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Stephen Nix -> Gordy (4/30/2010 21:18:17)


Location: Hunter's Paradise, The Shears -> Up -> Right -> 2 Up Right -> Into the building, Desolation Ruins, Shear Destruction, An Uncertain Future

Quests given

Shops owned

Hunter's Paradise

Gordy: What on Lore am I eating?
Gordy: I wonder if they accidentally cooked a piece of furniture...

The Shears

Gordy: If you're looking for the elf, he's in the room behind us.

Desolation Ruins

Gordy: Most of us are mages, not warriors!

Shear Destruction

Gordy: So... you went and found a stone. Yay. So, what's so special about it?

An Uncertain Future

Gordy: If we come across any Rose Fighters, we are well equipped to deal with them.


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