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ArchMagus Orodalf -> From Ice to..... (5/1/2009 19:11:21)

From Ice to.....

Other names: The Unfreezing

Location: ArchKnight Falconreach -> Warlic -> The Unfreezing
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Necromancer Nicto
Release Date: May 1st, 2009

Objective: Warlic has prepared the spells to unfreeze the girl.
Objective completed: Well, the girl is unfrozen.... but a few new issues have arisen.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0




Warlic: The three necromancers have been defeated and the air is clear. I am ready to start my spell, Ash.

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    Twilly: Hmm...
    Twilly: Yep, she is definitely fwozen...
    Warlic: It's alright, my friend.
    Warlic: I have completed the counter spell to unfreeze this girl.
    Twilly: ...
    Twilly: Oh.
    Ash: You mean, Princess...
    Twilly: Pwincess?
    Yulgar: Princess?
    Aria: Princess?!
    Yulgar: Are you certain she is a Princess?
    Ash: Of course she is!
    Ash: And her father will Knight me for saving her!
    Twilly: Awwwww... Twillies is so happies for you! *snuggle*
    Aria: WHAT?
    Aria: ...How can you know that for sure?
    Yulgar: (Here we go...)
    Aria: I mean... why do you want to save some silly Princess anyway...
    Aria: I am so much prettier than she is... *sob* *sob*
    Twilly: ...
    Yulgar: ...
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: Ooooo...Kay.
    Warlic: Please focus on the matter at hand. This requires complete...
    Yulgar: OUCH!!!1
    Warlic: Yulgar? What happened!?
    Yulgar: ....
    Yulgar: I hit my thumb with my mallet... this helmet is tough.
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: Must we have to be smithing this very moment?
    Warlic: I mean, how the heck did you drag that anvil all the way over here?
    Yulgar: I am a very dedicated black smith!
    Yulgar: *whispers* (Besides, did you see what hero boy will pay for noob gear?)
    Warlic: *chuckles*
    Twilly: *chuckles*
    Aria: *chuckles*
    Yulgar: *chuckles*
    Ash: Huh?
    Warlic: Alright then... Let us begin!
    Warlic: *Slams his staff into the ground*
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: I left the spell in my tent.
    Warlic: Aria, will you hold this pure fire orb for me until I get back?
    Warlic: Thank you, I will return in just a moment.
    Yulgar: That was odd.
    Ash: That is okay, I am finally going to save a real Princess!
    Aria: Grrr....
    Ash: Hey! What did you do that for?
    Yulgar: The orb! Quick, pick it up before it gets dirty!
    Ash: Huh?
    Ash: Oh...
    Ash: Uh oh... it has a whole bunch of rocks and stones in it.
    Yulgar: Before Warlic gets back be sure to...
    Warlic: I apologize for the wait.... thank you.
    Warlic: Where were we...
    Warlic: ah, yes...
    Yulgar: Um... Warlic...
    Warlic: With this pure orb of fire, I weave my enchantment!
    Ash: Um... Warlic...
    Warlic: Mah dna sgge neerg ekil ton od I!
    Twilly: Oh no, oh no, oh no!
    Warlic: Ma I mas meht ekil ton od I!!!
    Princess?: You saved me!!
    Ash: Hi! Are you a Princess? What is your name?
    Aria: Warlic, *gulps* there were rocks in the fire orb you used...
    Warlic: !!!!!
    Princess?: ... hmm, I feel a little funny. Why do I feel so heavy?
    Princess?: My name is...
    Yulgar: !!!!!
    Aria: !!!!!
    Warlic: !!!!!
    Ash: Not. Fair.
    Twilly: !!!!!
    Warlic: Interesting...
    Ash: Oh no! She turned to stone!
    Yulgar: Princess turned to stone... I heard a story like this once.
    Yulgar: Kiss her boy!
    Aria: WHAT?!?!
    Warlic: Yulgar might be on to something here... give it a try adventurer.
    Ash: Are you sure this is a good idea?
    Twilly: Sure a little kissy never hurt anybodies!
    Yulgar: It will be just like a fairy tale lad!
    Aria: NOOOOO!
    Ash: ...
    Ash: You can do this...
    Ash: It won't be like before... Just a little kiss.
    Ash: She's really pretty...
    Ash: Man I wish I had a breath mint..
    Ash: Ok, here goes...
    Yulgar: !!!!!!!!
    Aria: !!!!!!!!
    Warlic: !!!!!!!!
    Twilly: !!!!!!!!
    Ash: That sounded pretty bad...
    Ash: OH NO...
    Ash: I just broke the princess!

    To be continued...

    *Aria kicks the stone pieces on the ground and stick out her tongue.*

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: Basilisk Cave

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for location link.
  • Sasuke Uchiha and Stephen Nix for information.

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