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Highlord Sendai -> Resident Sneevil: Zemesis (10/29/2010 21:39:50)

Resident Sneevil: Zemesis

Other name: BOSS FIGHT! Zemesis!

Location: Resident Sneevil: Uprising -> BOSS FIGHT! Zemesis
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter (Uninfected)
Release Date: October 29th, 2010

Objective: The office of the CEO.
Objective completed: Looks like the CEO is going to be out of commission for a while with a stomach-ache....

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Zemesis - Boss

Bubble (Witch)

Spy Circuit Scythe (All Versions)
Green Silk Spy Cloak (I-V)
Tactical Assault Helm (I-IV)

Gain access to Infected Defeated! chest at the end of quest


Toil: <Character>, we have an anti-virus made, with a chewy caramel center!
Toil: Now we need you to distribute it!
Bubble: *(mouthfull)* Iss dweeeliwous!
<Character>: Me? Really?
Trouble: Of course, <Character>! I mean, you are the hero after all.
<Character>: Maaaaan, I always seem to miss the candy-eating part...
Trouble: Well, you don't want to eat too much of this candy anyways...
Trouble: It... it's made specifically to purge the virus....
Bubble: Bwhuuut?

  • Trick or Treat! - Completes Quest

  • Complete this quest to unlock Resident: Sneevil badge
  • Complete this quest to unlock the Zard pens in Monster Zoo

    Thanks to
    -- Silver Xoven for correction.
    -- Stephen Nix for correction.

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