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Melissa4Bella -> =DF= Paladin Armor Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 17:39:28)

Hiya DragonFablers!

You wanted more various threads of discussion about Classes and we listened! This week and every week following, we will be introducing a thread for every class in DragonFable.

This thread: All things Paladin Armor.
Now for the rules of this thread:

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • The "All Classes" thread will remain pinned to the top of the forum until all the current class threads are released.
  • There will be a Class Directory stickied to the top of the forum once a few class threads are active for quick locating.
  • On suggestions: The DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur.
  • Please keep discussions to the Paladin armor.
  • Most important: Have fun!

  • Glais -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 17:41:01)

    Why a second one?

    There was a typo/mistake. This post alerted me to it! :)

    flashbang -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 17:48:44)

    What do you mean Glais? A new discussion thread for a class every week.

    Glais -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 17:50:33)

    It was originally titled "DoomKnight"
    Twas a mistake though

    Albeit I didn't know that

    I haven't really been too active lately

    dragon_monster -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 17:53:48)

    Paladin armor well its cool looking but its weak yes you can kill most enemies in game and you can finish the story with it if you want but it is still weak compared to well the base class, I do think it is stronger then the pirate and ninja class but it is weaker then the rest and bothers me a little.

    Glais -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 17:58:56)

    It's way too random

    It had some alright offense for its time, but that's it

    Rukaji -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 18:00:30)

    I like the whole feel of being a paladin. The animations are cool, but yeah, I kinda moved on.

    Kazuki_Kitsuki -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 18:02:39)

    Underpowered, almost fully devoted to light elemental attacks which kind of hurt in the SandSea and other places with light type monsters. Truth be told, its only really useful in Necropolis, Moonridge and Amityvale, but you get it pretty much after all of that. It got steamrolled by DeathKnight and Necromancer classes, which used any element you used, and they both messed with resistances, making them far more versatile than Paladin.

    I'll admit it was cool looking, the most technologically advanced armor (form wise) before Technomancer showed up. It'd be nice to have a Master Paladin, Paladin Knight or something like that, with improved skills. I know there are more than a few 'light knights' out there that want Paladin to shine brightly among the classes. (snickers at all the puns)

    Dracelix -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 18:02:58)

    Paladin armour has always been special to me. The skills have the feeling of alot of power behind them.

    I know I have my own ideas about how paladins should look (my NPC for example)
    but what do you think about the paladin class appearance?
    should the class resemble artix's or my armour design, an improved version of it's current design. or a completely new design?
    Perhaps there are aspects of other paladins in AE games or outside games that you feel the class could benefit from?

    Glais -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 18:07:33)

    I was looking forward to the more Artix based design when the class was first announced, the mecha thing just doesn't do it for me

    Dwelling Dragonlord -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 18:10:20)

    @Dracelix: I personally always felt that there needed to be some hints of Artix armour in the ones other paladins wear or at least an explanation as to why his armour is so radically different from the ones he gives us or those that your NPC and his bodyguard(?) wear.

    Kazuki_Kitsuki -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 18:15:24)

    @Dwelling Dragonlord: When you talk to Artix and put the mouse over his armor, you can see in the little comment spot next to your logbook that his armor is specially made, meaning its unique in DF.

    I was thinking a more streamlined form of armor would be nice if they came out with a master variant of it, less 'mecha-like' as Glais pointed out. I still would prefer something different from Artix's armor, since it differentiates us from our class training a bit.

    As for skills, a definite power up is required.

    Dracelix -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 18:25:29)

    Given that Artix is the one who trains the player, I feel like the class should resemble artix's design more I guess. (as maybe in future a class trained by me would use my armour aesthetics)
    as for the differences in my design and Artix's, My npc and his paladins reside at a different location than where artix has.

    Zeldax -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 18:30:13)

    @Dracelix im fine with the our current design for the armor, might even be better if it looked like the Baron's :P but it would be better if the staff made it stronger and changed some moves on the left side. But im just suggesting, if the staff plans to reanimate the armor, im fine, but if not, im still fine with that :)

    thetruth2 -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 18:39:59)

    In my opinion paladin armor deserves more love and needs to be on par in terms of power with the likes of riftwalkers/soulweavers.I would overhaul the left side skills(except the heal) to add some good defensive skills and i would also boost the power of right side skills by alot since paladin cannot use element weaknesses to its advantage.Other than that i think the design and animations are great and i hope that paladin gets updated in the near future!

    Deviance -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 19:29:03)

    I really like Paladin ^^ Its animations are very well done considering its age, and I look forward to a possible revamp from Dracelix since well, he's a Paladin :P I really feel that if a revamp does happen, that the design should shout " hey look, OBVIOUS good guy here, look at the shiny white/gold armor" ish...

    I used to hate paladin thinking it was weak, but aafter understanding DF physics, I loved it. It could VERY well benefit from a skill and art revamp, possibly becoming a very VERY well loved class to all.

    Faerdin -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 19:31:46)

    If Paladin were to be tweaked in terms of its abilities, I actually wouldn't want to see it become more offensively powerful.

    Generally speaking, there is one trait that all Paladins across every game's interpretation seem to possess, and the world of Dragonfable is no exception: Paladins are, first and foremost, guardians and protectors of the innocent. No matter their goals- whether they uphold the law or devote themselves to destroying demons or undead constructs- this is one aspect of Paladins that is often mentioned first. It would be fitting if Paladin had more defensive abilities to fill this kind of role. Magical shields and healing abilities are at the forefront of my mind, but I would also imagine banishing, exorcising, and purifying (Almost like SoulWeaver's Purge) playing a very strong role.

    On the note of healing, I just realized that all healing abilities in Dragonfable so far have been self-heals. If any Class were to have the ability to heal Guests as well as themselves (And maybe even use spells to protect Guests in other ways), I'd imagine it to be Paladin. :)

    Dracojan -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 19:53:46)

    paladin still looks too robotic for me. I use it quite a bit since I like being a paladin but I cant help feeling bad because of its looks.

    salene -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 21:20:52)

    i think that a more artix look would fit better, although possibly in the future dracelix will train light elf armor... wishful thinking or not, paladin would be a GREAT tank class if it just got a revamp of stats and animation. it cant compete at all with the newer classes

    Mordred -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/16/2013 21:34:05)

    The concept of Paladin is fine; a Warrior of Light who uses Light-based abilities and magics, with slight triggers on undead because Paladins have been fighting them primarily as the servants of evil in Doomwood/Darkovia. Not an undead slaying class, just slight triggers.

    In execution of gameplay, though, the entire left side of the class needs to go. By far the worst abilities of any class in the game, and free players are wholly locked out of the worthwhile skills. On the other hand, the right side just needs some tweaking, and more variation between the skills(they're pretty much all raw damage).

    As for looks, I personally think it should look like Artix's armor. Perhaps a similarly styled cape built into it, with normal capes hidden like with Riftwalker? I've personally been a fan of that cape.

    Digital X -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/17/2013 1:50:41)

    When we had the Sepulchure War (I think was the name) this was my most used class. Love the animation of the attacks especially the spear one. Seeing this post makes me want to use it again now in almost every scenario [:D]

    walker of the rift -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/17/2013 2:52:10)

    Get rid of the cross on the shoulder, it has always annoyed me.

    ElementalLord -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/17/2013 3:21:54)

    I kinda like the way Paladin looks now, but all of the skills on the left side, as Mordred said, have gotta go. But, if that is not a good idea, we could have Dracelix teach a Master version of it or something.

    shadow dragon666 -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/17/2013 3:35:20)

    For Paladin i'd love to see this, damage rescaled IF needed, maybe 1-2 non-light attacks.

    Then change up the skills, the NDA side is horribad....The healing and all is really not only outdated but doesn't work that well in truth, add in the NDA side has like 0 offensive power which it needs some, some skill swaps shouldn't be to hard? I could be wrong on it being hard but i do feel it needs to be worked on in that respect some.

    other than that it's a great undead killing machine.

    Firos -> RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread (7/17/2013 3:44:57)

    My main request is just to make it the original Paladin armor, like artix's or a recolored death knight. I really dislike the current artwork, it doesn't feel like a Paladin.

    The skills are obviously too focused light elemental, and the fact a bunch of the defensive skills are by chance is...brutal and unreliable.

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