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Stephen Nix -> Princess-napped (11/29/2009 23:13:11)


Other name: Gone Missing

Location: ArchKnight Falconreach -> Gone Missing
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Don't You Remember?
Release Date: November 27th, 2009

Objective: Ash has a good idea who is behind this....
Objective completed: The princesses are safe... but Ash has to save his friend from Death!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Darkness Elemental
(1) Shake Spear
(4) Shoulder Blades
(2) Skeletal Minion

Captain Rolith
Dwarven Knight
Southern Knight


Ash: ...
Ash: ... ...
Ash: yrhmm.. (*SNORE*)
Ash: zZzz... biscuits.. zzz
Ash: ...loud biscuits?
Ash: Huh?
Ash: What's going on?
Ash: Twilly, do you have any idea what is happening?
Ash: ...
Ash: Twilly
Twilly: Mmm, I likes the loud biscuits...
Twilly: ..but they make my ears jiggle..
Ash: Hey thunderhead, are you coming with me to see what's going on or not?
Twilly: *Yawn* Sure, Ashies.. wait.. where are we going?
Ash: Just come on, something's going on!
Twilly: Do they have some biscwuits there? Twillies has a craving...
Ash: I'm leaving without you.
Twilly: Twillies is coming!

Serenity: What's going on?
Captain Rolith: We ride to Alteon.
Grams: What happened though? Why are you all gathering?
Captain Rolith: The King's daughter was kidnapped last knight.
Dwarven Knight: Aye, Princess Brightquartz was taken as well.
Dwarven Knight: All that was left were the remains of darkness portal she was taken through.
Southern Knight: King Alteon's daughters are among the kidnapped as well. His royal mages sent out the messages to gather at his court to begin the search.
Reens: The princesses could be anywhere though...
Captain Rolith: The portal remains traced back to this region.
Captain Rolith: It was too far decayed to know exactly where, but the princesses are somewhere nearby.
Southern Knight: The horses are rested. We need to move on to Swordhaven.
Ash: ...
Twilly: What is it, Ashy?

After you clear the path of monsters

Ash: ?!?
Ash: Hey, there you are!
Ash: Hey, are you ok?
Girl: ...
Ash: ...
Ash: HelloooOOoooo...
Ash: *sings* I'm going to kiiillllliiisss you if you don't wake uuUUUpp..
Ash: Really? Nothing?
Ash: ...
Ash: Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!
Girl: ...
Ash: Hmm..
Ash: Hey... is that Robina?
Ash: Robina? Hey, wake up!
Ash: Not her too...
Ash: ARGH!
Ash: What has he done?
Ash: ...
Ash: Well, if they can't walk out on their own I'm going to have to carry them.
Ash: No... wonder... *gasp*.. heroes are *wheeze* so.. strong..!

Ash: Hey, come on.. wake up already!
Ash: *sigh* It's going to be a looooong trip back to Falconreach if I have to carry them all...

Death Appears and Ash stares

Ash: *choke*
Death: It's not your time yet, boy, but the girl must come with me.
Ash: No! No! You can't take her, she's my friend.
Death: Friend? Death knows no friends, only time. And her's is up.
Ash: Why? Leave her, she's done nothing to you. Please!
Death: This is a favor you can't cash in commoner.

Death Leaves taking the Girl with him

Ash: Noooo!

Zorbak Enters

Zorbak: Whoa, what is it, naptime?
Ash: It's all the kidnapped Princesses. I carried them from the Necromancer's dungeon.
Zorbak: You saved all these princesses?!? You don't look like a knight.
Ash: I'm not.
Zorbak: Heh, when you return them you will be.
Ash: ...
Ash: I can't, I have to save her, I have to save my friend.
Zorbak: Weeelll... I could take them back for you...

Ash enters Black portal on ground and fades away

Zorbak: I'm going to be the most famous moglin ever.

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