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Thankstaking Weapons

Location: Thankstaking War! -> Dr. Voltabolt -> War To Battle! -> To Battle! -> Approach chest (chance to appear) -> Holiday Weapons!,
Location: Thankstaking 08 -> Dr. Voltabolt -> Holiday Rare Shops! -> Holiday Event Weapon Shop!,
Location: Zorbak's Thankstaking WAR! -> Shops! -> Zorbak -> Thankstaking Weapon Shop!,
Location: Welcomegiving War Waves -> Shops! -> Oishii -> Thankstaking Weapon Shop!,
Location: Thankstaking 2011 -> Robina -> Weapons
Requirements: None

Greasy Drumstick
Leftover Drumstick
Crispy Drumstick
Yummy Drumstick
Delicious Drumstick
Juicy Drumstick
Hearty Drumstick
Delectable Drumstick
Tasty Drumstick
Savory Drumstick
Tempting Drumstick
Deep Fried Drumstick
Oven Baked Drumstick

Cornucopia Mace (I-V)

Greasy Turkey Leg
Leftover Turkey Leg
Crispy Turkey Leg
Yummy Turkey Leg
Delicious Turkey Leg
Juicy Turkey Leg
Hearty Turkey Leg
Delectable Turkey Leg
Tasty Turkey Leg
Savory Turkey Leg
Tempting Turkey Leg
Deep Fried Turkey Leg
Oven Baked Turkey Leg

Maize Staff (I-V)

Greasy Leg Bone
Leftover Leg Bone
Crispy Leg Bone
Yummy Leg Bone
Delicious Leg Bone
Juicy Leg Bone
Hearty Leg Bone
Delectable Leg Bone
Tasty Leg Bone
Savory Leg Bone
Tempting Leg Bone
Deep Fried Leg Bone
Oven Baked Leg Bone

Pumpkin Pie Slicers (I-V)

Welcomegiving War Waves

Oishii: That nice Dentizt opened these shops for you! He muttered about being so nice it made his teeth hurt.

Zorbak's Thankstaking WAR!

Zorbak: Mehehe, we found the dentist's shops but not him. And don't ask WHY I want those corn kernels and tail feathers. Just trade them!

Thankstaking 2011

Robina: Happy Thankstaking, <Character>!

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