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Spanish Inquisition -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (5/30/2010 18:09:54)

Ahh, I should find my Kittyloaf. Though now I'm known as "Killer Queen", like the song by Queen?

Hehe. Yes, the past few times I did happen to stumble over to Nocturu, no one was there. Well, the Xat box was active, but no threads. Then again, not much to talk about when there isn't a lot going on in Paxia, huh.

I finally made it on to play some AQ today and laughed at these "bun" know the little bunnies? So cute, but a bit difficult to kill. Also, finally got the Reign set. Seems like a waste really. I get better protection from some of my other armors.

137ben -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/1/2010 7:33:03)

Yea reign plate is pretty underpowered. Reign DEFENDER, on the other hand, is quite good.

Your clan's activity seems rather high, what is your secret?[:)]

theosenia -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/1/2010 9:44:22)

No "secret",really: Persistence n Good Will! [:)]

...A bit of sunshine always helps too,of course... [:D]

Beastwarrior Nocturne -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/1/2010 13:04:17)

Yes we do. Drummy is our secret weapon along with Captain Wolfie.
Nah, we just have a nice forum[8D]

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/1/2010 13:26:36)

I think the secret is a nice camaraderie of different personalities that happen to work well together (most of the time).

I'm trying to get the Fuijin plate now and keep getting killed by Flibbity Gibberwhatever his name is. *sigh*

masterwolfie -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/1/2010 17:45:15)

Our secret weapon is the dedication of each member on that forum.

Beastwarrior Nocturne -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/2/2010 14:02:08)

Dedication ftw!

@SI; I usually just spam an earth spell in golden armor, but it seems you don't have golden. You might want to buy the Eye of Naab and Mage robes, 'cause if you use empower spell + focus spell + Eye of naab + a (insert element here) spell, and click Eye of Naab the next turn, you'll get all your mana back AND the health you lost due to flibbywibbyw/e's attack. free first spell.

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/2/2010 14:34:36)

I thought Eye of Naab was rare? I'll have to check into that.

Not rare, just really old...haha. I guess it's off to the Devourer Saga for me.

Riffus Maximus -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/3/2010 15:52:54)

Hey guys, back for 3 days, how's it going?

masterwolfie -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/3/2010 16:20:43)

Great, I'm just being a busy bee and realised why I should of stayed out of governmental roles. Less time to defend :( Well actually that not the reason its because life gets much more busier.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/4/2010 8:10:32)


On behalf of the Lucian clan as the Head of army.

It's my duty to inform you that if you want to renew our past treaty between our two clans, which was an NAP between Lucian and Geoto. Then please post the treaty on either the public cross-clan communications thread or the private one located here. Failure to do so will leave our clans at a neutral standing.
Masterwolfie posted this in the Geoto cross clan communication and I am here to respond. The terms of the treaty we had were as follows:

1. Geoto and Lucian would not attack each other, and would be classed as allies on each others operation threads.
2. Either clan seeking to make another alliance must consult the other first.
3. This does not make one clan allied with the allies of the other automatically, they may still ally if a seperate agreement is made.

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/5/2010 0:56:46)

Nice to see you Oliver.

Balu -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/15/2010 3:44:02)

From your point of view, is Unity getting attacked as hard and often as some of the clans? The reason I ask is because I`m thinking of putting all my efforts in defending Unity, but if it looses thousands of points often, it seems futile to do anything.

drummy -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/15/2010 11:32:37)

From my point of view, Unity is a lost cause.

drmonkey22 -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/15/2010 11:49:14)

I work quite hard to crush unity

137ben -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/15/2010 16:15:34)

A few years ago, we regularly had clan events. That stopped when unity started. As much as people claim unity is pro-friendly clan vs. clan events, the fact is that the clan events stopped when unity started. And when clan events stopped in-game, activity in paxia died. So if anything, unity is what killed activity in paxia in the first place.

So great job drmonkey on attacking unity[:D]

drmonkey22 -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/15/2010 16:20:24)

Always glad to support chaos and the Network

Balu -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/15/2010 16:39:33)

We should could use a reset!

DigDog -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/15/2010 18:45:05)

For over a year now.

drmonkey22 -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/15/2010 21:50:35)

Its coming just wait

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/15/2010 23:37:51)

Is the Network even still around or did it forget to pay it's bill? *ba-dump tish*

What? It's "other Monday" and I'm tired. Atleast I tried. :P

drmonkey22 -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/16/2010 0:01:42)

Yes some member on the Network are still on Paxia

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/16/2010 22:29:23)

K...I'm just going to smile and nod now.

johnnyquest.aqrocks -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/16/2010 23:35:37)

Good to see that Lucian is now in the negatives. DOwn from +8K 2 weeks ago.[:D]

DigDog -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/17/2010 0:09:50)

Always nice to see that you enjoy other people's misery. You're setting a good example. Aerodu, right? How appropriate.

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