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Into the Ynnungaap

Location: Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Tomix -> Void Ship! -> Board the ship -> Ynnungaap
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Codex
Release Date: May 16th, 2014

Objective: Begin the voyage into the unknown!
Objective Completed: Beige sabotaged the ship! What will happen to our heroes now?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Decadere Eldest
(3) Decadere Guard
(2) Void Elemental
(3) Void Spawn

Captain Mazurek
Izaac Stellini

Decadere Carcass "Cape" (I-VI)

Tomix: It's almost time, <Character>. We should head down below for a crew meeting.

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    Tomix: <Character>, you're here, perfect timing! Go on Eirn, tell them!
    Eirn: The Void Drive is successfully connected to every part of the ship, including the sails woven by soulweavers.
    Izaac: What about our safety?
    Eirn: Trithril coating is activated, which means the ship should withstand anything threatening the void has to offer.
    Riadne: So.. only the ship is safe from harm. What about us?
    Captain Mazurek: VS Unity be sturdy lady, as long as we stay aboard during th'voyage, we'll be fine, luv!
    Riadne: I beg your pardon?!
    Izaac: Riadne... please.....
    <Character>: VS Unity? That's what you're calling this ship?
    Tomix: Everyone, please, there is no time for arguing! Vaal, did you finish the map?
    Vaal: Of course I did. Take a look.

    *Vaal points to the ship's current location*

    Vaal: We are here.
    Vaal: On the surface area of the void.

    *He then points to another location on the map*

    Vaal: We need to get here, to the Ynnungaap Core.
    Vaal: In order to do so, first, we need to get into the Ynnungaap, known as the DeepVoid.

    *A passageway that is a giant whirlpool, is pointed at next*

    Vaal: The only way known to me is through here, a place that connects void and deepvoid.
    Izaac: Interesting. I didn't know the void was spherica-
    Vaal: It isn't! I've made it spherical on the paper so your simple minds can understand. Now stop interrupting me!
    Vaal: As I was saying, the only way is through here.
    Vaal: Here is where things get tricky. We will have to voyage through a giant whirlpool which will take us to the other side, to the deepvoid.
    Vaal: Area around the whirlpool is dangerous, with void storms raging left and right.
    Riadne: Good thing the ship is a "sturdy lady"...
    Captain Mazurek: Adorable.
    Vaal: Stop. Interrupting! Me!
    Vaal: Once we are inside the deepvoid, there is NO going back.
    Tomix: What?!
    <Character>: What do you mean?
    Vaal: It's a one-way vortex. I suggest creating a portal on board that is linked to Ravenloss.
    Vaal: Once you "save the day" and are ready to go back, we will have to go through the portal and abandon the ship in Ynnungaap.
    Captain Mazurek: Noooo!
    Yashta: How do you know it's a one-way vortex?
    Vaal: Someone told me.
    Yashta: Who?
    Tomix: It doesn't matter Yashta. Izaac, can you create and link the portals, just in case?
    Izaac: Certainly.
    Tomix: Alright then... we're ready to set sail!
    Eirn: Hmm.. not quite.
    <Character>: Why?
    Eirn: We're not moving. Void Drive is operating, sails are ready, but we're not moving.
    Eirn: I don't understand, the void energy should be fueling the sails.

    *Mazurek knocks Vaal out*

    Captain Mazurek: Blast ye to th' Void! There be no wind, an' there don't be a way t' get t' paddlin'.
    Eirn: This... ship doesn't work like this. We don't even have oar-
    Matey: Capt'n?
    Captain Mazurek: Aye! Brace yourselves, ye bilge rats! An' I'll be showin' ya why I be th' best pirate!

    *Her earring glows white, and a gust of wind moves the ship*

    <Character>: So... I've been meaning to talk to you.
    Tomix: Well, now's as good time as any.
    <Character>: We should get to Aspar in a matt-
    Tomix: Don't... don't call him that. Call him what he is.
    <Character>: ... We should get to Envy in a matter of weeks. Or months, in worst case scenario. Let's say you banish him... what will you do after it?
    <Character>: Because I've been thinking you could help me and my friends with the Rose!
    Tomix: I'm afraid I must refuse.
    <Character>: I see, Riadne has your future planned already, eh?
    Tomix: No... no, she's with Izaac now.
    <Character>: Oh.
    Tomix: I can't join you on your quest becaus-
    <Character>: We'll finish this later!
    Tomix: ... because I'm not coming back <Character>...

    Fight the monsters on the ship. After you have done so:

    Yashta: You fight well, <Class> <Character>.
    <Character>: Phew. I bet you fight great as well! And... it's just <Character>.
    Yashta: Very well, just <Character>.
    <Character>: We'll- you'll get it someday... everyone's safe?
    Captain Mazurek: Aye, but how did tha' things get on board?
    Riadne: We may have bigger issues now... look!

    *The ship had arrived at the whirlpool, and is moving towards it*

    Eirn: We have nothing to fear, trithril coating should be able to repel void storms, as well as any damage done to the ship.
    Eirn: We just need to hold on to something!

    *In the engine room, Beige is seen for a brief moment. The trithril coating is dispelled as the void drive had been tempered with*

    Tomix: What happened!?
    Eirn: Ship... the void drive! It- it stopped working!!!

    *Everyone is bracing, as the ship voyages through the whirlpool*

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