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Stoneheart Fall (Books 1 and 2)

Access Point: Lymcrest (Books 1 and 2) -> Down -> Right -> Down,
Access Point: Verteroche Crossing -> 2 Up -> 3 Right -> Down,
Access Point: Book of Lore -> Elemental Dissonance -> True Mortal
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 15th, 2011

Quests Available
Random Quests

The Key
New Horizon
Ice Cave
KhyRhian Outpost
Fury Unleashed
The Forest Gate
Wolf and Bear
The Maker
Sandsea Gate
Dive In
Icy Beginnings
Cold Truth
The First Guardian
A Cold Shoulder

Random Quests (The Forest Gate)
Dark Forest
Deeper Wood
Forest Primeval
Wild Wood
Forest Gate

True Mortal

True Mortal
Sidhe Wings
Wing Merge

True Mortal

True Mortal: ...

True Mortal: I am many things. Most do not concern you. Let us say, I am a Guardian of mankind. You may call me True Mortal.
True Mortal: I keep that which should not be in this world imprisoned.
True Mortal: Yes. And it is my duty to ensure that the spirit doesn't escape.

True Mortal?
True Mortal: Over a thousand years ago, I was known as Letalis. Events... transpired that caused me to take on the name True Mortal.
True Mortal: It was something of an irony as you no doubt understand.
True Mortal: For more than two thousand years, I have stood vigil, keeping my prisoner held.
True Mortal: It is my duty as a spirit warden to ensure that the prisoner remains held. By keeping my prisoner at bay, I can ensure the safety of Lore.

Spirit Warden?
True Mortal: A Spirit Warden is like a jailer.
True Mortal: It is the duty of the spirit warden to be sure that when a spirit turns evil, and threatens one or more worlds, that it be imprisoned...
True Mortal: ..And not allowed to escape.
True Mortal: If the spirit DOES escape, it is the duty of the Spirit Warden to track the spirit down wherever it may be hiding and re-imprison it.
True Mortal: This becomes the imperative duty of the Spirit Warden.
True Mortal: Of course, this isn't ALL a spirit warden does.
True Mortal: By looking into the spirit of a being, whether human or not, a spirit warden can see the wounds that are not of body, but of spirit, and can heal those internal wounds.
True Mortal: Well, most of the time anyway.
True Mortal: In my particular case, I must also stand guard at this portal and defend it from any who may try to pass with harmful intent.
True Mortal: It is why I stay here. Besides, I like the quiet, and out here, Thorn may hunt at his leisure.

True Mortal: The portal beside me leads to another portal. There are a total of five that are connected.
True Mortal: Each portal is somewhere on Lore, and is guarded by creatures who are given the power to defend their respective gates.
True Mortal: I have lost contact with the other guardians, but it shouldn't be a problem, since to get to any gate, one must first pass through this one.
True Mortal: To gain access to the gates, they must be passed through in a specific order.
True Mortal: Any of the guardians alone should be enough to deter those who mean ill...
True Mortal: ..But to bypass or defeat all five guardians would require remarkable strength.

True Mortal: Thorn is my spirit companion.
Thorn: *growl*
True Mortal: Immortality has its disadvantages. It is possible, through the power of the spirit warden, to share life force.
True Mortal: The reason for doing so is simple. Everyone needs a companion to share in triumphs and failures.
True Mortal: In this case, Thorn, who came to my aid two millennia ago has become my companion.
True Mortal: His becoming my companion was something of an accident, but I am grateful that it happened, and would change nothing.
True Mortal: I have since learned control of my power, but in those early years, it was good to have Thorn there to help me.
True Mortal: He is extremely intelligent, and a good companion.

Kensai (During Forest Gate hunt)

Kensai: True Mortal needs your help, <Character>.

  • Quests
    Kensai: I must stay to guard the Portal while True Mortal is gone.

  • Shops
    Kensai: True Mortal has left me in charge of his shops while he is gone.

    There is a hidden journal found here:

    Up the stairs to the next screen - Click on the book under the tree


    Yokai Uprising
    A soldier's Observations
    Journal one

    Day One

    Our worst fears have been realized. Hideyoshi Fusikawa has called the various Yokai together, and unified them. Itís late, and the first of the incoming attacks have been dealt with, but it is apparent that unless aid comes, we will be crushed.
    The yokai are coming out of hiding in frightening numbers, and flocking to his banner. We donít know what he has promised them, but we know what he is after. If he gets it, all will be lost.
    The shrill flutes resound from the darkness, playing tunes that fill my soul with dread. Howling and yipping,. Growling and streaks all punctuate the eerie music, conjuring up images of destruction in even the heartiest of minds. I donít know if we will be able to stop this invasion, but if the need arises, we will die before we allow them to get his hands on the book.
    Kensai Greydawn has been sequestered a good portion of the day. He says he is calling for aid, but I donít know what aid will save us now. He shows a calm I pray infects us all. I can only pray that he knows something we do not.
    It is late, and I know I should try to rest, for it is certain that the attacks will resume early in the morning. For my part, I commend this Journal to any hero that it may one day aid them.

    Day Two

    Kensai Graydawn emerged from his dojo, accompanies by Letalis and Thorn. We donít know how Letalis came to be here, but we are grateful. Kensai Greydawn says that Letalis will be vital in this war, but he hasnít explained how or why yet. He only smiles and says that is it Letaliasí destiny to aid in this war.
    They have been moving about the village, shoring up the defences here. The huge wolf companion of Letalis, Thorn, has taken up a place just outside of the viallage as if he was standing sentinel. He seems to be incredibly intelligent. Every so often, he raises his head and gives voice to a howl that scours the soul.
    We were attacked in the early hours of the morning. So far three warriors have fallen in our attempt to defend our home. Letalis says he has forged some weapons that will aid us in this fight. They are silver, and are amazingly light weapons.
    Hedieyoshi Fusikawa strolled out to the clearing near the front of the village and announced his presence. He claims that if we hand over the book, the Yokai would depart and not return. Kensai Greydawn merely laughed and told them that he would not be able to comprehend the material in the book. Hideyoshi was furious. Before he departed he swore that he would see the destruction of Leng Tao.
    After his departure, Letalis went around passing out weapons. The weapons are silver, praise the gods, as they will be effective tools in this coming fight. It wasnít a moment too soon either as within an hour of Heideyoshiís departure the first real wave of enemies attacked. Fortunately we were able to fend them off, as they have not been prepared for us being equipped with the silver weaponry!

    Day Three

    The yokai are coming in ever increasing numbers. I donít know how much longer we will be able to hold them off. Kensai Graydawn and Letalis have been in the tick of the fighting, striving to break through the picket and get to Hideyoshi Fusikawa.
    The flashes of dark energy and blue fire lend an even more unreal atmosphere to the fight. More terrifying still are the sounds, the howls coming from Kensai Greydawnís blade and even his armour as he wades through the Yokai, blade falling left and right, and the sight of Letalis striking with blue spirit fire, slashing through the battlefield in unthinkable forms. Blue skeletal horses, burning blue and cold race across the battlefield, biting and tearing indiscriminately among the yokai. Letalis himself suddenly took on the form of a great demon mid battle.
    It is frightening to see the inugami attacking like this. Their normally benevolent, even protective natures are polar opposites of what we are seeing here. The Inugami are feral, wild, and dangerous here even though they are normally great spirits of luck and health. How could this be? What hold does that demon in man form Hideyoshi have over the kind, bold Inugami?
    The Bakeneko is generally the polar opposite of the Inugami normally, but in this conflict it seems the Inugami are competing to see which species is more terrifying. The normally fierce way of fighting seems to be enhanced and magnified by the urgings of Hideyoshi. They swarm our fighters, playing games with them as the Bakeneto fight with a style and grace that would put any ninja to shame.
    I fear what will happen if they break through and obtain the book. If Hideyoshi does get the book, and can understand it, terrible things will happen. I only praise the gods that Letalis and Kensai Greydawn are here. Were they not present, I fear we would have already fallen.
    Whether we fall or not, I pray that any who find this journal remember us and what we did here. I fear what will happen if they break though and obtain the book.
    The numbers of the dead are mounting on both sides, and the graveyard will be overfull all too soon at this rate. I only pray we can hang on.

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    Stoneheart Fall (Book 3)

    Access Point: Maguswood Region -> Stoneheart Fall -> Travel
    Level/Quest/Items required: None
    Release Date: April 27th, 2018

    Quests Available




    Other information
  • This location is currently deserted. During the time that you were frozen, True Mortal and Thorn have vanished, the gate that they had guarded has been left in ruins, and broad daylight has arrived in what's left of the area. You are welcome to walk around a little bit to take in the view before you leave.

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    Stoneheart Fall (Books 1 and 2)
    Thanks to
  • Highlord Sendai for banner.
  • Stephen Nix for location link.
  • SalvationXI for shop link.
  • Peachii for additional dialogue.
  • Alanna Zelen for journal content.

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