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Resolute -> Moonridge: Saved! (4/18/2008 18:56:08)

Moonridge: Saved!

Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Moonridge: Saved!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Necromantress
Release Date: April 18th, 2008

Objective completed: Whew! That was a close one, but now the party can really start! It looks like Lady Vayle and Artix have some history, maybe you can ask him about that later. Right now, the key to the Necropolis awaits!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Armadeadon - Boss

Lady Vayle
Mayor Dolan
Moonridge Citizen(s)

Undead Slayer Badge
Spade's Chain Belt
Cinch of Balance

Artix: You did it! Moonridge has been saved! The mayor has sent a letter inviting us to a party to be held in our honor!
Artix: I would mean a lot to these people if we show up. Are you ready to go to Moonridge?

Mayor: Good people of Moonridge...
Citizen: WOO!
Citizen: HOORAY!
Citizen: YAHOO!
Mayor: Lend me your EARS!...
Citizen: WOO!
Citizen: HOORAY!
Citizen: YAHOO!
Mother: Ew! Sally! Leave those left-over zombie parts on the ground!
Mayor: Lend me your EYES!...
Citizen: WOO!
Citizen: HOORAY!
Citizen: YAHOO!
Mother: SALLY! No throwing undead monster parts at the nice mayor.
Mayor: Lend me your HEARRrrrrrr.... Ok, serously, Sally. Put that down.
Mother: You are in SO much trouble when we get home, young lady!
Mayor: Today we celebrate the saviors of our home! Behold our heros... <Character> and Artix!
Citizen: HUZZAH!
Citizen: HOORAY! Thank you <Character>!
Citizen: ALL HAIL Artix and <Character>!
Mayor: They selflessly came to Moonrdige to rescue us and defeated a horde of undead invaders!
Mayor: For this I am proud to give you the key to the city!
Artix: OOOOoooh! A SKELETON key!
Mayor: We have a big night planned, including 'Pin The Tail On Harvey, The Tailless Donkey'... but first...
Mayor: <Character>, Artix, If there is every anything the grateful people of Moonridge can ever...
Lady Vayle: Excuse me Mayor. I would like to meet and thank our heroes, personally.
Citizen: ???
Citizen: ???
Citizen: ???
Lady Vayle: So, the two of you signel handedly defeated the Necromantress' undead army?
<Character>: We did our best!
Artix: We did our best!
<Character>: Hey! That was my line!
Artix: Hey! That was my line!
<Character>: ...
Artix: ...
<Character>: You go first...
Artix: You go first...
<Character>: ...
Artix: ...
<Character>: Stop copying me!
Artix: Stop copying me!
<Character>: ...
Artix: ...
<Character>: ............
Artix: ............
<Character>: Woah, that was weird.
Artix: Woah, that was weird.
Lady Vayle: Defeating an undead army of that strength requires a great deal of skill and power.
Lady Vayle: That was quite impressive. Let me be the first to PERSONALLY thank you.
Mayor: Please forgive her, heroes. Lady Vayle is very strange.
Artix: Did you say... Vayle?
Lady Vayle: !!!
Artix: It is... just that I knew a girl named Vayle once when I was a young boy.
Lady Vayle: Impossible! This cannot be the little boy I met during the...
Artix: Could this be the same Vayle I met when I was a little boy?
Mother: Sally, get out of there this instant! I thought I told you to stop playing with the...
Sally: But Mom, Look! When I poke this thing under the stage with a stick... it moves! Hehehehe!
Citizen: *Gasp*
Citizen: Why did I ever move here?
Citizen: Oh Em Gee!
<Character>: Artix!!!
Lady Vayle: Artix, he... he saved me...
<Character>: Let me help you!
Artix: I can hold. That monster has grabbed the little girl, you have to save her!
<Character>: *nods* I'm on it!
Artix: Just be careful.. he looks HEAVILY ARMED!
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Alright. Hey you big pile of bones... over here!

You fight Armadeadon

Artix: Are you alright little girl?
Sally: That was FUN! Can I go again!
<Character>: She's fine. I didn't see Lady Vayle slip away, but I guess she's fine too. Maybem did anyone else get hurt?
Mayor: Nobody was hurt, thanks you you two. Well... almost nobody.
Mayor: When the monster fell... it fell on top of Harvey, the Tailless Donkey. Everyone else is fine.
Citizen: Speak to me Harvey! The party just won't be the same without you!
Mayor: I was waiting until after the celebration to tell you both this, but now seems as good a time as ever.
Artix: ???
<Character>: ???
Mayor: I know that you two are trying to get into the Necropolis... and I think I know you can do it! Listen carefully...

Next Up: The Outcast

Thanks to
-- acex19.
-- PaperClip of DOOM.
-- banana.
-- Peachii for NPC links.
-- Voodoo Master for dialog.
-- Dread97 for None reward.

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