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Location: Yulgar's Weapon Shop, Lim's Weapon Shop, Collision Course, The Cat Who Walks Through Dimensions, String Thing

Quests given
Bungle In the Jungle
Yulgar's Forge
Save The Mill!

Fire War
A Letter From Home
The Search
Lair of the Guardian
The Ultimate Weapon
Going East
The Mighty Akriloth
Battle For the Eastern Hills!
Battleon Burns!
Attack On Drakonnan!
Xan Has A Plan
Final Battle!

Shops owned
Yulgar's Shop (Buy)
Yulgar's Shop (Merge)

Yulgar's Weapon Shop

Yulgar: Well met <Class>! Feel free to browse the store. I make and sell a wide variety of weapons.

  • Shop - opens Yulgar's Shop (Buy).

  • Quest
    Yulgar: Do you want to quest for Azhite Ore? It can only be found in the jungles of the south, but if you can get some I could make you new weapons!
    • Tell me more...
      Yulgar: For a level 10 weapon, I'd need 10 pieces of the ore, and the weapon called Nature's Call from the Sneevil Forest near Robina.
      Yulgar: For a level 22 weapon, I'd need 35 pieces of the ore, and the weapon Dirge Thorn from the Sneevil Forest near Robina.
      Yulgar: Using these weapons, and the ore I can craft you a powerful sword, dagger or staff! Just bring me the materials when you are ready.

    • Quest for Ore! - begins Bungle In the Jungle quest.

    • Make Weapons - opens Yulgar's Shop (Merge).
  • Crafting: Build Weapons
    Yulgar: Do you want to learn to create your own weapons? I'll teach you and let you use my forge if you help out around the shop.
  • Late Shipment
    Yulgar: The local lumber mill is late on their delivery. Do you have time to stop by and see what is wrong?
  • Fire War
    Yulgar: A Fire War has swept over lands far to the east and it's getting closer....
    • A Plea for Help
      Yulgar: <Character>, Konnan has gotten a disturbing letter and would like to speak with you.

    • Akriloth
      Yulgar: Something must be done to stop Akriloth! He can't be allowed to destroy the land!

    • Aftermath
      Yulgar: Akriloth remains undefeated and is free to wreak havoc on the land. Something must be done!

    • North
      Yulgar: Konnan has been at work at the forge since you returned. He refuses to speak with anyone.
      Yulgar: We must defeat Akriloth, <Character>. Demento is planning on heading north, would you like to speak with him?

    • The Guardian
      Yulgar: We must defeat Akriloth, <Character>. Bring back something from the frozen northlands that can take Akriloth down!

    • The Weapon
      Yulgar: You've returned!

    • East
      Yulgar: I'm closing shop for now, <Character>.

    • Akriloth
      "Yulgar": You have the Frozen Claymore and Akriloth awaits! Good luck, <Character>!

    • Packing Up
      "Yulgar": All the heroes are packing up and getting ready to go help Yulgar!

    • Ashenvale
      "Yulgar": The town of Ashenvale is under siege!
      "Yulgar": Drakonnan's forces have hit it hard and many townspeople are trapped inside thier homes by monsters!
      "Yulgar": You have to save them, <Character>!

    • Eastern Hills
      "Yulgar": It looks like the townspeople from Ashenvale have relocated to Yulgar's Camp and are setting up a new town there with the heros.

    • Battleon Burns
      "Yulgar": Drakonnan's forces have attacked the Battleon Camp!

    • Assault on the Enemy
      "Yulgar": With the General defeated, it's time to go on the offensive!

    • Help?
      "Yulgar": How will we ever defeat, Drakonnan? We're going to need some help to get inside, but who's left that would fight on our side?

    • Final Battle
      "Yulgar": The time has come to face Drakonnan in his Lair!

    • Epilogue - teleports to Battleon Inn.
  • Leave - returns to Falconreach (Books 1 and 2).

    Lim's Weapon Shop

    "Yulgar": This guy is crazy. No magic at all? What am I?

    "Yulgar": ...
    "Yulgar": I miss Yulgar. He would like my beard.

    "Yulgar": Yulgar can teach you Blacksmithing, at his forge in Battleon.

    Collision Course

    "Yulgar": M' beard hurts.

    The Cat Who Walks Through Dimensions

    "Yulgar": Can you please invent a beard scratcher?
    "Yulgar": This thing itches like CRAZY. I'm gonna go nuts.

    "Yulgar": Aw, come on. You've got one, too, it'd be good for both of us.

    "Yulgar": Ok, ya got me there. How 'bout if I clean the shop for you?
    "Yulgar": Oh wait.. yeah, the no hands thing... Lemme get back to ya.

    "Yulgar": ...

    String Thing

    "Yulgar": May I please come down, now? I'm not used to this altitude.

    "Yulgar": I hate being upside down...

    "Yulgar": But you had a beard scratcher! I need one, this thing is driving me nuts!

    "Yulgar": Hey, man! If I had feelings they would really be hurt now!
    "Yulgar": ...
    "Yulgar": So.. how are things?


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