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Dying Light

Location: The Final 13th! Darkness Attacks! -> Elysia -> Dark Marauder -> Dying Light
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Kordana Rises
Release Date: June 17th, 2011

Objective: The last of the known elemental orbs lies in the balance. Will you be able to save it.... or will Sepulchure finally have all eight in his grasp?
Objective completed: The Orbs are gone. We'll have to take the fight to Sepulchure and end this!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Anubis Knight
(9) Desert Thug
(2) Sandstorm
(1) Sunspike


Spyblade of Judgment (I, II, III)
Spybrand of Judgment (I, II, III)
Spystaff of Judgment (I, II, III)

Kasuf: Wh-what? Who? ...
Kasuf: Where am I?!
Kasuf: What is the meaning of this?!
???: Why are the monsters attacking the Sandsea?
???: Are you after the Light Orb?
Kasuf: Wh--
???: Are you working for Sepulchure?
Kasuf: What? No, I--
???: How long have you been spying on the town?
Kasuf: No! I am not--
???: Why would you do this?
Ash: We know you're the spy, Kasuf! Just admit it!
Kasuf: I-- I--
Ash: Tell us how you plan to steal the Light Orb!

Ash's fake mustache worn off

Kasuf: Um..

Ash tries to arrange his mustache while the Hero covers him

<Character>: It's ok, Kasuf, you can tell us.
Kasuf: No! I'm not a spy! I... I know I made a mistake with Sek-Duat....
Kasuf: I was trying to keep my daughter safe! I would not make the same mistake again!
Zhoom: Stop! Kasuf is not the spy!
Zhoom: The Orb has just been stolen! Hurry <Character>, we must go after the real spy!

*The spy stands before a cliff...*

<Character>: Stop! Stop now!
Spy: NO! No, I can't....
Ash: Where were you at 10:43 this morning? Who are you working for? Who are you?!
Spy: Please, no!

Ash unveils the spy

Kasuf: No.... no it can't be.... why.... why would you do this?!
Kasuf: You saw my mistake... my regrets with Sek-Duat... Why would you repeat it.... Why would trade one evil for another?
<Character>: Sha'Rae....
Sha'Rae: No... you don't understand....
Sha'Rae: He came and he threatened to end it all... he said he would destroy everything if I didn't get him the Light Orb.
<Character>: If Sepulchure gets the Light Orb it all ends anyways!
Sha'Rae: I know.
Kasuf: Then.... then why, daughter?
Sha'Rae: ...

Sha'Rae looks at the Light Orb

Sha'Rae: The Light Orb is the last... he needs it to finish his plans...

Sha'Rae removes her cape...

<Character>: Sha'Rae! No!

Sepulchure, riding his undead Dracolich, together with Drakath, appears.

Sepulchure: Oh, bad child, you can't break my toys...
Sepulchure: You'll have to be punished. Hahahahahahaha!
Sha'Rae: NO!
Kasuf: Daughter! NO!!

Sha'Rae jumps off the cliff, the undead dracolich Drakath's riding grabs hold of the orb

Drakath: I have it...
Drakath: Uh- I mean... I have it, my lord! I caught the Orb!
Sepulchure: Finally.
Sepulchure: My new fortress lies north of Willowshire in the Deadlands, "hero".
Sepulchure: You're invited, if you dare, to see my ultimate victory unfold. Hahahahaahahaa!

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