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Halfway Through

Location: The Last Chapter - War at the Core -> War Camp -> Halfway Through
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: July 15th, 2014

Objective: You are halfway through, keep going!
Objective completed: Aspar is still interacting with the core, but he's nearly done.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Captain Mazurek



*The character is fighting a Void Elemental*

<Character>: Oh you, stop tickling me!

*The character kills the monster. Meanwhile, Tomix fights and defeats a Decadere Youngling*

Tomix: <Character>! Look out!!

*Aegis appears right in time, and protects the character from another Decadere Youngling's breath*

<Character>: Thanks!
Aegis: I've got your back!

*Tomix closes his eyes, and remembers the times when he and Aspar were best friends, soul allies*

???: Hello? Is this working? Hello?

*The voice is heard through one of the communication balls*

Tomix: Yes! Izaac?
Izaac: Tomix, bad news. We lost a few soulweavers and the majority of them are injured.
Izaac: Riadne's patching them up and Yashta is doing his best to keep us safe, but there are simply too many void creatures. We have to go back!
Tomix: Izaac, please... you can't...
<Character>: What's going on?
Tomix: Yashta's team isn't doing well, Izaac wants to retreat.
<Character>: IZAAC, CAN YOU HEAR ME?!
Izaac: Gaaah... yes! You don't have to yell!
<Character>: Oh, okay. Listen, I'm sending Aegis over to you, he'll make an ice wall between you and the creatures.
<Character>: You'll be able to rest and gather your strength.
Yashta: That would be very helpful master!
<Character>: <Character>!!!
Yashta: Apologies. That would be helpful <Character>.
<Character>: Aegis?
Aegis: As you wish.

*Aegis teleports away*

<Character>: Now, excuse me.
<Character>: <Dragon>, let's go!

*The character and their little dragon charge towards the enemy lines*

Tomix: Maz?
Captain Mazurek: I be a wee busy dear.
Tomix: How are things on your side? Is Vaal helping at all? Is he fighting?

*The scene changes and shows Captain Mazurek, speaking through her gnomish communication ball*

Captain Mazurek: Oh, he be fightin' alright... but wit' his soul lass.
Tomix: His... what?

*Vaal is speaking with his soul ally, a red elemental spirit named Alraia*

Alraia: ... and you're summoning me after five years, expecting me to help you?!
Vaal: Alee, this is NOT the right time for this, I need Transcendence! I need my weapon to defend myself! Or would you rather let me die?!
Alraia: I really don't care.

*Alraia summons a big red sword and hands it to him*

Captain Mazurek: Yarr, we be doin' great darlin'.

*The scene shifts back to Tomix*

Tomix: Erm... alright. Keep me updated.

*The scene shifts again. Envy is standing in front of the Ynnungaap Core, when Red approaches him*

Red: Master, they are almost halfway through.
Aspar: I need more time!

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