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Melissa4Bella -> =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/6/2013 15:28:30)

Hiya DragonFablers!

You wanted more various threads of discussion about Classes and we listened! This week and every week following, we will be introducing a thread for every class in DragonFable.

This thread: DeathKnight Armor
Now for the rules of this thread:

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • The "All Classes" thread will remain pinned to the top of the forum until all the current class threads are released.
  • There will be a Class Directory stickied to the top of the forum once a few class threads are active for quick locating.
  • On suggestions: The DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur.
  • Please keep discussions to the DeathKnight armor.
  • Most important: Have fun!

  • DarkLore -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/6/2013 15:55:22)

    I hope to see upgrades for the deathknight items. Also a character slot for Sir Malifact retelling his story of before and after he became a deathknight.
    The class is also very powerful for a pre-9.0 class. I think its pre-9.0 anyway.

    lightriftwalker122 -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/6/2013 17:14:03)

    i really like the class but i wish we could use a little light skills since it is both paladin and necro. @ darklore a good idea to be sir malifact and relive his rise to power!

    Rukaji -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/6/2013 17:23:34)

    A pretty cool class. Another one I like the "feel" of. Just being called a Death Knight is pretty BA and the class itself is nice. The curse skill adds a good chance based fight. Risk more health for more damage, I hope to see more skills like that in the future honestly.

    Faerdin -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/6/2013 18:06:53)

    Since I made concepts for what I would like to see in Paladin and Necromancer, I made this to sort of mash the two together:

    Seething Hatred: 50 Mana, 10 turn cooldown. Recover 60% of Maximum Health, then lose 5% of Maximum Health every turn for ten turns.
    Crushing Dread: 20 Mana. Deal 125% damage, reduce enemy M/P/M Defense by 20 for ten turns. Effect can stack up to five times.
    Dark Command: 25 Mana. Deal 150% damage, reduce enemy Darkness Resistance by 10 for ten turns. Effect can stack up to five times.
    Undead Deceit: 30 Mana, 2 turn cooldown. Conjure an undead assassin that waits for two turns, then deals 300% damage.
    Army of the Dead: 25 Mana, 8 turn cooldown. Conjure six undead legionnaires to deal 200% damage to all enemies.
    Mantle of Malice: 35 Mana, 4 turn cooldown. -35 All Resistance and +250 Evil Resistance for four turns. Any damage received from an attack is reflected back at the attacker.
    Atrophy: 35 Mana, 8 turn cooldown. Remove status effects from targeted enemy, then deal 10% of Maximum Health as Evil damage to self and target every turn for three turns.


    Necrotizing Wound: 20 Mana, 9 turn cooldown. Deal 150% damage, reduce enemy damage by 60% for four turns.
    Harbinger of Death: 35 Mana, 6 turn cooldown. Mark a target. If the target is defeated within the next three turns, gain +70% Boost for six turns.
    Unholy Hunger: 9 turn cooldown. Recover half of damage dealt as Health and Mana for five turns.
    Damnation: 50 Mana, 17 turn cooldown. Deal 50% Maximum Health as damage to one target, recover half of damage dealt.
    Rage of the Forsaken: 45 Mana, 6 turn cooldown. Grant self +50% Boost, -50 Light Resistance. Can be toggled on and off.
    Submission: 45 Mana, 5 turn cooldown. Ten hits of 15% damage, each hit attempts to Stun target for two turns. Activates Descend into Darkness.
    Dark Descent: 15 turn cooldown. Deal 100% damage. Deal additional 100% damage for every Darkness-aligned piece of equipment worn.
    Death Knight in its current state is a wonderful Class that may only need some tweaks here and there. The only thing that really put me off from using it was the fact that its Multi-Attack used Darkness as its Element; otherwise, it is still a pretty strong Class choice even now. I really only made up the above Skillset for the sake of completion. :P

    I always was curious as to why Death Knight had a Fire-themed Skill, though. Ice is understandable since death is frequently associated with both darkness and the cold, but I was never entirely sure where fire fit in. The only idea that really comes to me is that of blood boiling.

    @lightriftwalker: There is a difference between a Death Knight and an Undead Paladin. The latter still uses Light spells whereas the former cannot use them, and therefore must turn to Darkness spells in order to accomplish tasks. :)
    @DarkLore: Definitely. Technomancer, Death Knight, and Frost Moglin Armor are the big three pre-9.0 Classes that are not too far off the mark.

    PsyBlade -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/6/2013 21:44:27)

    Faerdin's recommendations look promising to me.

    I might set Death Knight as my login class if it's updated with these.

    Galez -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/6/2013 22:04:00)

    I like to comment something on Faerdin's skill suggestion


    Seething Hatred: 50 Mana, 10 turn cooldown. Heal 60% of Maximum Health, then lose 5% of Maximum Health every turn for ten turns.

    What's the point of healing 60% of Health if your gonna lose 50% of your health? throw away the losing 5% for 10 turns and change the healing to heal like 35% of maximum health


    Dark Command: 25 Mana. Deal 150% damage, reduce enemy Darkness Resistance by 10 for ten turns. Effect can stack up to five times.

    Undead Deceit: 30 Mana, 2 turn cooldown. Conjure an undead assassin that waits for two turns, then deals 300% damage.

    Insta win much? XD giving a -50 Darkness and dealing 300% damage combo is fine by me but Undead Deceit have a really short cooldown don't cha think? make the cooldown like 10-15 turn so people didn't Abuse it

    i guess that's it the other are fine for me

    Faerdin -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/6/2013 22:23:42)

    Healing a massive amount of Health and then losing a majority of it is useful for "last stand" scenarios where that amount of Health can change the game. Not to mention that it would still end up being a 10% heal, which is poor but not terribly shabby. ;)

    As for Undead Deceit, that is why the "waiting for two turns" part is important. Its overall damage would only really be impressive if used in conjunction with Dark Command.

    @PsyBlade: Thanks! I had a lot of fun thinking up the reimagining.

    Mordred -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/6/2013 22:35:18)

    I feel like DeathKnight should have positive 200 Heal resistance, so all forms of healing do damage instead of healing it... And that the class' abilities would heal positive numbers so that it deals negative damage to you. It would be enough to reflect the undead nature that's part of the DeathKnights. Not sure how you can explain that removing the armor is easy and fully resurrects you from undeath...

    As a whole, DeathKnight performs very well for its age, but still falls short of 9.0 standards. It's also full of some useless skills like most other classes, and some that don't make any thematic sense(Icy can make sense if you go for the Icy Death thing with the class, but Fiery just comes out of nowhere thematically). I'd also like to see the class move towards more status effects as well, being able to curse the enemy. Doing extra damage is nice, but two skills allow for that and most others don't nerf the enemy. I'd also like to see a skill that returns you to full HP upon death, but has certain requirements before you can use it, and you have to die within a certain timeframe.

    Faerdin -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/6/2013 22:45:58)

    I like that idea. Malifact does explicitly state that healing potions hurt him and he cannot cast healing spells.

    Which gives me an idea...

    Edit: Changed Mantle of Malice and Invite Evil.

    Tigirosa -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 2:10:57)

    Death Knight armor is realy powerful class. His life stealing abilities is realy good and usefull since you can kill your enemy and heal yourself. But i think that Death Knight should be more powerful as Necromancer and Paladin since this armor is combination of these two clases and baisicly he is a weaker form of Doom Knight. I would like to see that this class is immune to light attacks but dealing darkness damage.
    @Fae; can you add some undeath summoning as well?

    Dracojan -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 7:25:51)

    Death Knight is my absolute favourite class in dragon fable. It's the class with the best looks imo, the skills are powerful and yet not extreme to make fights easy. The idea of a Knight/Paladin who died and came back to haunt the others is great. As a Deathknight you are a fighting expert with the skill of various physical attacks and on top of that the knowledge of the dark arts of life stealing and crippling your foe.

    There are no words that can describe my love for death knight. I never want to see the class armor change even a little. Being a black and gold colored paladin is what makes the class so great. If the skills are brought to the newest standards i want the life steal to remain the same - deal unavoidable darkness damage to the enemy based on player's hit points.

    Everybody, have a nice day!

    Dwelling Dragonlord -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 7:36:39)

    @Mordred: Malifact was transformed into an undead by the ring (or the necromantic powers it held), but that very same ring was damaged. I do not see how the player character would become undead. I suppose since it is about a paladin-necromancer hybrid in Dragonfable most users prefer to become a lich when or before becoming a DeathKnight, but that'd only work for NPCs or temporarily through a skill.

    99th Dracopyre -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 7:41:59)

    Death Knight was honestly the most fun to train, albeit being repetitive, except for the last quest where you have to battle the Death Knight himself.
    I just love the story of what happened to Sir Malifact. I hope it gets a revamp to make it more interactive.

    Anyway, for the actual armor, honestly it's the armor that actually got me to want a Dragon Amulet. This is the class that began the crave for me to get and fully access. I just wasn't contented with the left side of the skills. And I wasn't disappointed.

    If ever they start revamping all the classes, I wouldn't want this class to change. Not one bit. That's how amazing this armor is.


    Mordred -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 11:01:29)

    The Malifact quest is a tad... aged. I'd love for it to be a huge, labyrinthine walkaround where you have to collect all of Malifact's belongings all over the place as temporary items and bring them back to him. Y'know, instead of repeating the same quest six or seven times before you can get any rewards. Malifact should also offer some rewards upon his return, possibly in the form of items taken from the crypt's other inhabitants.

    Faerdin -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 15:27:33)

    @DD: I thought being undead is what defined the Death Knight. That is why the Class is regarded by some as one of few non-DC Classes considered non-canon. Dx

    GearzHeadz -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 15:56:52)

    It has that knight look which we've always wanted as a class... Skills could use a tad bit of tinkering. Such as the skill that increases with damage as more parts of DK you have. Since those items are such lower lvl, its not worth it much.

    Aura Knight -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 16:56:34)

    The art of the class armor is probably one of the best in the game. The attacks are well balanced, and the class itself is useful for all things. I love the speed of the skill animations. I love the look of the skill animations. Deathknight is and will probably be my most favorite class in Dragonfable. [:D]

    pitties -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 17:25:04)

    wait are we allowed to post suggestions in here? Cause the first post seems to say no but Faerdin is posting them?

    DarkLore -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 17:29:55)

    They're really more like ideas than suggestions. I had an idea in the first post after the archknight that thought about deathknight items getting a stat upgrade. Plus playing as sir malifact before and after he became a deathknight as a character slot!

    pitties -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 17:44:45)

    I meant that faerdin has posted a full suggestion for the class. Is that allowed?

    Melissa4Bella -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/7/2013 17:50:19)

    As is stated in the original Class Discussion thread:



    On suggestions: If you post a suggestion of any item in this thread, you must also be sure to also join into the other discussions within the post. This does not mean that you are allowed to hijack this thread into a suggestions thread. If too many suggestions are made, all suggestions will be stopped completely.
    Otherwise the DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur. Thanks!

    Just to add, some suggestions are allowed, as long as the thread isn't hijacked and changes topic because of it. If you do a conceptual post, then there must also be discussion within the same post. Just posting suggestions and nothing else isn't allowed and it will be deleted.

    Aura Knight -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/8/2013 0:07:37)

    One thing I'd like to see is perhaps more higher level death knight items to power up the Ultimate skill. All the deathknight items look cool and it's a shame they are too low leveled to be of use to me. I'd suggest something be done about this.

    shadow dragon666 -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/8/2013 0:34:18)

    I'd say the biggest note the armor would be either a change to the Ultimate skill or new DK items. The skill forces you basically to use the items or it's 100% damage the issue is it's been long since, the time using those items was worth it. Even at the time they were around it was really iffy in truth.

    So i'd say a change or maybe a base damage increase to it? make it 150, and have new items that can raise it to 250? Gives meaning to the items by new versions and skill being worth it since the items carry -stats to you.

    But over all i love the armor it was a really interesting take on things when it came out, and i'd love to see it hit a post 9.0 style

    One of things i also loved about it was that it had skills for each base class giving it a flavor of it's own depending on what style of character you played i'd love to see those revamped for the current times on a scale of what we see our base classes doing now. Think that would be kinda nifty in truth, always was when armors has different skills for your classes.

    One of my favorite points of the armor was the draining skill, that has to be one of my favorite moves in the game it's really a nifty design that it heals you what you hit, and it can be a great asset or a total waste of using it xD

    The ErosionSeeker -> RE: =DF= DeathKnight Discussion Thread (8/8/2013 9:30:14)

    one of the things i really liked about DK was the differing 3 skills based on your base class, but that also came as an issue, because of different classes forcing people into different strategies.

    i feel that even though they have similar flavors, locking players out of portions of a class is less favorable.

    would it be possible to pick which version of the class you want to use, along with the 9.0+ revamp?

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