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This is a list of important tagged threads for your convenience so you can easily locate these threads. Official threads should be used for the discussion of the listed topics rather than creating another thread.

Note: Design Note threads will not be listed below since we are given Design Notes on a weekly basis and they generally stay on the front page without any help.

Important Links and Information
EpicDuel Wiki
EpicDuel Help Pages

EpicDuel Factions
EpicDuel Factions

=ED= EpicDuel 2017 (End of Development Announcement)
=ED= EpicDuel Gameplan 2018

=ED= Brazilian Portuguese & Spanish Translation
=ED= Congratulations Thread
=ED= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread
=ED= EpicDuel Movies & Screenshots
=ED= EpicDuel World Records - Omega
=ED= Juggernaut Discussion Thread
=ED= Let's Party/Duel! - Community Events Thread
=ED= Omega Update Feedback
=ED= Personal Goals for EpicDuel
=ED= Staff Information Thread
=ED= Ultimate Nostalgia Thread

=ED= For those who like to write
=ED= In The Beginning
=ED= In The Beginning (Discussion)

If a tagged thread is missing from the list, please leave a post below with a link and it will be added. Please do not use this thread to requests threads be tagged. If you feel a thread requires an official tag, please PM an ArchKnight or Moderator from this list and they will decide if it is appropriate. Posts will be removed once they have been addressed.

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