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Donovan, a.k.a. NightReign

Race: Human Dracopyre
Group/Affiliation: Class Trainers - Nighthunter / Dracopyre

  • Dracopyre Legacy
    **(1) 4-Way Darkovian War!
    **(2) Search for a Cure!
    **(3) NightReign and GraceFang!
    **(4) NightReign Vs. GraceFang!
    **(5) The Hall of Memories
    ****(i) Darkovian Ultimatum
    ****(ii) Division by Zero
    ****(iii) The Father's Door
    **(6) Resistance is Feudal!
    **(7) Become a Dracopyre (Dracopyre Showdown)
  • ShadowSlayers & NightHunters
  • Night of the Grenwog
  • April Fool's 2013: Donovan's Reign

    Bio: Donovan (left) is the son of Lady Evina and Evina's second husband, and the half-brother of Cenara and Edward/Vampire Slayer E. He is jealous of the attention Lady Evina showed to Cenara and Edward, and seeks to prove himself equal to Nightbane's childen.

    He appears in Darkovia, and has his agents ( Virik, Skrat and Thrasher ) in Safiria's, The Were-King's, and Wolfwing's networks start a civil war. During the chaos, he infiltrates Nightbane's castle and, through the sacrifice of Nightbane's loyal minions, becomes the Dracopyre NightReign (right).

    Function: Declares war in Darkovia.


    Thanks to Zues. Image from ssjgoku5 (Donovan) and Caotica White (NightReign). Update from Deathmen III and AcidDrago.

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