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Frenzy at the Forge

Other names: Forge Frenzy

Location: That A'Way! -> Valencia -> Quests -> Bacon Origin -> Forge Frenzy
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of No Horsing Around
Release Date: March 20th, 2009

Objective: The smell of Yulgar's strawberry smoothies have attracted the local wildlife into town, including the ferocious boar Zeuster has sent you to hunt!
Objective completed: It's hard to be bored when animals are going wild. You might want to help Yulgar clean up his forge, too, since he DID make the smoothies for you.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Bear
(4) Raven
(4) Tuskmonger
(2) Wolf
(1) Raging Boar - Boss

Raging Boar

Hunter's (Ferocity, Wrath)
Hunter's (Vengeance, Fury)
Hunter's (Rage, Conflagration)

Valencia: It sounds like you've been far too busy to get bored, and things aren't about to slow down anytime soon.
Valencia: Zeuster would like you to take care of a boar that's been on a rampage, scaring the chickcalves. It sounds like a pretty ferocious beast.
Valencia: And the next time you're in town, you might want to stop by Yulgar's forge. I hear he's made up a new batch of smoothies.
Valencia: As good as they are, you might want to take care of this boar first. I hear the townspeople hunting for it haven't had any luck.

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    Yulgar: Greetings, <Character>! Excellent timing! I just finished making a batch of those strawberry smoothies I know you crave.
    <Character>: Weeeell... I suppose it couldn't hurt to stop and have just one mug! I'm supposed to be hunting some rampaging creature or other. A boar. Or bear.
    <Character>: Valencia mentioned your smoothies while she was telling me about my task and I got a bit distracted. I know its got four legs and sharp teeth.
    Yulgar: I'm sure accepting my hospitality won't slow you down TOO much. One mug won't take long to finish.
    <Character>: Your logic is difficult to argue with. And it wouldn't do to be rude, when you've helped me so much. Pass the jug!
    Yulgar: Try some! It's my best batch yet!

    *gulp gulp*

    <Character>: That was berry good, indeed!
    <Character>: *blink*
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Yulgar...
    <Character>: WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THIS?!
    Yulgar: Ooooh. You know, this happened the last time I made smoothies. But those were blueberry-pineapple!
    Yulgar: I didn't think it would happen with the strawberry flavour!

    <Character>: Did you need that door, really?
    Yulgar: ...
    <Character>: You might want to think about switching to baking. I hear cookies don't cause much destruction.
    Yulgar: <Character>, go! I can handle these, you go help clear out the rest of the town! Mayor Rayf is not going to be pleased!

    <Character>: Twilly! have you seen a wild boar today?
    Twilly: There are many boars! All over! There's one and there's one and one went that way, over there!
    <Character>: Er, right. Thanks, Twilly. I'll just have to kill them all one by one until I find the one I'm looking for, I think.

    <Character>: There you are!
    Raging Boar: *huff*
    <Character>: *sings* Who's afraid of the big, bad boar, the big, bad, boar? Not me!
    Raging Boar: *snort*
    <Character>: Ooookay. Not a big musical fan. Got it.
    <Character>: I guess diplomacy using nonsense songs isn't really that effective, now that I think about it. Battle it is!

    After defeating the Raging Boar:
    Yulgar: You were great, <Character>! The last time town was invaded, Mayor Rayf said if things ever got out of control again, he was relocating his office.
    <Character>: But the treasury is almost bare!
    Yulgar: Exactly. He says he'll make the townsfolk pay the moving costs! Claims that if he has to deal with the headaches our mistakes cause...
    Yulgar: We should have to ease his stress somehow.
    Yulgar: So, since neither of us wants to finance a three-story, marble floored pirate shanty in Osprey Cove, it's a good thing you took care of that mess.
    <Character>: You know... I bet Mayor Rayf would get along really well with Zeuster.

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