Character>? Be careful down there... if you get lost, it may be years before you get found.
  • Talk
    Doug Digg: Sure, I got a few minutes to chat. What do you want to know?
    • Who are you?
      Doug Digg: I'm Doug Digg. Lymcrest has been my home as long as I can remember. My family moved here 89 years ago when I was just a pebble.
      Doug Digg: I'm the one who uncovered the door to the labyrinth a few days ago while followin' a particularly rich vein of samsonite.
      Doug Digg: Most of the other miners, both human and dwarven, are too frightened to go down there, but not me! I've never met a cave I didn't like.
      Doug Digg: I made it all the way down to the second floor. It's tougher than it looks, hero. If you want to beat my record, you're welcome to try!

    • Lymcrest?
      Doug Digg: Until recently we were a happy little minin' town, where humans and dwarves worked together to make our town great.
      Doug Digg: We are very different races but none of us ever let that get in the way of gettin' the job done... and we all love what we do.
      Doug Digg: Minin' is hard and dangerous work, but everyone here has a very special connection to the earth. It's hard not to when you wear dirt all day.
      Doug Digg: Then, the dark times started. Suddenly, all the elementals went nuts and the river caught fire and wouldn't go out.
      Doug Digg: It hasn't been easy for us. We ship ore and stone to every town and smithy in Alteon's kingdom! People are countin' on us!
      Doug Digg: Let me tell ya, it ain't easy pannin' for gold and silver when you're up to your knees in fire.
      Doug Digg: We also need the river to power the smeltin' plant. You and Warlic have helped a great deal but if somethin' doesn't change soon...
      Doug Digg: This town, and all the minin' families here will have to pack up and leave. The town of Lymcrest will just dry up and die.

    • Warlic?
      Doug Digg: Aye, I know the Blue Mage. He's a friend of Lymcrest...always has been. In fact, he's a bit of a local hero.
      Doug Digg: Until you showed up, he was the only one who would come to help us with the elementals. If not for him, things would be much worse.
      Doug Digg: Whenever he came to town for supplies he would always have a kind word for everyone he met.
      Doug Digg: He may seem a little tight-laced from time to time, but he's got a heart the size of a boulder under those robes.
      Doug Digg: Warlic has a knack with the elements. He can freeze fire, and conjure rocks out of thin air.
      Doug Digg: I've never seen someone with power of the elements like he has.
      Doug Digg: I'm just glad that he's on our side! You too! As long as you both stand with us, Lymcrest has hope!

    • Xan?
      Doug Digg: A while ago there was a young human named Xan who lived here. He always had a talent for magic.
      Doug Digg: He was always a pain...always actin' like he was better than those around him.
      Doug Digg: Last I heard, he was settin' off for the magic school in Swordhaven. You don't think this pyromancer is the same Xan, do you?

    • Dwarves?
      Doug Digg: Am I the first dwarf that you've ever met? I ain't surprised. We tent to keep to ourselves.
      Doug Digg: You humans seem to keep to the topside, unless you're spelunkin' for treasure or some cave dragon stole your beloved.
      Doug Digg: There's a whole world down there that you've barely scratched the surface of.
      Doug Digg: Maybe one day your travels will take you to one of the great dwarven kingdoms, and you'll see the wonders deep beneath Lore's crust.
      Doug Digg: Let me know if you're plannin' a trip. My cousin Brollybrap is an undertravel agent. He'll get you a great deal!
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Set Home Town
    Doug Digg: You want to make Lymcrest your home? We'll make a miner our of you yet <Character>!
    • Yes
      Doug Digg: You're all set!

    • No


    Tog: Bark!

  • Quest!
    Tog: Bark Bark
  • Talk
    Tog: Bark?
    • Who are you?
      Tog: Bark Bark!

    • Lymcrest?
      Tog: Bark Bark Bark!

    • Code Monkey?
      Rolith: That would be me. Not the Rolith you meet in Oaklore, btw. Rolith, Dragonfable's lead programmer.
      Rolith: If I need to be clearer, this place DOSN'T exist inside the Dragonfable Storyline.
      Rolith: It's a launch pad for Code Monkey Challenges.

    • Code Monkey Challenges?
      Rolith: Code Monkey Challenges are fun little side events that are released the fifth thursday of every month there is a fifth thursday.
      Rolith: Long Story.
      Rolith: Anyways, these are quests that are virtually impossible to beat on your own, and will require teamwork.
      Rolith: Teamwork you're going to find on the forums!
  • Merge Shop - opens CMC Shop.

    Other information
  • Clicking on the small tog in the bottom-right corner of the screen reloads Lymcrest, with the tog replacing Doug Digg; one of the tog's dialogues erroneously has Doug Digg's name tag.
  • Pop-up headlines while exploring Lymcrest:

  • Dirt as far as the eye can see!
  • Maybe you should ask Doug before going into his house...
  • OOO! A shovel! In a mining town! Who would have guessed?!
  • Ready to get your hands dirty?

  • Occavatra -> RE: Lymcrest (All Versions) (4/27/2018 22:05:55)

    Lymcrest (Book 3)

    Access Point: Maguswood Region -> Lymcrest -> Travel
    Level/Quest/Items required: None
    Release Date: April 27th, 2018

    Quests Available


    Rose Engraved


    Badar: Say, surface dweller... you be needin' some weapons? I 'ave a stash of some Rose armaments that I wanna get rid of. For a price.

  • Rose Armaments - opens Rose Engraved shop.


    Tralalimbor: Good day to you, my Lady/Lord! What brings you here?
    <Character>: Oh, I'm just sightseeing.
    Tralalimbor: Ah, yes, it IS a lovely day for such things, indeed!

    Tralalimbor: However, I'd advise against venturing forth, down this hill.
    Tralalimbor: Lymcrest proper is absolutely, utterly, completely overrun by wild elementals! Simply horrible, I'm telling you, I am!
    Tralalimbor: Ever since the town has been abandoned, these accursed beings made it their home. I am telling you, I am! Just awful.
    <Character>: Thank you for the warning...
    <Character>: You are very eloquent, for a dwarf!
    Tralalimbor: ...

    Tralalimbor: And you are extremely rude, for a surface dweller!
    <Character>: Oh, I didn't mean it that way, I'm sorry!
    Tralalimbor: Hmmhmm, apologies accepted. I too am mortified by my outburst, you have to forgive me.
    Tralalimbor: I am an emerald, we are a very passionate cut. Let us put this aside!

  • Occavatra -> RE: Lymcrest (All Versions) (4/27/2018 23:15:54)

    Lymcrest (Books 1 and 2)
    Thanks to
  • Beleg Strongbow, juan7722, and monkeyman4241995 for information.
  • Jay and Peachii for corrections.

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