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[image][/image]The Adventure of the Broken Tower

Location: Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2) -> Down -> Right -> Enter door with beer sign above -> Inspector Doyle -> Quests -> The Tower -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet, Completion of The Ruins of Bask
Release Date: July 30th, 2010

Objective: What clues will be unearthed in your investigation of the maze of Bask's broken tower?
Objective completed: A few scraps of an old note and the remains of a strange Amulet... what could they mean?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(4) Arctic Wolf
(6) Frost Mushroom
(5) Ice Tarantula
(21) Snowball
(1) Bargeist - Boss


Amatuer Detective Cape
Junior Detective Cape
Senior Detective Cape
Master Detective Cape

Temporary Items
Clue (All Versions)


*At the ruins of an old Guardian Tower, you and Circe continue to search for clues regarding Vilmor.*

Circe: The Tower is in ruins, hero. What exactly do you expect to find?
<Character>: A reason...
<Character>: Why would Vilmor choose this town? Why destroy the tower and betray the Great Ice Dragon's trust?
Circe: The towers were places of the Guardians, placed to protect the Orbs.
Circe: Obviously, Vilmor foolishly thought to steal the Orb contained within, not knowing it had been stolen years before.

*Scene flashes back to show Circe stealing the Ice Orb.*

<Character>: Who would have had the knowledge and skill to steal the Orb though?
<Character>: Where could they have taken it?

*Scene flashes back again to show Circe delivering the Ice Orb to the Ice Elf city, as Aisha's silhouette in dragon form can be seen; Circe is rewarded with piles of treasure for delivering the Ice Orb to Aisha.*

Circe: Someone very talented, I would think.
Circe: No one even suspected the Orb had been taken North.

*You appear shocked by Circe's statement.*

<Character>: Well, the Ice Orb could have been a powerful motive for Vilmor's attack here.
<Character>: The ruins look to be mostly undisturbed, except for a few beasts, but we'll have to be careful...
<Character>: It all looks very unstable and there's a definate possibility that more traps have been laid inside.
Circe: Lead on then, hero.

*You explore the broken Guardian Tower, fighting various monsters along the way; eventually you find a broken blue Dragon Amulet hidden among some rubble, completing the quest.*

Other information
  • On-hover text during the quest:

  • A huge, unsteady pile of rubble.
  • Eeew, squishy.
  • No going back now.
  • The large, heavy blocks shift noticably when you touch them.
  • The wall has collapsed, blocking that path.
  • The snow is covered with a sheet of ice, you can't climb over.
  • The snow is filled with thousands of sharp ice needles! Ouch!
  • The whole pile groans and seems about to fall over.
  • Careful! Don't get too close to the edge!
  • You could see your house from this height... if you lived in the ruins of the village...
  • The snowpile fell over.
  • Seriously, be careful! It's a long way down!
  • You feel a little dizzy at the edge.
  • You resist the urge to throw something off the edge.
  • Heeeeellllooooooooo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-loooooooo!
  • Man, it's really cold up here!
  • What is it with you and wandering close to steel drop offs?!
  • For a brief second you think you might be able to glide down on a board or something...

  • Next Up: Free Fall

    Thanks to
  • Slayer Zach for information.
  • Jay, Peachii, and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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