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Earth and Entropy

Location: Willowshire -> 3 Right -> Down -> Enter tent -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Earth and Entropy
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Surehunter Woes
Release Date: April 22nd, 2011

Objective: Will you recover the Orb and the Blade of Awe from Trey?
Objective completed: Another Orb in Sepulchure's grasp! Will you be able to at least keep the Blade of Awe safe?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Titan Trey, (1) Entropy Dragon / (1) Epic Titan Trey, (1) Epic Entropy Dragon - Titan Boss
(X) Entropic Earth

Entropy Dragon
Trey Surehunter

Hovering Rocks (I, II, III)
Moss Covered Helm (I-IV)

Guardian Fortuna: Who knows what the treasure hunter can do with the power of the Earth Orb! You have to recover it before the Entropy Dragon!
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    Trey: I'm done with this!
    Trey: I'm the greatest Treasure Hunter this world has ever seen. I won't negotiate. I won't be denied. I hold the Blade of Awe. The Earth Orb.
    Trey: If you have treasure... it will be mine!
    Valencia: Daddy...

    Entropy Dragon appears

    Entropy Dragon: Thhhheeeeee Orrrrrb wiiiillll beeeee miiiiiineeeee.

    Trey, using the power of the Blade of Awe, turned himself into Titan Golem

    Trey: The Orb is mine!
    Trey: I won't allow any of you to take it from me.
    <Character>: You're wrong... it's not yours to use to rip the earth apart.

  • Summon Dragon and fight!
  • Let a DragonLord handle it!

    Entropy Dragon is defeated, drops of darkness magic fell onto stone elementals, Trey falls off from the Golem body

    Trey: The blade! No!

    An earthquake shakes the ground

    <Character>: The orb! Valencia, grab the blade. We need to get the orb before your father does!

    NOTE: If you clicked "Let a DragonLord handle it!", all of the above is skipped.

    Fight random number of Entropic Earth.

    Loads a cutscene if you are close to a cliff during the walkaround:
    Fae: More earthquakes?!
    Valencia: Daddy?
    <Character>: We've got to press on!

    Trey is under a cliff holding onto the edge

    Valencia: Daddy!
    Trey: I can reach...

    A sudden small quake...

    Valencia: No! Give me your hand!
    Trey: No! It's mine! I can get it back!

    Sepulchure appears

    Sepulchure: Hmph.
    Sepulchure: Don't you ever tire of interfering?
    <Character>: Sepulchure!
    Sepulchure: Put your toys away.

    Sepulchure takes the Earth Orb

    Sepulchure: You were foolish enough to find both halves of the Earth Orb for me, I could crush you where you stand.
    Trey: NO! The Orb is MINE!
    Valencia: Daddy! It's not worth it!
    Valencia: You're... slipping!

    Trey falls off the cliff

    Valencia: NO!
    Sepulchure: Hmm, he chose rather poorly....

    Two Entropic Earth appears

    Sepulchure: You may have managed to destroy my Entropy Dragon... but it looks like I'm left with a new set of minions.
    Sepulchure: I have more pressing duties to attend to. Minions, get the sword.

    Sepulchure dissapears

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: Hidden Blades

    Thanks to
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for tag.
    -- Slayer Zach for corrections.

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