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Stephen Nix -> Resident Sneevil: The Beehive! (10/16/2010 0:47:24)

Resident Sneevil: The Beehive!

Access Point: Mogloween 2010 -> Irwin Dundee -> The Beehive!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Resident Sneevil: Revelations
Release Date: October 15th, 2010

Quests Available
Sneevil Resources
Box Flats
Box Lunches
Experiment Storage

Bubble (Witch)
Irwin Dundee


Irwin Dundee: So... where do we even start?

  • Where to start?
    Trouble: We need to find the control center. All Zorbak said is that it was at the bottom.
    Trouble: The elevators are up ahead. The first place we should look is the laboratory.
    Bubble: We'll have to be very careful...
    Toil: Bees are very dangerous when riled up and who knows what Zorbak's been doing to them down here....
    Irwin Dundee: Well, let's try to cover as much ground as we can then. Who do you want to go with, <Character>?

  • Take Bubble! - Bubble is added to your party in Slot A
    Bubble: I attack with light!

  • Take Trouble! - Trouble is added to your party in Slot A
    Trouble: I specialize in fire attacks, <Character>.

  • Take Toil! - Toil is added to your party in Slot A
    Toil: I attack with ice.

  • Take Irwin! - Irwin is added to your party in Slot A
    Irwin Dundee: I attack with nature!

    Other information
    1. If you go left you can't go into Zorbak's Office but you know something is moving in there.

    Thanks to
    -- Voodoo Master for corrections.
    -- Jay for corrections.

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