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Baron -> =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (4/4/2010 21:44:33)

Cross-Clan Communications: If you are from an opposing clan and you'd like to speak with diplomats from the home clan, please use this thread. WARNING: Be nice and respectful. Do not curse, flame, or antagonize one another.

Comprehensive Forum Rules and Clan Rules apply to each thread. Please see the Clan Rules and Information Thread for important information.


Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (4/20/2010 14:09:38)

Thanks for the new thread Baron.

brianspenceni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (4/20/2010 17:39:12)

Shame no one's using the fancy, new CCC threads!

theosenia -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (4/21/2010 5:04:33)

You're right,Brianspenceni.
I'd like to say "Hi" on your shiney new thread,Oliver! [:)]

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (4/25/2010 16:47:07)

I suppose it is because most active Geotians are on the PF.

masterwolfie -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/3/2010 4:42:06)

On behalf of the Lucian clan as the Head of army.

It's my duty to inform you that if you want to renew our past treaty between our two clans, which was an NAP between Lucian and Geoto. Then please post the treaty on either the public cross-clan communications thread or the private one located here. Failure to do so will leave our clans at a neutral standing.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/4/2010 8:18:00)

Ok I have posted a copy of the terms we agreed on in the public cross clan communication on the Lucian forums.

137ben -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/4/2010 8:28:55)

Hey, how is Geoto?

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/4/2010 8:31:02)

Not bad, a bit inactive these days though.

137ben -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/4/2010 16:41:42)

Along with the rest of paxia[:(]

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/10/2010 14:47:26)

Too true I am afraid, its a shame AE ended the clan wars, from what I can tell Paxia was very active back then.

drmonkey22 -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/10/2010 17:39:38)

I've heard rumors that they may start again after the sweep

DigDog -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/10/2010 22:23:37)

And what do we do until 2013?

Nightly -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/10/2010 22:36:43)

Twiddle our fingers, hibernate, poke Pie. That kind of stuff.

Maureu -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/11/2010 22:17:54)

The usual? How fun.
I know, maybe we can try and be active! *crickets*
So, yeah. Doing nothing.

Drew862 -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/19/2010 5:05:55)

Why are people attacking geoto when sine que non and triggy are so bad to farm on?

masterwolfie -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/19/2010 6:01:55)

People like a challenge?
But I'm not attacking you guys, I'm too busy anyway and I would be defending my own clan and unity.

The Finnish Flash -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/27/2010 20:53:14)


There has been a change of strategy. Due to continually losing oddly exact amounts of points at regular intervals despite Paxia being "dead", there have been theories proposed that Unity being in the negatives has a randomly negative impact on all clans. As such, our new plan is to maintain our -200,000 score while helping Unity get back into the positives. Ideally this will put an end to random point drops for all clans including our own.

From Operation Rising Falcon. As you can see, Aerodu is defending, not attacking. Make love, not war? What do you say?

Or you can continue to bludgeon Unity. Can't say I see the appeal of such cowardice.

Balu -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/28/2010 4:46:38)

I don`t think Geoto is attacking Aerodu. I certainly am not! And attacking Unity has nothing to do with cowardice. Some don`t like to play as a goody two shoes in games, like Neverwinter Nights, Fallout 3 or AQ. Some like chaos...

SIGMUND -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/28/2010 9:07:12)

If you would like to assist Unity try this topic.

drmonkey22 -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/2/2010 19:24:56)

I refuse to believe that Unity has any effect on attacks against the clans. I'm going to continue attacking Unity and ignore these ridiculous rumors.

DigDog -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/2/2010 19:28:20)

Applied common sense, I like it.

masterwolfie -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/3/2010 5:47:30)

But still shameful.... Kicking a horse while its down... Good going.

Paxia has abandoned Unity, that's the news flash people.
God save us all.

DigDog -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/3/2010 6:26:33)

Unity is responsible for the inactivity of Paxia. If all 8 clans are united, what's left to do? Clan wars are what brings activity and those are difficult to pull off when we all run around with flowers in our hair, singing and dancing and hugging everyone we see. Unity might be nice when some giant godlike creature tries to gobble up the whole planet, but that's it.

Balu -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/3/2010 6:30:09)

Unity killed the Paxia star! :-)

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