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Murky Hall

Location: Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Tomix -> Void Ship! -> Board the ship -> Murky Hall
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Void War Intro and Through the Door
Release Date: August 1st, 2014

Objective: Vaal is exploring the dark corridors of the Temple of Oter, looking for a way out.
Objective completed: Vaal is no more. My name is Roirr.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Decadere Eldest
(5) Decadere Guard
(4) Decadere Youngling
(3) Void Elemental
(6) Void Spawn


Transcendence (All Versions)


Loads the Vaal armor.

*After refusing to return to Tomix and the hero, Vaal is now wandering in the Void temple by himself*

Vaal: Pfff, Seal of Ativa. Childsplay. I would have used something far worse. Or maybe make them use a forbidden magic to open the door.
Vaal: Ha!
Vaal: Something like Tanislav's Last Will. They would have to kill an entire village full of people to make a key to the door.
Vaal: Yeah, that would be fun to watch.
Vaal: How long is this corridor? Why am I even in this place...why couldn't I just stay in Hunter's Paradise...
Vaal: Sometimes my greatness gets the better of me.

*The next part of the corridor is full with Void creatures*

Vaal: Oh bother... this again.
Vaal: Eeeeh....

Fight all the creatures in your path.

Vaal: This is a really long corridor...
Vaal (thinking): What was that?!

*He's standing in front of a cavern entrance that looks identical to the one leading to Murk's Sewer shop - the same red, outworldly walls surround it*

Vaal: What... is this stuff? It certainly isn't a part of this structure.

*Vaal hears a voice from within the darkness*

???: Comeeee closeeer.
Vaal (thinking): Riiiight... nope.

*A second voice, different from the first one, is heard*

???: Vaal...
Vaal: That voice... Olizabeth!?

*Vaal enters the red cavern*


*Murk is sitting in the shadows. The only visible part of his body is his head. He speaks again*

???: Wel... welcomeee to my... to my shhhhop.
Vaal: I... I heard my wif- Where is she?!
???: There is no one. No. No one here but me!
Vaal: But... her voice...
Vaal: ... You're toying with me. How did you do her voice?! NO ONE TOYS WITH ME!

*Vaal takes a closer look at the creature*

Vaal: Ugh! What are you?!
Murk: I'm dying. Please help. Help me.
Vaal: Not until I know what you are.
Murk: I'm Mur... Mur...
Vaal: Murk? You mean like the fourth alleged child of the First Weaver?
Murk: Oh young one... you know... you know nothing.
Roirr: I am the First Weaver.
Vaal: You make no sense. The First Weaver died, had four children and they were the founders of the four great weaving families.
Vaal: I know this because I am the descendant of the mighty Oyva!
Roirr: I had three... three children. And I did not... die.
Vaal: Then from where did this "fourth child founded Murks" come?
Roirr: You... you are the descendant of Oyva? You are... are a Soulsmith?
Vaal: No, I'm not! I AM A CHAOSWEAVER!
Vaal: You didn't answer my question!
Roirr: Ah, you see... I don't care who spread the rumor of me having... having a fourth child...
Roirr: ... all I care right now is if you know what a Murk is.
Vaal: There were speculations... why are you asking me this?
Roirr: Because...

*Roirr suddenly grins*

Roirr: ... you are ABOUT TO FIND OUT!

*Roirr transforms into smoke, enters Vaal's body through his mouth and possesses him. Vaal's eyes turn red*

Roirr: Aaaaaaaaaah...
Roirr: This feels marvelous!

*Roirr touches his new beard*

Roirr: Hmm...
Roirr: I think I'll keep the beard...

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