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Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Popsprocket -> Take me there!,
Access Point: Path -> Zookfoodle -> Let's go!,
Access Point: Timeline (Book 1) -> The Orb Saga – The Energy Orb -> To Popsprocket,
Access Point: Book of Lore -> Orb Saga -> Energy Orb
Requirements: None
Release Date: February 20th, 2009

Zones permitted
Assault on Popsprocket

Quests Available
Random Quests
Ground To A Halt
Gryphons Gone Wild!
Nuts and Bolts

Energy Orb Saga
Pipe Dreams
Richard's Gear
Patchelbel's Cannon
Rolith's Solution
Ex Machina
The City Fights Back!
Under the Sea

A New Penpal?
SureWould Ranger


Gnix's Weapons
Lowe DC
Lowe Gold
Popsprocket House Shop
Steamtank Shop
Sweeny's Exclusive DragonLord Salon and Spa
Technomancer Items


Yix: I'm glad that you're here, <Character>. I will not rest until our city is ours again.

  • Random Quest! Go on Yix's random quests!
      Yix: Airheart is reporting that her mechagryphon has been throwing off sparks and making a disturbing grinding noise upon takeoff.
      Galanoth: She suspects an act of sabotage, but hopes it's only a mechanical problem.
      Galanoth: She's heard that mysterious gnome has a wide selection of widgets and gadgets to fix things. She'd like you to see if he has anything to help her.

      Yix: SOMEone has caused the gryphons in the hatchery to go crazy! Our spies report Balthar has a new machine...
      Yix: It looks like a whistle, but if it makes noise, only the gryphons can hear it. Diabolical!
      Yix: Please go subdue and round up the escaped gryphons on the far side of the island before they wreak even more havoc.
      Yix: Once they're all back, we'll need to modify the hatchery walls, I think.

      Yix: Someone has been stripping the nuts and bolts off some of the machinery down in the caverns below the town.
      Galanoth: Some are saying there is a golem in the gears, but I think it's just a youthful prankster.
      Galanoth: Please head into the caverns and find the missing nuts and bolts so we can re-attach them.

  • Quests
    Yix: With your help, we'll win Popsprocket back from those robotic monsters yet!
    • Pipe Dreams
      Yix: Balthar's robots drove all of us here to the edge of town. We've been able to barricade ourselves out the outskirts.
      Yix: We can't open the barricade for you without risking everyone else... but there may be another way in.
      Yix: If you can get into the project delivery tunnels and open the 4 steam matrix gates, then you'll have a safe way into town.
      Yix: You'll have to work fast. Once you activate the steam, you'll only have a short time to alter the matrix so it will release the gate lock!
      Yix: There are intercom tubes next to each gate, so you let me know when you're ready for me to start the steam.
      Yix: If you take too long, or you can't fix the matrix before the steam is released... the pressure alarms will draw some of the Cyklon guards.
      Yix: Don't worry, it's much easier than it sounds and I'll walk you through it over the intercom tubes!
      Yix: Grab your pipe wrench, <Character>! We might only have one shot at this.

    • Popguns
      Yix: Now that you've got a way into the city proper, we need to think of a way to get to balthar and stop him.
      Yix: Getting through his cyklon army won't be easy, but I think that we'd hit a spot of luck.
      Yix: The steam tunnel that you cleared comes out very close to the Popsprocket experimental tool storage facility.
      Yix: There will be lots of thing in there that the refugees can use to make our lives easier until we win back Popsprocket...
      Yix: ... But there are 2 very special tools that I think we can use to make a kind of super-anti-cyklon weapon for you!
      Yix: The first is called the Sparkane Sapper. It was designed to sap all the magic and electrical power from fuel cells.
      Yix: We used it on certain machines, so they would be safer to work on, then we would just recharge them when the repairs were done.
      Yix: The second is the Rapidfreeze Sample Saver. It was built to flash freeze living plant specimens for transport and study.
      Yix: I can put them together and you'll have a weapon that you can use on those robots!
      Yix: One shot from that baby will sap their power cells dry, freeze their water tanks and ice over their gears! They'll never know what hit 'em!
      Yix: The storage facility is very close to the Mechagryphon hatchery-factory, so you'll have to fight past the insane mechagryphons.
      Yix: Once you get to the storage facility, contact me through the TalkyTubes and I'll give you the keycode to the door.
      Yix: Good luck, <Character>. If you pull this off, it will make stopping Balthar a lot more.... possible.

    • Richard's Gear
      Yix: Removing the whole tool storage facility? That was a dirty trick!
      Yix: So Sepulchure is going for the orb too... and trying to stop you from getting there first.
      Yix: Never fear! I have a plan!
      Yix: Deep within the heart of Popsprocket is our oldest, largest gear that opperates most of the smaller gears in town.
      Yix: It was put in place by Richard Fizzlesproing over a hundred years ago.
      Yix: If you can cut the power to that very large gear, then none of the gear opperated doors in Popsprocket will open.
      Yix: Sepulchure will have a lot of dead-locked doors in his way and you can keep moving through the tunnels with me as your guide!
      Yix: You need to make your way to the heart of Popsprocket... I'll show you the entrance to the undertunnels.
      Yix: Destroy any cyklon agents that you see and try not to get burned by the steam vents.
      Yix: All you have to do is remove the power source that keeps Richard's Gear turning...
      Yix: ...which is a gigantic robotic gerbil on a gigantic wheel...
      Yix: ...which is powered by a smaller, real gerbil inside of it. Try not to hurt that little guy, ok?

    • Pachelbel's Cannon
      Yix: Sepulchure's undead minions are crawling all over the city, trying to fight their way to Balthar and the Energy Orb.
      Yix: I had hoped that undead would keep the Cyklons busy enough for you to slip past them...
      Yix: ...But I was wrong.
      Yix: At least we knew what to expect from the cyklons. We can't fight a battle on two fronts, <Character>.
      Yix: We need information on Sepulchure's plans and troop movements, and I think I know just how to get it...

    • Sitcom
      Yix: We're just about ready to turn on the Far-A-Vision.
      Yix: I'm not sure what we'll see but you should prepare yourself for the worst.
      Yix: If the picture isn't clear enough just wiggle the antenna on top there.

    • More

      • In-sir-mountable
        Yix: We need the help from the rest of the heroes in Lore. Fighting a war on two fronts just won't work.
        Yix: Talk to Knight Captain Rolith, see if he and the Pactoganol Knights will fight in our defense.
        Yix: Saving our city and keeping the orb safe are of utmost importance.
        Yix: I have faith you'll make them see how much we need their help, <Character>.

      • Rolith's Solution
        Yix: I'm sure Captain Rolith will have a suitable alternative for us!

      • Ex Machina
        Yix: We'll need to start planning the details of the war, <Character>!
        Yix: I'm sure Sepulchure has a plan already.
        Yix: We need to go off and talk without interruptions, and really get things moving!

      • To War!
        Yix: War has come to Popsprocket, <Character>! Battle the Cyklons and Sepulchure's undead to save our city AND the Energy Orb!

      • The City Fights Back!
        Yix: Popsprocket's defense mechanisms have been engaged, and we REALLY don't want to be around for the transformation!

      • Under the Sea
        Yix: We think we've located the experimental tool storage facility that Sepulchure stole! It is under water, near Osprey Cove!
        Yix: Please travel there and if you can locate the shed, we'll finally have our experimental weapons back!
  • Talk
    Yix: Oh good! You have questions! Ask anything that you want!
    • Who are you?
      Yix: I am Yix, acting High Technocrat of Popsprocket.
      Yix: Our normal High Technocrat has fled the town along with most of the other residents and researchers.
      Yix: So have the other 37 people ahead of me in the chain of command...
      Yix: Actually, I'm the head of maintenance normally but this is my home and I won't abandon it!
      Yix: I'm not much of a fighter but I know every project underway in Popsprocket.
      Yix: ... And if one of the nozzles is clogged in the soup machines, I'm the gnome for the job!

    • Gnomes?
      Yix: You've never seen a gnome before? What do you do with your time?
      Yix: Gnomes are similar to dwarves physically... we're a little shorter and not as stocky, but our brains couldn't work more differently.
      Yix: Gnomes are impossibly curious. Naturally inquisitive minds make us excellent researchers, engineers and inventors.
      Yix: Sadly our curiosity tends to lead a lot of us to... unusual ends. Did you know that more than 70% of all gnomes die in mechanical explosions?
      Yix: Popsprocket is our main city in this part of Lore but gnomes aren't afraid of traveling. We have camps and towns all over Lore.
      Yix: We may not be the tallest race but you'll find that most of us are as loyal and fearless as we are curious!
      Yix: You're almost always in good company if you have a gnome for a friend.

    • Popsprocket?
      Yix: Popsprocket is the main gnomish city in this part of the world. It is a center for research, scientific and technomagical study.
      Yix: Most of the residents are gnomes but we are open to all races who wish to further the cause of understanding.
      Yix: Not too long ago we had a human inventor studying us but he turned his back on us when he dedicated his life to dentistry.
      Yix: You may wonder why the city is flying. Well, the Aeris Battlespire came to us when they wanted to become a floating city.
      Yix: A team of researchers found that heating Ahzite ore gives us anti-gravity properties... but they went a little overboard.
      Yix: Now we have to keep Popsprocket chained down or we'll fly off into space. Wouldn't that be fun?! But we're not prepared yet.

    • Balthar?
      Yix: Mechagius Balthar... that weasel! He was a low level researcher here in town only a few weeks ago.
      Yix: He was doing grunt work for Section 13, mapping the old steam tunnels that worm their way through Popsprocket...
      Yix: Suddenly he starts making these robotic minions that he calls his Cyklon Army. These machines are WAY out of this league.
      Yix: Personally, I believe that he found the long lost Elemental Orb of Energy.
      Yix: The legends say that it was found when Popsprocket was built on the remains of an ancient Guardian Tower.
      Yix: Anyway... with the power of the Energy Orb who knows what kind of calamity that boltbrain might cause!

    • Sepulchure?
      Yix: The day that I sent you the letter asking for your help a few flying eyeballs were seen around town.
      Yix: I can't say for sure who was behind these eyeballs, but if Sepulchure is looking for that orb too...
      Yix: ...Then this situation could be even more dire than I first thought. We need to get to work!
  • Become A Technomancer!
    Yix: A working knowledge of gnomish magitech will take lots of studying, <Character>.
    Yix: When you're ready to become a Technomancer, I will be proud to have you use some of my inventions. But I must warn you...
    Yix: This armor will require a certain level of training before you can fully unlock it's potential. If you aren't at least level 30, train more, then come back.
    • Train (Requires Level 30)
      Yix: Remember that the confarctulator needs to be in the ON position or the armor won't work!

      • Unlock Technomancer Armor
      • Wear Technomancer Armor - equips Technomancer class.
      • Give Armor back
      • Train Technomancer Armor
      • Technomancer Items - opens Technomancer Items shop.

    • About Technomancer
      Yix: The Technomancer armor is a marvel of gnomish engineering! The Drive Core system will power up your offenses as your Mana reserves drop.
      Yix: As part of this system, the armor will slowly build Heat in combat, expending some extra MP every turn.
      Yix: However, the Drive Core is an extremely precise system!
      Yix: Gaining or losing too much WIS in a battle will force the system to recallibrate, disabling it for several turns.
      Yix: It might seem a bit technical, but I have every confidence you can learn to master it!
  • Set Home Town
    Yix: Like I always say... "Home is where your 6/13ths Heavy Gauge Wrench is."
    • Yes
      Yix: Ok, your home town has been reset to Popsprocket.
    • No

    Lowe's Housing Shop

    Lowe: Good day! Welcome to Lowe's Housing Shop! How may I help you?

    Lowe: We gnomes are known for our ingenuity! I bet you'll find things here you can't find anywhere else!
    Lowe: You can't find mana-powered lavalamps in Falconreach, now can you?
    Lowe: Nope, shop with gnomes and you'll find one-of-a-kind items and bargains!

    Lowe: Cyklons, bah! Who knew robots could cause so much trouble? They're supposed to be USEFUL.


    Airheart: Hi there! I almost have the navitron working on the mechagryphon, but that's why gnomes invented parachutes! Where do you want to go? - Activates Gryphon Flightmaster.

    Gnix’s Weapon Shop

    Gnix: Welcome to my weapon shop. I don't have much but I'll see you anything you see.

    Gnix: My name is Gnix. I've lived here in Popsprocket all my life and I'm not leaving.
    Gnix: I'll never forget the day that I woke up and tried to make toast... my toaster attacked me. That was the start of all this.
    Gnix: Ever since then, we've been fighting a losing battle for our town.
    Gnix: But as long as there is an gear left turning, I'll protect it from those monsters!

    Gnix: I've heard that some of the robots are fighting with some undead warriors on the other side of the city.

    Sweeny's Exclusive DragonLord Salon and Spa

    Sweeny: Hi! Welcome to Sweeny's Exclusive DragonLord Salon and Spa!

    Sweeny: If you need the fibrous protein growing out of your scalp trimmed, we can do it!
    Sweeny: My little gadget here, the Trimmer of Dermis Detrius, or T.O.D.D., will only cut the hair of DragonLords though. It's very picky.

    The Copper Teakettle

    Trixi: Welcome to the Copper Teakettle, Popsprocket's finest (and only) Inn!

    Trixi: Your potions have been refilled. Don't worry, I made sure the bottle was never used to hold oil or grease!

    Trixi: I just got back from a trip to the edge of the island.
    Trixi: We Popsprocket gnomes love a bit of fly fishing and since the rebellion began we haven't had much time to relax.
    Trixi: We're so glad you decided to help us! We can really use the skills of a <Class> like you.
    Trixi: While you're here, why don't you take the time to relax. Grab a copy of Gearhead Digest and lounge by the fire in the boiler room.

    Trixi: You want to get back to Falconreach? That's easy! Just make your way back to Yix, then continue to the left until you see the MechaGryphon.

    Trixi: Popsprocket is an excellent choice for a hometown! Would you like to make it yours?

    Other Information
  • Some of Yix's dialogue incorrectly labels Galanoth as the speaker.
  • Sweeny's Exclusive DragonLord Salon and Spa offers hairstyles for DragonLords.
  • Technomancer class can be found through Yix.

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