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Garden of Good and Ebil

Other names: A Titanic Task, The End Part 1

Location: That A'Way! -> Valencia -> Quests -> Bacon Origin -> More -> A Titanic Task
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Triple Threat?
Release Date: May 1st, 2009

Objective: Someone has chicalf-napped chickencow eggs, and Zeuster wants you to bring them back! If you're lucky, you won't need an atlas to find your way to the eggs.
Objective completed: With what you had to face to get into this garden, it's a good thing you got there well before midnight! Who knows what would be prowling then?!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) Minx Fairy
(6) Pancival
(5) Sylph Drake
(3) Wisp
(1) Medewwsa (1) - Titan Boss (DA Required) / (1) Medewwsa (2) - Titan Boss (No DA Required)


Medewwsa's Head
My Little Pegasus

Valencia: <Character>! Zeuster wants to see you right away!
Valencia: He says it's an emergency, and if you can help him now, it will more than make up for your last attempt.
Valencia: You should head up Mount Beeflympus as soon as you can.

  • Quest
  • Back

    Zeuster: There you are, <Character>! We have a serious problem!
    <Character>: We do?
    Zeuster: Yes! One of my supplicants has brought word that there are chickencow eggs outside our nurseries!
    Zeuster: He heard they were being locked away in some walled enclosure guarded by a hideous monster!
    Zeuster: My attendants are frantic, and the common chickencows are running around as if their heads were cut off!
    <Character>: Okaaaay.
    Zeuster: Someone is thieving our chickens before they've even hatched! What kind of person would do something like that?!
    Zeuster: If you could find out who is behind this and return our unhatched young, I would not be the only one indebted to you.
    <Character>: For you, Zeuster, anything. *mutter* If this doesn't convince him I'm worthy, nothing will.
    <Character>: Chicalves are far too adorable to let anything happen to them. I would be happy to help.

    Once you've reached Medewwsa:

    <Character> (thinking): !!!

  • Find entrance and sneak in - (Stat roll option)
  • TITAN BATTLE! To Battle! - (All Players)
  • TITAN BATTLE! To Battle! - (DragonLord Only)
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    (Stat roll option)
    <Character>: *whisper* Now if I can just sneak past it. And find a hidden entrance. Should be simple, right?

    *Roll 50+ to successfully sneak past Medewwsa (INT gives bonus to the roll)*

    If successful roll:
    <Character>: I see a small gate behind those mysteriously sparkling bushes! Now to just... edge past that thing and hope it doesn't see me...
  • Sneak in!

    If unsuccessful roll:
    <Character>: I don't see any way past that thing! Hmm, I think I'll retreat and do some scouting, then come back and try later.
  • Try Again Later (Sends you back to the starting point of the quest)

    (Complete the quest to enter the Garden. Whoever built this must have a green thumb!)
  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • This quest contains Faerie Dust formerly required for Mogloween (Chapter 4):

    Faerie Dust: Entrance -> Up Right -> 2 Right -> Up Left

    Thanks to
  • Scakk for My Little Pegasus reward information.
  • Sasuke Uchiha for Titan tag.
  • Highlord Sendai, Jay, and Slayer Zach for corrections.

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