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Stephen Nix -> Captain Rolith's Revenge (12/31/2011 2:42:00)

Captain Rolith's Revenge

Location: Frostvale Storybook -> Chapter 6 -> Act 15
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Breaking In
Release Date: December 30th, 2011

Objective: You've done it now! No one insults silly hats around Rolith.
Objective completed: Time to celebrate! Find Stormy to merge up the presents and Papa Moglin to merge the Frost Dragon Skull!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Tog
(1) Rolith, (2) Tog - Boss


Frost Dragon Head

<Character>: Rolith, wait!
Rolith: ...
<Character>: We don't have to fight!
<Character>: It's Frostval, we should be celebrating together, not fighting!
Rolith: You're the one putting us all in danger!
<Character>: You're the one taking all the fun out of Frostval!
Rolith: ...
Rolith: Now you're insulting me? I had silly hat day and everything...
Rolith: That's it. Togs! Attack!

When you press 'What?!'...
<Character>: ...Now what?
Rolith: If you insist on fighting me, we do it my way. If you can solve my little challenge here, then - THEN we shall fight.
<Character>: Oh! Let me guess, I have to kill all four of these togs in a specific order? Or they respawn?
Rolith: Never let it be said I can't be fair. I wanted it to be 30 togs, but then... it's cold, and this metal armor isn't very well lined.
<Character>: Can't I just hit you with my sword or cast a spell at you or something?
Rolith: No! Solve my clever puzzle!

After defeating Rolith:

Togface: Arf?
Rolith: You're going to regret this <Character>.
Rolith: Who knows what horrible furious monster you're going to unleash on us all...
???: Rolith!!!
Rolith: Uh oh...
Alina: Rolith, what happened?!
Rolith: It's <Character>'s fault! I was just trying to protect Frostyvale and the moglins!
<Character>: By turning it into a prison camp and forcing them to wear funny hats?! By keeping me out?
Rolith: I didn't force them! They wanted to! Didn't you guys?!

*The Frost Moglins cover their face*

Alina: can't contain the holidays in a little box and keep everything and everyone out.
Alina: That's no fun for everyone.
Rolith: I had fun....
Alina: ...
Alina: Now you have to share the fun.
Alina: You, <Character> and the moglins could have worked together to have a safe and happy holiday. You still can.
<Character>: Come on, it's time for us to stop fighting and to get some warm moglinberry juice and presents!
Rolith: ...
Rolith: D'awww.. yeah let's go!

Merry Togsmas!


The order to fight the 4 Togs are bottom left -> upper left -> upper right -> bottom right

  • Complete this quest to unlock Merry Togsmas! badge

    Thanks to
    -- Voldy27 for entry information.
    -- SalvationXI for correction.

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