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Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Moonridge -> Take me there!
Requirements: None
Release Date: August 11th, 2010

Zones Accessible
DragonFang Inn

Quests Available

Mayor Dolan


Gem Shop

Moonridge Armory

Moonridge Emporium


Knight: Hail, Adventurer! Welcome to Moonridge.

Knight: This is Mayor Dolan’s house.

Mayor Dolan

Mayor Dolan: Hello traveller. Welcome to Moonridge.

  • Talk
    Mayor Dolan: I know Doomwood is an...unhealthy...location for a town.
    Pamela: *rolls eyes*
    Mayor Dolan: But we are very near a trade route that connects Falconreach to the towns further south.
    Mayor Dolan: Without a place to take refuge, travellers would have no protection here on the edge of the forest as they are passing through.
    Mayor Dolan: Plus we have the Moonridge Knights. I have faith in their ability.
    Pamela: *(Yeah, in their ability to be useless)*

  • Moonridge Knights
    Mayor Dolan: Our knights have been trained by the finest of dragonlords, and are led by a most capable leader. Hawke keeps them in shape.
    <Character>: Where did Hawke get her training?
    Mayor Dolan: I am not entirely certain, but she was a skilled ranger. We hired several mercenaries when the knighthood was founded.
    Mayor Dolan: Actually, now that I think about it...I believe she is from East of here. Near the Sandsea. She likely trained there.

  • The town
    <Character>: What can you tell me of the origins of this town?
    Mayor Dolan: I'm afraid that the story of Moonridge is rather dull...
    Mayor Dolan: Years ago, a group from the north were travelling through here and simply decided to set up camp. Heh, and they never left!
    Mayor Dolan: Eventually, more and more travellers camped here, and it became widely known as a good resting spot along the road.
    <Character>: Artix told me that this town was a "giant shopping mall!!"! But it doesn't look anything like what I expected.
    Mayor Dolan: Well, you see...
    Pamela: Haha. Yeaaahhh, that didn’t really pan out.
    Mayor Dolan: Soon, settlers began moving in, and the rest I suppose is history.
    <Character>: Oh?
    Mayor Dolan: The town WAS just a giant shopping mall, the Muskrat Mall...but at that point we did not have running water...
    <Character>: Oh.
    Mayor Dolan: Packing a few hundred stinky people in one building with only a few windows...not such a great idea.
    Mayor Dolan: So we ended up building a normal town, to help with air flow.
    Pamela: It really helped the tourism side of things. Well...that and getting rid of the muskrats.
    <Character>: I bet.
    Mayor Dolan: We’ve got running water now though, so it’s fine. No reason to not stay and spend your money.


    Cronix: <Character>, it's so nice to meet you! ...again?
    Cronix: I wanted to celebrate the day of my coming birth in this lovely little town. I never was never able to see it....

    Upon approaching the fountain:
  • Drink? - fully replenishes HP and MP; adds 3 Lucky Water to your Temporary Items.

    Lucky Water!
    The water in this fountain glows with a faint Light. You take a few flasks of the Lucky Water!

    If you already have Lucky Water:


    Just your luck, you already have some bottled luck!
  • Examine - appears only after talking to Asandar in Blackwyn Tomb.
    ???: I sense a kindred spirit... Asandar.. is that you? My vision fails me.
    <Character>: The stone in Asandar's pendant.. The gargoyle's missing eye? I wonder...
    • Use pendant

      You remove the yellow gem from Asandar's pendant, and you place it in the fountain's missing eye.
    ???: You.. are not Asandar. Yet you have restored my sight...
    ???: I must test you. Throughout the ages, only true seekers of the forgotten have known me.
    ???: A message remains hidden near water unseen... find the ancient marker, and there also shall you find my name.
    ???: Purest light, I wait in silence. Call me, and I will answer. Holy Escutcheon.
    • I know your name.
    If you answer the question wrongly:
    ???: Your answer is flawed. Throughout the ages, only true seekers of the forgotten have known me.


    The correct answer is illumina.

    If you answered correctly:
    <Character>: Illumina!
    Illumina: Yes, it is as you have said. I am called Illumina.
    Illumina: Please tell me... What has become of Asandar?
    <Character>: I'm sorry, but Asandar passed away long ago.
    Illumina: I see..
    Illumina: Asandar knew he would not survive.. He returned me to my slumber until such a day when I would be needed once more.
    Illumina: I sense good in you..
    Illumina: If Asandar trusted you, then I too will entrust you with my power.

    Outside the Guard Tower

    Knight: What? I’m resting. I’m tired, ok? ...And I don’t think she can see me from here.

    Citizen: This town is so much safer, now that the DragonLords have arrived.

    Upon approaching the Guard Tower:
  • Climb Guard Tower - enter Guard Tower.

    Violca's Emporium

    Violca: Welcome to Moonridge Emporium! We have many great things for sale from all over Lore!

  • Shop - opens Moonridge Emporium shop.
  • Talk
    <Character>: You have a very eclectic inventory for sale here, where do you get your merchandise from?
    Violca: Travelling merchants. They pass through and sell to me, and you pass through and I sell to you.
    Violca: It puts me in good position to hand pick some of the best gear before it hits other shops.
    <Character>: Oh, I see. So that's why it's so expensive…
    Violca: *grin*

    Moonridge Weaponry

    Lara: Welcome to the Moonridge Armory, <Class>!

  • Shop - opens Moonridge Armory shop.
  • Talk
    <Character>: So, is the stuff here any good?
    Lara: Well...
    Tam: *cough* Noob gear *cough*
    <Character>: So you don't approve, then?
    Lara: Hey, it's not that bad...
    Tam: Yes it is. The swords won't stay sharp, the daggers fall apart, and the staves are glued together.
    Lara: That...That is not true! I would never sell cheap weaponry.
    <Character>: Heh.
    Lara: Well, they seem fine to me anyway. Oh that's right. They equip us knights with cheaper versions to help cut costs.
    Tam: ...What?!
    Lara: You know.. as an alternative to layoffs and paycuts. It was the mayor's idea. I grabbed one of the good ones though, to heck with that.
    Tam: Paycuts?! We hardly get paid at all! And how am I supposed to protect the town with this... paperweight?
    Lara: I could sell you a better sword.
    Tam: Ugh, maybe it's time for a career change...
    <Character>: You know, there's good money in adventuring. I just run around beating up monsters all day, and I've got loads of gold.
    Tam: Huh, well... maybe I will then. "Tam the Adventurer".. No wait, "Courageous Adventurer Tam Ultimate!" Well, maybe...
    Lara: *chuckle*

    Guard Tower

    Hawke: ...

  • Talk
    <Character>: Hi, my name is <Character>.
    Hawke: I'm Hawke, Captain of the Moonridge Knights. Can't talk, scouting for undea--
    Hawke: ZOMBIE! 3 O'CLOCK!

    *The trees move before stopping.*

    Knight: Got him!
    <Character>: Oh, sorry, am I bugging you?
    Hawke: No, it's ok. We're just really busy right now. Well...*(frown)* We're always busy here.
    Hawke: Why they ever decided to build the town in DoomWood, I'll never know. Whatever. As long as they pay me.
    <Character>: Heh, yeah it's not exactly a hot vacati--
    Hawke: SKELETON! 9 O'CLOCK!!!
    Hawke: Sorry, what were you sayi--
    Hawke: NO, YOUR OTHER 9 O’CLOCK!!!
    <Character>: ...
    Skele: Arrooo?!
    Knight: Oh, there he is.
    <Character>: I'll just come back another time…
    Hawke: Hey, before you leave, would you mind helping out? We could sure use it...Talk to DragonLord Viamat, you can find him at the DragonFang Inn.

  • Look Around
    <Character>: Hey, what's that?
    Hawke: What's what?
    <Character>: That structure in the mountains to the east.
    Hawke: The what now?
    <Character>: Right there, on the horizon.
    Hawke: Oh, that. I've no idea, something about a cursed battlefield or something. I dunno...
    <Character>: A cursed.. battlefield?
    Hawke: Oh. I remember now. An ancient battle was fought there, but the souls of the dead still haunt it.
    <Character>: Sounds interesting!
    Hawke: Yeah, but it's probably just a children’s tale to keep them from wandering off. I don’t put too much faith in stories like that.

  • Climb Down - returns to Outside the Guard Tower.

    Outside DragonFang Inn

    Knight: If Hawke asks, please tell her I'm doing a good job.

    Knight: Our Captain is really tough on us, but she has good intentions. She's very protective of this town. She’s probably very nice when not working


    Necro: I'm going into town to buy some spell components. Now, you guys stay here, okay?
    Chomper: AWWWWW, man!
    Soup: Hey, come on! You never let us go into town.
    Necro: ...
    Necro: You're undead. The knights would slay you.
    Soup: Oh, right.
    Chomper: Can't you use some sort of cool spell that makes us look human?
    Necro: Yes.
    Soup: So...why don't you use it?
    Necro: I travel with you two everywhere I go. I want at least some time to myself. Gosh, I can't even hear myself think sometimes.
    Soup: ...
    Necro: Don't gimme that look. At least you get to be 'not dead'. You're lucky I let you use words, you know the rules.
    Chomper: Yeah, I'm really glad I don't have to do that 'AroooOooo' thing. It's just weird.
    Soup: We have no lips. What do you expect?
    Chomper: It kinda takes away from our dignity.
    Soup: WE'RE UNDEAD! We have no dignity! We don't even have real names!
    Soup: Honestly... SOUP?! Why on earth would you name me that?
    Necro: I like soup.
    Soup: ...of course.
    Necro: I named him Chomper because he tried to bite my toes off.
    Soup: ???
    Chomper: It's true.
    Soup: ...Why?!
    Chomper: I...I was bored.
    Soup: Yeah...of course you have dignity. What was I thinking.

    Other information
  • On-hover text throughout the zone:

  • This monument symbolizes peace and safety in the midst of darkness.
  • It seems the Inn, Armory, and Accessory shop are over this way.
  • It reads: "Please do not throw coins into the fountain! People drink out of it."
  • Strange, one of the gargoyles is missing an eye.
  • The inscription says "…and called forth a mighty shield born from the purest light--" The rest has worn off.
  • You overhear part of their conversation: " such a beautiful day today. Let's go for a walk."
  • It's a guard tower. There are a lot of them here, it seems.
  • Not the best way to store your inventory, but oh well.
  • He looks bored. Very very bored.
  • Another guard tower. The town seems very well protected.

  • Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for entry reformat, additional dialogue, other information, and corrections.
  • Peachii for corrections.

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