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Other names: Nine Lives

Location: That A'Way! -> Valencia -> Quests -> Bacon Origin -> Outnumbered, click on Hydra Memorial Poster
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Heart of Gold
Release Date: February 20th, 2009

Objective: The cattle in Jeron's herd have been attacked. Zeuster sends you to help. In this win- win situation, the cattle gain a protector, Zeuster gains a gold statue, and you grow closer to learning the truth about element bacon.
Objective completed: If two heads are better than one, then nine heads should be unstoppably brilliant. I think someone needs to rethink their math.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(5) Lagoon Goon
(5) Swamp Shambler
(5) Thisslock
(1) Hydrolis, (1) Akinetos, (1) Lyssa - Boss
(1) Ekidna, (1) Dracryos, (1) Plegios - Boss
(1) Algea, (1) Toxikon, (1) Tiphikol - Boss



Access to Hydra Souvenirs.

Valencia: Zeuster has been petitioned by a local bull, the half-cousin of one of his attendants.
Valencia: It seems one of their calves wandered into the swamp and was attacked by a vicious hydra.
Valencia: They've never seen one this large, so you'd better be careful, because Zeuster is sending you to take care of it.
Valencia: The cows have promised to erect a large golden statue in honor if you can finish off the monster, so he's eager for you to get started.

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    <Character>: This may have been your most challenging task yet, but I've done it. All nine heads lie at the bottom of the swamp.
    Zeuster: Very well done, I admit. You are proving yourself to be more useful than I anticipated.
    <Character>: Do you mean you're ready to share the secrets of the bacon element now?
    Zeuster: Ahahah, no no. So far you've proven you're useful. That is quite different from have proven you're worthy.
    <Character>: How much more useful do I have to be in order to be worthy?!
    Zeuster: How *typo: you do* do you like my statue? Gateful cattle have a way with precious metals, it seems. I'll have to remember that.
    Eyeo: It's marvelous!
    <Character>: You didn't answer my question.
    Moodea: The magnificence of the statue is outshone only by your brilliance of your reflection, my Lord.
    <Character>: Are you ignoring me?
    Zeuster:: Hmm. You're right, of course. I do look quite fine reflected in gold.
    <Character>: *mutter* Valencia better appreciate all this effort... Y'know, there's just one problem with your shiny new statue, Zeuster.
    Eyeo: *gasp*
    Zeuster: What are you talking about?! It's grand, glistening, and gold and huge. No other statue could possibly be so impressive.
    <Character>: All very true, except for one little thing. Cysero's is bigger.

    Next Up: (Mino)torture

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  • 1337 Ch0C01473 and Peachii for corrections.

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