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The Body Shop

Location: The Necropolis > Artix > Quests > The Body Shop
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Gate Keeper
Release Date: May 9th, 2008

Objective: Take down the Body Shop any way you can!
Objective Completed: Well done! You have defeated your very own Build-A-Beast and destroyed the Body Shop in the process! You have slowed down production of the undead army but Speulchure is still on his way!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X) Boardrake
(X) Bone Fire
(X) Cephelorachnid
(X) Necroslime
(X) Shake Spear
(X) Shoggoth
(X) Shoulder Blades
(X) Squeg
(1) Opticlops - Boss


Boardrake Leather Belt
Shining Paladin Belt
Beastly Waist Wrap
Undead Slayer Badge
Locked Case
Locked Picnic Basket
Zipper Jammed Backpack

Artix: Now that we have a map of the Necropolis we can really do some damage to those Necromancers!
Artix: Our first stop is the place they call The Body Shop!

Artix: Ok, according to the map on the back of the Necro U handbook...
Artix: ...This area is called the Body Shop.
<Character>: This is no time for loofas and body wash that smells like fruit, Artix.
Artix: <Character>, there is ALWAYS time for personal hygiene... but it is not THAT kind of Body Shop.
*Artix points to Body Shop location on map*
Artix: According to the handbook this is where they have their Build-A-Beast Worhsop.
<Character>: ... Oh, and it's worth 4 credits! This semester will be cake!
Artix: ...
Artix: If we can get into the workshop, then we should be able to destroy the foul methods they use to make some of their monsters!
<Character>: SABOTAGE! Now THIS is my kind of quest!
Artix: All we need to do is get inside without being noticed.
Artix: Then we can take out the necromancer who runs the workshop and vanish without a trace!
Artix: We should try to avoid drawing any attention to ourselves.
<Character>: ... Says the guy who could have walked past the guards but felt the need to destroy them instead.
Sneak in!

<Character>: We're in luck, the necromancer is by himself!
Artix: Good, That means we can do this quickly and quietly with no...
Professor: Lights please...
*Lights turn on*
<Character>: Oops.
<Character>: ...Standing up in front of class with no idea what's going on... I think I've had this nightmare before.
<Character>: At least I'm fully dressed this time.
Artix: There must be less than fifty of them. We can take them!
<Character>: I don't think that's a great idea. If we blow our cover, we might never get back down into the Necropolis!
Artix: Yeah, but... but... *sigh* Oh, fine.
Professor: And that concludes the lecture portion of the class, now I will need a few volunteers for the lab portion.
Student: How about the new guys?
<Character> and Artix: NO!
Professor: I beg your pardon?
<Character>: Uh... we missed the lecture. Maybe you should pick someone else...
Professor: No, I think this will help you remember to get to class on time.
Artix: May I be excused? I need to use the restroom.
Professor: You should have thought of that on your way to class.
<Character>: Can I go to the nurse's office? I feel sick.
Professor: Hmmm... Yes, you may.
<Character>: Really?!
Professor: Certainly, we get most of our body part "donations" from the nurse's office.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: I'm feeling better.
Professor: Excellent, then let's get to the lesson, shall we?

  • Start Lesson! - enter the lab
  • Heal - recovers your health and mana

    Professor: For safety reasons we will watch you from outside the lab.
    Artix: "Safetly reasons"?
    Professor: Eventually, young necromancers, you will learn to creatue creatures using your own dark powers...
    Professor: However, for now we will use the university's SNM (Simplified Necromantic Monstermatic)
    Professor: All the control that you need are right in front of you.
    Professor: Use the Creature Claw to grab the 3 spare parts from the Part Pit.
    Professor: As you grab them, the 3 spare parts will show up in the revivial jars located against the wall.
    Professor: Once you have all 3 parts, use the SNM to create your monster and we'll see what you come up with!
    <Character>: That sounds easy enough...
    Professor: Oh be careful, sometimes the claw will grab an undead monster that is still partially functional.
    Professor: They WIL try and attack you. Just use your ability to command the undead to drive them back into the pit.
    <Character>: That could be a problem.
    Artix: Oh BOY!
    Professor: And be VERY CAREFUL in there... that SNM is not cheap.
    Professor: If you damage the lab, it will slow down monster production for Sepulchure.
    <Character>: and Artix: !!!

    Where do you want to grab a part from?:

  • Upper Left
  • Upper Right
  • Lower Left
  • Lower Right

    - If you choose an incorrect button, you battle Shoulder Blades, Shake Spear, Bone Fire, or Necroslime
    - Message bubble pops up saying, "You caught a... skeleton? Weird."
    -If you choose a correct button, you find a part.

    Once you find all three parts:
    Message bubble pops up and says, "You have all three parts needed."

  • To Battle!

    You battle either one of the following: Boardrake, Squeg, Opticlops, Cephelorachnid or Shoggoth

    After defeating the monster:
    <Character>: Heh, yeah. Sorry about that. That creature had to be destroyed. It was out of control.
    Professor: Of course it was. YOU were supposed to be controlling it!
    Professor: Master Noxus will not be pleased, but there's nothing we can do about it now.
    Professor: This lab was VERY expensive. You will be hearing from the Necro. U. Accounting Department...
    Professor: ... Now let me see your Student I.D...

    ...A Few Weeks Later...

    Zorbak: Meh, a letter from the school? What do those losers want?
    Zorbak: ... What? This is a bill for..

    *Zorbak's eye widens*

    Zorbak: ...HOW MUCH?!

    *Zorbak fainted*

    Complete Quest!

    Thanks to
    -- Viking_Jorun and Personater for reward links.
    -- ChaoticFlame for rewards.
    -- ninjaman23 for monster names.
    -- Andy8 for corrections.
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Howler, tombstone, Saojun, and Aves for monster links.
    -- Z.324 for Professor and Student NPC links.

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