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Jorath -> Through the Door (7/18/2014 23:44:32)

Through the Door

Location: The Last Chapter - War at the Core -> War Camp -> Boss Fight
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Void War Intro
Release Date: July 18th, 2014

Objective: The doors are open! One step closer to reaching Aspar!
Objective completed: To be continued!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Red, (1) Green, (1) Blue - Boss


Blue Head (All Versions)
Green Head (All Versions)
Red Head (All Versions)

Tomix and Aegis joins you as Guest A and Guest B respectively.

*Tomix, Aegis and the character reach the doors to the main chamber*

<Character>: Tomix, the doors! They are open!
Tomix: But at a cost of two innocent lives...
<Character>: They will be remembered, and they will be honoured. We can't save everybody. But their demise will not go unnoticed.
<Character>: Envy will pay for this, Tomix. He will.
Aegis: <Character> is right. After all this is over, I can search for their souls and notify their families.
Tomix: .......
Tomix: Let's go-

*Green, Blue and Red are standing in front of them, blocking their path*

Green: You can't.
Tomix: More of Aspar's minions?!
<Character>: Let me guess...

*The character looks at Green*

<Character>: You are Green...

*The character looks at Red next*

<Character>: You are Brown- ish- Red...

*The character finally looks at Blue*

<Character>: ... and you arOHMYGOODNESSWHATAREYOU?!
Blue: ......
Green: I'm very sorry, but we can't let you through.
Tomix: Well I'm sorry too, because I don't care!

Fight Red, Green and Blue in a normal battle or an extreme battle. After you defeat all three, the only one who doesn't dissolve is Green:

Green: I have failed...
Green: ... but it's okay...
Green: I'm free.

*Green shatters into pieces*

Tomix: Now we can go, come on!
Aegis: Wait!
Aegis: I will scout ahead to see if there are more surprises.

*Aegis vanishes in a wall of ice, then appears in the main chamber, where Aspar is. He attempts to escape, only to have Aspar halt it*

Aspar: NO!
Aspar: NO ONE sneaks up on me!
Aspar: So... they have reached the main chamber.

*Aegis is trapped in ice, turned green and immobile by one of Aspar's spells*

Aspar: I'm almost done!!!

*The screen shifts back to Tomix and the character*

Tomix: What is taking him so long?!
<Character>: I don't like this... let's just wait a few more minutes. We should also wait for the rest of the crew. We don't know how exactly strong Envy is...
Tomix: No.
Tomix: NO!
Tomix: Pandora!

*A cube on Tomix's belt flickers violently. On pressing the cube, Pandora materializes in a flash of light*

Tomix: Synchronization!
Pandora: Tomix, we've never tried it. Besides in your current state, synchronization would be very unwise.
Tomix: PLEASE!

*Pandora lifts one hand upon Tomix, and synchronizes with him. His hands and eyes glow yellow.*

Tomix: I don't care if there are more minions in my way. I'M GOING!

*Tomix then dashes towards the main chamber, using his soulweaving powers, leaving the hero behind*

<Character>: TOMIX!
<Character>: Damn...

*The hero rushes towards the main chamber as well, in an attempt catch up with the Soulweaver*

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