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Victoria's Secret

Location: In front of Oaklore Keep (Books 1 and 2) -> Sir Ano -> Quests -> Victoria's Secret
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of There's No Place Like Oaklore
Release Date: February 1st, 2009

Objective: You wouldn't think a military fort would be a place of secrets, but Sir Ano sure has managed to keep your assistance quiet long enough. Who is to say that others don't have secrets of their own?
Objective completed: Scandalous! This will set the townsfolk talking, to be sure.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Dinck
(2) Lava Daver
(5) Renegade Scout
(1) Roogen
(4) V.O.U.G.
(1) Dread Bandit Roberts - Boss

Captain Rolith
King Alteon
Princess Brittany
Princess Tara
Princess Victoria
Sir Ano


Access to Bandit Loot shop

Sir Ano: The King is coming for a visit, <Character>! This is my chance! But before I can worry about that, there's something I need your help taking care of.

Sir Ano Guest joins in Position A

Sir Ano: Captain Rolith himself has asked me to deal with a group of bandits which has camped out in the middle of a swamp a ways away.
Sir Ano: He says it shouldn't be any problem for someone of my skills. I- ah- haven't mentioned yet that you've been helping me...
Sir Ano: But I will, I promise! In fact, if- when- I get presented to the King, I'll tell him all about you then.
Sir Ano: You've taught me so much already. But will you help me, this one last time?

  • Quest!
  • Done

    You fight your way throw monsters till,

    Harry: Halt!
    Poe: *mumble*
    Sir Ano: Huh?
    <Character>: Excuse me?
    Surly: He said "We'll make it so's yer own mother couldn't identify ya."
    <Character>: Oh. Thank you. Anyways, we're supposed to be here. We're on a mission! That is, we were sent here to-
    Surly: Hey! You, the skinny one with th' big nose. Harry, doesn't 'e look like Wes Lee?
    Harry: Wes Lee?
    Poe: *confused mumble*
    Surly: Yes, ya numbskull. He's th' adventurer what helps them bandits over near Lymcrest.
    Harry: Ummmm. Uh. Oooh. Right. Wes Lee!
    Surly: Ya are Wes Lee, aint'cha?
    Sir Ano: Why, yes. Yes I am!
    <Character>: *whisper* This can't have been part of your plan.
    Sir Ano: *whisper* Nope! But who says I can't think fast? Carpe Opportunitas!
    Harry: What did ya say?
    Sir Ano: Nothing. Just sneezing. Both of us.
    Harry: Gesundheit!
    Poe: *mumble*
    Sir Ano: Thank you! I've come with a message from a fellow chief. He, uh, wants me to give it to your leader in person. It's very important.
    <Character>: Full of plottings and deviousness and bandit-y goodness.
    Harry: Then yous'd best get moving on to camp. Follow th' path that way and you'll see it over th' hill there.
    Harry: Oh, and watch out for th' chief. He and Fezwig-
    Surly: Ugh, that giant oaf.
    Harry: They got inta a brawl and Fezwig knocked 'im about th' head. He might be a bit muddled.

    Continue fighting past random monsters till,

    Roberts: So, they said you were Lee?
    Sir Ano: Yep. Lee. Wes Lee.
    Roberts: Did n't you do that... thing for... er- what'shisname?
    Sir Ano: The guy you met in that one town?
    Roberts: That's the one!
    <Character>: That was Macks, all right! He's really good at getting things done. A miracle man, if you know what I mean.
    Roberts: I do, I do! Say... how's about you help me with a little job I've got in the works?
    Sir Ano: Er, sure.
    <Character>: *whisper* What do you think you're doing? What did you just agree to do?!
    Sir Ano: *whisper* Shh! Trust me! So... what did you have in mind, Dready?
    Roberts: Weeeell. Y'know the King? The one with the daughters?
    <Character>: ...What about them?
    Roberts: I heard tell that he's going to be in some fortress in the woods near Falconreach.
    Sir Ano: You mean... Oaklore Keep?
    Roberts: That's the one! Anyways, I figure, the life of a bandit chief is pretty swanky what with the robbing and the plundering and all, but I figured...
    Roberts: if I could grab me a princess, I could ransom some serious loot outta her daddy.
    Sir Ano: You're going to kidnap one of the princesses?
    Roberts: Yup! And you two're gonna help!
    <Character>: *whisper* Is this the part where you tell him who you really are? Because I don't think this is quite how you want to get noticed by His Highness.
    Sir Ano: Dready, I'd love to help you, really I would. There's just one little problem.
    Roberts: What's that?
    Sir Ano: My name is Sir Ano de Berg'rac. You're planning to kidnap my princess. Prepare to die.

    Battle! - You fight Dread Bandit Roberts

    You fight a few more monsters until,

    Captain Rolith: Welcome back, Ano! And <Character>, how nice to see you after all this time.
    Captain Rolith: Ano, I have to be honest. This last mission, dealing with the bandits... was something of a test. Sir Reptitious followed you the entire time.
    Captain Rolith: Now, I'm not sure why <Character> came with you, but it looks like you didn't mind the company.
    <Character>: Er... yeah. Company. Ano? Did you want to break in he-
    Captain Rolith: Yes, yes. I'm sure you want to tell me all about the details of your mission, Ano, but I have news you'll want to hear.
    Captain Rolith: The King is here, and I've shared Sir Reptitious' report and the details of your last few trips with him. He's eager to meet you.
    Captain Rolith: I believe he and his daughters are about to sit down to a meal. Sir Emony will announce you. Congratulations, you've come a long way.
    Captain Rolith: Oh, and one more thing. After his Highness is done with you, there's the Bandit's loot to go through. I'd say you've earned your share.

    King Alteon: <Character>, it is always good to see you! Sir Ano, I'm pleased to have you dining with us tonight, as are my daughters.
    King Alteon: I've heard quite a few stories about you from Sir Emony when he brought up Captain Rolith's request to have you presented...
    King Alteon: especially after thwarting a kidnapping plot! Please allow me to introduce my daughters, at least one of whom owes her well-being to you, it seems.
    King Alteon: Brittany, my lovely eldest; her clever little sister, Tara; and finally, my darling Victoria.
    Princess Victoria: Hello!
    Princess Tara: Pleasure to meet you both!
    Princess Brittany: Good evening!
    Sir Ano: I am truly honored, Sire. I have dreamed for about this moment for years. And, to be honest, I have to thank <Character>. Without the hel-
    <Character>: Princess Victoria! It is Victoria, right? Your Highness, it is so good to finally meet you.
    Princess Victoria: Er, yes. Thank you. It is very nice to meet you, <Character>. For the first time. Ever.
    <Character>: Ano, I'm sure you've heard the many stories about Her Highness' selfless charity work?
    King Alteon: Victoria? I didn't know you'd become involved with my charities! I'm not surprised; you always were a role model of selflessness.
    <Character>: Oh, yes, your Highness! She's well-known for her work distributing gold to the mon-
    Princess Victoria: The moneyless villagers! That is to say, to the poorer townspeople.
    Princess Tara: Gee, Vicki, that sounds a bit dangerous. Aren't you afraid of being waylaid by lawless criminals?
    King Alteon: Your sister has a good point, Victoria. I'm familiar with some of the areas where our charities focus.
    King Alteon: There are some unsavory characters there with complete disregard for the law.
    Princess Brittany: Ooh, wouldn't you be afraid you'd be in danger?
    <Character>: I'm sure your sister can handle herself, my Lady. I'm quite sure of it. Why, I bet she could come face to face with Robina the Hood herself...
    <Character>: ... and be in no more danger than she is now.
    Princess Tara: You wouldn't want to borrow the little mirror I have, would you Victoria?
    Princess Victoria: ......
    King Alteon: Victoria, just what are <Character> and your sister implying?
    Princess Victoria: Father, I just... I-
    Sir Ano: You just make it so that the Adventurers who slay the monsters bothering the townspeople get a little something for their troubles, right?
    Sir Ano: I mean, if Robina the Hood- er, if you didn't do that, being a hero would be much less profitable, wouldn't it?
    Sir Ano: And the way I see it, that would be bad in a couple ways.
    King Alteon: Do continue, because I'm very interested in how you're going to rationalize one of my daughters supporting and even directly aiding crime.
    Sir Ano: Well, if the heroes didn't see slaying monsters as profitable, the number of active heroes would decrease. That would do two things:
    Princess Victoria: *gulp*
    Sir Ano: It would make more trouble for your subjects since monster attacks would become more frequent...
    Sir Ano: ... and it would mean there were fewer heroes spending their hard-won gold in the shops and Inns throughout your Realm.
    Sir Ano: So, really, when you think about it, Victoria's actions as Robina benefit your kingdom's economy.
    <Character>: ... Y'know, Ano, that actually kind of makes sense.
    Princess Victoria: Yes, yes it does. It definitely does. Uh, that's been my motivation this whole time! Helping the people!
    Princess Tara & <Character>: *snicker*
    King Alteon: Hmmm. I can't say as I entirely approve of your methods, but I'm glad to see you taking an interest in the well-being of our subjects...
    King Alteon: Even if your attempts to aid them were rather circuitous. We'll have to have a lengthy talk about just what your plans for the future are, my girl.
    King Alteon: I highly doubt you'll attract a Prince gallivanting around the countryside engaged in such unsuitable activities.
    King Alteon: As for you, Ano, you have quite the sharp mind. Such an ability to finesse the facts of a situation and present them in a good light, well...
    Princess Victoria: But...!
    King Alteon: I could have a use for such a silver-tongued young Knight at Court. Sir Vice is in charge of coordinating the Knights who work directly for me.
    King Alteon: See him about a position as a Public Relations consultant. I have high hopes for you, young man.
    Princess Brittany: I'd be happy to show you around Court, Sir Ano. I'm sure someone as brave and gallant as you are must have many stories to tell!
    Sir Ano: Why, I, uh... yes. Yes, I do.
    King Alteon: Speaking of stories... Really, Victoria! Some of the tales I've heard about your alter ego! I hope they aren't all true.
    <Character>: Only most of them!
    Princess Victoria: <Character>, you can stop. Helping. Now.
    <Character>: Awww, are you sure? I could keep going! I've done so well with Ano, after all.
    Princess Victoria: Quite sure.
    Princess Brittany: He is quite a Knight, isn't he?
    Sir Ano: *blush*
    <Character>: As you wish, your Highness. *grin*

  • Bandit Loot Shop - Opens Bandit Loot shop.
  • Complete Quest

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    -- wolfman_naruto for NPC links.
    -- ArchMagus Orodalf for NPC links.
    -- PowerJack for additional dialogue.
    -- Andy8 for correction.
    -- NikisArmy for corrections.
    -- .Shadow// for correction.
    -- Voodoo Master for corrections.
    -- Sagrym for corrections.

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