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afterlifex -> AQ Abbreviations and Acronyms (10/23/2011 7:08:32)

Common AQ Abbreviations and Acronyms

Remake of Calimehtar's & kipperkin's guides

When requesting to add items, please link to the pedia.

Introduction this guide will be focusing on more common AQ related abbreviations, acronyms & terms as not all items need to be explained here. If you see an abbreviation, acronyms or terms during a conversation and can't figure it out given the subject or can't find it here the people at the AQ Questions/Answers will likely be more then happy to help. After that if you feel it should be added feel free to post here with reason(s) and link(s) if appropriate.
General non-AQ related abbreviations can also be found at Common Forum/IRC abbreviations though some crossover on my part may occur.

Table of Contents

Content Specific [111]
General AQ Forum [222]
"Other" [333]
Notes/Special Notes [444]

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Content Specific [.111]

AMR I/II/III: ArchMage Research I, II , III

BoA: Blade of Awe
BURP/B.U.R.P.: Big Ugly Rat Pests

CIT: Chieftain's Ironthorn

DB: Dragon Blade
DAoA: Deft Armor of Awe
DoA: Dagger of Awe
D.R.O.U.S.: Dark Rodent of Unusual Size
DS: DragonSlayer
DUG(P): Deft UltraGuardian Plate

EoN: Eye of Naab

FFU: Fyre Force Ultimate
FGM: Fairy Godmother

GA: Guardian Angel
GB: Guardian Blade or Gift Box.
GD: Guardian Dragon ( Monster/ weapon special)
GGB: Golden Giftbox
GHA: Golden Holy Armor
GPP: Great Pumpkin Patch
GSS: Glacial Short Staff

HoD: Helm of Drakonnan or Helm of Drakonnas
HoRD: Head of Raydius Dragon

IAoA: Insightful Armor of Awe
IT: IronThorn
IUG(P): Insightful UltraGuardian Plate



LR: Lightning Rod

MAoA: Mighty Armor of Awe
MS: Morningstar Plate or Mysterious Stranger
MUG(P): Mighty UltraGuardian Plate

NB: Nightbane


PWD: Powerword Die
PWDU: Powerword Die Ultra
PWW: Powerword Whoops


RA: Random Adventure ('Battle Monsters' in the opening town scene)
RUB: Raynar's Ultimate Blade

SoA: Spear of Awe / Staff of Awe
SS: Sila's Staff
SO: Svadilfari's Oath


UAD: Ultra Akriloth, Dragon
UG: Ultra Guardian; Refers to the Ultra variants of the guardian no drops
UMAD: Ultra Magma Akriloth, Dragon
UX: Undead Xyphos






General AQ Forum [.222]
AMD: Adjusted Monster Defense (same as MOB) (see notes)
BRS or B/R/S: Base, Random and Stats (as in 500/500/300 BRS)
BtH: Bonus to Hit
FD: Fully Defensive
FO: Fully Offensive
FSB: Full Set Bonus
Limbo: Similar to TBA, used in reference to a quest or other content that has gone temporarily rare and is awaiting placement in a new location.
MC: MasterCraft (For more information see this link.)
MD: Mid Defensive
MO: Mid Offensive
M/R/M: Melee/Ranged/Magic (combat defense)
Perm: Permanent (refers to something being in shops permanently or remaining in the inventory even after logging out)
Proc: procedure (as in "proc rate") / Programmed Random Occurrence (see notes)
Rare: Unavailable in game at this time.
Temp: Temporary (refers to an item that'll disappear after logging out or upon getting another temp item, also something temporarily in shops)
X-G: X-Guardian
ZT: Z-Token

"Other" [.333]
Atk: Attack
Avg: Average
Avvy: Avatar
BM: Beast Master
BSoD: Blue Scroll of Doom
CEB: Champion Elite Boss (For more information see this link.)
Dmg: Damage
DOT: Damage Over Time
DPT: Damage Per Turn
HPK: Health Perfect Kill
KoO: Knights of Order (game staff)
MOB: Monster Overall Blocking (outdated version of AMD) (see notes)
MPK: Mana Perfect Kill
NPC: non-player character
PC: player character
PK: Perfect Kill
RNG: Random Number Generator
RPG: Role Playing Game
Strat: strategy
TBA: To Be Announced (see Limbo)

Thanks To:
All previous owners and contributors.
Z for letting me do this & suggestions.
Relentless Chaos typo corrections.
Dreiko Shadrack for a good definition of "proc".

Some older items have been left as they do pop up from time to time for one reason or another.
Any help with suggestions of removing or adding abbreviations and acronyms is appreciated. As is policing of my spelling and grammar especially

Special Notes:
The final additive total of monster combat defense and block from stats(DEX/8 + LUK/40 ).

Proc is a term inherited from MUDs, multi-user dungeons -- a precursor to the MMOGs of today. When an item in a MUD would have a special effect attached to it, the MUD's programming would use "SPEC_PROC", short for "special procedure", to attach the effect to the item by linking it to a procedure programmed elsewhere in the MUD's code. Because of this internal naming, "Spec Procs", and later just "Procs", refer to any unusual effect on an item.


"Proc" is short for spec_proc (SPECial PROCedure). In a MUD*, a spec_proc is a function** that occurs in response to something else. Weapon specials are a form of spec_procs.

"To proc" means "to have a spec_proc occur", and a "proc rate" means "the rate of a spec_proc occurring".

*Multi-User Dungeon. It's kinda like the 80s/90s version of MMOs.
**If you don't know what a function is, then just call it the more technical term, "thingamajig".

In AQ normally referring to the rate of a special.

Z -> RE: AQ Abbrevations and Acronyms (10/23/2011 8:29:23)

The following can be added IMO. The decision is up to you, though.

GSS: Glacial Short Staff
SotT: Sword of the Titans
VCC: Virulent Chimeran Champion

BRS or B/R/S: Base, Random and Stats (as in 500/500/300 BRS)
DPT: Damage per turn
FSB: Full Set Bonus
Proc: procedure (as in "proc rate")

Guide moved to the main forum.

afterlifex -> RE: AQ Abbrevations and Acronyms (10/23/2011 8:48:08)

I would agree, i had forgot to add GSS[&:]

The only one I am reluctant to add is "SotT: Sword of the Titans".
edit: as to why I would like to stay away from too much equ. as over time things change and we will just end up with what we had last time. Something like VCC will just about always be used given it's MC.


I will also add DoT: Damage Over time

AQSewy -> RE: AQ Abbrevations and Acronyms (10/28/2011 13:35:19)

I find Great Pupmkin Patch GPP also should be added :)

afterlifex -> RE: AQ Abbrevations and Acronyms (11/1/2011 12:24:49)

edit: a few older items that have been updated have no been crossed out but will remain for a while until their usage is less likely. ES: Elemental Seeker , SB:Spell Blocker , SS: SackelBerry Special & STS: Siege Tower Shield.

While some abbreviations still have use they aren't as definitive item wise as they once were.

The White Knight -> RE: AQ Abbrevations and Acronyms (1/5/2013 16:18:37)

These are what I see super often O.O If you need help with links I can get them for you :P!

BoA: Blade of Awe
DoA: Dagger " "
SoA: Spear " "
UGP: Ultra Guardian Plate
MUGP: Mighty "
DUGP: Deft "
IUGP: Insightful "
HSVV: Horo-Show Void Vigilante/its set
ETD: Eternal Twilight's Dread
WKZ: White Knight Z
DLS: Daylight Savings

FMS: Full Metal Santa

afterlifex -> RE: AQ Abbrevations and Acronyms (1/5/2013 16:28:32)

Most of this falls under:

Introduction this guide will be focusing on more common AQ related abbreviations as not all items need to be explained here.

Most equ. will not be added as they come and go with the trends.

BoA: Blade of is that not there?
DoA: Dagger " "how is that not there?
SoA: Spear " "how is that not there?
UGP: Ultra Guardian Plate .....maybe
MUGP: Mighty " under MUG
DUGP: Deft " under DUG
IUGP: Insightful " under IUG
HSVV: Horo-Show Void Vigilante/its set see above comment
ETD: Eternal Twilight's Dread see above comment
WKZ: White Knight Z see above comment
DLS: Daylight Savings see above comment

FMS: Full Metal Santa see above comment

I will make a few adjustments thou.


AuA: [link=]Golden Axe[/link]
AuP: [link=]Golden Plate[/link]
AuS: [link=]Golden Shield[/link]

removed as will a few other equ. likely.

EGG: [link=�]Everlasting Guardian Gumn[/link] 
[s]ES: [link=]Elemental Seeker[/link][/s]
[s]SB:  [link=]Spell Blocker[/link][/s]
 or [s][link=]SackelBerry Special[/link][/s]
[s]STS: [link=]Siege Tower Shield[/link][/s]
SMUG:[]SuperMegaUltra Giant[/link]

will be updating monster links as well

ugauga -> RE: AQ Abbrevations and Acronyms (3/1/2013 20:08:04)

CSS: Char Spell Stat => (INT/4) + (LUK/20)
NSC: : Normal Spell Cost
WMPC: Wizzard MP Cost
WBMPC: Wizzard Boost MP Cost
SBDH: Spell Base Dmg per Hit
SRDH: Spell Random Dmg per Hit
SS: Spell Stat/100
WBBD: Weapon Bonus Base Dmg
WBRD: Weapon Bonus Rnd Dmg
WBSD: Weapon Bonus Stat Dmg
POE: Poelala Base Bonus Dmg
SH: Spell Hits
WPB: Wizzard Passive Bonus
WB: Wizzard Boost
AGN: Alignment

afterlifex -> RE: AQ Abbrevations and Acronyms (3/4/2013 13:11:58)

May or may no include them(in their own section) given they are fairly specific to the Comparison section, as such they will never be very common place. They should also be discernible given context of the situation.

VCC: [link=]Virulent Chimeran Champion [/link] 

[s]S-Shields: A old term refers to a group of shields: [link=]Sackelberry Special[/link], 
[link=]Siege Tower Shield[/link], 
[link=]Spellblocker[/link] before the series was updated.[/s]


HDW: [link=�]Heal Deep Wounds[/link]
HEW: [link=]Heal Extreme Wounds[/link]
HMW: [link=]Heal Mortal Wounds[/link]
HW: [link=]Heal Wounds[/link]

123surprise -> RE: AQ Abbrevations and Acronyms (2/28/2015 21:01:17)

Could GGB: Golden Giftbox be added?

Bolter -> RE: AQ Abbreviations and Acronyms (3/4/2015 22:26:51)

how about 9mares = Ninemares?

afterlifex -> RE: AQ Abbreviations and Acronyms (3/5/2015 0:29:56)

I will see to GGB when I get time.

As far as "9mares" not too common IMO. For the most part further items will not be added unless they are some combination of: A) they are a common item suggestion B) They have staying power(not going rare &/or unique) & C) the abbreviation itself is common place.

People will always shorten names but not all will catch on or stay around. (To that point I need to clean up the guide as is)

Ninemares is from a token package which means its availability is theoretically limited & on top of that it isn't all the special.




AuAoL: [link=]Golden Axe of Legacy[/link]
AuPoL: [link=]Golden Plate of Legacy[/link]
AuSoL: [link=]Golden Shield of Legacy[/link]
CFtFD: [link=]Call Forth the Fire Dragon[/link] (level 10 skill from DragonSlayer Class(normaly used for the older version)
DoN: [link=�]Dracopyre of Night[/link]
EIK: [link=]Elite Ice Katana[/link]
IU: [link=]Illuminate Ultra[/link]
LD: [link=]Little Death[/link]
LMS: [link=]Lycan Magic Slasher[/link]
MEIK: [link=]Magic Elite Ice Katana[/link]
UIK: [link=]Ultra Ice Katana[/link]
ZBS: [link=]Zombie Staff [/link]
ZSW: [link=]Zardwarts Sturdy Wand[/link]

edit: GGB added and a slight reformatting and reorganization.
edit: CEB added, other versions not likely to be added

weatherseed -> RE: AQ Abbreviations and Acronyms (6/17/2016 4:43:27)

Feel free to add CEB.

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